Gerard Baden-Clay, great grandson of ...

Gerard Baden-Clay, great grandson of Lord Baden-Powell helping police ...

There are 1000 comments on the Daily Mail story from Apr 26, 2012, titled Gerard Baden-Clay, great grandson of Lord Baden-Powell helping police .... In it, Daily Mail reports that:

Police say 'Time is running out' in the search for the former beauty queen wife of the great grandson of scout movement founder Lord Baden-Powell who mysteriously went missing six days ago.

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Hawthorne, Australia

#1 Apr 27, 2012
So far, he has had his home, work and parents home all searched. Police starting searching bushland within hours of Gerard reporting her missing, they have constantly door knocked and queried neighbours about their fights.

The two cars have been seized.

His wife leaves at 10pm for a walk in the "wilderness" so to speak and the last thing he said to her was "goodbye"? What the!

They interviewed a female "close" friend of his for 7 hours.

He did not attend the church vigil, Allison's parents have had no contact with Gerard

And finally, why does he only show one side of his face to the media.

I would expect charges will be laid soon?

Park Holme, Australia

#2 Apr 27, 2012
My thoughts exactly!! The strangest thing to me was Gerald went to bed knowing his wife was walking alone at 10pm and didn't know she was missing until the next morning.

Also he said his priority is his daughters. Shouldn't finding his missing wife and making sure she's safe be his priority??

Park Holme, Australia

#3 Apr 27, 2012
There is something really odd about the whole situation! How could any husband go to sleep knowing his wife is walking and not check to see if she safely arrived home? Something is wrong to not notice a family member missing for 9 and a half hours! That's just weird.

I don't get why Gerald is saying he expects his wife to come home soon or that her disappearance has anything to do with 'depression'. People don't simply vanish because they are depressed. It's normal to hope for the best but any husband would still be worried. I'd be thinking 'has some creep taken her' or 'is she safe' not 'oh I think she'll come home soon'.

Its difficult not knowing all the facts but there are so many red flags in this entire situation. I hope she is found soon.


#5 Apr 27, 2012
Her disappearance is hardly suicide. People cannot bury their own bodies. As for depression, anyone who is anyone seemingly has this affliction. Allison does not have a history if hospitalization for it. Also, she is not some bogan with nothing to lose who might have taken off with the latest tattooed truckie, leaving behind all responsibilities. She is not of that ilk. She is also not a fifteen year old who has run away with an older lover and will be found in hiding over the coming years. Think Natasha Ryan. Allison would know that to hide in this manner would be atrocious and would surely lead to legal ramifications due to the humongous investment of police and search resources committed to locating her.
I guess it is remotely possible that she has had an accident. But as a creature of habit it would seem unlikely that she would have done anything out of the ordinary. Anyway. "What a coincidence".
To be honest, this fellow has always struck me as quite effeminate. I was surprised to learn that his affair has allegedly been with a woman and not a man.
It has always struck me as odd that he would commence a career with a top notch accountancy firm and then devolve into sales. It has been stated that he is a qualified accountant but I beg to differ. I can find no evidence of him being a chartered or CPA qualified accountant. Media keeps quoting that he has a successful career yet really, he is just a slimy salesman. And a financially troubled one at that.
It never ceases to amaze me to see what society deems the hallmark of success to be. Here we gave a case of a narcissist who gads about at swanky functions, cultivating superficial connections, and living a champagne lifestyle on a home brew beer budget. In the meantime he thinks that calling his wife 'angel' or 'beautiful' is indicative of a stable and loving home life.
Sounds like a real wanker to me.
I feel exceedingly sorry for Allison, her children and parents.

Aspley, Australia

#6 Apr 27, 2012
Who in this world hasn't suffered from depression at one point in their lives??

'Oh yes, my wife went for her usual walk and didn't come back last night. She's been depressed. It's been eight days since she's been gone but I expect her to come home soon'.


#7 Apr 28, 2012
He did it. Hires a criminal lawyer to talk to the cops, hasn't returned to his home or helped his family search for her.. If it was my wife I would be home incase she turns up and franticly searching for her. I certainly wouldn't hire a criminal lawyer to speak on my behalf if I was not guilty. Too suss.
Robert D

Melbourne, Australia

#8 Apr 28, 2012
I don't know this family in any way shape or form. I don't even live in Brisbane but the similarities wih this sad story and many others from years gone by are all leaning towards one person being responsible for the disappearances of this lady and that is the husband. How could you go to bed knowing that your wife and not returned from a walk? He blames her disappearance on depression. Bullshit. He is grieving to cover the ruin his life will now be.

Gosford, Australia

#9 Apr 28, 2012
My comments may have been deemed mean, but they are hardly untrue. If you met him you would agree. ;-)
It is much meaner to do away with one's spouse and deprive one's children of a loving mother.
Only a narcissist or psychopath could pull this off.

Gosford, Australia

#10 Apr 28, 2012
PS: I agree with others when they say that Ger should be out "scouting" around with the search parties. Pun intended.
I guess ole Pappy Baden Powell must be spinning in his grave!

Rivervale, Australia

#11 Apr 28, 2012
I don't think your words were mean at all Julia. I have never met this man but I don't need to - from the beginning I thought it was strange Gerald was not out looking for his wife. Allison's parents are the only people who have made a heartfelt plea for their daughter!

Rivervale, Australia

#12 Apr 28, 2012
My husband texts me when I've been walking longer than usual in the afternoon because he's worried!

The fact that Gerald had between 10pm Thursday night and just before 7:30am the following day to notice his wife missing and didn't makes me think he did something!

At this point I can't even get past the fact Gerald said goodbye to his wife and went to sleep for the night. I know for a fact my husband and I wouldn NEVER go to bed knowing any one of our family members went for a late night walk.

As for the depression, I'd say it's a good try on Geralds part to try and paint that picture of his wife but it's actually quite pathetic! I've been depressed in my life! Big deal, who hasn't?

If my husband was missing or I was missing there's no way my husband would hire a criminal lawyer, hide from the public and not do everything to search. Gerald thinks if he doesn't shave and looks tired, people may think he actually cares. If anything, my guess is he's worried he'll get caught.


#13 Apr 28, 2012
New twist
Screams heard at Rafting Ground Rd on the night of disappearance. Not far from her home, and a likely walking route.
I live in the area and I would have not qualms in going for a walk at this time at night - it is a very nice and safe area. Also - when you or your husband are working long hours and you have young kids - you take your walking time when you can.
So who were their enemies? Maybe a few when you are in the Real Estate business?


#14 Apr 28, 2012
He was the real estate agent for the house we bought six years ago. I found him pleasant and professional (not effeminate) even when we procrastinated so long he lost the agency because the owners were uptight individuals. We ended up buying that property through another agent, who had lied to our face in a particularly nasty way only a month before (she told us that it was illegal to reject buying a house after it failed miserably on its pest and building inspection, even though we had made it a clause on our offer. She threatened to sue our inspector)
So there is my character reference.
I have not heard anything bad said against him by people dealing with him buying and selling real estate.
BTW the lying real estate agent also critisised the Baden Powell advertisements.
So what lengths would she go to to eliminate her competition in the area???

Rivervale, Australia

#15 Apr 28, 2012
I live in a safe area as well. However, you can never be too careful! I walk after 11pm sometimes as it's the most peaceful time of the night and I too work long hours. BUT my husband always checks to make sure I am home safely. If Gerald didn't do anything to Allison he sure is one thoughtless, negligent husband.

Maybe her enemy was her husband. Now reports are saying Gerald last saw his wife watching the footy show and he thought she went on her usual morning walk! Hmmm

Did she walk at 10pm Thursday night or 6am Friday morning! That's a toughy! Gerald needs to think really hard. It's a very difficult question as to when he last saw his wife. He'll need to fit it in around the time the neighbours heard blood curdling screams. The footy show is probably the last thing Gerald watched on TV and that's all he could remember to tell the Police.

Rivervale, Australia

#16 Apr 28, 2012
I'm sure Gerald was good at Real Estate and selling properties! It's what businessmen are good at. Separate to his professional side, he's not giving himself a good character reference by the way he's acting now!

He looks like he couldn't care less about his wife and hasn't been making any pleas for her safe return. All I see him doing is carrying baskets of clothes back and forth, on the mobile phone and his parents kissing in the garage in front of the media.

Is Allison dead? Is she injured, cold, dying? Is she being held captive? Murdered? Assaulted? Gerald's priority should be doing everything to find Allison whether she's still alive or not.


#17 Apr 28, 2012
The media is shocking here in Brisbane. And I don't think the police are releasing all they know.
Amelia D

Rivervale, Australia

#18 Apr 28, 2012
The footy show is on at 9:30pm and again at 11:15pm Thursday nights. Gerald says he saw her watching The Footy Show which could be anytime between 9:30pm and after 1am.

So is Gerald recanting his story when he said the last time he saw her was 10pm when he said goodnight and she went for a walk?

Now he's saying he thought she went for her usual 6am walk.

Rivervale, Australia

#19 Apr 28, 2012
I don't know....a strange marriage perhaps? It's certainly not a clear cut disappearance where a woman went for a walk at a particular time. Husband becomes worried a few hours later when she fails to return home and calls police.

Gerald can't even recall when he last saw his wife or what she was actually doing. Did she go for a night walk or a morning walk? Was she watching the footy show when he went to bed?

What is the relevance of Allison being depressed in the context of her disappearance? Telling Police this would only be for the purpose of trying to give the impression she left in a depressed state rather than begging the Police to do everything to help in the event she was abducted and killed. Would any husband take their chances of giving the wrong impression she was depressed or suicidal?

Gerald noticed the colour and type of clothes she was wearing, trackies and joggers. Was she wearing running shoes and track suit pants while watching TV or standing in their driveway?

Far too many questions! My sister disappeared 5 years ago. I recall the time, what she was wearing, what was happening at the time and my only concern and priority was doing everything possible to find her. I didn't ask for privacy - I took every opportunity to use the media to bring as much attention to the case in the event anyone knew or saw anything. As far as Im concerned, Privacy in a missing persons case is only hiding or hushing it up. Even the Police are appealing to the public with her photos and information to jog anyones memory! This is only natural! Gerald isn't acting normal!


Rivervale, Australia

#20 Apr 28, 2012
Why would a worried husband ask media for privacy as Gerald has done, especially so early after her disappearance. He should be thankful this is getting so much media coverage if he is innocent.

So many missing person cases get very little media coverage if any. These are the people that fight to get the Police to investigate and the media to help in drawing attention to a disappearance in the hope it will jog someones memory. As a result two residents have already come forward saying they heard screams around 10pm.

I think most people would be begging the public to come forward if they saw anything, pleading with anyone who may have abducted her to return her and let her go and saying if anyone did anything to harm the mother of their 3 daughters, they will be caught!

Geralds not behaving like a worried, frantic husband desperate to find his wife. Has he even searched the neighborhood himself or put posters up, posted anything on Internet...anything to help find her instead of saying

"I trust the Police are doing everything they can".

Perth, Australia

#21 Apr 30, 2012
Such a tragic end to a human life! Parents have lost their daughter and 3 precious children will grew up without their mother! Very sad. I hope the killer will be apprehended and face the penalties for his crime.

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