TBN Boots Jack Van Impe False Prophet


#110 Jul 24, 2012
Just did some research Jack Van Impe is not dead
this site jackvanimpe.ca is making fun of him ( a satire) for predicting the so called rapture dec 21/2012 so the author is saying Jack will die on that date. According to jack he will be gone in the "twinkling of an eye" and the rest of us will suffer. What an a-hole.


#111 Jul 24, 2012
BTW you can watch Chrislam at www.jackvanimpe.ca
Looking Up

Chesterfield, VA

#112 Aug 25, 2012
been there63 wrote:
James, I am only going to say, I find your posts on a whole to be passive aggressive. We both know based on past "discussions" we have a very diffrent take on the Word. I have no desire to be reprimanded by you of all people and I will leave it at that.
I pray you have a good day.
<quoted text>
If you have no desire to be reprimanded by others on a forum then keep your comments/opinions to yourself. That was a foolish statement to make.
Marie Smith

Waukesha, WI

#113 Oct 7, 2012
Christian1 wrote:
Thank God someone has booted another false prophet out there spreading lies in the name of God.Thank you Jane and Paul for cleaning the air ways and saving the world from these miss-guided want-to-be prophets.Good to see a christian network that stands for truth in love,and will not tolorate foolishness of wicked men and woman.......
I thank God for the Van Impe ministry where the Bible is taught and not people's opinions..they are indeed ministers of God..it was a wise move when they left TBN..

Billings, MT

#114 Nov 10, 2012
Thank you Allan and AMEN, Your right .It because he is not afraid to preach .the truth about Rick Warren and Robert Schuller .I wish other pastor would not to be afraid to preach the word like good old Jack.

United States

#115 Nov 16, 2012
Judge not lest you be judged. he without sin let him cast the fi7809rst stone.

United States

#116 Nov 16, 2012
Are we become so evil to judge the dead. have we no forgiveness.there we go casting stones thinking were without sin.just like a human. forgive us Lord .evil abound"

Athens, TX

#117 Feb 8, 2013

Glendale, AZ

#118 Mar 15, 2013
Jack left on his own accord due heretical teachings being broadcast from TBN. Jack is one of the true great teachers we have left that doesn't spit out this water-down, cotton candy gospel. You are now left with the confusing teachings of joyce meyer, kennith Copeland, jesse duplantis and joel ostien.

Ormond Beach, FL

#119 Apr 13, 2013
Jack you keep your chim up. So glad you help a paper up showing the new pope Francis. This is profit that your not dead. all those Satanist in WI will be desrtoyed and killed by God almighty. YOU see all you people how you were deceived by Satan on these lies about Jack. You were deceived !!!! there much more to be Deceived when the Pope Francis has the spirit in him from Satan, and he will be and is the False prophet with his buddy Satan coming very soon. You must know about end time very well not to be deceived.billions will be deceived, are you one of them?????

Montgomery, AL

#120 May 8, 2013
james houde wrote:
Let everyman be a liar and gods word be the truth . The van impes stand for truth against one saved always saved false doctrine. Study study study. They warn unbelievers and the church to stand firm in christ. You are not in the light when in willful sin . Sorry..... Study. J.h.
TBN did not boot Jack Van Impe. Mr. Van Impe's board of directors voted all in favor of leaving TBN, because of the mixing of religions. "Chrisliam" Mr, Impe does not agree with Rick Warren and Robert S. Schuller ideas of blending the two together. There are plenty of false prophets out there. Jack Van Impe is NOT one of them.

Medfield, MA

#121 May 25, 2013
near the end there will be false prophets and false teachers...make up ur own mind...if u r a christian you will know the truth from lies...Jack Van Impe is a Modern day prophet, thats why he is being attacked...he left tbn cause he spoke up about their false teachings, and they tried to hush him up.. he didnt get booted! and he is very much alive thank God! does anyone really think his ministry could afford to do f/x to have him still appear every week? of course not! notice that this is happening now!? get ready for the greatest ride of all! we are outta here in the blink of an eye!! thank you Lord!

Chicago, IL

#122 Oct 2, 2013
This is to john how can you speak about something you know nothing about.
High Tide Low Times

Santa Clara, CA

#123 May 20, 2014
Science can't 100% disprove the existence of "god" yet, but they're getting close. With the new atheist movement were seeing a huge shift in secularism in north america.

More young men today between the ages of 18 to 34 consider themselves atheists. This figure has more than doubled in the last decade!! Dr. Richard Dawkins and Dr. Steven Hawking are the forefathers of this new atheist movement.
It'll only be a matter of time before science makes a discovery that'll rock the world in terms of putting this "god" character to rest once and for all.

As Dr. Steven Hawking was quoted regarding the afterlife, "Our brains are like computers. There's no afterlife for broken down computers. The afterlife is for people who are afraid of the dark." SO TRUE! I totally trust Dr. Hawking and I totally believe he knows what he's talking about.
TBN False Station

Arlington, VA

#124 Mar 24, 2015
John wrote:
Paul and Jan, and the Van impes are all false teachers and prophets, Hank Hanegraaff proved this!!
Hank Hanegraff himself doesn't believe in full faith or many true teachings, stopped listening to him years ago, read the Bible

Chattanooga, TN

#125 Mar 25, 2015
lisainshawnee wrote:
<quoted text>
Uh, don't think so. Do you know that Paul Crouch (founder of TBN) gave a huge payout to his GAY LOVER? TBN is nothing but a disgrace. I wouldn't send them a dime. False Prophets, all of em.
That wasn't actually factual. He was false like anyone who says homosexuality is an abomination since the word abomination is not in a real bible. It's a word frm 1350AD that got added to what seems to be bibles though. The Tudors as am sure you're great with history broke with the true Church Jesus founded started to make up fake bibles or prayers then after Henry, Elizabeth 1 wrong what was called the common prayer book. She died, King James, another human took over then re-wrote the bible the way he wanted it. He was bi-sexual by nature but he needed more workers and fighters so he needed more births so he made gay sex illegal for subjects not himself so you got stuck with his book called KJV just like TBN & Van Impe and ya believe it truth. Even the real Church had times of corruptions still does. It is where you even got words from a bible to start with but it put it all together then also made changes some good some bad but you're a heretic so won't matter.

Homosexuality has been proven by science to be normal, natural, genetic on mother's side as all three sexual orientations and like heterosexuality is needed or human race could not continue so find out what that fact is a fact. You know why pumping more carbon until continues the race but you don't know other facts.

Jesus was gay! He had a love with Mark and he never said a negative word about gays. In fact, the word homosexual isn't in any bible dated before 1940 since that word is from late 1800s. Sodom was about robbery, murder and rape but gay rape is what idiots focus on then think rape or pedophilia is homosexuality when rape is about control and power & pedophilia usually hetero male by scientific fact is abnormal attraction of older person towards pre puberty children age 12 or younger. It's not an orientation. It's just attraction that's abnormal but a normal attraction is a guy likes dark hair more than blonde etc.

Lifestyle is choice. Sexual orientation is not choice.

Most States have gay marriage & soon all will per federal law! Marriage is secular anyway for all. A civil court document not a religious ceremony legally since that is in a Church gays have always been free to do in gay friendly Churches but now more mainstream Churches learn medical facts are doing away with harmful lies such as homosexuality is a sin.

People who think it a sin pack your bags now because you won't like America in a few years so MOVE. God being gay is correcting a nation that went wrong by freeing his chosen people who are gay like Jesus. Gays average 10 points higher on IQ than straight males which is fact you can look up too so you have lots of homework to get moving on fast.

Chattanooga, TN

#126 Mar 25, 2015
Paul might have been false and a heretic but it was a lie he had a gay lover. Paul was hetero and just a greedy pig who lived on money sent in from poor people. He's burning in Hell now for all the harm he cause the poor, sick, elderly and gay.

Jack Vam Impe is headed to hell too if he continues on his anti gay theme because that spiritually damages young gay people. It causes ignorant older people to allow their pig kids to abuse gay youth! It's devastating, wrong, sinful and an abomination in the true meaning of that word from 1350AD.

Jack needs to get right with God now because he's an old man. What does he have? 10 more years left health permitting to get it right? No one knows but God himself but it is known all homophobics go to Hell! Don't let ignorance send you to hell. Please learn reality.

Jack wants to be a good man. I know he does but you can't get to heaven by harming the children of God and saying homosexuality is a sin harms his children so it's a shame because Jack has done good things in life too. He's not a bad person but his ignorance on that one topic could send him to Hell. He's ignorant on many topics but we all are but when truth of science is easy to find on a topic there is no excuse.

See AMA and APA and a dictionary! Find words that are not in English versions of the Bible to cross those out so you are left with a shorter book but one likely more the real thing! Even the heretic bible can be improve aka KJV and the heretic protestants could make their new religion at least really more Christian but most won't.

Even the new Queen James version has it wrong. Right on the gay topic but wrong in other areas but at least it's a less dangerous interpretation yet self interpretation isn't allowed. That's what the catechism if for and the RCC is progressing with V3 to come. Current pope knows gay is not a sin or even disorder in the old catechism but even the old one takes you to paragraph conscience which means gay is not sinful but new one it will spell it out the right way finally.

So sad to see people headed to hell like Kirk Cameron. Just to think of a cute guy like that going to hell is a shame but he's so twisted he doesn't repent he goes.
Science Conquered God

Los Altos, CA

#127 Apr 17, 2015
There are so many reasons why I'm proud to be an atheist. This is just one of them.

Beckley, WV

#128 Apr 26, 2015
Joey wrote:
<quoted text>Whoever wrote this has no clue of what's going on, the VanImpe Ministry knows only the truth and shares the truth, compromise against false teachers is not he way to go in this day of falsehood and God will judge false teachers, Muslims etc and those that are part with them.
Sorry Joey, I misjudged you after I read the ones above you and if they truly believe they are real Christians and talk about their brothers and sisters in Christ they way they do, are NOT Christians at all, but hypocrites and one day God will judge them for the horrible words they said. I tried to remove my "disagree" but I guess you can only vote once. Sorry Brother. Steve

Elk City, OK

#129 May 5, 2015
John wrote:
Paul and Jan, and the Van impes are all false teachers and prophets, Hank Hanegraaff proved this!!
Does your comment take into consideration that 1. he committed adultery, and 2. he proclaimed himself the "Bible Answer Man" after the death of Walter Martin, 3.(against Bible teaching) he has sued Christian Brothers? KNOW who you support, and get to know not only what they preach, but what they live!

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