Epping, Australia

#129 Feb 18, 2013
Purchased a Chinese Android radio/DVD/GPS unit from shenzhen bonroad technology co. ltd and whilst it was connected to power on the bench (prior to installation) smoke came from the unit - lucky it wasn't installed in my Porsche at this stage. Returned to supplier ($113) and they said there was no problem so they returned the unit. Installed the unit in car (Yes, bench tested again to ensure no smoke/flames) and all seemed fine. We are now several months down the track and the unit works approxiamtely 20-50% of the time (i.e. no sound / screen etc), which is very frsutrating for a sound system in a car. I have been in dispute since mid December 2012 to obtain resolution and am still awaiting for them to agree to supply a different unit (lost confidence with existing unit). I want a particular model, yet theysay it is more expensive than what I bought, yet I can buy from ebay at similar cost. Do not deal with this company if you want quality product, customer servcie, and prompt answers. As this company obvioulsy doesn't know what thsi means. Agree with other persons on the forum that ebay do not support the buyer, because if they did many hundreds of suppliers would be deleted and they would lose revenue. Whilst I hate ebay with a passion I have never had an issue with PayPal - go figure?

Griffith, Australia

#130 Feb 19, 2013

See if your bank can get the money back for you

Paypal will not help and Ebay does not care. I have contacted my bank. But the seller Vessy_Nick 427 is not responding and still has my money.
Notice he is not there anymore expect him back under another name soon.

When you go into the page that has the feedback look under "about seller" will tell you how many names they have worked under. Too many different names do not buy. Even two is too much.

I know this does not help you best of luck

Griffith, Australia

#131 Feb 23, 2013
Hi Motofraud

He has till tomorrow to pay the band delivered a charge back notice to Paypal and they gave him a heap of time to respond but he still has not.

Paypal says he has till tomorrow we will see.

Thanks for the help


Since: Mar 13

Adelaide, Australia

#132 Mar 1, 2013
I bought a toy for my grandson via Ebay from the USA.
When I paid the invoice I noticed was charged $US4.88 import duty. I thought this was incorrect as items imported into Australia are duty free upto the value of $AU1000(except beer & tobacco). I rang and confirmed this with Australian Customs and sent a email address they gave me to give to Ebay(USA) so that they could get verication of this in writing.
Meanwhile I decided what the hell I'll ring Ebay AU for customer service, a Phippino accent answered the call....thats when the run around began!! Below is a few brief notes I took while making the call.
Rang eBay Australia 10:41. Answered : 10:45. Asked if call centre that talking to was in Philippines…answer YES. Gave details of situation and item number as requested. 10.49am-Transferred to Ebay USA.on hold till 10:51am. Asked beforehand if this would cost me any money, she said no.Transferred call. Explained situation again. Said hold on as she has to go to another terminal to get information. 10.55am-unable to transfer to shipping department , contact was busy with another call. Said would ring back tomorrow…then…”Ooops can’t as we can’t ring overseas countries”….you will have to ring us back tomorrow?!! She apologized. Asked if she was located in a Philippine call centre(heavy Philippine accent)..said it was there policy not to divulge that information. End of call.
After reading this forum I feel very lucky to have been out of pocket only $US4.88.The money doesn't worry me but the fact that Ebay(or someone inside Ebay?)is scamming "false import duties" from Australians does! I am waiting for a reply from Ebay but won't be holding my breath! I DO INTEND TO TAKE THIS AS FAR AS NECESSARY TO PREVENT THIS FROM HAPPENING TO OTHER ASSIES!
****Any advice or suggestions on doing so would be greatly appreciated!!****

Griffith, Australia

#133 Mar 1, 2013

I am sorry cannot help you with this problem but will say I will not be buying from USA. Actually will be buying very little from Ebay I am only using the dealers I know.

I understand how you feel about the principle and will be surprised if you do get called back. Let us know. On your left on the Ebay page it says "new posts from Ebay" it should be stated there that you would be charged.

I am still awaiting my money from Vessy_Nick despite by bank asking for a charge back Paypal now is reviewing the case which can take another thirty days.

Ebay is a mine field for every fraud that is going and believe me what you learn there is worth the loss in knowledge value

Take care
ozeshopping com


#134 Mar 4, 2013
New website buy rent your own shop no commissions

Griffith, Australia

#136 Mar 5, 2013

Have you all noticed something when you go into feed back you will find all these great ratings and earning of stars is given by the sellers these people have bought from. So they are buying on Ebay have no idea what they have and reselling.

Something to share

I bought a piece of jewellery it was no good I could see it was a mistake as bought from dealer before. Told dealer keep money will get something else.

I looked through items could see nothing I wanted so requested a refund.

The seller told me they were willing to send me a gold pair diamond earrings in place of item. Which did not cost half as much. They are a large company in Asia.

This was very kind on their part but I could not except their offer as I live by Karma and would not be right to except this and benefit from another's honest mistake.

Just letting you know not all dealers bad and off this dealers kindness and honesty.

Werribee, Australia

#138 Mar 9, 2013
As a seller and buyer, I have experienced both side of the situation.
a. buyers not paying for the item, or claiming fraud transactions AFTER they have signed for it
b. sellers not sending the goods, until after the dispute is closed, then trying to claim the money back.

Consumer Affairs need to get onto this and straighten them out.

As an alternaitive I now look at or .au (formerly trading post). Neither of these get invloved in the financial side, and are really just electronic versions of the 'for sale' adversiments.

Griffith, Australia

#139 Mar 10, 2013

Yes gumtree is good and usually near enough for a pick up so you can see what your getting

But not sure it is going to last Ebay has bought them and they will want their pound of flesh.

I have a case in Consumer Affairs and not heard a thing for over a month still have not received any money from seller been through Paypal with charge back they have a month and that has nearly ended.

Hurstville, Australia

#140 Mar 11, 2013
ebay has stunk ever since it became an online agent for new items ,too much junk selling , it should go back to what it was famous for,, used secondhand goods then its buyer beware and ebay smells clean.
And it should use zipcodes at the item photo to save everyones time looking and trying to buy a refrigerator in alaska for someone who lives in florida,,,,,ebay start listening and stop being a tool

Griffith, Australia

#141 Mar 11, 2013
Hi all

Just rang Paypal it has been a month and was told would have to contact bank they the case was closed

I told them the bank had instructed them to deal with my charge back.

Was told by an American accent that Paypal as I had lodged a charge back was now working on the side of the seller getting all the sellers proof and sending to my bank. My bank has to get the money back.

This as you all know was a clear case of fraud

What happened to Paypals insurance promise etc etc

Still waiting for money

Be careful the whole lot is a scam

Perth, Australia

#142 Mar 20, 2013
I purchased a electric fence unit on ebay, advertised as being in good condition, with photos. On arrival it was missing components and electrical components were exposed making it dangerous, conveniently the parts that were damaged were not on sellers photos. Emailed seller a few times, seller would only refund purchase price and not shipping although ebay advertises that shipping is refundable. Opened dispute with ebay, advised to post back. Posted back to seller with insurance, tracking and signature from seller on receipt by seller. E Bay advised, shortly after advised by E Bay that dispute resoved. No money received back. Emailed E Bay numerous times, no response. Got a phone number for E Bay Aust and then transferred by E Bay Aust to E Bay US, told to fax documentaion to them and they would get back to me. Documentation faxed, no response. Rang again E Bay in Aust and once again transferred to E Bay US. E Bay US once again said to fax documentation to them, and said they would contact me to let me know if Fax arrived or not. Not contacted by E Bay. The seller, has the defective item that was sold to me,
and my money for the item and I have had to pay for the return of the item to the seller. No help from E Bay at all. They don't have any consideration for the consumer at all. Their guarantees are worthless and i wouldn't use them unless you have to and if so use a credit card to pay. Since this occurred i had another seller sell an item to me, it was never posted, seller wouldn't respond to emails, i then contacted bank and had transaction cancelled. Don't waste your time going to E Bays resulution centre, its only a con, not only for buyers but for sellers as well by the look of it. E bay is great for criminals and scammers. I don't know of any reputable company that mkakes it so hard to find contact numbers, it can only be because they have so much to hide and its about time the government did something about their unscrupulous activities and lack of protection for consumers and belligerince towards sellers. I will now be taking the matter to the Australain Competition and Consumer Commission, don't know if they will help,it seems like E Bay is above the law, police forces don't seem interested in E bay dishonesty either.

Griffith, Australia

#143 Mar 21, 2013
Max is right

I have only just got my money back but had to have the bank fix the transaction.

But everywhere is getting like this now even need to watch the Australian auctions very carefully.

And they are harder to return to. But I did get my money plus postage from an Australian auction house.

The biggest problem with Ebay is, that these sellers are still allowed to sell that is rubbing salt in the wound.

Melbourne, Australia

#144 Apr 6, 2013
I sold something only $18
The buyer claimed he wanted to return after opened and cut it out.
I said you opened and used it, so I can accepted the return.

Then he disputed it to PayPal that he'd never received the item and wanted money back.
I sent PayPal all evidence but they refunded him anyway.

1. I didn't get item back.
2. It costs me $35 for PayPal investigation.
3. When PayPal offered for investigation, they didn't inform me how much it will cost ME
4. I call PayPal asking why it costs me not buyer, they said it will cost only to seller
5. eBay refunded me the selling fee
PayPal refunded me only the the item cost
Buyer got free item and never be suspended fly his lie.


#145 Apr 6, 2013
Well I finally got money back from Vessy-Nick but has really put me off buying from Ebay.

Buyers can be rough too I admit that. But hey we only have a description and have to pay before we see or feel the item.
Then postage back cannot be claimed either

Best just use dealers you know as so much junk you might as well go to the markets where it is buyer beware.

And bad sellers soon find they are losing business
Jason Leggo

Ballarat, Australia

#146 Apr 21, 2013
I hvae recorded the whole ordeal, over 4 hours on phone, and I do not even have a PAYPAL Account, just want to buy something for my kids off EBAY..

Well it is all going to the ombudsman, they do not listen I repeated my self 100times, and when I thought I had it sorted with 23 Emails, 13 Faxes, and 3 hours on the phone, the same issue happens the week after....

Dumb, Dumbest and dumbier, all work on that help desk.

Telstra are 500% better than you and that is saying something..

Griffith, Australia

#147 Apr 21, 2013
Ha Ha

Telstra better?? it must be getting rougher lol

I have settled my stuff, and please take my advice if you buy from Ebay buy from the sellers you know can be trusted.

Start with small items first if they do well with the little things and their service is good go on from there.

Do not put too much into the star ratings most of them have been obtained by the sellers buying themselves, first getting the good ratings then trying to pass of what they have bought.

If it is cheap be very careful.

Take care



#149 Apr 25, 2013
Ebay what a joke easier to advertise in a newspaper
David James

Perth, Australia

#150 Apr 28, 2013
I would not go near ebay ever again, people who think they are a great company and haven't had any trouble, well wait till something go wrong, then see where they are. I had a item on there got a bid that won it, worked out it was a false bid but they toolkit off anyway and tried to charge me, they even admitted it was a fraud. This went on for nearly one year. They are crap and when you do have a problem don't old your breath getting it fixed. They. Shouldn't be in business.

South Yarra, Australia

#151 May 1, 2013
Need Help.

I've purchased item for over $350, seller posted item with platinum post but i have not received it.

On Australian Post site it showed that the item been collected at the different suburb/area. So somebody else got it. Seller saying that it is Australian Post fault. Australian Post did their investigation, but no result either.

Open case with Paypal after all investigation they did not refund my money. As they are saying that seller have proof/receipt of postage, and it shows the evidence that the item been posted to me... The case been closed, no refund granted.

The transaction been paid with direct bank (nab) debit, I am not sure if it was linked through the visa debit card.

So what can I do, are there any ways....
Feel so bad. It never happened to me before.

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