Tire Wear and Cupping on 2007 Hyundai...

Brooklyn, NY

#126 Nov 28, 2011
I have the same trouble with my tires .

Brooklyn, NY

#127 Nov 28, 2011
Same problems with my 2008 santa fe.Tires

United States

#128 Nov 28, 2011
Try rotating every 3K to 5K miles. The rear tires have camber, and require frequent rotations to prevent cupping.
Tom Poturica

Rochester, MN

#129 Nov 30, 2011
My factory tires were shot after 20K miles. The replacements now have 20K out of the 70K service life and are cupped and loud. I would be interested in knowing what the service bulletin is that addresses this concern.

Ocala, FL

#131 Feb 22, 2012
Had the same problem with my 2007 Hyundai santa fe. The first two sets went within 55K miles. After that I talked to the tech at the tire place and found out that the suspension does not have the ability to be adjusted properly. Even after the alignment the camber was off and could not be adjusted. I ordered four sets of adjustable camber bolts. The tech installed them and readjusted the alignment to put everything back to perfect. this last set now have 40k miles on them and still have about half of their tread left. I also have the tires rotated, balanced and aligned every 5k miles when I change my oil. I have a 5yr alignment contract with tirekingdom so it doesn't cost me more. All I pay is for the oil change every 5k miles and they cover the rest under the tire package and alignment contract. I also run the bridgestone Dueller H/L tires that were the original tires on the vehicle and they come with a 65k mile prorated milage guarantee. The main thing is to keep up with your maintainance, talk to your tech and check your tire pressure everytime you fill up your gas tank.

Kansas City, MO

#133 Mar 29, 2012
Had trouble with my 2005 Hyundai Tuscan and cupped tires. When getting alignment was told they couldn't get the cambers aligned right and was told it was a factory issue. Had new camber bolts put on and it fixed that problem but still have to replace tires after 20000 miles because of wear but they wear more evenly.
Don Read

Tampa, FL

#134 Apr 6, 2012
John - Colorado wrote:
I have 20k on my 2007 Sante Fe and have rotated the tires from front to back since the (former) front tires were well worn down but the rears were OK. But now, I feel that I need to replace all 4 and was researching recommendations for new tires. I too had the alignment checked twice (all OK) and don't know why the original tires got so worn. I suspect it may just be the lousy quality of original tires and hope that new (higher quality) tires may last a lot longer than the original set.
Does anyone have a recommendation for replacement tires that may last a lot longer? Michelin? Brigdgestones? Thanks.
I took my 2007 Santa-Fe to an independant alighnment shop and was told the front end couldn't be lined up until I had new struts put on the car. He said he got it as close as he could. The tires lasted 30000 miles.(bridgstones) I'm on my second set of tires and expect to get 30000 out of them.(Kumhos)

Lehigh Acres, FL

#135 Apr 12, 2012
2007 Hyudia had cheap OEM Tires. Keep my car as perfect as possible, air,rotation, etc. OEM Tires Crap. Second set of better frade tires aalreqady have 10000 miles on and rotating and have 15% wear. Originals at 15000 were 85% gone. Also found that a little under inflating created to much tire contact. Try a little over inflating allthough ride is a little hard with oem CHEAP CRAP TIRES. CAR HAD LESS PROBLEMS THAN MY FORD TRUCK OVER 4 YEARS.

Wallace, ID

#136 Apr 22, 2012
We own a 2006 Hyundai Sonata and have gone through 12 tires in 80,000 miles. We've had 2 sets of 60,000 mile Michelins and 1 set of 60,000 mile Bridgestones. It is not cupping. They just wear out and evenly lose tread. The car has been aligned and checked. No one has any answers for us. We are starting to think it is a Hyundai issue. Does anyone else have a similar experience?
Yaro Michigan

Roseville, MI

#137 Aug 15, 2012
How annoying..same problem here...Santa fe 2007,50 ooo miles and III.rd set of tires now..!!! This is ridiculous,I have re alignigned it,rotate it,sang to it,still nothin...major flaw of 2007 model-suspension related problem,ruining tyres every 15 K miles..annoying humming sound inside the car...my wife driving 12 yr old Chevy Malibu that has 130 K miles and drives twice quiet-er..
Graham H

Surrey, Canada

#138 Oct 4, 2012
Ann wrote:
I have an 2007 Hyundai Santa Fe also. I have 28000 miles and tires are also badly worn, especially on inside. I took to the dealership and was told I needed a 4-wheel alignment and new tires. It seems to me that too many people are having the same problem with this Hyundai model. Should there be a recall on this to replace/repair this problem...sounds like a mfg. design problem.
The problem according to my tire guy is the unadjustable casters on the front. my tires are wearing on the inside and rotating them everyt 10000 K seems to be the answer. We put it on an alignment and the wheels are fine its the casters that are out and only a body shop can straighten them.
i dont know if this a design fault or just a bad frame maker.
Johnson VT

Randolph, VT

#139 Nov 22, 2012
Our '07 Santa Fe does the same thing! We have had to get new tires every 20,000 miles or so. The last ones we got were 70,000 mile tires and they are already worn out on the insides even after rotating them at 10,000 miles. Our dealership has tried to fix the problem but hasn't been able to - I contacted corporate and they referred back to the dealership, who told them they could not find a problem. Therefore, according to Hyundai, there is no problem! Well, buying tires twice as much as you should is MY PROBLEM! Upset they won't deal with it. Happy with the rest of the car though

United States

#140 Nov 22, 2012
any problems with esc off light staying on

Keswick, Canada

#141 Dec 3, 2012
I was wondering what was wrong with my 09 Sante Fe. I'm glad I Googled to see if anyone else had a problem with their tires. I mamaged to get 44,000 km on my first tires befor I had to turf them....hey had been cupped on the inside edges so badly that it was not only noisy when driving, but after they were rotated the steering wheel was shaking so much it was difficult to drive. I have an appointment this wek to get an oil change so I will bring up this subject and see if they will admit there is a problem. Will let you know what happens.

Middletown, DE

#142 Jan 20, 2013
I have a 2009 santa fe that is worn on the inside of the rear tires is there an adjustment or a kit to fix this. Very bumpy and noisey. Only 10.000 mi. on new goodyear tires.
Francis OHara

Buckfastleigh, UK

#143 Mar 6, 2013
I have a 2010 UK Santa Fe. After 20,000 miles had severe vibration of front wheels at low speed. The tyre shop said they were worn down to steel showing through and iligal. The rear were also feathered with uneven wear. He could not explain the wear unless I had been driving on them practically flat? He fitted new Toyo tyres to the front and re-alayned. Everything was in the green zone but he adjusted to centre all the tolerenceses. He recomended 35PSI. Now at 41,000 miles the rear tyres are approaching there first replacement, wear evenly balanced and the fronts have worn evenly but now need replaceing. I have never rotated the tyres. However, 20,000 life on the freont and 40,000 rear is not normal for a 4x4
Rick Yeager

Hays, KS

#144 Apr 28, 2013
We have a 2007 Santa Fe and the back tires cup. Changed tires around 29000 and was supposed to get rotated every oil change, but didn't and tires are cupping badly again at 50000. Was told by dealer it was a tire problem and tire dealer said it was due to the light rear end on the car so we are going to try putting weight in the back.

Chicago, IL

#146 Jun 26, 2013
Cupping is the issue and having Hyundai put on the wrong tires. I love my Sante Fe (2007), and I am approaching 100K trouble free miles. I replaced my Bridgestone's (a crap tire) with Yokohama's and I am ready to replace them after 70K. My mechanic friend told me that auto manufactures (not all but most) put on the wrong tires. Especially with all wheel drive cars.

Brockville, Canada

#147 Sep 19, 2013
Fred wrote:
Cupping is the issue and having Hyundai put on the wrong tires. I love my Sante Fe (2007), and I am approaching 100K trouble free miles. I replaced my Bridgestone's (a crap tire) with Yokohama's and I am ready to replace them after 70K. My mechanic friend told me that auto manufactures (not all but most) put on the wrong tires. Especially with all wheel drive cars.
can you tell me what model tire you put on your santé fe? We have a 2007 and are looking to replace our 3rd set of tire. Tried Cooper, but if Yokohama works for you it sounds like a better bet.

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#148 Sep 27, 2013

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