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Macleay Island, Australia

#152 May 3, 2013
How do we fight back? Power in numbers I say!!!
I work in commercial litigation so am happy to take on eBay if people are behind me!. Email me at [email protected] and let's make a freaking difference!

Melbourne, Australia

#153 May 5, 2013
i just bid in an auction in which i was outbid 5 mins later i get a second chance offer i go into ebay account to accept this offer only to find the seller has closed this offer and relisted the same item under a new listing number and also closed this offer again some real shifty practices exist in ebay i have now reported the problem but this is highly annoying as its 550am in the morning i got up early to bid and sellers seem to be able to get away with anything they want

Brisbane, Australia

#156 Jun 19, 2013
Have a complaint with a company (tuing Part Master)purchased a turbo which was delivered and then fitted by are mechanic, after a month, that was only driven twice in that time,l notice the car was blowing smoke, took the car back to the machanic's and he told me the turdo has gone, so got in touch with Tuing part master, and told them turbo was faulty, came with a 12 month warranty they said no problem send it back and will refund/ exchange, l paid for postage and signage for when they recieved it and returned it to the address that thay provided still from this day nothing we keep on getting emails saying she hasn't recieved word from warehouse, its been a month now when it was signed by one of there workers they can't find it, why should we be penalized cause they can't find it, l just wanted an exchange turbo my car has been at the machanics for over a month now, which he informed me he will have to start charging storeage fees which l will be forwarding to the company to pay all l want was an exchange turdo, now she's is not returning our emails can't see why we should be out of pocket and no car cause they can't find our package

Brisbane, Australia

#157 Jun 30, 2013
People think twice before purchasing anything though Tuning Part Master We purchased an item, returned after a month cause it was faulty, after 2 months still waiting for Exchange, they state item was not returned, l paid for signature on delivery and have the proof of delivery from the post office and there stating it was not signed by them, SO THINK TWICE BEFORE YOU PURCHASE FROM THESE GUYS

Abbotsford, Australia

#158 Jul 5, 2013
Wow there are so many people who think like me. Ebay Australia or Ebay in general PayPal included are nothing but scum. It seems that ebay only care about one thing and that is how much money they can scam from people. I have an ebay store and to my horror I was left negative feedback by some scum bag who never bought anything from me, when I questioned this I was told ebay cant do anything about it. BS!!! what also sucks is how come merchants are not allowed to give negative feedback??? I have been hit with fraudulent customers over the last couple of weeks and yet when I report these dogs ebay again does shit all!! Were is the help???? Who do we need to talk too???

Summer Hill, Australia

#159 Jul 6, 2013
Ha ha

Now you all know why I do not use them anymore.

But be careful and make sure your in the right because a lot of the people who look at the things for a second opinion have no idea what they are talking about anyway.

There are a lot of fools out there only too ready to give you the wrong info for a price.

Especially with jewellery because in Australia they are only used to diamonds etc anything new they are too scared to put their name to it.

That's why I do my own testing sometimes the dealer is not always the one in the wrong.

Melbourne, Australia

#160 Jul 18, 2013
No one buy from the seller ausstocksupplier


Bought an item from them that was meant to be new, it was used and broken, very disappointing. They just ignore all emails from the buyer, and they are making up fake feedback by making fake accounts and buying very cheap items to bump up their score.

Very bad seller and the worst experience I've had so far and am now out of pocket :(
Anthony Kelly

Mosman, Australia

#161 Aug 30, 2013
10 per cent discount on good purchased on anything over 70 dola ,yeah right just try and apply code provided or talk to either eBay or PayPal won't happen,not happy,

Summer Hill, Australia

#162 Aug 30, 2013
There is a business on Ebay " Jewellery World" They are based in India
They are selling black diamonds with a certificate. Ok the diamonds are cheap for what they are MOISSANITE. Now this firm is still selling and has been for a long time.
They say the diamonds are real their certificates are genuine etc etc. This is false advertising. What is Ebay doing? nothing.
This is fraudulent.
As I have said before do not buy from Ebay. I will not buy unless I know the dealer.
They are not going to stop these people they are making too much money out of it.
John Duczek

Adelaide, Australia

#163 Sep 16, 2013
I get fed up sending money through PayPal and they post the Money exchange rate as Australian 89 cents to the US Dollar when just the Night before our Exchange rate was near 94 cents to the US dollar. What kind of a scam is that. How can there be a discrepency of nearly 5 cents between the offical cash rate and Paypals rate. There needs to be an official investigation by the Federal Regulator in Australia........

Kardinya, Australia

#164 Sep 19, 2013
My husband sold the goods to Singapore (athwol2009). He received the item then he claimed the items were damaged and not as described. My husband asked him to send a photo to prove it. He didnt reply or communicate with my husband. Today we received an email from ebay that they granted refund to the buyer. He even hasnt returned the item. What are load of BS. So we got scammed $800!.
When we call ebay discuss about the case. All the Philpo operator keep transfer him to different hopeless operator. What a load of BS again.
They dont want to do anything because they just care about their pocket.
Everyone here can give me an advice??

Kardinya, Australia

#165 Sep 19, 2013
Also DONT DONT DONT buy anything from "worldcurrencyandcoin " She is a scum dog. When you look at her feedback, she selling fake or photocopy banknote. Even send you a empty box. But ebay still let her doing the criminal activity!!!!!
We got scammed by her. She sent me a threatening email, SAME SAME ebay do NOTHING about it.
Bec Pererson

New Farm, Australia

#166 Sep 23, 2013
All I want to know is WHY am I being thrown out??? I 'committ' to buying something then fill in details & straight after I press 'place order' I'm kicked out of my EBAY app back to the main phones screen?! Now I have son many 'committed items' I can't pay for! WTF do I do?!?:(
Bec Pererson

New Farm, Australia

#167 Sep 23, 2013
'So' many that's ment to be.

Summer Hill, Australia

#168 Sep 23, 2013

I believe that Ebay is not doing customer service over the phone now.

That is what I got on their recording when I tried they told me to use internet.

Only use the dealers you know. Even ask question before you buy.

Keep your questions and answers keep the evidence of what you have bought.

A good idea and Paypal are not using it is to make the dealer pay for proof of postage and give Paypal the receipt No before they pay over the money.

Because you can give the details of an item you do not have to actually post it. It goes into the system you receive a tracking No then nothing turns up.

With proof of postage item has to have been physically brought into the office over the counter.

This of course is in Australia. Go to AP site you will find that information there.

I also suggest using registered post and subscribe to the tracking tool.

I suggest dealers do that too at least you can prove it and also address it was sent to.


It will save you a lot of grief in the long run.

Quakers Hill, Australia

#170 Oct 15, 2013
Tero wrote:
Ebay has cancelled all my listings without a legitimate reason and after numerous calls and emails to them, my questions have been sidestepped or ignored. Ebay refuse to communicate. I honestly feel that I have been victimised and discriminated by ebay. This is my fulltime job and income. I was selling memorabilia (original hand signed as well as photo reprints), my listings specifically described the item in great detail whether an original or reprint, and I also stated that a certificate of authenticity (COA) is supplied with every original item and a certificate of limitation for the limited editions. The original items were guaranteed 100% authentic or 100% money back no questions asked. Out of hundreds of sales not one buyer ever complained, instead I received perfect feedback every time. I had the same guarantee on the framed photo reprints and again every buyer was 100% happy. I even faxed copies of the certificates of authenticity to ebay (all COA's are supplied to me from the companies and agents that witness the signatures then and there while the items are being signed). There are numerous other ebay sellers selling the exact same identical items that I was selling, they were sourced from the same supplier as mine, they have the same certificates of limited editions as mine, yet ebay are allowing the other sellers to sell these items (even the gallery images are identical to mine). There is only one place in Australia to get these particular items, that's why they are identical to the ones I had on ebay. Isn't this discrimination, and isn't discrimination illegal in Australia? Ebay cancelled all my second hand household items as well and have not given any reason whatsoever as to why they cancelled these listings. Why should I be discriminated against and suspended for selling identical products as other sellers. Is there anyone who has been treated the same? Is there a legal solution, as ebay solicitors are based in Sydney.
I'm having a similar problem with ebay. I was advised by paypal no to accept paypal payments for pick up items. The operator explained that if a buyer using paypal was to pick up an item and then went home and claim the item was never received the money would automatically be refunded by paypal. Even if I got the buyer to sign a receipt, the money would still be refunded. As a result I changed my listing to include "cash on pick up is most welcome. I do not accept paypal or personal cheques on pick up items." Ebay cancelled my listings and I contacted them to explain my situation. I was more then happy to accept paypal for postage items but if the buyer wanted to pick it up then I could only accept cash. What could be safer then cash on pick up. If the buyer doesn't like the item or it isn't as described, then they just keep there money in there pocket and walk away. I was just fobbed off by ebay and they kept repeating that I had to accept one safe form of payment for buyers, but what about sellers? Don't we have the right to protect ourselves? We cant even leave negative feedback to warn other sellers. So those that only buy on ebay can only have positive feedback. I recently relisted an item that didn't sell and it still had "cash on pick up" on the end so ebay again cancelled and have put a 3day restriction on my account. I cant even edit my current listings!!! I would love an alternative to ebay if anyone knows of one. The pendulum has swung too far in the favour of the buyer.


#171 Oct 22, 2013
So, if the seller fails to describe the item they just don't send it! Looks like shopping on line does not work. See below:
Dear Tim,
My name is Andrew and I am with eBay Logistics. I'm writing you in regard to the phone call we had about the SMT GRASS CATCHER FITS 54" HUSTLER & BIGDOG (item #200783259504) that you recently purchased. Again, I'm very sorry about the circumstances here, I'm writing to explain what's happened.
Your seller used eBay's global shipping program to sell this item. There was a confusion at some point, because this item was too large for our program, and shouldn't have been shipped through our third party shipper. Our third party shipper was unable to forward the second part of this item to you for that reason.
At this point, we are issuing you a full refund. Because your payment was split into two parts, the refund will come back to you in two parts. Here is a breakdown of how you will receive your refund:
$895.00 USD will be refunded to PayPal, then will go to the original funding source if you had one. This will go through within 5 to 7 business days.
$70.96 USD will be refunded to your PayPal account within 72 hours.
I'm so sorry that this hasn't gone as planned. Thank you for all of your cooperation throughout this entire process.
While reviewing your account, I noticed that you have been with us for just a couple of weeks now. That's great! I'm glad to see that eBay is a good place for you to buy and sell. Thank you so much for choosing eBay, have a nice day.
dave W


#172 Oct 31, 2013
Queenslander Gold Coast wrote:
I have listed an item and relisted again due to non paying buyers Ebay wont let you give negatives against these buyer. EBay refunds final fee but guess what it then costs me to relist again so I'm out of pocket twice do Ebay do anything against these buyers NO even thought I'm the one paying not the buyers. Am looking to change to a different site anyone recommend a reliable one.
Don't try Gumtree because eBay owns that too
dave W


#173 Nov 1, 2013
The problem as applies to me is that a warrantee claim can be outside of any Paypal claim period so a refund is almost impossible and a repair may or may not be done even though it is claimed by the seller to have been. Even worse now is that sellers are warehousing at airports and then claiming warrantee returns go back to china at a cost known to dissuade any claim on the manufacturer. Then when the item still does not work you have to prove that it doesn't work and they want you to post it back to China?? We are being taken for fools
Miss Qld

Buderim, Australia

#174 Nov 12, 2013
I have recently made complaint to ebay about an antique/vintage Australian jewellery seller who after 3yrs in a Museum & on regional council heritage advisory committee I can say with some knowledge item purchased was probably made last month from 2 items of Jewellery. My winning bid price was far less than the indiv sale price & work involved which leads me to believe my item has been at the very least unlawfully counterfeited made or at worst illegally come by. I've been to the police twice to be given a magnet with a ph no which I phoned. Lodged a complaint with Scamwatch on recommendation of the police. My seller will only refund my money if I return the item (which means I no longer have any proof and so he can sell it on again no doubt)and I have to reverse my negative rating (something I won't do)- I have traders email stating this is their policy. I have reported this all to ebay and been assured my negative posting will harm the seller given a link to lodge a claim (yet to do). This seller is still on ebay and advertising antique vintage products. I also wonder how comparable Ebay is as agent assisting in the merchandising of counterfeit or stolen goods (fencing) and question why the police in Qld are doing nothing but giving people a Scamwatch email address.

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