Hi there

I am just wondering if anyone could help me out…

During my travels to Cairns last week, I met a gentleman at Gilligans Backpackers Hostel on Thursday 6th January.

Due to my failed memory, I do not have a phone number or any contact details at all for him. All that I do know is the following:

- He works on a Charter Crayfishing Boat in Cairns
- 28 years old
- Has very short strawberry blonde hair and a few tattoos on his chest and arms
- Lives approximately 5-10 minute drive from the city
- HaS tattoo of his last name on his chest.

I know this is a very strange request, but I have left something very important to me with him and need to contact him.

If someone could please let me know if you or anyone knows this man to contact me via this forum. I do have a photo of him if this will help….

Thank you!!