Kempsey murder suspect refused bail

Kempsey murder suspect refused bail

There are 293 comments on the The Austrailian story from Oct 16, 2006, titled Kempsey murder suspect refused bail. In it, The Austrailian reports that:

A MAN charged with the murder of supermarket cashier Amanda O'Dell has been refused bail in a northern New South Wales court.

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Cabramatta West, Australia

#1 Jan 8, 2007
This case parallels the "West Memphis Three's" case in America, in the one track line of detectives involved. Instead of looking for actual evidence they fabricated, distorted and intimated a string of falsehoods which go to the base of libel. Their motive? To 'solve it quickly' regardless of proper crime scene procedures and practices.
Since the accused incarceration they have continued to keep him unsettled by transfering him between centres ( e.g moving him from Aldavilla centre-near his family- on Xmas eve 06), changing classifications, changing cell mates etc etc.
This is a case that will undo the careers of the investigating team, not just it's leader.
It breaches all British Justice principals and has robbed a young man of a promising future in our local Community. The stigma will never go away in a small country town for this innocent youyh.

Kallangur, Australia

#2 Jan 9, 2007
Defence solicitor Stephen Wright told the court his client was not seeking bail and was not in a position to enter a plea.

So If you don't seek bail and do not plead not Guilty you stay in jail.

A change of solicitor might be a step in the right direction.

Anyway I used to live in cresant head a long time ago,good spot to it was

Sydney, Australia

#3 Jan 10, 2007
Stephen was 'Court appointed' The lad had no pre hearing contact with the "Solicitor" nor real legal representative. The boy's parents were told hearing would be at 9:30 AM by Kempsey Detectives. Case went before court at 9:00 and was over in 5 mins.
The worst aspect of this is the real killer is still out there and the police are not looking for him/her by the time the case is resolved and lad cleared time will be against the culprit being captured. After all the "first 24 hrs" is well gone.


#4 Mar 9, 2007
Well well again this web page ignores the Macleay Argus front page report this time, report on the last two times Rick Broeder has been in Court and this is probably because they only capable of rehashing the same fables again of this unjustly defamed young man's plight.
What has happened to the British Justice System (which Aust is supposedly party to and using) of a speedy resolution of matters before the Court? Of INNOCENCE until judged? Not in this paper's nor Court's handling of this case.
Oh and did the Argus report the DDP had to admit to fabricating (nice long word for LYING)claims for delay, at the previous hearing? No!!! I wonder why? Could it be they (the Argus reporter)still rely and print what the investigating (a term I use lightly) detectives claim without a shred of factual evidence? After all they don't even proof read their work even headlines, a paper full of "Typo's". So how can they have unbiased reporting.
Anyone interested in what really happened at each of Rick's hearings should read the full Court transcript.


#5 Apr 6, 2007
the killer has been looked up
his name is Richard John Broeder

Clemton Park, Australia

#6 Apr 22, 2007
mick wrote:
the killer has been looked up
his name is Richard John Broeder
Well MICK you know something the Police don't HUH??
Their 'evidence' as stated much earlier (read earlier postings)is fabricated, false, and not correctly investigated. Richard has been used by them to get a "quick" result. After all they have been unable/unwilling/incapable of producing even one shred of 'evidence". No motive/means/eye witness.
T o you Mick may i remind you that naming the lad so blatantly opens you to criminal charges of libel, malicious damage and at least defamation, all of which carry fines/gaol time.
So think again and find out the facts before you find yourself in contempt of normal decency behaviour.
Our Justice system claims we are innocent until proven guilty by a Judge AND Jury, until then Mick be circumspect in your proclamations of guilt.

Brisbane, Australia

#7 May 11, 2007
1) No cause of death
2) No Time of death
3) No Murder Weapon
4) Nothing placing Richard at her house on the night of her disappearance
5) Nothing placing Richard or his car at the dump site in Tanban Forest
6) The detectives were seen engaging in a social drink(s) with Amanda's father at the Heights Bowling Club in Kempsey prior to Richards arrest.
7) The assistant DPP lied to the court and was forced to apologize in a later session for misleading the court in regard to the excuses put forward for the delay in evidence being handed over to the defense, in particular DNA evidence & a letter from a botanist. Furthermore admitting that certain evidence referenced previously does not actually exist.
8) To this date there has been no committal hearing (probably because the crown is still trying to build their case)
9) The police impounded a car believed to be involved in the transportation of Amanda's body.... The car has 4 flat tyres, no engine, no steering wheel, no gearbox, no doors and had been parked in the paddock for several years prior.
10) Richard fully cooperated with the police upon Amanda's disappearance and upon the discovery of her body voluntarily surrendered his mobile phone, clothes & car.
11) The time line the assistant DPP offers only allows for an hour to kidnap, murder and dump the body some 25Km away and make the return trip. There are some 11Km of 50 zone and 5km of 70 zone and then approx 10km of dirt road you can barely do 50km/h on in a 4WD.(to drive that distance in that time without stopping once you would have to average 85Km/h)
12) DPP's make a career for themselves winning important cases, why would the DPP in a regional area with maybe 1 or 2 Murders / Year palm this case off to the assistant DPP?(perhaps to dodge a fall?)

The crown are now pushing to skip the commitial hearing and leave Richard incarcerated (remand) for a further 12 months while they attempt to build a compelling case.

Bring on the facts, lets actually see what the crown has to present and of that which facts can not be irrefutably dismissed.

It's now May, he has been on remand since October, thats a long time to take from someone's life on circumstantial evidence and a slap in the face to stall proceedings at every opportunity possible in an attempt to build a stronger case.

Lane Cove, Australia

#8 May 12, 2007
mick is a typical kempsey person quick to jump to conclusions and only belive in what is written and the argus and observer did mick even know rick?

Sydney, Australia

#9 May 17, 2007
I don't know about Mick knowing Ricky but how many of you out there know who he is or the full story? Those that do know him always called him Ricky.
I was friends and went to school with Ricky and worked closely with Amanda. Ricky was alright in school, nice, social, in hall-crew- your average guy.
Those that know the full event details do not have a doubt as to who is the murderer.
Some close friends of his would not listen to what everyone else said, they stood by him. They stood by until they could no longer. A body was found, blood and hair in a car of a certain person in question was found and soon, they found they could no longer deny his innocence.
For the person who said there was no cause of death, no time of death or no murder weapon, you really should find out some more details. There was a cause of death which was too explicit to write in a newspaper or any kind of editorial for anyone to handle. There was a time of death and a murder weapon doesn’t have to be a solid item. How about fire or water for example?
Yes, Ricky did assist with the police but why did he lie about where he was the night Amanda went missing? He wasn’t in Frederickton at the location he said he was, that’s for sure.
There’s a lot more to this case then what a lot of you would realise. Where do I get this information from you ask? It’s called knowing people and asking the right questions. It’s being related to those who found her body.
Before any of you just write for the sake of it or because you were Ricky’s friend and not Amanda’s- don’t. It was hard enough for me to find out a good friend had been murdered, let alone that the murderer was another friend of mine. I didn’t want to believe. As they say though, evidence doesn’t lie.


#10 May 18, 2007
That's the whole key. there is NO evidence. there is merely some very circumstancial evidence.
I have stood by at watched this rubbish go on far too long.

I am Ricks brother.

I have before me the FULL police breif summarising up everything they have in full. Every evidence report, every crime scene photo, every video/audio recording everything. In the words of our legal team it's the most poorly presented case they have ever seen.

Yes there was some blood and hair found in his car, the blood is unkown if it is even human. It is more than likely his when he nearly severed his thumb here or maybe that of his dog. The hairs (12 in total) that were found were identified as his current girlfriends (not the victim) and the rest have not been matched to anyone else. His car was released as evidence shortly after examination. If there were any 'evidence' in the car it would not have been released. It would be held for the trial.
As for the cause of death etc. They have no idea when, how or where she died Yet again this will come out in a court of law.

As for this him being in frederickton thing it seems like another "story" going around that the locals seem to be great at coming up with I've heard so many it's not funny. At no time did he claim to be in frederickton at the time of her disapearence so where has this come from???

Ryan has is pretty spot on what he has said in his statement is 100% spot on and a true reflection as to what has happened and ocoured in the courts so far.

Not only is Rick's life virtually destroyed by the wonderfull detective skills of australia's most incompitent police force but also I have lost my job and the buisness I own has been sent bankrput because of this fowl up and poor poor police work combined with shallow minded half witted kempsey locals. My entire family is virtually being sent bankrput by these "keystone kops" their aim is to delay and stall proceedings as much as possible to ensure we can no longer affoard to pay legal support. This is very common practice with the system. As I've said and will maintain to say it will all come out in the wash.
Don't forget that Rick, myself and our parents have done nothing but good for this comunity since we arrived here, regular volunteers for all manner of things. Our entire family is in the rescue squad with over 30 years between us all, there are countless lives that rick has saved in his duties there let alone those that myself and rest of my family have helped save along with the rest of the squad.

All I can say is when the police finally stop 'deliberately delaying' the case and it finally gets into a real court and the case is actually heard the police will be in a world of trouble. this will be very public and very damming. I'd suggest everyone bite their tounge until this is uncovered for the shambles it really is. The truth will come out. why else has it been so long without the case being heard?????

There have also been several very similar cases of late like this in the courts, some have made the media but not widely publicised. They have even convicted and locked up suspects on murder without bodies and no evidence virtually. meanwhile the 'victim' is found alive and well later on and the NSW Police Force is left saying "um, well sorry about locking you up and all that, looks like we stuffed up...."

It's all too easy for everyone to say negative things and follow blindly what others say, the truth will come out eventually. Myabe when everyone stops caring about the case so as to protect the "keystone kops" pride but none the less it will come out.


#11 May 22, 2007
ricky is my best and most trusted mate and will always be he stood by me in a dificult time in my life and ill be standing beside him through thick and thin as mates do. People should mind there own buisness if you dont know the kid dont open ya mouth


#12 May 31, 2007
I am interested to know as to why there is a complete blog page written up about Amanda's murder? For starters to his brother Ben , if you are so dead set on believing rick is innocent then why go to the trouble of writing on here ? And if Kempsey people are so "shallow minded" and " half witted" why are you bothering to get so defensive and your 'back up' so to speak... If thats what you really thought and you genuinely believed he was innocent wouldn't you be more concerned about putting your time and efforts into getting him out of gaol? everyone has made their mind up already about the truth so no use trying to change it and name calling certainly is not going to help. I use to be a "half witted" Kempsey resident and I too admit I have heard some stories but what I have heard makes sense and does come together. As for Ryan's travel time comments , if i had just murdered someone, doing 50km/h in a 50km/h zone would be least of my worries , especially with a girls body in the boot, and that's of course going off that the correct time frames have been produced in court and like that even matters if it's true rick has lost his licence in the past due to speeding, rumour?... I'm not sure.As for evidence, alot of murders do not have an eye witness and maybe rick's car was given back so quickly and voluntary so his movements could be tracked ? But what would i know they are probably just the "rumors" of a "half witted " Kempsey person.And also for Ben ..... From what I can tell , your business failed because you started it where there was no need for it ( Fettel's in Port Macquarie and Country Wide Communications in Coffs Harbour- easily covers the mid north coast)its barely Rick's fault that you have poor business sense and after commenting on the local community like that no wonder you have gone bankrupt!As for Jasmine's comments I was also in shock to hear about Amanda and even more in shock to hear that the suspect was Rick , it's not like Rick to do something like that, but what I have heard all points to him so what are Kempsey people suppose to think ? And Brad , i really hope your moral support for Rick is worth it in the end and that you don't get sadly disappointed.


#13 Jun 4, 2007
yes patrick as i said he stood by me at a bad time in my life and as mates do ill stand by him what ever the outcome mates dont ditch mates thats the ozzie way


#14 Jun 4, 2007
Patrick and all those interested.
I never started this blog thing I heard about it and as previously stated am sick of hearing all these false rumours and bullshit flying around hence myself putting my two cents worth in.

As for getting him out of gaol that is a process that has and is being followed though you obviously have little to now understanding of the NSW legal system in terms of arrests, committal's etc. And as stated this is a process that the DPP has attempted to stall and draw out unnecessarily through misleading the court and several other actions.(and before you carry on yes this is doccumented and they have even admitted to some of it in court)

Now it is quite clear to see you are a Kempsey person as you are quite proficient in the rhumour mill. To this effect the rhumour of him ever loosing his licence is just that. Nothing more than a rhumour and he has never lost his licence nor has he ever been in trouble with the police for any crinimal matter.

As for the buisness matter you obviously have no idea on this at all, not in a buisness sense or let alone have any kowledge of the communicaitons industry particularly up here. If you wish to discuss that further you obviously know how to contact me so please drop me a line in private and we can fathom that out. There was a market opportunity and the buisness was profiting me in excess of 2 - 3 grand a week up until the time of his arrest then suddenly locals would not pay accounts and would not deal with myself. I actually took alot of work away from Fettells and CWC (I used to work for both of these organisations) and when some of their customers heard of me going it alone they came to me as they were completely dissatisfied with the lack of service they got from those companies.

AGAIN I will say it. The rhumours that keep surfacing are nothing more than halfwit bullshit that plauges this town and AGAIN I will say that the truth will come out in court and the local police will be shown up for the shoddy and poor investigation they have performed. Just like the Kylie Schafour case here previously.

Sadly none of thie will come out until trial or at lest committal. Committal is set for september and trial will be who knows when. But already at the pre committal we have seen the DPP and police take huge steps backwards and it is becoming quite evident to any of those who actualy attend the court sessions to see the many holes in the police case start to surface. AGAIN wait until trial and the truh will come out.

Sensationalism and scandal is interesting, the boring old truth is not...
Wendy Kempsey

Lane Cove, Australia

#15 Jun 5, 2007
I have just become aware of this site and after reading some of the bull that people have written, I felt compelled to reply. I too knew Amanda for many years and she was a wonderful young lady. I also know Ricky and his family very well and I have been disgusted and upset at the attitude of some so called friends.
Those of us who know and support Ricky will be there with him when he is released. We will be there with him to help him rebuild his life and become an important part of a community. Probably not this one because some people are ignorant and bigoted. But it will be our loss! Ricky and his family are active members in our community and have achieved so much. To Ben, Brad and Ryan, hang in there guys - Ricky needs our love and support. And to the general public - please be open in your thoughts. There is a lot in this case that is not kosher!


#16 Jun 5, 2007
ya full of shit and getya hand of ya dick and yes we will soon see wont we!


#17 Jun 6, 2007
well ben u seem to know alot y dont ya fill us in on a couple of secrets HUH!!!!!!!!!!

Albany Creek, Australia

#18 Jun 6, 2007
Well I really do not know what to say but i feel as though i should say something ..... So i will start with amanda. I worked at woolworths in kempsey with amanda for a bit over two years and any shift i worked with her was such a ball of fun. Amanda was kind hearted, had a cheery personality and would do anything for you and its so unfair what has happened to her and it makes me sick to my stomach to also know the accused - Rick.I only ever met rick a few times but he never once came accross as being capable of murder. rick is very quiet and seemed to keep to himself and until i became mates with his brother i only ever knew him as the guy with "oldmate" on his cars.....Not that my opinion counts all that much but i tend to believe amanda's murder was an accident whether rick be involved or not and I also believe that someone else is involved in it, not so much as the murder but atleast the dumping of the body(this is something i dont believe rick could pull off himself or anyone else for that matter in such a small time frame)! yes it does look bad for rick and my heart goes out to him if he is innocent but either way a gorgeous young girl has lost her life and sooner or later someone will have to pay for it. May I also add that (despite absolutely hating ben) I know that rick and his family have helped the community out alot and it would not hurt for people to cut them a little slack..... try and put yourself in their shoes! i also know brad and he is a damn good judge of character and tells it how it is so for those who dont know what to believe may i suggest you listen to those who know rick best...


#19 Jun 6, 2007
Has any DNA testing been done? Can the police conclusively put the suspect at the crime scene at the time of death? It's all "circumstantial" evidence, which seems to be all the police have at this time. If they can't build a proper case around that and do it properly, then he should go free. I am interested as to why he didn't enter a plea...probably legal advice...but strange all the same.


#20 Jun 6, 2007
off coz rick couldnt pull it off by himself so who was his sidekick to help ey someone had to help him so y dont they come forward 2!!!!!

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