LINCOLN vs CADILLAC: Which is better???

LINCOLN vs CADILLAC: Which is better???

Created by IN-DUH-END on Jan 4, 2008

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Ottawa, Canada

#228 Feb 8, 2014
cadillacs are better
Donald S

Elkview, WV

#229 Feb 19, 2014
I've owned both; I like both. I know the Lincoln is a more dependable car but Cadillac seems to have Lincolns beat on design and features. I've had numerous problems with the NorthStar engine in my 03 Deville. Had to have the engine re-built for over heating. I've never had any problems with the engine in my 06 town car, it's the 4.6 liter V8 - same engine as in Crown Vics. 03 Cadillac has 97,000 miles and 06 Town Car has 82,000.
Dr. D.

Stockholm, Sweden

#230 Feb 23, 2014
Cadillac got more acceleration!...It's got more power!..It's got better handling..It's got more legroom for ya legs..It's got more power!

Villa Park, IL

#231 Mar 11, 2014
Lee Welker

Flint, MI

#232 Mar 16, 2014
No doubt in m book, Lincoln the way to go. I mean after driving a Lincoln MKS, why would you even think abut purchasing a Cadillac. The Lincoln MKS is stylish, sleek and works for me. With Cadillac, just like the others, you are just paying for name and not the ride itself.

United States

#233 Mar 21, 2014
Lincoln all The way. Far better than any GM(ghetto motors)Buick,Cadillac,Chevrole t official car of gangbangers

Springfield, IL

#234 Mar 23, 2014
jgill wrote:
Lincoln all The way. Far better than any GM(ghetto motors)Buick,Cadillac,Chevrole t official car of gangbangers
"ghetto motors........" Thats funny. We heard: Govt Motors, Garbage Motors.......Will GM stay afloat when they pay 1.2 billion in fines..........Dont worry Detroit will bail them out. Wait, Detroit is bankrupt and busted.........Nice!!!!!

Villa Park, IL

#235 Mar 28, 2014
lincoln vs cadillac wrote:
I think they both are nice and luxury cars& suv's but i think cadillac cars have more thecnolegy in cadillac inteiror cars and lincoln have but not like cadillac.but still both cars are super nicee.

Springfield, IL

#236 Mar 28, 2014
LVC wrote:
Cads are just supd up Taruses. You want quality and luxury buy a Lexus. You want speeeeed and style Buy a Toyota Tundra- Turbo Boss...550HP ....4.4 sec.@60mph!!!!!!

United States

#237 Mar 28, 2014
I always admired both cars. But I own a 2008 Lincoln Mkz. Beautiful car. More stylish and classy. But their both gorgeous in their own way.

New Baltimore, MI

#238 Apr 1, 2014
Burnt by Northstar wrote:
1999 Cadillac Seville STS is junk. Bad engine that blows head gaskets and head bolts pull out of block. Any way you slice it, when the engine fails (as mine did) the car is not worth fixing.
Engine cost $4000 to buy PLUS $1500 -$2000 to install. Just not worth fixing. Throw the car away and take the loss :-(
This is true. I owned a 99 Deville, which suffered the same fate. After some research, I found that Cadillac repaired the head gasket problem in 2002. I've also heard that people who manage to avoid their engine tearing in half will get 200,000-300,000 miles out of their Northstar. With my Deville, I would also get pretty good gas mileage for a V8 engine, in a 4000 lb land-boat.

New Baltimore, MI

#239 Apr 1, 2014
metcarbuff wrote:
no comparson
Caddys are front wheel drive and lincolns are rear wheel drive.mostly all the police cars are
fords and when the police dept retires them many people use them in a taxi cab business and then when retired from that some people buy them for personel use and you can not do that with a cadillac ,Mostly all your limos are lincolns because limo services say they can not keep caddys on the road long enough and out of the shop
Cadillacs were only front wheel drive until the latest generation. With their "3 letter" series of cars (CTS, STS, DTS, etc.) were all rear wheel drive, or all wheel drive. Cadillac's Northstar also stopped tearing in half in 2002. They also offered engines that weren't Northstars as well, so reliability was much better.

New Baltimore, MI

#240 Apr 1, 2014
Brad wrote:
Hey lincoln is way better than any of them damn caddys i bet if we raced the town car vs deville town car would kick its ass i mean the town car is equipped with the 4.6 litter V8 that is the standard mustang engine and did anyone actually look at all the cars? Lincoln's have so much style!!! me myself i own a 2006 lincoln navigator great SUV i love it so reliable and pulls anything and i also have a 2010 town car what a nice comfterable ride! and anytime i've been in a race alway have won it! lincoln is just an amazing car company all around
Based on similar years (2005) my money would be on the Deville. According to :

2005 Lincoln Town Car Signature - 239 HP, 4345 lbs, RWD,(Trap speed: 88.99 mph)
2005 Cadillac Deville Base - 300 HP, 3978 lbs, FWD,(Trap speed: 98.86)

The only advantage that the Lincoln has is RWD, but with the handicap of 367 extra lbs, as well as 61 less HP, and with the Lincoln getting demolished in trap speed, I'm betting on the Cadillac. Also, the Mustang GT 4.6 got a peak flywheel HP of 260. Not 239.

Trap speed formula:
That can be reworked to solve for velocity. I don't have a cubed root key.

Dont even get me started on modern cadillacs. Those give BMW a run for their money.(STS)

New Baltimore, MI

#241 Apr 1, 2014
Andy Lau wrote:
Both brand are NICE.
But Cadillac usually have more horsepower (for the cars in the same class, example, Escalade vs navigator)
But Lincoln are usually more comfortable (maybe due to the air-suspension?)
As far as how the exterior looks, here is how I break it down
For the cars produced in the 90s, Cadillac wins.(except first generation of SUVs which Lincoln wins, the first generation of Escalade is one of the ugliest car Cadillac ever produced. LOL)
For the cars produced after 2004ish, Lincoln wins (except SUV which Cadillac win, while Escalade is getting better look, navigator is getting worse….)
As far as how the interior(inside) looks. I have to give Lincoln on this one. I test drove the Escalade and didn’t like how it feel/look inside at all, it feel like a standard Chevy suburban with all the square type of edges. Didn’t like it at all.
But as far as performance, Cadillac is a clean sweep of Lincoln

New Baltimore, MI

#242 Apr 1, 2014
rx7jg wrote:
Cadillac is french i thought Americans don't like the french
Neither claim is true.
jeff sutton

Hamilton, OH

#243 Apr 4, 2014
have a 83 eldo barritz w 38k piece of sh--- had an 85 fleetwood brm 65k is when they start going (rwd)little better engine but start getting noisy and all the plastic around the bumpers dry rots and falls off had 76 t-bird road better quieter 100k no prob 81 mark 5 ,84 mark 8 ,91 town ,98 town ,no prob all over 100k now 09 town car w 31k ,08 mkx 58k and a12 mkz 6k and also have another 76 t-bird 17k yes 17k the ford products have always had a better ride and quieter

Thedinghausen, Germany

#244 Apr 23, 2014
Abraham Lincoln ???
Caddy Lover

Elmhurst, IL

#245 May 22, 2014
You can get more info directly from Lincoln and Cadillac owners at .
cadillac man

Chicago, IL

#246 Jul 5, 2014
My dad had a1967 coupedeville I have a 2014 ats coupe handles world class life is great don't hate Cadillacs are right where they belong in the big boy legue while lincolns looks for answers

Glen Burnie, MD

#247 Jul 22, 2014
I have mad respect for both cars. I do believe that cadillacs are some of the baddest cars on the planet. Their styling, technology, edginess, performance, and mean look really define what Cadillac is all about. They were "The Standard of the World for a reason." If you pit a Lincoln MKZ against a Cadillac STS, the STS wins every time. I will admit that the MKZ and MKS are nice. My Dad owns a MKZ. But given the choice, Cadillac wins all day long. I love their quiteness, their engine growl, their interior cabin, technology, sporty feel. For example. Has anybody heard of the Cadillac CTS-V/STS-V XLR-V? Whenever Lincoln upgrades to those superhorse power engines let me know.

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