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#21 Mar 30, 2008
Dell and their employees are not even in the same universe. If Michael Dell KNEW the managers that have been promoted and how they behave and what skills they DON'T have - well i would think he might have a bit of a shock.

There is NO reason to trust anything that you are told by HR, recruiters, management or payroll. I have been in sales for 8 months and have had my commission changed every month, been decreased, have had the goals changed IF you do make money, been written up for being sick for three days in a row (WITH 80 hours of "sick" pba time available) Basically the micromangement can make a person insane!! There is RAMPID sexual harrassment and there is no reason to believe ANYTHING you are told.

We have been refused OT that we have worked during the week because we had to take Christmas Day off or Thanksgiving day. WE are FORCED to work overtime, not paid for it unless we are in the building physically 40 hours in that week and even then there is a way for them to refuse your pay.

I even received an email from payroll telling me that they overpaid me and would make up for it by taking the amount out of my next check!!!!

It is a risk. Dell has no security, many traps and hundreds of stress creators. the work/life balance is bullshit and the goal is to turn and burn and make money but to never let it leave the hands of those who are at the top of the management/ownership plateau.

Good luck - I am running away as fast as i can - and how much you bet they try to keep my week of work that they kept in "arears"!!

Saint Louis, MO

#22 Apr 8, 2008
Hi everyone, I live in St. Louis right now, and my boyfriend and I are relocating to austin for a postion for him at Dell, I was wondering if anyone knew any cool places to live in round rock or north austin, we are looking to rent right now and not buy. We made the mistake of living in a not so cool but affordable place in st. louis and don't want to do it again. We want to be around people and make alot of friends. Any suggestions?

Round Rock, TX

#23 Jul 16, 2009
christ, people - I mean you'd think Dell was the 5th concentric circle of hell based on those comments. Here's the deal, it's a large company, and everyone is going to have their own experience based on their surrounding teams, though Sales notoriously gets crushed (the glory days there are long gone). For everyone else, I've heard the range of stores on this website. Sometimes Dell has too much work and unrealistic expectations, but then I believe the ownness lies on those who are overtaked to say, "No more."

The majority of non-mgmt people here are very, very intelligent, and the corporate culture supports innovation. Those are qualities I never expected to find in a large company.

That said, the surrounding economy has made things here a bit more difficult(no promotions, raises, etc), so just make sure your starting salary is high enough.

All in all, it's a large company that does all the silly things large companies do (constant re-orgs, management-fueled fire drills, etc), but at the end of the day, it provides solid jobs to thousands of austinites with very fair compensation/benefits, and reasonable expectations concerning time off/absences, etc. Just make sure it's the fit you're looking for, and I'm sure you'll be fine.

Best of luck.

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Scrotum, Idaho

#24 Jul 16, 2009
If Dell, and Round Rock, are so bad, why don't you guys quit and/or move?

Hesperia, CA

#25 Jul 18, 2009
Julester wrote:
Hello everyone... guess you might call me a Yankee - I'm a Michigander and have been going through an interview process with Dell (RR area) for a marketing communications position... I've read previous posts that Dell is stressful to work for in the sales area but not sure how that would transcend for the PR/marketing area. Questions:
-What are the +'s/-'s for working at Dell?
- What is the work-life balance like there?(I have 2 kids under the age of 5... are they open to flex time or the ocassional work-from-home, etc.?)
- Any comments on benefits, vacation etc.?
- Overall culture?
- Future outlook of the company?
I realize I'm asking a lot, but any help would be greatly appreciated - this is such a great resource! Thanks to all and I'll stay in touch if the interviews progress! This would be an absolutely HUGE decision for me and my family so
I'm trying to find all the info I can. If there is another resource availabe, please let me know. Thanks so much in advance. Best - Julie
hello all. hoping someone here can help me. I am a retired correctional officer from California moving to Round Rock to start a new life for me and my family.(California sucks and stay as far from it as possible.) Was gonna go to school and learn a new trade, maybe computers, thinking I might get a job for DELL. I dont care about position, a janitor would be alright for me. Was wondering if anyone here works for DELL and would know what skills they are currently looking for there so i could plan ahead. Thanks.

Houston, TX

#26 Aug 26, 2009
All the answers depend on the position requirements. So find out first if it is remote, or office based. Benefits and challenges listed below are for remote based employees.
If you're a single parent, it will be very challenging if and when travel is in scope. If not, the work/life balance is good but it comes with great sacrifice. At the same time, while the job is very demanding at times, the tradeoff for personal time provides equal if not greater rewards. Example - I myself have spent the last 5 months working from home since my child has been born with only 2 business trips for a week at a time. But then again I've also spent many nights working late...very late, re-writing proposals, solutioning deals, send them out for a 12AM approval from team members and be ready to deliver that presentation on an 8am conf call. But all with support of our global group. We work at the speed of business and business has no rest. However aside from this there is also much time to yourself allowing you to manage personal responsibilities (doctors, banking, car repairs, long lunches, etc...) without needing to request specified time off. Want to take a week down at the beach...? no problem as long as your able to work from your room and manage your responsibilities. However when the job comes calling your expected to be available and perform as needed no matter the hours. That's the tradeoff. So pick your kids up early, take them to the park, but availability is numero uno.

Regarding the time off... two weeks vacation + two weeks Personal Business time + 1 week company wide shut down during the week between Christmas and New Years = 5 weeks total.

Once you acclimate yourself with the idea of working with such a large, capable and very financialy willing company all the challenges become easier to manage.

To sum it up, would I work anywhere else?? No way!! This company has been built on the right virtues. Allowing you manage your career like your own household. When you travel and conduct business with clients you have their full financial power standing behind you. If youre in London and need assitance closing a deal, someone else can fly out to assist (keep in mind though, that someone else can be you). Also having the ability to make decisions based on your skill and individual empowerment. This company revolves around the strength of the individuals it employs. If they contacted you for employment, trust me when I say it's because you have the knowledge, independence and capability to grow the business. The "job" is not just about doing your work from 8-5. It's about growing a multi-billion dollar company into something you are empowered to develop. Very exciting!

BTW-dont worry about the Yankee thing...nobody's perfect. ;)

Hope this helps.

Austin, TX

#27 Aug 28, 2009
Dell sucks balls hard.

United States

#28 Nov 18, 2009
I've lived in Round Rock for 6 years(we LOVE this city!) and I know over 50 people that work for Dell. Out of the 50 friends, only 2 of them have positive experiences with Dell. Everyone else is worked to death. The stress is very very high and most of my friends have stopped working for Dell voluntarily because the work conditions were so awful. There is little or no balance of work/family life. My boss (at a pottery shop) was a former Dell employee, and her staff were all former Dell workers as well. Every day they'd tell me how awful it was and that they'd never go back. Be very cautious with them! Contracted workers have the VERY worst lot, they are worked to death and then disposed. Everyone else has to deal with horrible HR and bad managers. I've heard bad things from people in all areas of the company. The people who enjoy working there are very few and far between. Good luck!

Pflugerville, TX

#29 Apr 9, 2010
I have heard mostly negative comments from those in Sales, while those with a higher education/experience position (management) are happy with their jobs. Pay is pretty low for all positions compared to other companies (e.i. Samsung!!) and job security is very sketchy. So, work there to gain experience and the name on the resume...then get outta Dodge!

Austin, TX

#30 Jun 14, 2010
Let me sum it up for you. Dell is a company that is struggling to stay competive in their market, in part due their bad management and lack of vision. To stay afloat they need to cut corners everywhere they can, this includes getting as much bang out their employees as possible. Back in the 90's when the company was in it's growth stage and the we were in an up economy, it was a great company to work for. That has not been the case since the dot com bubble burst of 2000. I'm sure there are worst companies to work for but if you value your personal time and a stressful free enviroment this might not be the place for you.


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#31 Jun 16, 2010
isn't dell gonna lay off more people?
ExperiencedITPer son

Houston, TX

#32 Sep 13, 2010

I am about to join Dell as a Lead/Senior .Net Developer at Round Rock , Austin, TX. After reading lot of reviews i was much tensed and worried about the work life at Dell. Could anyone suggest me is it a right place to work and what are pros and cons. I am kind of guy to give importance to family as well.

Pflugerville, TX

#33 Sep 13, 2010
I live in Pflugerville between the two campuses. If you live close to them you'll be okay by way of traffic. If you live in South Austin, well...have fun with that.

Dell outsourced their manufacturing in 08, but as far as Engineering and etc they're still going strong. I pass the Pflugerville campus every day.
John Doe


#34 Sep 23, 2010
I hate working for Dell. The lack of internal support is frustrating beyond belief. The corporate culture is so dysfunctional it's amazing.

Got a problem? Need Help? Screw you! Just delete the email and go to lunch. You can send 100 emails to their internal help desk and never receive a word back.

Got a question about benefits? They can delete that email or voice mail too.-so there are effectively no benefits after you're hired. No insurance, no nothing.

I hate Dell. It would look bad on my resume to quit so soon, so I'll stay on for 2 years and quit on my second anniversary + 1 day.

Hate, Hate, Hate every minute working for Dell -the worst employer I've ever had.

Did I mention that I hate Dell?'cause I do.

Don't believe anything they tell you about benefits, insurance, bonus pay. It's all lies.

Sandy, TX

#35 Nov 18, 2010
Sounds like your friends are working harder and not smarter. Or they are too lazy to get their work done from 8-5.
jpj wrote:
I have a number of friends at Dell. They work their employees to death and as far as I know, do not allow flex time. One friend has young childre at home and leaves home at six am and returns at or after 6:30 every day. In addition to that, he must get up at 2:00 AM every morning to check the foreign markets. He came from Wall Street four years ago for a much lower salary, but recieved a bunch of stock options, which are hardly worth anything. They are also corporatly stingy. I work for a non-profit and they asked us to put together a power point and do reseach for them on computer usage stats for what turned out to be a history making event receiving world wide news coverage. We spent hours on that and met with them twice and all they could offer us was $1 per computer sale on their website but only if our non-prfit was chosen. A complete waste of time.

Louisville, KY

#36 Jan 15, 2011
I have worked for Dell for 3 years. I don't hate it but don't expect much work/life balance. Dell does not have enough staff. I am currently working 2 positions due to layoffs. Not only that but we got pay cuts and no raises in 3 years. There are by far better employers. The only reason i am still at Dell is i am up for promotion and want the experience.
Working at Dell Blows

Austin, TX

#37 Feb 28, 2011
Avoid working at Dell in Round Rock Texas if you can help it. The only thing helping them right now is a bad economy. If it wasn't for that, more people would leave them.

They have a long track record as a bad place to work. Rumor has it that Michael Dell is nuts, literally.

They are a brand without a soul. No vision, no leadership. Every man for himself.
Donald Alan Duck III

Kyle, TX

#38 Jun 12, 2011
Things have changed at Dell over the years. There was a time fifteen or so years ago when every tenth person at Dell was a Dellionair (millionaire) because Michael Dell used to give lots of stock away when he couldn't meet payroll. I have a son there who is a divisional sales manager over the Midwest and on over to the Pacific. He seems to be doing OK His wife to is a project manager.

In the mid nineties one of my kids had friends at Dell, a young couple who had worked there for 6 and 7 years. In their mid-twenties they cashed in their stock for $7M and retired to Florida. The young man had a fork lift operator. I had a client who had been an admin asst. She retired with $44M But times sure have changed. My son didn't get in on the big stock give-aways. He works terribly hard but for a high school grad, no college he lives in a half million house in RR. That would be at least a $4,000,000 in California. How do Californians afford $750,000 for what costs $150,000 here. What do they to earn that kind of money. That drives me crazy. When I graduated high school fifty years ago my goals in life were to earn $10,000 a year and live in a $25,000 house. I made it.

Temple, TX

#39 Aug 24, 2011
I am a Soldier in transition looking for employment with Dell, I am a certified IT Professional with experince as a Field support and Help desk Technician.
If anyone can assist please contact me at [email protected]

Thankyou very much!

Los Angeles, CA

#40 Feb 12, 2012
Information about Consumer Sales in Round Rock Texas can be found at www.imagineausa.com

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