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Montgomery, AL

#1 May 22, 2009
Beware. please check out this forum on topix.

This forum contains a great deal of information concerning a church from Parker, Colorado called the House of God Church aka HOG and its sister organization the Freedom Foundation.

In essence they teach a false doctrine concerning the Historical Jesus. They use the Freedom Foundation to pull you into their false teaching. They have some very twisted teachings concerning marriage as well.

There leader is moving to Atlanta where he was originally taught these false teachings. He comes in and says I am a Christian and I graduated from a Southern Baptist Seminary. However he has been heard to have said that he wishes he could turn his degree back in and get his money back.

Atlanta Beware for more information go to
Another One of Them

Hatton, ND

#3 May 22, 2009
Be especially watchful for attempts to draw your youth into this organization.
Their website makes them sound like they really are doing great things but it is all fantasy and falsehood, just HOGWASH (aptly named) just as it was in Colorado and there is no Freedom in the Freedom Foundation, only broken families torn apart by the leadership of this cult.
My family is one of them.
Forever Lost in Dixie

Montgomery, AL

#4 May 23, 2009
Watch out Atlanta! The word is that this man is heading your way next! He has destroyed families and people's spirits. He tried to start race problems in Selma by dividing the races. He claims that God tells him to do these things, but is that the loving God you have come to know?
Several people here in Selma (including local Pastors) have been threatened by Mark Duke and his henchmen. He shows up with them at people's houses and businesses when he is challenged.

This man preaches that Jesus was NOT God, but just a man filled With God. He claims that God tells him who should marry and divorce. He has bragged on the radio how he has "intercepted" emails from local residents here... so beware, this man will stop at nothing to achieve his goals.

Mark Duke and his band of "do-gooders" will promise the world to anyone they think will join tem, but in the end he just leaves run down buildings; broken marriages, families and towns. He was run out of Parker, Co. and now we are working on getting him of Selma, Al. as well.

He claims that people speaking out against him are part of a hate group and also working for the devil. This is incorrect. He also claims that he is the next MLK and this too is incorrect.

Beware! He uses cities and people to only line his own pockets!
Eye of the Tiger

Avon, IN

#5 May 23, 2009
To the good people of Atlanta:

As one of the largest cities in the USA, you have endured many people or groups who have come to your town for their own nefarious purposes. Your reputation for involvement in the Civil Rights Movement also makes you a target for those who would solicit funds in the name of MLK and other leaders.

Atlanta also has a very large number of people who will be receptive to someone coming in, throwing money around and trying to relive the 60's in present day America.

The above has now made you a target for a man named Mark Duke. He is the mastermind behind a number of "fronts" designed by him for personal gain. He uses classic tactics of former cult leaders like Jim Jones and David Koresh to lure and entrap people into his group.

More in the next blog.
Eye of the Tiger

Avon, IN

#6 May 23, 2009
Mark Duke currently is the leader of the House of God church, which he uses as the basis for his tax free status with the IRS. He also has created a non-profit, tax deductible organization with which to solicit funds from "do gooder" individuals and corporations who have a reputation for giving funds to groups who fight against racially oriented divides. This group is called the Freedom Foundation, which originated in Parker, CO and then, after a "vision" by God to Mark Duke, moved to Selma, AL.

Once enough of them moved into Selma, they began working in various segments of the local economy. Many of the group members are good professional people and are known to be good employees. However, they are forbidden to have outside contact with non group members unless it is to try to lure new recruits into thier snare. Since the promise of a better economic life appeals to the poorest among us, they are the initial targets. The black community is usually the first area that Duke goes after. With the racial history of Selma, Duke felt like we would be easy pickin's for him.

More coming.
Eye of the Tiger

Avon, IN

#7 May 23, 2009
After he gets some type of foothold, he begins some type of activity to attract young people into his group. In Selma, he has the Random Acts of Theatre group, which puts on productions with local people, some productioins are religious based, some are not. The local community knows them as RATS. Beware Atlanta, the soul purpose of these groups is to lure in your young people, which Duke feels is his easiest targets since they are the least experienced and usually the poorest sector of the local community.

He found an excon, who had paid his debt to society, and provided money for him and his family. Then, Duke purchased a local church and made the excon it's pastor. Now, Duke has a real church to use as his "mouthpiece" to the world. The excon is nothing more than a puppet for Duke. The church is nothing more than a meeting place for the FF/HOG folks to assemble. Formerly, they all met at Duke's house, which is listed with the IRS as the address for the HOG church.
Eye of the Tiger

Avon, IN

#8 May 23, 2009
Duke will come after your politicians, especially those who might need a little lift in their finances. He will try to befriend them and place his people in jobs within the political framework of the town. He will do all this in the name of "racial harmony" which is always a good by-line for a politician. If he can succeed in buying air time on a local radio show, he will use that to "talk up" the non-existent "good fruits" his group supposedly does. This was relatively inexpensive in Selma, but might be too pricey in Atlant.
Eye of the Tiger

Avon, IN

#9 May 23, 2009
Here are a few of the facts that can be verified by several sources:

(1) Duke tells people who to marry and when to divorce. If Duke, or one of his inner circle, sets their sights on someone, Duke just has the couple divorce. He pays for the legal work through the FF and offers a support mechanism for the female. There are presently a group of women living in Duke's house in Parker, Co. All female divorcees, paid for by Duke.

(2) Duke is sending what he calls his "legal wife" to live, with their children, in Atlanta. Duke will share time between them and his two "spiritual" wives who will remain in Selma. Duke says these "spiritual" wives minister to him at a level he had never known before. You can check this out by reading an email he sent to his inner circle of believers.

(3) Duke will not allow a member of the group to have any contact with their families or friends who are not in the group. His ability to excercise mind control over people is uncanny.

(4) Atlanta has an organization known as "Klan Watch" which monitors splinter groups of people who oppose any type of civil rights. There is an organization who monitors cult activities, known as the Watchman Fellowship. They have officially labeled the FF/HOG church as a cult and Mark Duke as a cult leader. There is a website mentioned earlier in this blog that will allow you to read much about this subject.

(5) Duke bought an old building in downtown Selma and told the local politicians he was going to restore it, put in some nice community gathering places, and then sell it to the city for $1 as a gift. That was over two years ago. As of now, the building is in shambles, gutted, boarded up and is a terrific eyesore in the downtown area. This can be proven by a simple visit to Selma.

(6) When a local pastor invited the president of the Watchman Foundation to speak in his church, Duke began a series of threats against him and other members of the church staff. The local pastor defied Duke and the night the speaker came to the church, the session was attended by over 900 people. Duke, and his activities, were exposed in a big way.

(7) The Southern Baptist Convention has picked up on Duke and his followers. You can probably contact the local office in Atlanta for more information. The Alabama Baptist, a statewide newsletter for Baptist, has also carried an article highlighting the meeting in Selma and an outline of the activities of Duke and his various sub-groups.
Eye of the Tiger

Avon, IN

#10 May 23, 2009
Atlana, be carefull with this man and his group of followers. They will try to imbed themselves in a community and begin their activities there. I feel sure Duke thinks that the shear size of the city of Atlanta will offer him protection. He will try to obtain housing, jobs, funding, and most of all, your young people to fuel his own ego. Watch out.
Francesco Sinibaldi

Milan, Italy

#11 May 23, 2009
Summer resort.

You live
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Francesco Sinibaldi

Montgomery, AL

#13 May 26, 2009
Atlanta beware!
special delivery

Auburn, AL

#15 May 27, 2009
there are many people working to find the truth and the truth has been revealed. more is to come.

none of this is a joke. be united with selma to overcome the false prophet.


United States

#16 May 29, 2009
Cobh Quack

United States

#17 Jun 1, 2009
Mark Duke moved to Selma from Parker Colorado.
He said he was moving here to become mayor of Selma. He has stirred up more division in three years, claiming that Selma is of a new-confederate mind-set because we have a country club and private schools.

This guy has two women living in his house with his wife, Becky. These women are Mark's spiritual partners. Mark Duke has told his House of God congregation in Parker, Co whom they should marry, when they should divorce, when the couples should have sex, whom they may speak with...he disallows them to speak with family members that do not embrace the HOG church.

This is a very strange man/cult. We heard recently that his wife Becky and their three children were moving to Atlanta.(he had his kids enrolled in private school here in Selma...although he judged us for having the school in the first place) Mark Duke's kids did not re-register for school at Morgan Academy. His children told their friends they are movng to Atlanta. I guess Selma was too small for duke to pull off his shenanigans.

I would beseech you all to keep your eyes and ears opened for this man, Mark Duke/Freedom Foundation/House of God.
Another One of Them

Belcourt, ND

#19 Jun 2, 2009
I do not see any response from anyone in Atlanta.
Is anyone there reading these warnings?
If so, I urge anyone to check out the links given on here and find out exactly who this man and his cult are and what they have stirred up in Selma.
For starters read and listen to the audio clips on here: .
Believe it!! And protect your children
from getting drawn into it.

United States

#20 Jun 3, 2009
Another One of Them

Belcourt, ND

#21 Jun 4, 2009
Come on Atlanta, let us hear from you.
Believe me- you do not want this self-styled Savior of the Masses to gain even the tiniest foothold in your city.
Tell your neighbors. tell your friends, tell every one you meet on the street not to get involved in this cult.
His motto is "ain't no stoppin' us now".
What that means is he is going to take over and control anyone who is gullible enough to believe the garbage he preaches and teaches. You must abandon your family if they do not espouse his teaching. You will be constantly monitored via your blackberry (everyone has one). You must give up everything in your past life, you will support him financially
even if you have to give up a few meals at McDonalds to do so. You will be asked to give money to make the payments on his house and his living expenses. He will choose a spouse for you or convince you to divorce your spouse if he/she does not agree with his "gospel". Heck, he will even pick out the names for your children should you ever have any.

Sweet Water, AL

#23 Jun 9, 2009
greetings my fellow alantians!!

im and educator here in selma alabama. I was born in doreville georgia. i moved to selma with my parents in 1960 and at the time i was 14 years old. i finished high school here and went on to finish my masters from tuskegee. i lived in selma with all the racial tension and division you can imagine. i saw my parents disrespected and treated as if they were not human.
many of you have read about the activities of selma and its history. as an american of african descent and educator many of you know the horror stories that is forever carved in our minds and history. the mindset at that time was "jim crow" and confederate that believed that whites were superior and blacks inferior.
the very constitution that we had failed to uphold its standard as we know it. therefore, a civil war in 1865 in selma and civil rights in 1965 a hundred years later. this is an idication that the war was won but the battle was still raging. im here to tell you that the same mindset is still here in selma. though the population of the city is 70% black there are still some in the 30% that feels the same way as 1865 and 1965.
about 3 yers ago a white man moved to selma name mark duke with his family and about 50 other people to support the city of selma. when he came no one knew what to make of this man because no one knew him. he has did more in this city with the group of volulnteers that moved and many semians than ive seen in 30 years. he has supported any that wanted help. my purpose for writing to you is warn you against the white confederates that are writing on this site to warn you of this man. they have deemed him and the volunteers a "cult", which is far from the truth.
this white brother spoke against the segregated schools and country club that exist here in selma today. he spoke against hate groups and the religous people that preach the word but fail to live it. i warn you to not fall prey to these people. many wanted to embrace him when he came but when he stood against their racial pride they came against him and his non-profit fonundation called the Freedom Foundation.
yes, i know its still alive in selma today. if you are connected in any way to news media or politians and come in contact with Mark Duke you will see for yourself that he is truly a man of God! this foundation has a group of committed and loving bunch that has proven themselves over the past 3 years of being in selma. the people on this site has attacked him in every way you can think of and now they are using religion. dont fall to the lies of what they post of about marriges being arranged or families being destroyed. if this is something to measure a cult by then every church is in major trouble with a 50% divorce rate.
i ask that you stay loving, forgiving, understanding and most of all faithful to God and not me or the people on this site.

thank you

Auburn, AL

#24 Jun 9, 2009
decide for yourselves atlanta.

jjj22 is drunk on koolaid of a deadly kind.

you have been forwarned and provided with reliable and well documented sources with links to the truth of the lies and deceit selma has been castigated with from this man and his followers. good works anyone can do.

they do not believe Jesus is God and is preaching this to the bible belt of america
Another One of Them

Belcourt, ND

#25 Jun 10, 2009
Well- jjj22- I see you found this forum also. Funny that when you posted on the
forum (as JJJ22)- you could write and spell a whole lot better there. WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE FOOLING??? Masters from "tuskegee"????

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