5 cylinder chevy colorado

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#191 Feb 20, 2012
Sighs, i have a bad habbit of getting something that ends up getting discontinued. As for the colorado, i like mine alright, if i had a need for a full size i woulda got one. My colorado will serve its purpose well enough. As for better gas milage the first thing you need to do is get rid of that box and put a CIA in use a k&n filter only and keep the MAF clean iget around 38 mpg and thats with the inline 5.

Columbia City, IN

#192 Mar 1, 2012
jim richels wrote:
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I like my 2004 Colorado's Vortec I-5.I live in Indianapolis and this engine lets me choose where I want to get on and off of the Iterstate at. My truck will carry a one ton load in the bed. The Vortec I-5 is also extremely reliable. It always starts.

Columbia City, IN

#193 Mar 1, 2012
I like my 2004 Colorado LS and it's Vortec I-5. I live in Indianapolis and this engine lets me choose where I want to get on and off of the Interstate at. It's got plenty of acceleration. My truck will carry a one ton load in the bed.
The Vortec I-5 is also extremely reliable. It always starts. Always. If it has fuel and a good battery it will start. It always gets 21 mpg, no more, no less.

Frankfort, IN

#194 Mar 5, 2012
Roger wrote:
I have a 2004 colorado wit 124000 miles ad still run great. How many more miles can i exspect? I think it's a 5 cynder but not sure. i's a 2.8L
if it,s a 2.8 it must be a 4cylinder, how long it may last depends on how much you abuse it, and change oil i have a 2005 with 5 cyl only 50,000 runs great good gas mileage @21 to 23 depending on head wind....

Columbus, GA

#195 Mar 11, 2012
06 canyon 3.5 4X4. 17 MPG in town, 15 Mpg with a 3000 lb trailer. It is ok for a small truck. The drawback I see no good lift kit for it.

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#196 Mar 18, 2012
I own a 06 H3 Hummer with a 3.5. I have always lived and breathed GM but I have to say that in a full time AWD the 5 cyl just does not cut it. It gets @ 17 highway and 13 around town if hauling any kind of trailer, even empty, its lucky to get 11mpg. I though it could of been an issue with just my vehicle but talking to other h3 owners there lack of power and mpg are the same. I installed a throttle boby spacer with a small increase in power. I also installed a K&N filter with zero improvement, what a disappointment. Just alot of noise like it was sucking in the world. I believe the the 3.5 and 3.7 are both great engines in the colorado but not in the AWD H3.

Lithia Springs, GA

#197 May 23, 2012
I think all of you need to use spell check and learn the difference between then and than. No wonder you cannot decide if you like the engine.

Saint Peters, MO

#198 Jun 25, 2012
i would like some of what "suck it up" is smoking. 32 mph. hahahahahahahahaha. thats funny! i test drove a used colorado and i didnt even leave the lot before i said to myself "f**k this piece of s**t" whoever decided to put that 5 cylinder engine in this truck should shoot themselves in the head.

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#199 Jul 17, 2012
Buy a Ford and you'll be a lot better off. I've had my F150 for 6 years and I doubt I'll ever buy any other make of truck. While the Titan looks decent I can't help but think at all the times my 150 has done the job above expectations

Merced, CA

#200 Jul 17, 2012
5 cylinders are just rare, n trust me i have one n it has balls, own one first n then u have the right to say whats on ur mind

Merced, CA

#201 Jul 17, 2012
oh yea and bill ita not a piece of shit irs badass, n if u havent u shud test drive the xtreme
Bass Hunter

Gettysburg, PA

#202 Sep 13, 2012
I drove a 5 cyl. for my work vehicle. GMC Canyon. SUPER Vehicle. I do pole to pole audits on power lines and that thing was atank. I want to buy one for my personal truck, but I'm seeing alot of "Head Gasket" issues on the internet. Can someone out there give me statistics on good vs bad trucks? In other words, out of all 2012 or 2011 5 cyl. Gmc/Chevy trucks sold, What percentage had head gasket issues?? Please advise
Bass Hunter

Gettysburg, PA

#203 Sep 13, 2012
In response to JRC17, I\'ve got a Ford Ranger as a personal vehicle. Changed oil every 3000 miles with synthetic and went by the ford owners mnual or other maintenance.@ 102,000 miles the heads needed replaced/redone.(4.0 litre engine). Won't buy another ford!!! Have a brother in law that had a V6 Ford F1450 , same oil change interval as me and it blew a rod @ 97,000. Needless to say he's not buying any more fords!!!
Wanda Houston Tx

Houston, TX

#204 Sep 29, 2012
I love my Colorado wrote:
I own a 2004 Colorado extended cab (Yellow)sport package it has a 5 cylinder engine and I love the power it has...it's not the truck, it's how you drive it! The chevy Colorado gets great gas milage, which gets 24-27 MPG. I had a Dodge Dakota and the gas milage sucked. I love my Colorado and the looks I get from everyone I fly by
And I also love my little chevy colorado it is a very dependable little truck. I used to do hotshot work in it drove all over the city in it. and out of town trips in it. Now I have to replace the engine in it. I think it is the best little truck I ever own. Because you can depend on it not to let you down. I have 307,5667 miles on it it right now.

Florence, SC

#205 Oct 13, 2012
Robertfromsc wrote:
The wife and I purchase a five inline engine 2010 Chevy Colorado. It was in need at the time we did not have time to look at any other auto's. We are extremely upset with the MPG 14 around town and maybe 17 on a trip. The excuse of the dealership is as long as it has ethanol in it we will continue to get this mileage, what a bunch of bunk! I then spoke with another dealership and there statement is its climate and air intake. Well everything has been done to help the engine breath better. Guess what nothing helped. I asked if I could use a octane boost to see if the gas mileage and he said it would not because it will still burn the ethanol so there is a questionable and confusing statement.My next question was is there anyway to increase the mileage with change of the program in the computer in the truck and again he fell short of what I was hoping to hear. It would have to be a number of people complaining to get an access to the engine codes to help us improve the MPG again another bunk reply. Does anyone know if the auto maker have any new idea's of helping the consumer out? Is there anything we can do to increase the MPG on our own?
We have the same truck and have run up against the same answer.Engine code was the words out of there mouths and you have to have a number of people with the same complaint. I wish we never purchased a chevy. I would trade this truck in for another just to get out from under it. My grandfather parked his chevy sedan outside the dealership with a picture of a lemon painted on his car and they purchased the car from him and got him into another auto but this is many years ago. I told the wife I would do the same I bought a chevy and got a lemon. I really would love to keep it since at our age it will be the last car we will ever own.

Ardsley, NY

#206 Oct 15, 2012
I have a automatic 3.5/5 cylinder Colorado Z71 and gets nowhere close to 32 mpg. More like 22 to 24 mph!!! But the stickers on the vehicles at the dealerships are never right on their mpg's around this area. These roads, up and down hills everywhere ya go, I didn't expect it to be right because they test them on a flat surface with no strain on the vehicles whatsoever. But I have 135,000 miles on it right now. Haven't had any major problems until now. First it was the timing selenoid and now the valves sound as if they are coming thru the block. Of course I'm just gonna take it down and rebuild it, but I have changed oil when needed and done all other maintenance on time. I had been very pleased with my truck up until now. I also expected normal maintenance, such as the variable valve timing selenoid and other small things, but I never expected the valves to be rattling like they are. I'm thinking Toyota Tundra here I come. It is more of an American vehicle than any Chevy ya see on the roads nowadays anyway. And the Tundra has more power and leg room than the half ton Chevy also. Plus they even look better in my opinion.

Lewiston, ME

#207 Nov 25, 2012
I have a 04 Colorado z71 with 92,000 on it and occasionally I hear a noise that sounds like someone running their wet finger around the rim of a wine glass while I'm driving.
Any ideas?
colorado owner

Traverse City, MI

#208 Dec 14, 2012
Tom Loy wrote:
And what bonehead at GM decided to put a 5 cylinder engine into the colorado instead of the 4.3 litre V6? You don't get any better gas mileage than with the 4.3 litre, and, if GM had any sense, they would put the cylinder deactivation in it as well
I own a 2004 with the straight 5 and its a great engine ! 166,000 miles and not one problem ! Matter of fact i have only put brake pads and a battery along with a catalaytic converter since my purchase . And as far as pep its more then enough for that size truck . my only regret is mine is not 4 wheel drive .
Blady loves Colorados

West Palm Beach, FL

#209 Dec 24, 2012
I studied the atlas I-5 for 2yrs before its debut, in dec. of 04 I bought a 3.5 automatic crew cab, as I just started my family. I've trailered scrap metal to concrete beams to multiple cars. Also I love drifting, and hauling butt, not very fast for a 2 ton truck, but its dec. 2012 and brakes, battery and body work, my little brothers Toyota x-runner dogs me,.... Then out of the love for my truck, I bought a 5spd regular cab, with caltrack ladder bars and electric fans. I beat him 3 times from different rolls,.. His jaw dropped, and that was with my cat. Converter. I spank my best friends Hemi! Yeap with a 220hp 5 cylinder,.. I love the 4.3v6 installed one in my dads 53 Willys with F.I. And odb port,.. All that think GM are lame, look at majority of boats, and shut your traps. If these engines weren't stout, they would never be put in boats, which run at high rpm most of their lives,and reign supreme as inboards on the sea! Nuff said,...by the way both my Colorados have north of 150k and still bounce off the tach with no compromise,...
Florida Cracker

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#210 Dec 28, 2012

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