Melbourne, Australia

#24 Aug 22, 2011
Similar happened to me. An overseas buyer got my item and a refund, just by saying the item didn't arrive. Yet I was able to produce my Australia post receipt and had it not arrived would have been eventually returned to sender (which it didn't). Ebay/Paypal have the whole thing stitched up with bizarre and unwinnable rules of their own invention. Their fees are so crushing that they appear to be freezing out 'real' people and turning themselves into a giant online mall with 1000s of stores.
A genuine, well orgaised competitor would do extremely well.

Clontarf, Australia

#25 Aug 28, 2011
Ebay is up to their old tricks again. As I recall there was a high court decision which ruled against ebay forcing sellers to accept payment via paypal. When anyone would complaint ebay would trot out a raft of irrelevant reasons and excuses as to why paypal was good for everyone event though the seller had to pay the cost.

I thought the high courts stopped all this nonsense but I recently had en ebay listing cancelled by ebay because I made the statement that I prefer not to receive payment via paypal and that should paypal be preferred that I would pass on a fee. Fair enough I thought as I am the seller and my trading terms were clearly listed.

Not so thought ebay and my listing has been cancelled. Something has to be done about ebay as they have become way too big for their own boots. Please support other on line auction site as well as take your complaints to the ACCC Department of Fair trading in your state. I just did and they are closely monitoring ebays conduct.

All that is required for evil to triumph is that good people do nothing.
Les Brisbane


#26 Aug 31, 2011
I purchased several bags of seeds of Adenium Obesum (desert rose)from ebay seller in West Aus. They indicated that they could not garantee the colour would match the picture indicated. After 12 months and flowering, all turned out to be the common pink.A straight out rip off. Some of the seeds cost as much as $1.50 each. Well live and learn.
David Griffiths

Sydney, Australia

#27 Sep 10, 2011
I had several household items for sale, and was just about to sign up with eBay, and thought I woiuld read all these blogs first. I won't be signing up now, the site seems to be a total hassle for sellers, when a minor problem arises. There has to be a better way for sellers to resolve issues, without monetary loss, as seems to be the case in numerous instances.


#28 Oct 2, 2011
I am a regular buyer on eBay.
Recently, i bought a pair of earphones from a seller who has claimed he is selling genuine Apple products.
The earphones i received is fake, poor quality and damaged.
So I contacted the seller and returned the item, and No refund. I filed a complaint, Paypal asked me to get it authenticated the product by Apple before they can provide a refund (non-sense) so no refund.

Second occasion a month later, i bought an HD antenna from UK,$70. the seller sent me a mini digital scale, instead of the actual TV antenna.
Contacted the seller and he asked me to send it back before he can issue a refund.
I file a complaint with paypal, and was told that i have to pay for shipping cost, provide proof of return so i can get the refund. This is so unfair, why do i have to be out of pocket to get my money back when it is not my fault that the seller has sent the wrong item.
ACCC - please contact me arikisbad@gmail.com


#29 Nov 2, 2011
I recently purchased 4 gas masks from US Ebay from a seller called allbutammo he then sent me the completely wrong style of masks which were not suitable for the intended purpose And are a cheaper inferior style. I then informed the seller I wished to return them at his cost to exchange them for the correct ones or atleast a refund as he made the error. This lying cur of a man then point blank called me a liar saying that I was trying to swindle him, then when I sent photos showing the obvious discrepencies he started to stall saying he would check with his supplier. Then we had to open a case as he would no longer respond to messages. He then lied through his teeth to paypal saying he did send the correct masks as advertised, which he did not. Paypal who have been useless then said we could return them at our cost for a refund, which is cost prohibitive. And to make it worse the liar and cheat is still advertising the original type of masks he won't even exchange with me so i can get the correct ones which he probably has never had! Do not buy anything from this seller he is a liar, a cheat And a fraud

Melbourne, Australia

#30 Nov 11, 2011
I am having a not to dissimillar complaint with them too..altho my complaint relates to a product description even tho the product(diecast car)us valued at under $100 The seller had wrongly described the Item..I treid to let the seller know..They blocked me from replying and E-bay refused to do anything about it stating ...not enough evidence..I replied back and gave them all the evidence they needed..IE details from the box..as..I have same item..lol
As of today..I have not had the courtesy of a reply..Has anyone noticed that on E-bay you can give positive/negative reports about buyers/sellers but you cant make the same responses about e-bay.

I await their timely response...haha
Central Coastie wrote:
Hello folks,
I have recently had some real issues with both Ebay Australia and PayPal Australia.I complained about various "big" sellers of so called designer bags selling obvious fakes..When I questioned Ebay Australia about these sellers I was initially fobbed off,but I persisted with my efforts..So much so I was contacted by some designer legal representatives overseas requesting information about the sellers and Ebay's responses..The upshot of this was that Ebay not only suspended my account they emailed me threatening me and members of my family with suspension!!!! Amazing..Strangely Ebay removed the two hundreds plus items by these so called good sellers. I told Ebay I would not be threatened in this manner and took out a proper government complaint against Ebay Australia.Ebay Australia was so arrogant that even after numerous official requests for Ebay to respond they failed to do so..So the upshot of this is that they are about to be taken to several consumer tribunals and Australia Federal Government Competition Commissioner and Banking Obudsman.Ebay to date has still failed to respond..So I am interested in hearing what others have had to endure from this self regulated monopoly. The known arrogance of Ebay is renowned with various government authorities and there lack of attention to proper customer complaints has landed Ebay in some serious issues. A part from the fakes I uncovered on Ebay Australia the brand owners were extremely grateful for the information and legal action is now pending against Ebay Australia which given Ebays history could cost them dearly..
Let me know if you have a similar problem..I am preparing to start and online blog and website for other disgruntal ex Ebayers..

North Sydney, Australia

#31 Dec 2, 2011
i have been having problems with paypal a company owned by ebay. they gave me a webpage form to fill out to confirm my identity which didn't work and i told them that and several days later they replaced that form with a document upload form but in the mean time they have frozen my account but they can still accept payments into the account but i can't touch it. i then uploaded the required documents over a week ago and still nothing has happened and the account has a timer on it saying that if i haven't complied that time they will restrict my account which is already frozen. this has been going on for a couple of weeks now. being on a aged pension that money is used for power bills and emergencies and paying $300 a week rent things are rather tight.
bad harddrive

Sydney, Australia

#34 Dec 15, 2011
I bought a harddrive, one of only 2 bad purchases ever on eaby and I have bought many items. THe thin had a S.M.A.R.T. error from the first, and was shrink wrappen in a Western Digital bag, but the SMART error said it was Hitachi. I sent the guy a screen capture of the message and he said that under no circumstances would he take it back,l and that I was a liar. PAYPAL ruled on my favor, but because the REQUIRE a form of shipping that can be tracked ONLINE (they are too lazy to pick up the phone) the shipping was $65 instead of $20, so there was no point in returning the item. They need to change that policy of requiring a form of shipping that can be viewed/tracked online. Anything sent international will cost more to send back to the seller than the item costs you.

As far as I am concerned when eBay bought PAYPAL< a very bad PAYPAL that froze accounts without cause for months at a time...got WORSE.

Perth, Australia

#35 Dec 23, 2011
I am so up to here with ebay and paypal.

Talk about a fucking load of bullshit you have to go through to get your money out of paypal.

ID verification
Address verification

I supplied email copies of documents that they specified and paypal comes back with a message 'invalid proof of address'

After a week of obstruction on their part and an abusive email from me quoting their requirements and proof that I had supplied what they required they then limit how much I can transfer to my account.$700 per month.
This means that I have to go through another bullshit verification process to get the full amount owed to me.

Send me the fucking money....

Perth, Australia

#36 Jan 20, 2012
I have horrible story with paypal and will never ever use their service again! I have sold my iphone to ebay and the girl who bought it said the item is not as described and decided to refund her money. Paypal did not wait for my response and took the money out of my bank straight away. The girl who bought my phone would not even return my iphone and she sent me an email saying she sent it away to charity for parts?? when i sent her my iphone in very good condition.

I felt like I've been robbed as my phone cost me $450AUD.


Brisbane, Australia

#37 Jan 25, 2012
I tried to contact Ebay to tell them of a software glich they have. I was stuck on an automated answering service which was totally useless. It is clear they refuse to provide a real service to the public. Acts just like a very big US company. Very disappointed in their lack of service.

Clayton, Australia

#38 Feb 3, 2012
Beware Buyers if you think eBay will take your side over a seller:
I was scammed, by a seller exstremeaction, when I was sold two Wind turbines that did not match anything like what was advertised, the ones I received had no documentation, all identification stickers had been removed from the items, as well as the cartons. They-where underrated, and old discontinued line, advertised as new 2011 model.
I was scammed, when I reported it to ebay, after getting no joy out of exstremeaction, they said they would look into it, then the seller took a none paying case out against me, one again I asked eBay what was going on as I had proof I had paid, I was in fact in possession of the scammed items anyway. All ebay did was award me an unpaid strike, I have no faith in eBay, they look after their money trail, the seller, this scam artist is still operating on eBay, even under two other stores, Horizon-store, and eproducsstore, so beware of them, and DONT trust Ebay.
Oztion-rules (Australia)
T-o-p-i-x-U-s-e- r

Sydney, Australia

#39 Feb 6, 2012
Read the comments and check the ratings of the EBay seller and see if they are good and trusted, it's common sense.

Surry Hills, Australia

#40 Feb 8, 2012
Melanie wrote:
I have horrible story with paypal and will never ever use their service again! I have sold my iphone to ebay and the girl who bought it said the item is not as described and decided to refund her money. Paypal did not wait for my response and took the money out of my bank straight away. The girl who bought my phone would not even return my iphone and she sent me an email saying she sent it away to charity for parts?? when i sent her my iphone in very good condition.
I felt like I've been robbed as my phone cost me $450AUD.
If you got the e-mail then report it to the cops that work in the anti-scamming department and show them the e-mail or if that don't work then find out where the b***h lives and get the IPhone back or the money for it back Gangster/Mafia style (Something i would probably do if option 1 don't work for me), hope that helps.



Surry Hills, Australia

#41 Feb 8, 2012
Son of a b***h*

Parramatta, Australia

#42 Feb 13, 2012
For God's sake Google, please set up an Auction/Sales site to sink incompetent and irresponsible ebay!

Adelaide, Australia

#43 Feb 13, 2012
I have had an issue with both eBay and PayPal. My details wouldn't be accepted as they said that there was an account open with my current email address. Not possible, as our email has just changed! Anyway, my husband eventually paid for my item from eBay, through PayPal, and to be shipped from the US. I waited and waited, and eventually received an email from eBay to say that my order had been cancelled as I had not paid. I have the receipt from PayPal and I now have the credit card transaction. What do you do? We need an eBay Ombudsman..........

Chittaway Point, Australia

#44 Feb 28, 2012
I too have had issues - Chinese Merchants selling Video Surveilance gear - advertising grossly inaccurate and misleading - returns not refunded or replaced. Can't lodge negative feedback on merchant because there's a time limit and when there's problems the merchants can delay things so the negative feedback doesn't happen. One example - outdoor, waterproof, camera fills up with water and begins to go rusty in 7 days - merchants comment was "it's outdoor but has to be under a roof!"
Ebay are seriously out of line with usual trading standards in Australia. I have rung them twice and been advised they will follow up but will not advise me of outcome. When you ring you have a long waiting period and you're talking to a Philipino girl in the Philipines who knows nothing about trading ethics or standards in Australia.
As a small business operator I can't spend hours following up these matters so the dodgy merchants and the no duty of care from Ebay thrives.
I think a class action or even a well run blog could help - hence my comment here. The feedback system for merchants is a joke on Ebay and Ebay should be held accountable for their lack of concern.

Brisbane, Australia

#45 Mar 1, 2012
EBay is a is in it with there sellers just RIP OFFS about warranty as if you get something faulty you have to freight it back to them & pay all costs on freighting & you have to get stat Dec signed by a JP

Also they want a tracking No when you send it back but when they send it they cant give you a tracking No until you recieve it from the carrier

EBay is a Big RIP OFF

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