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#1 Feb 26, 2011
Hello folks,

I have recently had some real issues with both Ebay Australia and PayPal Australia.I complained about various "big" sellers of so called designer bags selling obvious fakes..When I questioned Ebay Australia about these sellers I was initially fobbed off,but I persisted with my efforts..So much so I was contacted by some designer legal representatives overseas requesting information about the sellers and Ebay's responses..The upshot of this was that Ebay not only suspended my account they emailed me threatening me and members of my family with suspension!!!! Amazing..Strangely Ebay removed the two hundreds plus items by these so called good sellers. I told Ebay I would not be threatened in this manner and took out a proper government complaint against Ebay Australia.Ebay Australia was so arrogant that even after numerous official requests for Ebay to respond they failed to do so..So the upshot of this is that they are about to be taken to several consumer tribunals and Australia Federal Government Competition Commissioner and Banking Obudsman.Ebay to date has still failed to respond..So I am interested in hearing what others have had to endure from this self regulated monopoly. The known arrogance of Ebay is renowned with various government authorities and there lack of attention to proper customer complaints has landed Ebay in some serious issues. A part from the fakes I uncovered on Ebay Australia the brand owners were extremely grateful for the information and legal action is now pending against Ebay Australia which given Ebays history could cost them dearly..

Let me know if you have a similar problem..I am preparing to start and online blog and website for other disgruntal ex Ebayers..
Barbara from UK

Camberley, UK

#2 Mar 2, 2011
I have had e-mails from Paypal Australia saying that payments have been taken from my account here in the UK. On checking the payment ID's with Paypal UK, they say they are not valid. What is going on here??? Very worrying security-wise.

Bundeena, Australia

#3 Mar 3, 2011
Sounds like a scam..Emails are a usual way of getting information from you if you choose to respond..If in doubt..Delete the email and dont respond ever..Not really what I was asking anyways...


#4 Mar 3, 2011
Cancel your paypal account, because they are not a bank and as such no protection, otherwise top up your paypal account via a credit card and any problems, dispute the transaction through the issuing bank. Ebay has No Phone number.... Thats Odd


#5 Mar 6, 2011

Ferny Hills, Australia

#6 Mar 7, 2011
My sister in-law also has had a bad experience with paypal but as a seller. She sold a dress to some girl and after 20 days decided she wanted to refund it. My sister in law clearly posted that exhanges need to be within 7 days. ANyway the girl made a complaint to paypal who ordered my sis to give her a refund because since she was utilising their service they offered 60days return policy and she had to obide by their rules, so they actually did on her behalf. When my sister actually received the item it was torn, the tags were gone, and the straps were not in the original plastic bag. She made a complaint to paypal who kept closing the case. My sister ended up just giving up as it was too stressful for what it was worth. That girl that made the complaint has conveniently closed her account. I feel so frustrated for my sis as i cannot fathom the injustices that occur constantly!
Queenslander Gold Coast

Benowa, Australia

#7 Mar 13, 2011
I have listed an item and relisted again due to non paying buyers Ebay wont let you give negatives against these buyer. EBay refunds final fee but guess what it then costs me to relist again so I'm out of pocket twice do Ebay do anything against these buyers NO even thought I'm the one paying not the buyers. Am looking to change to a different site anyone recommend a reliable one.


#9 Mar 16, 2011
I'd also like a viable alternative to ebay... any suggestions?


#10 Mar 17, 2011
Q.You have to ask yourself this question, why is there no phone number to call Ebay if there is a problem.
A. So this company can hide behind email chat and waffle on with BULL CRAP and not fix the problem at hand.
Pay pal is not a bank and as such, the consumer is not protected by laws governing the banking sector...
If you must use paypal always deposit money into Paypal via a credit card or Visa debit card, this will give you the ability to dispute or instigate credit card charge back and bring the transaction under scrutiny...... EBAY is only good for buyers, you can not make money if you are a seller..... I tried this a few years ago, and was turning over good money I thought until i worked out that Ebay was making as much money as me and I was the using my capital ,my risk and got utter contempt from this stupid company..... TWO FINGERS TOO EBAY....

Chipping Norton, Australia

#11 Mar 18, 2011
Ebay needs a senate enquiry to bring some focus on this large unregulated "consumer nightmare"....
tom hardy


#12 Mar 25, 2011
Ebay and paypal appear to be ok until you have a problem.Then the seller realizes they have no rights whatsover . Recently sold and sent an item for $25 from Australia to Canada ,usally air can take several weeks .Buyer became panicky after about 2.5 weeks and serial emailed me .I always answered ,anyway buyer panicked and said he would report me to ebay and at same time immediately put claim on paypal.Paypal immediately took and held $25 from my account on temporary hold. A couple of days later buyer said he received item and claimed it was damaged.I was disgusted,Paypal acted negatively in my favour without contacting me at the time to get my side of the situation.I did everything correct re buyer. I now realize what the Paypal buyer protection is ,as they dont have a Paypal seller protection because the seller is the scapegoat who pays the buyer back because Paypal have dodgy practises that allow them to screw the seller legally without actually stating it.This is how Paypal builds its reputation ,by making the seller pay for it.I also received my first negative feedback in 800 items before case is resolved.As can be seen both Ebay and Paypal are nothing more than userers and money lenders without morals or decency for fair dealing.

Southbank, Australia

#13 Apr 3, 2011
Take it from me Buy only , not Sell

Perth, Australia

#14 Apr 15, 2011
Who do you complain to ABOUT eBay


Sweet F A

Service can only be described as CRAP


#15 Apr 17, 2011
I agree totally with your complaint. I have had an EBay dispute progressing since January 2011 about an EBay seller that supplied me with defective goods and the seller Jocye2010 failed to respond. With platitudes from EBay I sent the Complaint to NSW Dept Fair Trading which I believe is the correct place to have a dispute with a trader although EBay did not advise this. The seller didin't respond to the government either. EBay continued to advise me to complain to NSW Police. This was a huge amount of work but once completed the Police refused to accept the complaint and pointed out that EBay should fix its own problems. NO SERVICE, NO ACTION. EBay just encourage you to run around in circles.
marty wrote:
Who do you complain to ABOUT eBay
Sweet F A
Service can only be described as CRAP

Penrith, Australia

#16 May 5, 2011
Hi, well I know there is a new site going up in Australia in the next few month it's called AOBS Warehouse ,it's a new online warehouse but there have 24 hour customer service and you use your own bank account and apparently it's the safest online buy and sell around and it's free to sign up, list ,buy and if your item is not sold you do not get charged .What I heard it's starting at the beginning of June. They located in Sydney. About time we have our own buy and sell in Australia.
Alan Gold Coast

Narangba, Australia

#17 May 31, 2011
I was recebtly the winning bidder for a boat trailer on an eBay auction. The seller wasa Power Seller for asweets. Within an hour of the final result and my request for pick up details I had an email from the seller that he had sold the trailer the night before and it had been picked up. There was a request to cancel the transaction which I refused. The Trust and safety Team were contacted and basically I was told that they couln't enforce the sale. The seller in the meantime has relisted the same item at the same location with the same photo for immediate sale or auction at a much higher price than I won at bidding. It is scandalous.

It is apparent that eBay will NOT assit buyers in getting the seller to honour their sales so-called binding agreement. Even when they are aware that the item has been almost immediately re-listed. They won't even suspend the sellers accont until it is worked out.

Does anyone know how to get eBay to run an honest auction system or to get the seller to actually honour the auction conditions.

Modbury, Australia

#18 Jun 4, 2011
Sure the ebay is a fraudulent company. It is a mess to hide improper activity. https://systemcorruption.wordpress.com/about/...
This link points to my website where I describe the Paypal supporting the fraudulent Tootoomart an equivalent to ebay. They sell non existing memory sticks (photo is shown on my website).
Now the ebay itself. As some contributors to this blog have raised the question why ebay has no phone number to contact them. Their website is far from clear and transparent.
I have decided to purchase a watch, and when pressed commit to buy I saw another watch solar a more expensive. I decided solar is the one I want. But there is no option to cancel the first one. Both appeared as allegedly I purchased and amount of both. I unticked first one but total still showed for two. I refreshed and amount showed correctly only second watch. I continued seeing the amount only for the second watch. The seller emailed me that he sends me both watches and that I have to pay. I replied that it is all wrong as I only want one. He never replied to this but harass me with both watches. I complained to ebay which created the mess and asked them to mediate and finally sell me the solar watch. They turn circles and no word of improving the website so it is transparent and open. That I purchase what I choose.
Now I am determined to fight both the unwise watch seller and the ebay. I do not think the watch seller can force me to purchase what he want. I never intended to purchase both watches but still want to purchase solar watch of my choice.
I want to complain to higher management in ebay. How to please help me. My next step will be if not solved promptly to complain to the consumer affairs office.
I am not sure if I should reply again to the unwise watch seller.

Currimundi, Australia

#19 Jul 20, 2011
Ebay has cancelled all my listings without a legitimate reason and after numerous calls and emails to them, my questions have been sidestepped or ignored. Ebay refuse to communicate. I honestly feel that I have been victimised and discriminated by ebay. This is my fulltime job and income. I was selling memorabilia (original hand signed as well as photo reprints), my listings specifically described the item in great detail whether an original or reprint, and I also stated that a certificate of authenticity (COA) is supplied with every original item and a certificate of limitation for the limited editions. The original items were guaranteed 100% authentic or 100% money back no questions asked. Out of hundreds of sales not one buyer ever complained, instead I received perfect feedback every time. I had the same guarantee on the framed photo reprints and again every buyer was 100% happy. I even faxed copies of the certificates of authenticity to ebay (all COA's are supplied to me from the companies and agents that witness the signatures then and there while the items are being signed). There are numerous other ebay sellers selling the exact same identical items that I was selling, they were sourced from the same supplier as mine, they have the same certificates of limited editions as mine, yet ebay are allowing the other sellers to sell these items (even the gallery images are identical to mine). There is only one place in Australia to get these particular items, that's why they are identical to the ones I had on ebay. Isn't this discrimination, and isn't discrimination illegal in Australia? Ebay cancelled all my second hand household items as well and have not given any reason whatsoever as to why they cancelled these listings. Why should I be discriminated against and suspended for selling identical products as other sellers. Is there anyone who has been treated the same? Is there a legal solution, as ebay solicitors are based in Sydney.


#22 Jul 22, 2011
Bought a camper as stainless steel construction, after inspection found it not, complained to e-bay, still waiting for e-bat to respond.

Clifton Hill, Australia

#23 Aug 17, 2011
Dear Sir/Madam,
I am Gao Yuen, Lee, writing in an attempt to obtain some assistance on an issue of unfair paid services rendered by Paypal Australia.
On 9-Jul-11, I’ve sold a robotic vacuum cleaner, Irobot Roomba 560 on eBay. The buyer paid through Paypal, and I’ve shipped the item out to her address as reflected on Paypal through an application on my mobile phone.
As the address was incomplete, the buyer did not receive the item, and it was return shipped back to Singapore, incurring a AUD$77 fee to me. The buyer then lodged a dispute with Paypal and a refund was awarded without investigation, based on the fact that the seller had the goods back thus a refund was in order.
All transactions on Paypal were print screened on my mobile phone for my documentation, and proof in form of the print screen of that transaction, shipping documents for the item, and photographic evidence of the item with stamps and information on it’s return shipping was available and handed over to Paypal in an appeal to the decision of a refund. Paypal however denied the print screen, saying that it’s an image that is easily manipulated.
The decision for a full refund made by Paypal was most unfair to me as a consumer of their exorbitant services, whereby they have only facilitated the transaction, but did nothing to support me despite their claims of seller protection.
Any help in taking action or advice towards approaching the right channels regarding this matter would be most appreciated.
Warm Regards,
Gao Yuen
[email protected]

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