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Arttie Clothing Store in Austin, Texas: A Review

There are 22 comments on the Associated Content story from Aug 8, 2009, titled Arttie Clothing Store in Austin, Texas: A Review. In it, Associated Content reports that:

Arttie is a casual-contemporary clothing and accessories store for women. Arttie isn't a chain so it can only be found at Southpark Meadows shopping center in south Austin, Texas.

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San Antonio, TX

#1 Dec 2, 2009
there is also one in cedar park at 1431 and 183A

Austin, TX

#2 Jan 4, 2010
Don't expect to be able to wear the clothes more than once. Everything I have bought has either shruken or went holey... I Won't be shopping there much more!

Austin, TX

#4 Feb 22, 2010
Their costumer service is terrible. They close the fitting room before the store even closes. Every time I worked in retail/services we were NOT allowed to begin closing the place until actually closed. They only offer store credit for returns (no and, ifs or butts) which I think is bad business. I don't think I'll be shopping there again. The clothing, however, is super cute. It's a shame the workers weren't more people oriented.

Austin, TX

#5 Nov 29, 2010
I finally went to the store per a friends suggestion. The clothes are similar to Forever 21, but better quality. I think the clothing could be $10 cheaper and the staff could be more professional. The return policy is horrible. They won't help you whether you have tags or receipt. Their policy is store credit within $15, no if or butts about it otherwise. Ridiculous.

United States

#6 Dec 13, 2010
I agree clother super cute ! But the staff is very rude and def it could be cheaper. And i've bought clothes and havent got any holes but they do shrink. So for future customers buy a size up.

Laredo, TX

#8 Feb 14, 2011
Arttie is not a chain store, but they have two other locations beside the one at the Meadows. I have heard that the staff at the meadows is awful (but i have never been there), however, I visited the stores at cedar park and round rock, and the girls are amazing... very helpful and more than happy to assist you. Their clothes have very good quality compared forever 21, rue 21, papaya, charlotte russ, etc. Most of their close is hand-wash and dry-low, so if you dont read the tag the cloth is going to shrink or ripe. I learned my lesson after i shrank a dress, but after that day i havent had any problem with shirking or holes. The return policy is as good or bad as papaya; 14 days with tag and receipt, just store credit. As far as the store credit i dont care because is really easy to find something else; and about the 14 days, it takes less than that to know if you like the cloth or not.
What can i say i love the place. Is understandable that they are a small store and they can not have a great return policy. If you dont like it, go for a bigger store chain where everything is way more expensive. The store can not be perfect, cute stuff, cheap, awesome return policy, come on it sounds to good to be true.

Dallas, TX

#9 Mar 20, 2011
My experience with the round rock location blew my mind. I work in sales myself, and appreciate how involved the staff there was in making sure my outfits were trendy and fit my style. The clothes were displayed neatly and the store was easy to shop. Arttie is now the ONLY store I shop at, papaya and charolett russe don't even compare!

Buda, TX

#10 Jun 17, 2011
did you read the care instruction??

Picayune, MS

#11 Jul 15, 2011
I totally agree the customer service at southpark meadows was terrible. The girl in the fitting room i believe her name was laura was rude and gave ugly faces...and the cashier girl ummmm adriana was very rude to the other staff members...I dont think i would ever go back after shopping there im just glad there are other stores with better customer service

Elgin, TX

#12 Jul 31, 2011
THIS PLACE IS TERRIBLE!!! I received a shirt for my birthday from a friend. She purchased it at Arttie in Round Rock. The shirt had a hole in it. I went in to exchange the shirt yesterday, with all tags still attached. All I wanted was the exact same shirt since mine was damaged. I did not have the receipt since it was a gift, and I understand that is a problem. I asked the girl if she could look it up in computer if I told her what day it was purchased on, she said no. Her name was Norilyn, and her name tag says that she was the assistant manager, however she claimed to be the manager. I wouldn't think that someone that looks to be about the age of 18 (at the most) would be the store manager, but who knows at this place. Norilyn was EXTREMELY rude and REFUSED to give me the same shirt. She then asked another employee (Crystal) to come to the front. She explained the situation to Crystal and Crystal was VERY nice and saw no problem simply switching out the damaged shirt for the exact same undamaged shirt. She even stated that she could just look up the receipt in the computer (LIKE I HAD ASKED THE "MANAGER - NORILYN" TO DO ALREADY). Nori;yn called the owner of the store on the phone while i standing there, her name was Ms. Young. Ms. Young clearly isn't concerned about customer service or people returning to her store because she said absolutely not, and that it didn't matter that the shirt was damaged.

They eventually exchanged the shirt for me, but it took 45 minutes of heated arguing to get that done. I had read reviews of this store online since my experience yesterday and I have YET to find a good one! Clearly all they do is take your money and once they have it, they could care less what happens....

Elia kakalaka

San Francisco, CA

#14 Aug 17, 2011
OMG!!!!!!!!!! I agree with Kodie (by the way awesome name kodie!)
I went shopping there some time ago and had an experience that nearly made me shit my dress(only because I have bowel problems:/) and the only person that was super nice and helpful was an employee by the name of crystal.

This store needs a complete makeover! Get'r done

Waco, TX

#15 Aug 29, 2011
This use to be my go-to store, the clothes are cute and reasonably priced. But I learned you get what you pay for, I tried to exchange a shirt that I found a hole in after purchasing and they refused. I will not shop there anymore after learning how strict the return policy is, obviously they know their clothes are poorly made and want to make sure they keep your money and have no concern for their customers. BE CAREFUL IF YOU CHOOSE TO SHOP HERE! Check everything before you buy and make sure you love it because you are practically stuck with it. Not a good place for buying gifts

Austin, TX

#16 Oct 26, 2011
I Currently work for artties, My store location is in cedar park. On behalf of the store I am sincerely apologetic for the experiences you had. Fortunately we have new management Its not accpetable for any managment to deny a simple return my fellow staff and I have done everything in our power to make things right for a customer. The customer's happiness is our one priority.

Although I myself fret over our return policy. It is what it is and its unfortunate we can't bend the rules to often. When it comes to exchanging items here at the cedar park location we are totally open to taking back items and exchanging them so long as it meet the policy of our store. if they're damaged we are more then willing to have them repaired for the customer at the store! NO COST! Our 14 day policy is in place simply because we are a small store If we gave cash back to every one who returned we would seriously be losing out on money. No we are not money grubbing jerks who sell cheap clothes...

When it comes to clothes you must know how to properly maintain them. That includes knowing how they need to be washed. If its a sheer item it needs to be washed in cool water and on a gentle cycle avoid drying it if necessary.If for some reason you don't understand how to care for the item of clothing you can ask one of my co workers, we are more then willing to help! When you buy a top it usually has an instruction tag attached to it so that you know how to maintain the item so you can get your moneys worth.

I'm sorry for the frustrations any of you have experienced! I can't speak for all store locations, but I will speak for my own! our customers happiness is our main goal and always will be.

Missouri City, TX

#17 Nov 21, 2011
I went to this store the weekend of Halloween. I've never been denied tryin on a item, especially before the store was even closed until that day. I had ONE dress that I was wanting to buy and wear that night. I wanted to try it on just to be sure it fit properly. When I walked back to the fitting room I was very rudely told by some girl in a Sailor Moon costume that I could not try it on. I asked what time do you close. I then asked her what time it was so that she could see for herself that it was not closing time yet. She looked at her watch and stated the time. I said so your still open then, right? She and another rude sales girl both at that time said again I could not try on the dress. I could not believe the lack of customer service and brains. They cost the store not only this sale with their horrible, bitter, snotty attitudes. But many future sales. This was my 1st time into Artties and I will NOT be comin back! Any time someone mentions going shopping at Southpark Meadows, I'm quick to tell people NOT to waste their time at Artties where the sales people are so extremely rude!

Laredo, TX

#18 Jan 17, 2012
I have to agree with Kodie, Attie is a joke of a store. I worked at Arttie for a while, and I never understood how can that store run.
1- Nobody from management has a Business Degree.
2- Every 2 months the store has to hire an entire new staff because their employees are highly mistreated and unappreciated.
3- They do not care about you resume, as long as your are less than 18 y/o super skinny you have the job.
4- they change their policies all the time, and do not properly train their employees.
During the time I worked there, I had to here so much non-sense from my managers.
For example: If for some reason a receipt does not have the sign of the customer, the cashier has to pay half of the value of that purchase. I have seen girls crying because half of their next paycheck has to pay for a missing sign. They say that they will give it back in 6 months, but they NEVER EVER give anything back. Yes, that is how they take advantage of high-school girls.

Working there was the worse thing that ever happened to me. I have never been so mistreated in any of my other jobs. Next time you shop there, please, do not blame the customer service, blame management and the owners, who exploit and do not care about their employees. It is hard to do your work when your superiors put you down all the time.

Elgin, TX

#19 Feb 4, 2012
Britney who posted below is absolutely correct. I recently shopped at Arttie at South Park Meadows in Austin. I spent over 200 dollars on clothing. Before purchasing them I ASKED THE CASHIER WHO CHECKED ME OUT what their return policy was. She told me, 1.) Tags attached, 2.) Within 30 days, 3.) Must have receipt. This seemed logical seem many other stores have this same policy. SHE TOLD ME HERSELF that this was the policy. I literally asked her 3 times since my purchase was large. I believe I also asked another girl as well who told me the same thing. When I took the clothes home there were a few items out of my purchase in which I decided I did not like. I took them back to the store (about 8 days after) and asked for a refund. They refused stating I could only get store credit. I informed them what I was told the cashier but they still refused. I asked to speak to the girl who checked me out that day (8 days before) but NONE of the girls that I spoke to before were there that day. I asked to speak to a manager. The manager was an Asian woman who could NOT communicate eloquently or clearly. I explained the situation to her and the cashier again. They claimed that I either: 1.) Heard wrong (I am 20 year old intelligent girl; I do not have hearing problems nor am I slow-witted) OR 2.) It was perhaps another store (I FOUND THIS ONE HILARIOUS since my receipt stated that it I purchased the items from Arttie in Southpark Meadows. In a nutshell, they bluntly suggested that I was either confused or lying. She also stated that I should have read the receipt which states their return policy, BUT why would I read the receipt if the worker clearly stated to me 3 times that I could return the item? It’s not logical for me to not have trusted her, SHE WORKS THERE, SHE SHOULD KNOW! Stating my case over and over simply earned me some blank, uncaring, uncomprehending stares. As stated, they do have a few cute clothes (A FEW, in my opinion). DON’T SHOP HERE UNLESS YOU ABSOLETELY LOVE THE ITEM YOU ARE BUYING! YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO RETURN IT FOR YOUR REFUND. THE ASSOCIATES AND MANAGERS ARE TOTAL MORONS HERE. I WILL NOT SHOP HERE AGAIN!

Round Rock, TX

#20 Mar 25, 2012
I shop at the store in Round Rock quite often for my daughter. I have to say she has found very cute dresses there and has not yet had a problem with quality. My daughter received a gift card for her birthday but because it was purchased at the Cedar Park store, the Round Rock store would not accept it. The card and receipt does not say it can only be used at the store it was purchased at and the family member who bought was not told at the Cear Park store that it could only be used at their store. Very shady business practice! I will think twice before shopping there in the future.

Austin, TX

#21 Jul 27, 2012
All of the clothes are super cute and very up to date with new trends. They get new merchandise two times a week which is awesome. The staff is always so helpfull and nice. There store policy is within 15 days (two weeks) you can exchange the items for store credit with the tags still attached and if u have the receipt. I understand this policy because I have seen a lot of people try to wear the items for a party and try to bring it back like they never wore it.
OverAll I love this store and u can always find the perfect outfit for any event

Houston, TX

#22 Aug 31, 2012
Sarah wrote:
Don't expect to be able to wear the clothes more than once. Everything I have bought has either shruken or went holey... I Won't be shopping there much more!
Learn how to wash your clothes!! lol lmfao

Round Rock, TX

#23 Nov 9, 2012
Personally, I love the Arttie store at Southpark Meadows. I walked in a few minutes before they were closing, but the employees did not complain or kick me out. In fact, they were so helpful in finding me an outfit for a night out, with the dress and the accessories. Their return policy is store credit or exchange within 14 days with the receipt and tags attached, which is reasonable. The employees there were friendly and helpful, and they found me the perfect outfit for that night. I received a lot of compliments from my friends. I will definitely shop at Arttie again.

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