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Laval, Canada

#375 Jan 24, 2012
Does anybody have the solution or Know of rcalls for heater control problems for a 2005 Chevrolet Uplander? We cannot adjust the heat level adequately for winter driving in Canada. Blower works strong but heat temperture is insufficient. In fact to get we have to position the selector on the begining of the BLUE bar and cannot go further than 1/8 past the begining of the bar or the are becomes cold. This summer it was the opposite. For AC we have to position the selector on the begining of the RED bar and cannot go further than 1/8 past the begining of the bar or the are becomes warm. Please help!!!

Sun City Center, FL

#376 Feb 23, 2012
I have a 2004 Olds Silouette, with 94,000 miles on it. Lately I noticed the floor mat on the driver's side was getting wet. I took it in to a GM dealer, and was told it was the AC drain hose. They told me there was a bulletin on it. The problem was the drain hose was too short. The fix was to clean out the existing hos and install a 90degree extension. The problem exist on all GM minivans from 2001-2005.I believe the repair bill was way out of line.$174.25! I want to know the bulletin number so I can complain to GM. I feel they should be responsible for the replacement. Any suggestions will help.

Northport, NY

#377 Feb 23, 2012
2007 Chevrolet Avalanche LTZ with 5.3 Liter aluminum block FM engine. 70k miles started using oil, has water droplets in oil fill tube, lost compression in cylinder 1, valve problems.. GM will not hionor any warranty assistance even though this is a common and rapidly growing engine defect problem.

Crown Point, IN

#378 Feb 26, 2012
2008 Chevy suburban z71 5.3lts 58,000 miles squeaking noise under the hood removed Both belts from engine started it up and still squeaks changes with RPM any suggestions

United States

#379 Mar 11, 2012
thecontiki wrote:
Brake or Rotor Problems? Premature Wear?
Have you or are you currently having problems with your GM, Chevrolet, Oldsmobile or Pontiac brakes or brake rotors? You are not alone! 1000's of other consumers have had to replace their brakes or brake rotors due to premature wear. According to Autoweb's Reliability and Satisfaction Ratings:
28% of Chevrolet Impala owners reported problems with their brakes or brake rotors. See Autoweb Report.
44% of Chevrolet Malibu owners reported problems with their brakes or brake rotors. See Autoweb Report.
And a whopping 51% of Oldsmobile Alero owners reported problems with their brakes or rotors. See Autoweb Report.
Some of the most common reported brake problems include: brakes squealing or grinding, brakes and/or steering wheel pulsing and rotors pitting, rusting, distorting, wobbling or warping. Many of these problems are due to excessive heat, rapid cooling. Additionally, the excessive wear and tear may be attributed to reports that an inferior metal composite has been used in the manufacture of the brake rotors, which were made smaller and thinner, and therefore, less able to absorb peak heat without problems.
What's most alarming is the frequency with which the brake problems reappear. After having their brakes and rotors replaced, consumers report the pulsing, grinding and squealing reoccurring within 3000 - 7000 miles, eventually leading to yet another replacement, which falls well short of GM's guideline of brakes being expected to last 12 months/12,000 miles.
The brake problems affect a wide range of 1997 - 2003 GM cars and trucks, including Chevrolet Malibu and Impala, Pontiac Grand Am and Grand Prix, Oldsmobile Cutlass and Alero and many other makes and models.
If you would like to know whether or not a legitimate claim for recovery under the lemon law is available to you, take a moment to read through this web site and send us your information. Or contact any of the attorneys listed. There is no cost or fee for doing so.
I go through brakes like every 5,000 miles

Sun City Center, FL

#380 Mar 11, 2012
I have a 1999 Chevy S10 extended cab, with 147000 miles on it. I have a viberation at 25-30mph. I feel it mostly in the seat. I have put on a new set of tires, had all 5 of the universal joints changed including the middle support bearing and the brakes checked. Still have the viberation, that neither I or my repairman can find. Someone suggested checking the bearing where the drive shaft enters the transmission. Does anyone have any ideas?
Mike Moore

United States

#381 Mar 17, 2012
My dad owns a 2003 chevy van it has had coolant leak problems and the mechanic replaced most of the gaskests in the engine, brake problems, and now the other day he spent another 1200 dollars and was told to get a new car fast it has 80k on it at this point and this man takes car of his cars always buys a new car and gets a good trade in. The engine is all out of timing and knocks and rumbles. This van has cost thousands of dollars to repair and now needs a new engine. Can he do anything about this?

Mike Moore

Kutztown, PA

#382 Mar 20, 2012
thecontiki wrote:
Hello, I am the webmaster for , a website designed to raise awareness about the problems with GM cars and trucks, including Avalanche cabin water leaks and engine noise or "piston slap". By raising awareness of the problems I hope to force GM to acknowledge the situation, and hopefully, bring satisfaction to consumers.
If you have experienced or are currently experiencing problems with water leaks, engine noise or piston slap, I would like to hear from you. I'm looking for information (including stories or pictures) from consumers for possible inclusion on the website. By sharing the experiences that you've had with the water leaks, you will assist in helping the 1000's of consumers who are suffering from problems exactly like yours. Please take some time to visit the website and share your story.
I have a 05 avalanche with a 5.3 liter and it started to get squeaking /popping noise from r/s cylinder head any help would be helpfull please contact at [email protected]
Dianne D - Houston TX

Plainsboro, NJ

#383 Mar 23, 2012
Oh my do I have a story for you all - wondering if someone else has had the same problem.

I just put $3500 into my 06 Silverado due to a defective cam shaft. The cam lobe in cylinder #1 was worn down in a way that my mechanics have never seen. I just got it back yesterday (Mar 22 2012). Truck has only 105k on it. Every mechanic in the shop came out to talk to me when I picked the vehicle up-never had that kind of attention from any mechanics before! I felt like a rock star! None of these seasoned mechanics has ever seen anything like this and they are all of the opinion that it is a defective cam shaft. The lifter that was in the cylinder #1 position looks like it has been ground on concrete. My mechanics are so sure that it is a defective part they made sure to save all the parts for me. I have had this truck in the shop multiple times for the CEL coming on and then going off constantly. Replaced gas cap twice, had a tune up done, solenoid in the gas tank replaced, etc, etc, etc. It took tearing the entire engine down to fix it.

If anyone else has had a similar experience I would love to hear from you. Contact me at [email protected] - I will respond.

I believe that GM knew there was an issue with the cam shaft in these trucks and did nothing about it. I have found several complaints about this similar problem on line so I know there are more out there. I also believe that owners are being told that it is the cam bearings and not the cam itself that are going bad. I fortunately have the parts to back up that the cam is defective.
Dianne D - Houston TX

Plainsboro, NJ

#384 Mar 23, 2012
As an additional note - the problem with my truck was not due to "piston slap".
NH CarolAnn-Fitzwil liam

United States

#385 Apr 3, 2012
Our 2001 Chevy Express van purchased for just under $18,00 in April 2004. Had 83,00 miles on engine and very nice in all respects until inspection station put vehicle on lift February 2012-entire frame rotted out, gas tank, gas lines etc etc. "beyond a safe and reasonable repair" Told by GM that we should have been undercoating THOUGH their two care manuals said not to do that as it had "corrosion prevention" We under washed vehicle each spring as advised. BBB would not handle complaint because vehicle was made in Dec. of 2001. GM would not return my calls after I told customer service rep I did not agree with "undercoating vehicle" theory. Last week a car recycler bought the van for $600-Now a senior citizen who has been a loyal GM customer for more than 60 years has no vehicle for the first time in his adult life. So glad we taxpayers bailed those folks out when they needed help! BEWARE OWNERS OF any 2001-2002 GM products

Tucker, GA

#386 Mar 27, 2013
My Buick enclave has been in and out of the shop since it had 3,500 miles on it!! Now the motor has blown!

Surprise, AZ

#387 Jun 11, 2013
I have a 99 Monte Carlo that has developed a "rattle" that appears to be coming from the drivers side near where the 3.0 engine/transmission meets. Any idea what the problem could be? The car has less than 150,000 miles and I have experimented with oil types (conventional vs. synthetic) and different viscosities. I also use Lucas Oil Stabilizer at each oil change. Any help would be appreciated.

Warsaw, IN

#388 Jun 19, 2013
thecontiki wrote:
Help - My Headlights Are Flickering!
Are you having problems with headlights or interior lights flickering or dimming for no apparent reason? You are not alone! Many other consumers have reported experiencing the exact same problem. The problem is seen in many different GM makes and models between 1999 - 2003, including, but not limited to: Oldsmobile Intrigue and Aurora, Chevy Suburban, Tahoe, Silverado, Corvette, Camaro, Firebird and Malibu's and Pontiac Aztek's.
Why Are My Headlights Flickering?
The headlight flickering or dimming may be caused by a intermittent low voltage output from engine vibrations. When this occurs, a voltage spike causes the voltage regulator to reset. During the reset, generator output drops to almost zero. This is a known issue with GM cars and the correction involves replacing the alternator.
Is There Anything I Can Do?
If you would like to know whether or not a legitimate claim for recovery under the lemon law is available to you, take a moment to read through this web site and fill out our case review form or contact any of the attorneys listed. There is no cost or fee for doing so.
6 weeks ago we purchased a 2005 chevy uplander used with 124,000 miles on. It's a very nice unit with many problems. We were told because of mileage, there is no warranty. If I would have checked it out first, we would not have bought it. The salesman never told us about these many complaints. The ABS light comes on alot, but never stays on. I figured out the voltage problem is the reason. I would appreciate any help/suggestions with this problem. It was bought from a GM dealership, and I worked almost 20 years for a GM supplier.
Brandon D

Shawnee, OK

#390 Jun 4, 2014
I have a 2010 traverse that i love. But i was driving and a message appeared that read transmission hot idle engine. The dealership has it back but the message went off before i got it there and if they cant figure out im afraid they will stick me and my family back in it. Please help

Granbury, TX

#392 Nov 18, 2014
my check engine light keeps coming on for several miles and then goes off.
I only have 54,000 miles on a 2008 HHR .
I have taken for check out and still after several times ,the light will go off,
for a couple days and then back on.
The car seems to run okay , but , the remote start will not work.
It is winter and warm up each morning is necessary
What should I do ??
2004 lasebor

Castroville, TX

#393 Dec 9, 2014
Loose Hub caps

Marigot, Guadeloupe

#394 Dec 16, 2014
how do i time the engineon a chevy gmp mini pickup
Sonny Swiney

Jasper, TN

#395 Jan 25, 2015
How much would it cost at garage to get a motor seal put in

Detroit, MI

#396 Mar 13, 2015
Just bought an 02 Seville started overheating replaced thermostat still over heats. Investigated and it turns out the north star engine is NOTORIOUS for failing. Its made of soft aluminium and allows the headgaskets to expand and strip out causing engine block cracks. You ever priced a cadillac motor? Its bs. This has been an ongoing defective parts problem since as far back as 95. Please, someone help me figure out how to file a suit. There are many many many out there with this issue.

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