5 cylinder chevy colorado

Morrisville, NC

#254 Dec 18, 2013
I have never bought a GMC product before but purchased a 2005 Colorado Z71 about 4 years ago. It had 296,000 miles on it. I bought it expecting to have to put money and time into it. Right after purchase, I went through the truck, doing all recommended maintenance, replacing filters, fluids, etc. The transmission fluid was brown and magnet inside tranny had all kinds of metal on it.

Shortly after I had transmission slippage so I found a wreck with motor and tranny complete. I did a complete change out and have driven this truck an additional 40,000 miles with limited problems. I am a contractor and this is my work truck. I don't baby this truck and I love it. I intend to drive it till the wheels fall off.
chevy 92

Lake Worth, FL

#255 Jan 19, 2014
the l4 2.8 liter sucks the bottom end went with only 97k on it its an 05 Colorado and I ve heard other people have had the same problem there not even chevy motors there isuzzu crap im my 5 speed wont even bolt up to the 4.3 my dad wrecked his Sonoma 4.3l 5 speed vortec and im in the middle of swapping them out right now I cant wait the 4.3 is a far better engine than the l4 or l5 with duel exhaust and a few small mods the 4.3 will put out much more power than the l5 the 4.3 is a 350 minus 2 cylinders its virtually bullet proof
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#256 Feb 1, 2014
Own two 2004. My crew cab was bought new. Honestly a bullet proof truck. Rev happy at 6300rpm. I've dogged it, drifted it, towed and 182k later runs like new with no issues. Best mpg I've seen on a crew cab by far. 375 miles to a tank on highway. Loved it so much bought a reg. cab 5cyl 5spd, caltrack bars, gutted cats, recessed o2 sensors, Spal electric fans, ported intake, governer delete and c5 corvette seats,.. What hemi? What Tacoma, all while using regular 87 and getting close to 30mpg while staying under 70 mph @ 2100rpm
Colorado guru

West Palm Beach, FL

#257 Feb 1, 2014
Hey chevy 92, I'm right by palm bch raceway. When your done with your swap lets take it to the track,... Yeah it a call out, I just want to show and tell. By the way the atlas motor is all American buddy! Just like the 4.2, 3.7, 3.5, 2.9 and the 2.8 atlas family. We swapped a 4.3 in a 53 Willys,.. Don't take nothing from the 4.3 for it is a 350 minus two, just like the 5cyl is a 4.2 minus one. But if you want to size it up, compare the 4.3 to the 4.2; in 2008 the 4.2 produced 300hp factory form, for the 4.3 to catch up to that,... Hmmmm now the new 2015 4.3 ecotec is close to it, but not at 300hp either. Hey I'm about facts, and a hard dose of reality when I pop the spec clutch and take off,...

Buxton, ME

#258 Feb 5, 2014
Chevys are cheap . Not worth much , For example my moms boss has a 2010 GMC crew cab and i jumped out and shut the door.(Back sit). I didn't shut it that hard but when i got back in the panel the holded the window switch popped out. Like what the fuck is wrong with GM that they make terribly cheap shit ?

Morristown, TN

#259 Feb 11, 2014
Coloradoowner08 wrote:
<quoted text>
I couldnt bring myself to buy a truck with a foreign brand logo on it.....
Amen brother I have a 05 colorado 5 cylinder vortec pushing almost 600 hp atw with a turbo and performance chip and it's 4 wheel drive I've smoked tacomas and frontiers back with out the turbo so you don't know a thing about trucks and by the way they just redesigned the colorado and canyon and they still stuck with the five cylinder so they must be doing something right or they would have changed it with the new design
Fred Bennett

Garland, TX

#260 Feb 16, 2014
I have a 2004 5 cylinder 4 door Z71 2 wheel dr elct lockup rear end. 154,000 NO problems, NO oil burn, Great performance, Daily used service truck. Much better than my 05 Silverado. Was totally GM man till they screwed many people by bankruptcy. Next NEW truck will probably be a Ford.
Catch 640

Birmingham, AL

#261 Feb 21, 2014
I have owned 3 S-10's with the 4.3 engine since 1989 & have loved every one of them, my current S-10 has 347000 miles on it with no signs of giving up. I did break down & buy a 2005 Colorado 4x4 last year with the five cylinder. I must say that I am surprised by the power of this little engine.
It tows my 2500lb bass boat with no strain. If I could only keep one though it would be the 4.3 they are just fantastic motors.
bryan gittings

La Mesa, CA

#262 Feb 21, 2014
I bought a 2005 chevy colorado z71 3.5 liters people give me shit saying thats a baby truck not a v8. I just put flow master super 44 and im loving it, it gave me about 30 more horsepower. A mustang pulled up to me at a stop sigh and reved his engine and we both took off I keep up with him for a bout a half mile till a car pulled out in front of me. Just becauae its a 5 cylinder people expect less im happer then I was in my ford f**k them

Warrensburg, MO

#263 Feb 23, 2014
outafocus wrote:
I cannot believe that even a company as pathetic as GM has CONTINUED to put 5 cylinder engines in that truck. The 4 cylinder engine is underpowered, as it was in the S-10 (this truck is even bigger), and the 5 cylinder just doesn't have enough umph to make it go any better. GM V6s are notoriously unreliable, but at least the vehicle would be able to get out of it's own way as it races to the exit to get to the gas station! They even put this weird little engine in the "small" Hummer!
The 5 cylinder engine is just another example of GM's arrogance, and refusal to do ANYTHING right!
You are an idiot. The 4 cylinder engine used in the Colorado was NEVER in the S-10.(S-10 used the 2.2 L4, not the 2.8 L4) You say GM V6's are unreliable and gas thirsty....man you are a real clueless individual. The 3.8 l has only been in use since the mid 70's and has received praise by many for it's longevity. They even had a turbocharged version in the 80's that would blow the doors off anything you've ever been in. As for gas mpg they're not any worse than any other V6. Get off your high horse you biased piece of shit, open your fuckin eyes and get a goddamn clue before you open up your cum dumpster and show us all what you're really good at.
mizzou guy

Madison, AL

#264 Feb 24, 2014
Butch Williams wrote:
<quoted text>
I have 131000 miles on this engine (2005 colorado)and it works great and get a lot better milage I got out of my old 4.3... I have pulled a truck loaded with firewood as well as trailer loaded with firewood through 18 inches of snow. I average 23 miles per gallon on the highway. This an excellent off road truck that works a farm. You are wrong.
. I have a 2005 Colorado 4x4 4 Dr. with 179,000 miles and still runs like a champ. 5 cylinder is a good motor.

Houston, TX

#265 Feb 27, 2014
outafocus wrote:
I cannot believe that even a company as pathetic as GM has CONTINUED to put 5 cylinder engines in that truck. The 4 cylinder engine is underpowered, as it was in the S-10 (this truck is even bigger), and the 5 cylinder just doesn't have enough umph to make it go any better. GM V6s are notoriously unreliable, but at least the vehicle would be able to get out of it's own way as it races to the exit to get to the gas station! They even put this weird little engine in the "small" Hummer!
The 5 cylinder engine is just another example of GM's arrogance, and refusal to do ANYTHING right!
No brother man, Gm is where its at. Even though they do stupid things, they will outlast ford and dodge any day. Do some more research and you'll find out.
Gm lover

Eaton, CO

#266 Apr 22, 2014
Drive the 2007 3.7 liter canyon ext cab 2 wd and get almost 20 to the gallon. Friends pick on me cus it's small and "underpowered" but it keeps up with their v6 jeeps and cars and pickups no prob despite having 220,000+ miles on it. Took it to the drag strip I'm Denver and took on a 1993 turboed Chevy 1500 and a 2001 dodge turbo diesel. Beat the Chevy, but tied with the dodge. Got better times than most the trucks there, even the smaller stock ones. Have put it I've also loaded it down multiple times and haven't had an issue other than going up steeper inclines. Otherwise, I'm gonna drive it til it's totaled or needs any drivetrain repairs. Good pickup and I think the 3.7 is better than the 3.5 even though my dad's 04 ext cab canyon 2 wd hooks up better than mine. May have a misfire in mine or tranny slipping. Otherwise a hardy pickup in my opinion

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Indore, India

#267 Apr 23, 2014
Wow, "5 cylinder chevy colorado" must be a really powerful vehicle like many jeep because many jeeps have very powerful engines like 2014 Jeep Cherokee I buy it from [url=http://mcloughlinjeep.com /] jeep dealer portland [/url].

Ormond Beach, FL

#268 May 5, 2014
I have been a Ford man all my life but the Chevy Colorado in-line 5 is the only motor I want now. I have 176,000 miles and never add oil between the 4k changes. I lead most races from the red lights plus get 23 mpg. My son's Tacoma extended cab rides much better than my 2 seat Chevy but I would not trade trucks.
Kim Swan

Regina, Canada

#269 May 17, 2014
Have a 2004 Colorado, inline 5 cylinder and its super tight, but I guess there is always one off, lol. My understanding of the reason they used the 5 cylinder was that you actually only used 4 cyclinder in the city and under normal use, the other cyclinder was never used unless you were on the highway or you were pulling, go figure that they would come up with that, lol. If they didn't use this idea, well they damn well should have...what??? LMAO
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#270 Nov 8, 2014
this thread was outdated the day it started.
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#271 Nov 8, 2014
But I read every word..lol

Springfield, VA

#272 Nov 29, 2014
Robertfromsc wrote:
The wife and I purchase a five inline engine 2010 Chevy Colorado. It was in need at the time we did not have time to look at any other auto's. We are extremely upset with the MPG 14 around town and maybe 17 on a trip. The excuse of the dealership is as long as it has ethanol in it we will continue to get this mileage, what a bunch of bunk! I then spoke with another dealership and there statement is its climate and air intake. Well everything has been done to help the engine breath better. Guess what nothing helped. I asked if I could use a octane boost to see if the gas mileage and he said it would not because it will still burn the ethanol so there is a questionable and confusing statement.My next question was is there anyway to increase the mileage with change of the program in the computer in the truck and again he fell short of what I was hoping to hear. It would have to be a number of people complaining to get an access to the engine codes to help us improve the MPG again another bunk reply. Does anyone know if the auto maker have any new idea's of helping the consumer out? Is there anything we can do to increase the MPG on our own?
It's not ethanol...it's the truck. My.truck does 17 in town 21 hwy but I use Amul synthetic oil. 2 mpg in town is better than nothing. Slap the dealership guy when you see him. He's not well educated.

Long Beach, CA

#273 Jan 19, 2015
i have a 2004 chevy colorado 3.5L inline 5. i love this truck. but now, 150,000 miles in, with no scheduled maintenance done, still runs great just a little harder. what i would like to know is, what needs to be done for my scheduled 100,000+ mile maintenance? like timing belt, any pumps or hoses, shocks/struts? i want to call around to dealers and repair shops and get estimates but i need to know what im asking them to estimate. ive had trouble finding a reliable checklist so im hoping some of you gurus on here can help me out. starving student, i cant afford to just drop it off at a mechanics shop and say, "what do i need?" ill get raped. any help would be greatly appreciated.

thank you!

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