5 cylinder chevy colorado

Fresno, CA

#211 Jan 6, 2013
I have a 06 colorado best thing iv ever gotten I love this truck more than my wife iv got a flow mastet sungle chamber turndown and people always ask if its a v,8 I have been having a few idling problems thow laitly if anyone could help id appriciat it my truck used to start no pronlem but now I haven to give it ga to get it to start then I watch the rpms drop slowly till it dies any ideads

Eureka, CA

#212 Jan 31, 2013
colorado owner wrote:
I realy dnt know what all you people are saying, i own a 2004 chevy colorado crew cab truck with that so called five cylinder you are all bagging on and i can say that it runs n drives a whole lot better then a six. Plus that truck comes with two hundred plus hp. So that truck is more then capable of whipping the six out of the water. I have owned the truck since it came out n im riding at about 140k and i havent had a problem with it. I take the truck mudding and its my daily driver. So in my opinion anyone bagging on it just doesnt have the money to afford it and should honestly stay quiet
i am loolin' to buy a 2006 and your comments confuse me, you contradict yourself at the end. explain !!
colorado sux

Toronto, Canada

#213 Jan 31, 2013
Gm man wrote:
<quoted text>
What about the 300hp Chevy Colorado 5.3 V-8?
See that's my gripe with gm. They gave us a 4 cyl, 5 cyl, and the big monster 5.3 v8 for it, and they couldn't give us a 6 cyl???
Give me a break. If they made a v6 for it I would have got one. Until they make a small truck with a good v6 I'm more than happy with my Nissan Frontier's 260 hp v6.

They are even making a new 4.3 v6 for the 2014 Silverado too.
mike chirco ny

Brooklyn, NY

#214 Feb 14, 2013
Gm man wrote:
<quoted text>
This is good
I own a 2001 i5 colorado and 32 mpg is not possible .your full of shit .I get 16mpg combined city hwy with k and n air filter

Anchorage, AK

#215 Feb 14, 2013
I have a 2006 Colorado. Bought a 10' pop-up camp trailer last summer. Going through the mountains beween Anchorage and Glennallen, I had to watch my speed, even up steep grades. At one point I was going over 70 mph up hill. That little truck surprised me. Lots of torque.
mike chirco ny

Brooklyn, NY

#216 Feb 18, 2013
Thought For The Day wrote:
<quoted text>
Wanna see for yourself how far ahead European engineering is--look and listen to the attached link---then shut your face:
come now 32mpg I get 17 combined on my 2011
mike chirco ny

Brooklyn, NY

#217 Feb 18, 2013
come on 32 mpg lol I get 17 mpg
Big Red Chevy

Longview, TX

#218 Feb 22, 2013
All of you guys that say the Colorado is junk because it has an i5 in it and that it needs a v6 to keep up are idiots you do realize the Colorado is offered with the 5.3l v8 and still gets 20mpg if you don't just dog the hell out of it all the time and gm is also planning on putting the rest of the small pick up out the door with a 4.5l v8 duramax diesel in the Colorado with 300hp and 550 ft lbs of torque and 25-30mpg
Steve jordan

Arden, NC

#219 Feb 28, 2013
Luv my 05 Colorado I5 4x4 z71...20 mpg 100,000 miles no problems. Great pulling power....

Dahlonega, GA

#220 Mar 2, 2013
2004 GMC Canyon, I5 engine, 4 door, 4WD, 23 MPG on trips. Love it. WORST VEHICLE I EVER HAD. Actually the American car was great, the Japanese engine was a piece of junk. Found out that particular Japanese engine goes through head gaskets like an elephant goes through peanuts.
gas guzzler

Ballwin, MO

#221 Mar 10, 2013
thecontiki wrote:
<quoted text>
I agree with you Stratchief.
This is what is wrong with the world, those people who have money to spend on whatever they want, have no regards for polluting our world as it is all about me theory here and they could care less about how much they pollute our land as long as get what they want........
the majotity of people that own v8 and big diesel engines use them for work so don't yell at the people witb trucks when there's v12 sportscars driving around u cun t
Douche bag

Springfield, NJ

#222 Mar 13, 2013
outafocus wrote:
I cannot believe that even a company as pathetic as GM has CONTINUED to put 5 cylinder engines in that truck. The 4 cylinder engine is underpowered, as it was in the S-10 (this truck is even bigger), and the 5 cylinder just doesn't have enough umph to make it go any better. GM V6s are notoriously unreliable, but at least the vehicle would be able to get out of it's own way as it races to the exit to get to the gas station! They even put this weird little engine in the "small" Hummer!
The 5 cylinder engine is just another example of GM's arrogance, and refusal to do ANYTHING right!

GM's 6 cylinder unreliable that's news to me, I'm not a huge fan of the 6's but I have ran them for well over 180,000 without a problem many times over. One 4.3 over 300 without 1 problem at all and I beat that little motor as hard as I possible could..

Summit Argo, IL

#223 Mar 15, 2013

Tucker, GA

#224 Mar 15, 2013
I own a 2009 coly 5cly in line with 107,000 on it and STILL runs like a top! Its had it's shares of racing and raw hiding and never skips a beat!! Gas mileage is great and power and pick up is very decent. So idk why everyone says its underpowered. It seems like it has more than enough for me.

Tucker, GA

#225 Mar 15, 2013
Bass Hunter wrote:
I drove a 5 cyl. for my work vehicle. GMC Canyon. SUPER Vehicle. I do pole to pole audits on power lines and that thing was atank. I want to buy one for my personal truck, but I'm seeing alot of "Head Gasket" issues on the internet. Can someone out there give me statistics on good vs bad trucks? In other words, out of all 2012 or 2011 5 cyl. Gmc/Chevy trucks sold, What percentage had head gasket issues?? Please advise
That issue only concerns I believe the 2006 models. But if since it was a recall if you ever have a problem Chevy will fix it free of charge. Or you could always get a newer one. Nothin but good reviews on them and no recalls.

Tucker, GA

#226 Mar 15, 2013
Roger wrote:
I have a 2004 colorado wit 124000 miles ad still run great. How many more miles can i exspect? I think it's a 5 cynder but not sure. i's a 2.8L
So far the highest ive seen is 288,000 and his was still runnin strong!! It really just depends on maintence. If you change the oil and tranny fluid as recommended there's no tellin how long it'll last you! Mine is an 09 five cly in line with 106,000 daily driver and never had the first problem and I ride her hard! Hope this helps.

Tucker, GA

#227 Mar 15, 2013
bobby wrote:
I have a 06 colorado best thing iv ever gotten I love this truck more than my wife iv got a flow mastet sungle chamber turndown and people always ask if its a v,8 I have been having a few idling problems thow laitly if anyone could help id appriciat it my truck used to start no pronlem but now I haven to give it ga to get it to start then I watch the rpms drop slowly till it dies any ideads
If the rpms go up and down try cleaning the throttle body colys do have small problems with that. Just clean out the throttle body then see what she does. Good luck!

Bessemer City, NC

#228 Apr 12, 2013
My chevy Colorado has got and inline 5 3500 vortec engine. Is that standard?

Hendersonville, NC

#229 Apr 16, 2013
Coloradoowner08 wrote:
<quoted text>
I agree with Judd I own an 08 Colorado w/3.7 and i get 23.5 on the highway with my lead foot, show me a 4.3 that can match it
I Had A 04 5 cylinder and a 2.8 s10 to run with it don't get me wrong the truck was fast but it is said one little 2.8 can run with a 5 cylinder

El Cajon, CA

#230 Apr 17, 2013
I love my 2012 chevy colorado 5 cyl street pak 2. It has plenty of get up and go. I had an 06 z71 5 cyl and this one goes alot faster with the 22 more horse. I have a guy in the morning on the way to work that has an older impala v8 who likes to race. I keep up with him just fine and a ranger v6 dakota are no match. The tacoma is not much faster

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