CVS PHARMACY treats employees like trash
Maria Antonia Unplugged

Cleveland, GA

#102 Apr 15, 2011
mee wrote:
<quoted text>
Amerika is a slang term that signifies what this country has become, a bunch of nazi militarist scumbags, like they are working for that general betrayus fellow that likes to kill people all around the world. you know, general scumbucket.
Hmmmm... I disagree on all accounts but perhaps you are a glass half full person.

Acworth, GA

#103 Apr 15, 2011
It sounds to mee that people aren't really mad at cvs per se, but of the hopelessness and general feelings of dread that this economy in general engenders. My plan is to move in with at least other roomates in a 2 bedroom apartment, and carefully watch the news for the first state to reinstitute the gold standard, and as soon as the first one does to move there.

Acworth, GA

#104 Apr 15, 2011
Maria Antonia Unplugged wrote:
<quoted text>
Hmmmm... I disagree on all accounts but perhaps you are a glass half full person.
Perhaps you are a govt. web commenter half shill person.

My plan to deal with the situation is to move in with at least 4 other roomies in an apt, carefully watch the news for the 1st state to wise up and switch to the gold standard, then move there immediately.
Maria Antonia Unplugged

Jefferson, GA

#105 Apr 16, 2011
mee wrote:
<quoted text>
Perhaps you are a govt. web commenter half shill person.
My plan to deal with the situation is to move in with at least 4 other roomies in an apt, carefully watch the news for the 1st state to wise up and switch to the gold standard, then move there immediately.
lmao.. no, but interesting guess..... and good luck with the move!

Since: Jan 10

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#106 Apr 16, 2011
Maria Antonia Unplugged wrote:
<quoted text>
You have misunderstood me. I do not work there and never have. I have done as I suggested many years ago and successfully work for myself.
Pardon me, I wasn't suggesting self improvement for you but for the person wanting to work at another company. I thought I remember you saying your were self employed as I am.
Maria Antonia Unplugged

Clarkesville, GA

#107 Apr 16, 2011
lighteredknot wrote:
<quoted text>
Pardon me, I wasn't suggesting self improvement for you but for the person wanting to work at another company. I thought I remember you saying your were self employed as I am.
OOO... so sorry!!! My point from the beginning of this thread is that if you do not want to "suffer" under available employers it is up to you as an individual to change your situation. Whining isn't a productive reaction.

Jacksonville, FL

#108 May 18, 2011
I've worked as a Certified Pharmacy Technician for 8 years for CVS. I hate working there. I literally have dozens of resumes out, just waiting for someone to bite. I'm only there right now because I have benifits (which aren't great) and it pays the bills (kinda.) Eight years, a biology dergree, and a tech certification later....I make a whopping $11.50/hr. FML.

Andover, MA

#109 Jun 8, 2011
I've worked full time for 8 years and I have worked many places. It's terrible to hear that someone feels that way about their employer. I have been an employee at CVS for 4 years. I am not a favorite and I have been unappreciated. I have been passed over by managers and treated poorly at times. But I have also been treated awesome by this company overall and there is no where else I would rather work. Come to my store we love everyone!
CVS shopper

Fountain, FL

#110 Jul 11, 2011
I've been wondering why the cashiers at MY local CVS have become coupon shopper unfriendly. This explains it...if I worked at a place like this I would be a little irritated myself when people walked up to the register asking for 15 rainchecks, then hands over 10 rainchecks from last week then stacks 42 coupons on top. BTW whats up with management and them changing the coupon policy from day to day or from one customer to the next?
SEmper Frag

Warren, MI

#111 Sep 1, 2011
/ eviews/pharmacies/cvs-caremark -in-woonsocket-ri-106178/
CVS/Caremark has been rated D from Better Business Bureau and is not accredited

The expectations are extremely high and the compensation is minimal. Working hard and following guidelines will not help you get ahead. Raises are insultingly small. You will be used like a tool and you'll be discarded when you usefulness is done.
Your Regional Pharmacist manager & DM and Regional Leader will thank you for contributing to their yearly bonus, for your maximum effort and working for peanuts, while they provide their families with food, shelter, education and the means to enjoy life to the fullest.
Shalkar Rakal

Fairmont, WV

#112 Sep 4, 2011
I worked for 3 years, 9 and 1/2 months at a CVS/pharmacy in Fairmont, WV. While I do have to say I got lucky in that there was only ever one other employee I never got along with and I loved talking to the customers, the problem was entirely corporate. When I had first started the minimum wage was $5.15/hour and I had asked for $1 more than that at a rate of $6.15/hour. I was told okay in the interview and then my first day of work I was told they'd only start me at $6.00/hour.

The issue wasn't the Pharmacist In Charge, it was the District Pharmacy Manager. He busted me down the whopping $0.15/hour because it was a big deal to him. I acted like it was nothing because they told me as time went on I'd likely get a lot more than that. Well, corporate lied utterly. When my review came up, I was marked as being completely incapable for doing things that were not my task to complete. I was reviewed, as per company policy, on things like doing the inventory count when it was scheduled despite the fact that we had an Inventory Manager who insisted on doing it herself because she wanted it done her way.

This was something we all agreed to let her do because it made more sense anyways since she was the person in charge of the Inventory after all. Plus, if there were any discrepancies they would be easier to find. I also didn't get any raise at all when I received my National Certification, becoming a CPhT, through the PTCB. I also took any extra work hours I could get my hands on. My first year of work there I averaged approximately 62 hours/week. I worked at my store and the other two in my city as well as working any extra hours at the store in Clarksburg, which is 22 miles away from my home.

After working there for that period of time and being certified I was only making a meager $7.48/hour. In a hospital, if they had an opening around here, I would make at least $3/hour more. CVS/pharmacy continually from the point of my hire, each and every quarter, would cut the number of hours for us technicians and the front store staff. The Store Manager, who had worked there for 17 years before they fired him for an employee using his numbers on the register without his permission of which he had no control over when he wasn't there, told me how much better it use to be "back in the day". He's now much happier and paid an okay wage at Auto Zone.

While I do like the benefits of CVS/pharmacy when I was a Full-Time employee, I needed the money more than health benefits I had no time to take advantage of, the discount on a brand new GM vehicle, the discount on select GE products or any of the other benefits they gave. Except maybe the Sprint discount of 21%. Now that was actual money and pretty useful. I hated having to work more and harder at a job that use to be fairly interesting at times and it took away from time with the public. Also, with having to do more with less time and the computer system that was utter garbage making it even harder, our wait times at my store went from about 15 minutes for a quick script or an hour max, into nearly everything barely getting done within two hours at best.

The computer system was so archaic I think a local college student could have turned something in for a final grade when they had an all night bender the night before and it *still* would have been better than what we had. I literally cringed when I saw the 36K Modem. A DIAL-UP MODEM for God's sake!! The humanity was not there! lol

All in all, CVS/pharmacy is a stepping stone at best. Work in the pharmacy long enough, two years, in order to get your certification, which they'll pay for you to take the test one time if you're a full-time employee, and move on. Oh! I almost forgot to mention I requested two days off to take my mom to chemo that I didn't get, went anyways and was fired for! I've collected unemployment for a year as the only job I can find is Fast Food in this terrible town. That's another story.

Since: Sep 11

Fairmont, WV

#113 Sep 4, 2011
I ended up not having enough room to type that while I did go to get the extra hours in Clarksburg that were 22 miles away, I didn't have a vehicle of my own. I couldn't afford to get one as I had my family duties. By that I mean I took care of my crippled grandmother, my mother who developed lymphoma and my now 8 year old little brother. So my "free time" was spent doing any and all physical labor at the house. That not only involved my own stuff and general house labor such as lawn maintenance, but also the household duties of those other people.

Out of my paycheck, due to the electric company continually getting approved to raise it's rates and the water bill continually having more things added onto it, I paid about $375/month just for the utilities. Then I also paid the DirecTV bill of about $95 with taxes as it was my mom and grandma's only form of entertainment. There was the approximate bill of $150 for the cell phones so that we could keep in contact with each other. After the first year, due to cut hours, I could only get a max of 53 hours/week. So at best I was making just under $1,300/month with the wage I was making around the second year.

My grandma didn't go out much except for her desk job,(That's right! She has multiple crushed and slipped disks in her neck, plus she can barely walk around & has Type II Diabetes, but she still works because it's the only way to get by.), and would need the cell phone for any stops that might need to be done as she refused to let her body slow her down if she could help it. My mom, despite even when she got cancer, would take my little brother to swimming lessons and lots of other things so long as she could force herself to do it.

The amount I listed above only lists the numbers I can prove with old receipts. That's just the bare minimum household bills not including food and drink. My grandmother's check barely covered the house, her car and their respective insurances. It's not like she had a great vehicle either. She had a five year old Dodge Caravan. It was the one vehicle she could get *and* afford the payments on. My mother only has a "stupid check" from SSI. So she could only afford her vehicle, it's insurance and to take care of my little brother for lessons and stuff like that. I put the rest of my money in the "family pot" for food and life.

My mother was going to school in order to be a teacher, which has one of the few strong unions left in this day and age, when she was hit head on by a drunk driver and was left with migraines that they can do little to nothing about. They come and go randomly with no clear explanation. My grandmother never had a chance of going to college or furthering her education as they had just started Pell Grants in her day and had nobody to tell her about such a thing. She has a cruddy job as a Social Worker and has done such for about 35 years now. She'd be better off if when she was little her dad hadn't of died in the coal mines and her husband hadn't ruined their marriage by cheating.

My dad and mom didn't get along, so they split before I was born and my mom never heard from him again. So three generations of women screwed over by Life later here I am. Stuck at the tail end of it. I can't get an education because I need to work as many hours as I can get my hands on. I'll learn through on the job training if I can ever find a place that's hiring. Sometimes, in cases like mine, it's a situation of preparation meets no opportunity. Lord knows if I had enough money to get by, I'd love to go to school. I loved school.

It is what it is though. Life sucks and then you die. Get over it and move on. Don't, and you're already dead.

San Diego, CA

#114 Sep 4, 2011

Summer wrote:
Cvs is a bad place to work for don't waste your time and look for another company. Pay nothing and ask a lot from you, you have no respect from your supervisor ,,,,The Pharmacist don't care about people and does nothing but change her mind about company regulations, employment treatment is bad, favoritism is bad in this company.
The pay was ok when I started, but a 21 cent raise after a year doesn't seem to go too far.
I had no respect there. My boss took things out on me and transfered me to the pharmacy when she got "fed up" with me. The pharmacy was worse, apparently there, "tech training" means having someone read all the manuals and then not teach anything.
The popular pharmacist there was full of herself, and made tons of mistakes. And don't take it out on the techs when you hand a bag to her and tell her to ring it up and then the customer comes back or calls and says it's the wrong person's medication. It's the pharmacist's job to check them, it's the tech's job to get them from the bins and ring them up. And as for the lead tech, your job is to TRAIN new techs so the old ones can move on and new people can be hired. People tend to lose patience when the trainer is a bad teacher and refuses to do her job. And when you wirte someone up for trying to sell needles when she has asked twice for you to help a customer who wants to purchase them and she has to go to where they are to look for them and then has to ask the pharmacist because you are ignoring her, you'd better pray that the employee doesn't come to the drive up window and ask for you just so she can spit on you. Also, it takes a really stupid person to call someone else stupid when she is standing right there. And it is really rude when the former employee who has transfered to another store comes in to that store, which is closer to home, to fill a prescription and is asked by the lead tech "Why don't you get prescriptions filled at your own store?" Former employee or not, anyone who comes into a store where they are not employed are customers, and deserve the same respect as customers who don't work for the company at all. If she thinks I am a jerk for reporting her, I only did it because she said that without thinking at all. My coworkers were idiots, world of warcraft weirdos, jerks, and psychos.
As for the environment, I would have to say it was boring, repetitive, cold, unhappy, and cruel. I couldn't afford to pay bills sometimes because my hours were constantly cut. I always got the night hours, which caused me to sleep until noon during the day and then have to go back for more torture. Luckily I got a transfer to a store where I get treated better by my boss and most of my coworkers.
Last and not least we never got to take our breaks and lunches !!!!
CVS is the worst place in the world to work.

Oviedo, FL

#115 Sep 18, 2011
Written counseling wrote:
I have been with the company for about 20 years as a Pharmacist. There is no written counseling on my record, I am a paragon nominee and the store classed one of the best in the district during 2010.
I experienced a customer complaint. Her 4 prescriptions were filled in 34 minutes--one was a narcotic on a day that I had no tech and one PSA (clerk). She said had a personal conversation with another customer that lasted 20 minutes. The other customer wrote a report that my counseling--not personal conversation-lasted no more than 5 minutes and the cash register shows the 4 scripts were done in 34 minutes so there is no way I could have spoken to anyone for 20 minutes...
I have been written up as a coaching and counseling report not verbal or verbal written warning, threatened with my job and told I will no longer be Pharmacist in Charge.
BTW if you call the ethics line--your report is sent to the HR department in your own regions. What objectivity can one expect?
Who knows attornies that have done business on the plaintiffs side?
They always take the customers side....they treat their employees like dirt.. Be thankful you DON'T have to be the pharmacy manager. You have to go to meetings on your day off that last for four hours and you don't get paid for them. I don't know how they get away with that because you are "working" you don't see them making a meeting on sat or sunday when corporate is off. You don't even get paid much more than the other pharmacist when you are the head it's a joke. You have more responsibility and get all the heat for NOTHING! The same thing happened to a pharmacist i know a few customer complaints has been with the company around13 years and never had a complaint until went to a new store which sells only oxycotin! Threatened with job it's ridiculous no wonder why they're not a fortune 100 company. Pharmacist are getting robbed left and right around our area and beat up. Do you think they care NO! I hope the CEO is enjoying his retired millions of dollars. this company should be brought down it's a shame they are still around.
Southern USA

Hialeah, FL

#116 Sep 20, 2011
We were warned that pharmacists with years in were being terminated ($$$$$)
Then 7 senior pharmacists in the immediate area where terminated within 14 months.
The DM is quoted: I wont hire any pharmacist who has been out of school for longer than 2 years.

It is what it is. If you think its a good company to work for -then you are in a good position--positions change --one day the place you stand wont be good ...
Charles Mitchell

Tucson, AZ

#117 Sep 29, 2011
Maria Antonia wrote:
<quoted text>
When the Clintons were in office many of the rules which affected employers changed . These changes provided a wide range of implications for the employer from the severe....higher monetary the mild....increased paperwork.
If you will look back in our economy beginning with the first few years they were in office, you will be able to pinpoint the time when employers replaced their full-time employees with part-timers and with temps who were actually employed by another agency.
We will see more of this shortly if, for example, the government begins to mandate all employers provide health insurance for employees. Each and every time there is a federal mandate which places more burden on an employer, especially in a harsh economy, there will be fewer and fewer well paying jobs available.
If you have been there for 4 years, enduring low pay and bad conditions, it is past time for you to move on to greener pastures. No one will give you respect. You will have to earn it. No one is screwing you out of anything. If you can not demand better treatment without losing your position, they may not be the real problem.
There will be fewer and fewer jobs due to the increases in executive pay and benefits.
The game is to get to the top so you can put it to the workers. Get a clue!!

United States

#118 Nov 2, 2011
Paul wrote:
<quoted text> A couple of things. 1.) I was a restaurant manager for a year, and I tell all my associates that are struggling to get the job done at CVS, or just don't give much in the way of effort that I can let them work at my old restaurant for a day or two on the production line and they will come crawling back on their hands and knees. CVS associates do not have alot asked of them. Managers work hard and put in alot of hours . Associates basically get paid a fair wage for the job that they do. Like I said try going to work in a restaurant for 7.50 an hour and then come back and I think your post will have an addendum.2.) You need to work on your form of prose, it comes across a little weak.
I've worked for cvs for the past few years well sense the osco buy out all I can say is cvs really does suck! Sure every job has it's ups and downs but at least osco appreciated it's employees cvs don't give a damn I see the front end busting ass and all they get is why didn't this get done, then the pharmacy omg it never ends our rx count goes up every week but hours get cut so who's gonna wait on all the customers when there's no employees. I'd rather work for a place that at least appreciates me I would care what it was

Herndon, VA

#119 Nov 10, 2011
Cvs stands for come visit satan. As an employee you are harassed daily by upper management to sell nuts or some other item to the customer at checkout,and don't forget about satans little red card or pushing the flu shot. Cvs promotes a hostle work environment. Let alone violating several federal laws

Jefferson, GA

#120 Nov 11, 2011
americant wrote:
The main problem is America's low minimum wage of $6.55/hr. Not even a single person can live on that, especially factoring in health care, which most minimum wage jobs do not offer. In 2007, there were nearly 2 million Americans working hourly jobs that paid $6.55 or less. That is more than enough people to influence political campaigns, but there is too much apathy in America. Just imagine, if today those 2 million hourly low-paid workers all emailed or called their congress reps! Don't think for a minute the Wall Street firms or U.S. auto manufacturers don't call up Congress when they need mo' money! WE CAN TOO!
Americans, 2009 is time for a new revolution! WE NEED A BASIC INCOME AND BETTER HEALTH CARE!
Did you AGREE to work for the pay you receive? If yes then you have no arguement. It's not like they put a gun to your head and make you stay. What you need is to better educate or train yourself to get a BETTER JOB! If they are mistreating you, report them. Otherwise quit your bitchin and get back to work. No one OWES anyone anything they haven't paid for or earned. We damn sure don't need the gov't deciding what is fair or not, anymore than it already is. Tea Party 2012!

Jefferson, GA

#121 Nov 11, 2011
toby wrote:
Cvs stands for come visit satan. As an employee you are harassed daily by upper management to sell nuts or some other item to the customer at checkout,and don't forget about satans little red card or pushing the flu shot. Cvs promotes a hostle work environment. Let alone violating several federal laws
Don't bitch about it, report it! Again and again, if you have to!

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