LAPD is getting weak and should rethink their vehicle pursuit policy. Just heard a news report that LAPD was in pursuit of the escape vehicle as it left from the mall and lost them. This is no doubt a result of official LAPD pursuit policy which was enacted in part to appease certain elements in the community. LAPD if off balance and running scarred. They are talking a good game about crime beng down and working more efficiently, lol. In armed robberies of this natures no time to wait for the helo and drop back a little as the suspects drive crazy. Not that long ago, beleive it or not, cops in Cal would have shot up car....all legal, extreme dangerous fleeing felons...Hell, LAPD was reluctant that day to even give out a basic description of the armed robbers, until reporters kept asking themn for it.

If this had gone down in Torrance, I doubt if they would had gotten away.