Oil problems in 2007 Audi A4's with 2...

Minneapolis, MN

#206 Jul 15, 2012
ATX wrote:
<quoted text>
I experienced the same exact issue with my 2007 Audi A4 and after two years, the Audi dealership in Austin, TX replaced the entire engine due to this oil problem. I love the car, but not sure how reliable it will be in the long-run. I like German cars, so more than likely I will look at the BMWs as a next car.
BMW is at the bottom of the list for reliabilty for consumer news! japs still make the best!

Agawam, MA

#207 Jul 16, 2012
Lisa wrote:
WE as consumers need to get a lawyer and file a class action law suit against Audi!!
I completely agree!

Agawam, MA

#208 Jul 16, 2012
John wrote:
[I am having the exact same problem with my 2006 audi a4 just bought it on friday drove it home and cant drive it now, low oil pressure light, engine light and loud at idle very frusterated
Becareful! That is exactly what happened to mine then the engine siezed and blew. Had to have the entire engine rebuilt!
oscar dog

Greensburg, PA

#210 Jul 26, 2012
MG Boston wrote:
<quoted text>
I have an Cert preowned 2008 A4 2.0 turbo which was still under original warranty. It was burning a quart every 1,200 miles. I felt the same way as you I love the car but was getting really frustrated, but was always told it was normal, well I got news for you. IT IS NOT NORMAL.
1st they did a required 2 part consumption test, Audi said it was normal. I wasn't satisfied. I kept pushing the issue and found out from a very knowledgable AUDI service tech that many of the 2.0 turbo engines were built with undersized/defective piston rings and that in many of the engines the ring spaces were all lined up together allowing the oil to pass thru the rings therefore burning the oil. Audi agreed to replace the piston rings under warranty,(a $7,500 job). It has been 4900 miles since the work done and it has burnt less than half quart. THAT IS NORMAL. I was also told that an 2009 A4 2.0 turbo was in the shop at the same time for same problem. They were also replaceing the rings. If yours is still under warranty I advise you go to the dealer and get them to call AUDI to get a ring job done. Good luck
i bought a new 08 A4 2.0 turbo, it burns oil at about 1 qt every 2weeks or 700 mi. Audi says thats normal, LEMON LAW lawyers disagree, what happens when its so bad it wont pass emissions? i will have a $40,000 paper weight, mediation is coming
And another victim J

Brookhaven, PA

#211 Aug 10, 2012
In July, I checked/scanned my 2007 Audi A4's systems before I pulled out of the driveway. 5 minutes later, I was driving on the highway and oil pressure light came on. I tried to pull over when car backfired and I coasted off the road. I had it towed to mechanic who said engine was blown and timing belt went. I replaced motor for 4K with a used one (Audi wanted $9K). I am hoping that another class action can be started. I will never purchase another Audi after this.

Agawam, MA

#212 Aug 10, 2012
And another victim J wrote:
In July, I checked/scanned my 2007 Audi A4's systems before I pulled out of the driveway. 5 minutes later, I was driving on the highway and oil pressure light came on. I tried to pull over when car backfired and I coasted off the road. I had it towed to mechanic who said engine was blown and timing belt went. I replaced motor for 4K with a used one (Audi wanted $9K). I am hoping that another class action can be started. I will never purchase another Audi after this.
It is a dangerous flaw in the Audis. I cannot believe that someone hasnt been hurt yet. When my engine seized I was on a 5 lane highway going about 70 and those around me probably 80. I too, will never purchase another Audi.

Spicewood, TX

#213 Aug 17, 2012
my 07 A4 T.. failed the oil consumption test miserably. Audi says it is within spec..trading it asap

United States

#215 Aug 25, 2012
Owned a 2007 Audi A4 2.0T. I've had oil consumption problems with my Audi about every month. Took it to an Audi dealer and received the usual BS; that it was normal. Well, Definitely i'm not stupid. Got rid of it and got me a Toyota.
No problems with my Toyota ever since i got

Raleigh, NC

#216 Aug 31, 2012
I had a 2007 a4 2.0 with 89000 mi. This past Tues was the last straw. Had trouble starting engine. Finally started and had very little power. The 'EPC' light came on so I called the garage. Again, since this same issue happened 10000 mi ago, I had to have plugs and coils replaced. I've been taking it to an import garage since warranty ran out.(Could no longer take dealer pricing but this guy isn't cheap either.)
Like all others had to add a qt of oil way too often. Also, when accelerating up a hill it would blow huge billow exhaust....this happened maybe twice a month....the leaking oil was fouling the plugs and causing the exhaust. Don't know where the leak is. Also heard\read this could be bad turbo? Heard\read maybe $1400 for just turbo not including labor? I never had that replaced because no one could tell me what was causing the oil leak\consumption.
On Wed when I picked car up the tech showed me the fouled plugs. He said he never saw plugs in this bad of shape after 10000 mi. He then said he had two 07 A4's in the last two weeks that needed new engines.
On Thur I traded it in. I, and my wife, have had enough of this nonsense. My ride with the so called 'luxury car' is over but, if I have a change of heart, will never buy an Audi again.

Modesto, CA

#217 Sep 30, 2012
Jerry 08536 wrote:
Had a ring job. Consumption went from 0.62 to 0.33 qts/1000. Just got a new engine...on AUDI. After 2,ooo miles no consumption and no black, oily tail pipe.
Hi, Audi service has been excellent for me so far. I have 2007 A4 2.0T Cab, with 54K miles on it. I bought extended (Platinum) warranty from Audi dealership a couple months back. Lately my car was with Audi service for oil consumption test 1 and 2. I have been told that Audi has authorized change of pistion rings though but extended warranty may not cover 100%.

I have couple of questions .....

1) Is it the extended warranty that i should to push for coverage or ask dealership to pursue Audi USA to cover 100% cost.?
2) It appears from some of the posts on this thread, that eventually the engine replacement fixed the oil issue. Do I pursue #1 or #2 ?


Trenton, NJ

#218 Sep 30, 2012
Piston Replacemtn delays the inevitable. Engine replacement doent really do it =ether since they give u an engine design that has the same problem. They replaced my engine and after 6000 mile I already ran thru a qt of oil.

Since: Oct 12

Cottbus, Germany

#219 Oct 12, 2012
I feel that I have been ripped off by Audi. My 2011 A5 used 1 Qt of oil at 8000km. I have been monitoring it for about the past year and it uses 500ml of oil between 950-1600km. The owners manual states the engine can use 500ml per 1000km. I find it hard to believe that such a quality engineered engine can actually have such a high level of oil consumption. Nothing like driving a super looking and performing car everyday, but still feel like I have been taken.
I have had the oil consumption test conducted twice. The first result according to the Audi dealer was 0.05ml per 1000km. After I drove the car about 1000km and they physically added 800ml of oil, the second test was done with a result of 0.243ml per 1000km. Needless to say the oil consumption would need to be extremely bad to qualify and with luck hit the owners manual specs as depending upon driving the consumption rate varies with city and autobahn driving. I now have 70,000km on the engine and the consumption rate averages between 1100-1200ml per 1000km. I have been tracking my oil usage and will continue to do so. Since the last service I have used 6.33 Quarts over 8950 miles. The car uses 1.5 quarts of oil more than is held in the crankcase between services. Still within Audi tolerances? I talked with another mechanic and he basically stated that without tearing the engine down any further tests will not help. It appears I am stuck at the mercy of Audi. Any one know of something else I am able to attempt?

Since: Oct 12

Spremberg, Germany

#220 Oct 12, 2012
AUDI Owners of various Audi models are experiencing high oil consumption, particularly when much of their driving is in stop-and-go traffic. In T.S.B. 101103 issued on Nov. 3, Audi said that 2009-11 A4, A5, A5 Cabriolet and Q5 models with a 2-liter turbocharged engine should get a new crankcase pressure-regulating valve.
Audi guy

United States

#221 Oct 13, 2012
Same story! My 09 a4 2.0 t has a black tailpipe ans blows out a fine black mist at startup! Car runs great no check engine lights but burns 1quart every 300 miles. Love Audi but hate this motor! Have a company Chevy that needs no oil in 10000 miles! What's wrong with that picture? Selling to stranger I hope!!
High cost of maintenance

Walnut Creek, CA

#222 Oct 16, 2012
I knew that Audis and other German cars have a reputation for having high cost of ownership, especially after the warranty expires. Nonetheless, I was seduced by the lines of the A4 Avant and bought a 2009 CPO A4 Avant with 33k miles. It's a beautiful car but I, like everyone else in this thread, had problems with oil consumption. After two oil consumption tests, replacement of the purported faulty electronic oil gauge, Audi replaced the pistons and rings, as well as the intake camshaft because it was scored. And, oh by the way, the water pump was leaking, so it was replaced, too.
All the work was done on Audi's dime and I drove their brand new loaner so no skin off my back, but I may have to reconsider my plan to keep this car for a long time. At this rate, it's not going to be a good financial decision.
I think the right strategy is to lease German cars and drive them for 2-3 years, or buy a Japanese car and settle in for the long haul.
Josh F

Babson Park, MA

#223 Oct 22, 2012
I have a 2007 A4 2.0T. After purchase of one week oil light came on and they replaced the turbo. Then came back to do consumption test. They are now replacing the piston seals. I dont know how, when they send the results of the consumption test to audi, audi knows that the piston seals are gone. Luckily this is no cost to me but very frustrating. The dealer has been great though with hooking me up with a free 2013 A4 STASIS for my loaner. Dont want to give it back. :(
Myles Morgan

Columbus, GA

#224 Nov 7, 2012
I'm experiencing the same thing. I usually have to add oil about every 1800 miles or so. What did you find out?
Mark Moffit

Liverpool, NY

#225 Nov 7, 2012
Alan 007 wrote:
I traded my 2005 A4 1.8T in 2007. Never had an oil problem during its 85,000 klms. 95% highway driver. I then got a new 2007 Audi 2T Avant. I have had oil problems since the get go. Received the same feed back from Audi and their dealers as others have had on this forum. Some posts talk about a defective seal in the turbo but no confirmation if that was/is the problem. I have not noticed any performance related issues that you might expect with a seal problem. I now have 42,000 klms or 25,000 miles. I use about 1 litre every 3,000 klms or 1,800 miles. When the car was newer it was every 5,000 klms or 3,000 miles. Every time dealer does oil change they report - no leaks in the system. Has anyone received any lasting satisfaction from Audi or a dealer in Canada, the US, Europe, or anywhere? I like the car in every other respect, but this is not the kind of problem you expect in a $60,000 luxury vehicle. Who else do you know that carries extra litres of synthetic oil in their upscale cars?
I have the same issue and received NO help at all from Audi. In fact, the dealer and the Audi Regional Manager continue to tell me that there is no problem and the car is in 'spec', which allows for up to a quart of oil every 1,000 miles.
Simply stated, I will refrain from another Audi purchase.
If this is true, which it appears to be based on my car's consumption, the car couldn't make it across the country without the engine blowing up...unless I stop and put oil in every day.
This is an insult to a consumer's intelligence. Too bad, it's a decent car with the exception of the total lack of product support from Audi.
Love My 2011 Q5

Catonsville, MD

#226 Nov 20, 2012
I have a 2011 Q5 2.0T that was qoing through oil quickly. I haven't had to add oil to a car since my first car which was an old GM beater car so i was very surprised. According to my Audi dealer i was burning 0.44 GALLONS per 1,000 miles. That is almost 2 quarts! My local Audi dealer has been very good about it. They tried a minor fix first and when that didn't work they did not hesitate to do the more major fix of replacing the rings and pistons. Each time they have given me a nice Audi loaner car.
I just got my car back from the piston replacement last week. I'll be keeping a very close eye on the consumption.
John Venice Ca

Santa Monica, CA

#227 Dec 21, 2012
I just got my car, an audi a4 turbo back from the dealership after being sent there by Audi USA for a excessive oil consumption, the service advisor called me back after i had dropped the car and told me that the suggested oil consumption test would be $ 360. I asked to describe the procedure and it was basically just monitoring the consumption, i called agaoin Audi USA who basically gave me the run around for three days and finally after me calling them repeteadly told me that i was out of warranty.
I wasn't hoping much in the first place so i wasn't surprised by their "Truth in engineering"

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