How can I run a courier business


#91 Aug 22, 2012
Hi i will say theres alot of bad courier companys out there, they have minimum garuntees exp $1000 take fuel out and tolls maintenance tax u left with $600/$700 if lucky, but there also is good companys out there, my mate works for aus air express getting $2000 gross pr week take exp out left $1500, thats not to bad,but u still got to break things down such as super, holiday pay, sik pay, trust me your better of working for $23 hour doing your 50 hours as a employee!!!

Manning, Australia

#93 Oct 19, 2012

Looking to move from WA to Melbourne and start working as an Owner/Driver. I have what it takes as I have done courier work for a very busy auto parts company before and would like to work for myself.

What are the good companies to work for? And which ones to avoid? So far I gather ad-hoc is not the best and try to avoid long distances and costs.

One company here said I would need to be willing to do 10 hour days with I am and I could make $1300 but expenses are $300 per week. Does that $300 include tax and super and do you think it was in referal to everything before it goes into my bank account.

I was also told that his best drivers make $1700 but the 7.5 hour day drivers make $1000, which I assume is $600 or $700 after tax which is about the same you could get as a "C" class licence courier anyway so I see I really have much to gain if I can make more than that.

Any other advice?

Fitzroy North, Australia

#94 Nov 21, 2012
Me and my uncle own our courier business in the CBD and we bring in around 750-800$+ in profits a day, a bad day will be 450$- and the best we've had is around 1300$+ a day, we dont have business cards nor do we advertise our company.
We start at 8am and roughly finish at 3-4pm depending if we have jobs to do or not, we have finised before at 11.30 and still made $480 in profits.
We arnt a big company, I mean its just us two..

Thought i might just let yous all know haha


#95 Nov 29, 2012
Hi I have a van that's pretty decent and all, I was looking into being a courier I did it for a company in the past I want to place someone to drive the van what is the best thing to do advertise my own business and say what sort of things we do or should I find a contract with a company that can get me a lot of runs and I just supply my own vehicle if so how and who can I go to ? Thanks guys

Auckland, New Zealand

#96 Jan 26, 2013
Oh God.... I was gonna be a courier, now I'm not so sure.

It sounds depressing.

Would you recommend doing it with a 1T van or a motorbike?
Courier Guy

Calgary, Canada

#97 Feb 8, 2013
Dear Judge it, your advice was great. I am a courier now for almost 3 yrs. I get by but you are right, it is HARD WORK! It is about service though and my customers are faithful because they get good service. I will never get rich, but it pays the bills and I can buy my wife something new every now and again. It's a living, and I work hard at it so I won't be a burden to society. I am proud of what I do and I am grateful for the people who use my service. I would like to get a part time driver to help me during the days but have no idea how to compensate them. Gas,time, mileage???? Can you help me out with this? Give me some ideas, as you seem to be quite successful and I just need a little time to myself so I can expand. Thanks for the advice and Keep on truckin dude...:)
new couriers wife


#98 Feb 10, 2013
Hi Anon,
We're in sydney and thinking of running courier business ourselves, would you mind giving me your phone number or email for advice.
anon wrote:
Me and my uncle own our courier business in the CBD and we bring in around 750-800$+ in profits a day, a bad day will be 450$- and the best we've had is around 1300$+ a day, we dont have business cards nor do we advertise our company.
We start at 8am and roughly finish at 3-4pm depending if we have jobs to do or not, we have finised before at 11.30 and still made $480 in profits.
We arnt a big company, I mean its just us two..
Thought i might just let yous all know haha

Nudgee, Australia

#99 Feb 21, 2013
Get newest ute/van you can comfortably afford, dont complain do everything learn the city/burbs watch your costs get a good accountant, to many ppl see the add for a grand a week and think its simple then complain they dont finish near home etc if you dont drive you dont make money simple, dont work in a company with lots of indians they will pay bad, not racist but a fact. Remeber its your responsibilty to manage costs with GST etc. i could go on but you mist WANT to do it not look for easy way. I regularly get 1200-1500 clear each week, costs vary depending on jobs done thats why you news to be smart with your cost control

Delhi, India

#100 Feb 28, 2013
hi guys
any one one start courier business at 40% profit of every delivery
then call me ..
my no 99999903587
we offer u to take franchise
thank u

Mount Waverley, Australia

#101 Mar 2, 2013
I have found a good but old model GPS that displays the house numbers as you drive down the road. Good for territory couriers delivering to residential houses - don't need to slow down to count up or down houses to stop at the right house to deliver your parcel.

The GPS Navig8r GPS-C50 displays the left and right side house numbers at the bottom bar. This GOS is slower that the new models (Garmin/Tom-tom, etc) but is the only GPS on the market that has this feature.

I am using 2 GPS (Garmin & Navig8r) as moving map to see the new 2 streets ahead and landscape of streets in 3D - don't need to refer to hard copy maps as you drive. I don't use GPS to get to destinations - too slow to key-in individual house addresses.

This C50 (5 inch) or C43 (4.3 inch) would be discontinued soon, so if you're a territory courier, it's a good aid to get to the right house fast.

Auckland, New Zealand

#102 Mar 13, 2013
Oh God, courier driving sounds like a huge pain in the arse... And hey, will you Indians on here learn to write English properly?

Bella Vista, Australia

#104 Apr 3, 2013
indigenous wrote:
Forget it
All the boat people have that market cornered
What and your not one of them?

Bella Vista, Australia

#105 Apr 3, 2013
Morry wrote:
Oh God, courier driving sounds like a huge pain in the arse... And hey, will you Indians on here learn to write English properly?
Why don't you learn Indian if its that easy Paki!

Brisbane, Australia

#106 Apr 7, 2013
We are interested in opening a courier run on The Gold Coast. We have a ute and plenty of time and energy. Can anyone give me some guidance as to what to expect in turnover. I know a lot of this is a cash business but we are not shy of a little hard work and are looking to make around $70K after running expenses. I would really appreciate any feedback. Thanks so much.
World Option


#107 Apr 30, 2013
Hi Chaps
Just to put another slant on the franchise side of the courier network, I am currently freelancing for a middle man in the courier network that actually help and are not greedy, yes there is cash to be made, in this case all parties win. We have all heard of the big four in the courier industry and there is no need to mention their names increasing their already massive market share. This company helps SME (Small to medium enterprises) businesses in the UK to get up to amd mire than 40% off their shipping rates. How? This company buys in bulk and then passes a percentage of the savings on to the SME. This way the big four still get traffic, SME's get a reduction in shipping, and a franchisee gets a small commission off each parcel. The best thing about this is that it's residual, keep your SME sweet and they use you every time they send a package. On topif this they get a portal which compares the best rates between all carriers. I'm currently supposed to be doing a rebrand for this company but have requested that my payment goes towards a franchise because of its simple way of working. Chaps you could continue your efforts becoming a driver but all I'm saying is that there are other options than buying a man with a van business. You are obviously entrepreneurial because your on this forum looking for the best deal, I'm not here to promote this opportunity by flinging out names of companies, there only a few that exist in the UK anyway but what I am trying to do is share a alternative within the industry. So that's my rant about people saying franchises are there to rob you, it's an uninformed and needs to be backed up with fact. Last time I checked Old Macs are still flipping burgers and they run the Franchise model.

Melbourne, Australia

#108 May 16, 2013
I am thinking of buying an existed courier franchise from courier please company I will pay more than 35ooo to buy this courier, please anyone has an idea about this company and should I continue and buy this franchise ?

Bentleigh East, Australia

#109 May 21, 2013
The best courier job suits you is (Pathology Couriers),where no heavy weights handeld, You may find such vacancy through ( Most cases they supply their cars but not always happen )
More than 3 jobs out of St.Vincent Hospital only last week., by anyway it's not easy to get it with big courier company as DHL or TNT Or Toll..... All you've to do is open site chose transport and logistics - Melbourne area and job needed is OWNER DRIVER

Brisbane, Australia

#110 May 26, 2013
what a big fat waste of time reading this was!!!
Andy Graham


#111 Jun 11, 2013
If they are so bad, then why do I see a lot of Fastway vehicles and for that matter other transport companies on the road. I used to work in the transport industry and it was the best job I ever head. Better yet it was the longest job i have managed to hold down period. Someone has to be making money for this to work, otherwise people would leave them in droves. Maybe it's just business sense. I made the mistake twice of different marketing companies and felt a little hard done by when they didn't seem to work. Now I have the problem that I can't seem get a steady job anywhere. I know the economic crash will be coming soon. The GFC caused a lot of problems, yet the Australian economy seems to be weathering pretty well. If you work hard, and make sensible decisions, based on research why would a business fail. You may have to supply the vehicle, but at least you can you register it for business. There are some better economical utes out there in the modern day. I have been thinking about taking over a business because I can't sack myself. I do also believe that many couriers do not care about the freight they are carting, even if they are listed as fragile do not throw. Maybe if they pulled up their act and get back to caring things would be different.


#113 Jun 13, 2013
Hi, I was searching for a courier run franchise, was really thinking of fastway courier,till i met a friend who told me the same story : they are full with sh** if you are absent for 1 day for whatever reason they charge you biiig bucks,in other words they use you .be very very careful do your home work well. it is very rare for someone to sell a money making business.

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