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Decatur, GA

#135 Mar 11, 2012
I knew Garrett he was one of the most smartest and witty person that I have known. My heart goes out to his partner, family & friends. he was suffering with a lot of pain medically over the last few years. I,am praying that god will forgive him. Because we are all gods children we all make mistakes. god is the only one that is perfect. I worked for Garrett and I can really say that he treated me very well. Garrett rest in peace.

United States

#136 Mar 11, 2012
Many prayers to Garrett's partner, friends, and family. We don't always understand what's going through another person's mind , but we can always be assured that their heart and spirit will be protected by God in a better place .
Saddened in 1075

Atlanta, GA

#138 Mar 11, 2012
To Garrett's family, I am so sorry for your loss. I cannot imagine what you must be going through, but I hope you find strength and peace in this trying time. I send my prayers and love your way.

As for donations, perhaps people can use a symbolic last name, like Memoriam or something else. Also, the general 1010 Midtown condo address is publicly posted as 1080 Peachtree Street NE, Atlanta, Georgia 30309. While we don't know his unit number, I think using that address in combination with his first name might be enough to get the acknowledgment of our dontations to the correct unit.
1010 resident

Hialeah, FL

#139 Mar 11, 2012
There really are some brain dead cretins on this post. Straight or gay, black or white....it doesn't matter one bit. Please have some respect. This is the most awful news for this poor man's family and friends and there are a lot of us in 1010 who are in shock. I would fully support anything the residents of our building proposed by way of support or memorial and it's good to hear that, for once, the media did the honorable thing and kept their silence on this story. RIP Garrett.
1010 Resident

Hollywood, FL

#141 Mar 12, 2012
sis wrote:
Midtown Person: thank you. ♥
Diana: I can't speak for my brother as to what charity he would have donated for, my brother-in-law might. I would suggest donating to a suicide awareness fund or perhaps the local NAMI (National Alliance for Mental Illness), to hopefully prevent something like this from happening in the future.
To My Opinion and others who have hit the "reply" button to a post like Ken's and others like him: Thank you for your supportive comments. I've learned over the last 24 hrs that the moderator(s) overseeing this thread are pretty quick to delete the hateful comments if they are reported enough. Some person using the pseudonym "Big Daddy" must have said something horrible but fortunately his comments were deleted and I (though I don't know about any of my other family members who've learned of this thread) never saw them. Hit the "judge" buttons, as appropriate, and report the comments-don't keep his/her comments alive by replying to them. I started reading this thread after discovering it by accident and have continued because of good people like you, My Opinion. It may seem small but it really has helped.
OMG: I can't speak for my brother-in-law but I can ask that the Mid-Town community continue being as fabulous as you folks have always been. I live in a pretty conservative area and have never seen the level of acceptance that exists in your community. I used to enjoy visiting just to renew my spirit and faith in humanity. My brother came out during the time of Matthew Sheppard and I used to live in terror that someone would do the same to him. I remember a time when comments like those made by Ken were considered laudable, not laughable like they are today (someone hand Ken a dictionary, he may need some help here). That fear ended when I was introduced to your community.
Just keep being who you all are and doing what you already do. And, those of you who know my brother-in-law, please continue to be there for him. He is absolutely devastated.
Love this: since both apply, I would humbly suggest both black and yellow ribbons. Garrett would probably laugh and say something like,"no sis are you kidding? It would look like giant bumble bees", but that's ok. I would love to imagine him laughing with me or at me again.
1010 Resident: well said. ♥
I put out black ribbon yesterday pm but will have yellow up today. Because we are on the 20th I'm not sure how visible it is. For those of you in 1010 or in the area, please let your neighbors know too! I'm putting a sign up by the elevator now.
Susan at 1010

Hollywood, FL

#142 Mar 12, 2012
Oops there are a couple of us posting as 1010 Resident! I reported Ken ASAP as I'm sure many did. Good to know moderators are responsive. Let's get ribbons up today if possible. Would it be better to wait for the family to speak on a charity though as they may not be able to do anything with donations that are not specific?
Toby Taint

Atlanta, GA

#145 Mar 12, 2012
is this the guy from the Rooms??

Atlanta, GA

#146 Mar 12, 2012
Garrett's partner asked that I post Garrett's last name on this Forum: "Barnes"

The Facebook page is "Friends of Garrett Barnes." We will work on adding a link to the page today for donations to the Humane Society and ACLU.

Thank you again for your love and support.

Atlanta, GA

#147 Mar 12, 2012
My thoughts and prayers go out to his partner, family, and friends. It's hard to look out my window at 1010 and not think about Garrett. I wish I knew him. I wonder if I passed him as I walked by every day. Please let his partner know that the entire community is here for him and let us know if he needs anything.

Atlanta, GA

#148 Mar 12, 2012
I am sure that many other residents received this email as well today. For those who are not residents I hope this brings closure as well.

I would like to take the opportunity to express my sincere gratitude towards the incredible outpouring of concern, affection, and support that residents of 1010 Midtown have expressed. When I moved here, I knew I liked everything about this building, but I had no idea that there would be a sense of community such as what is emerging right now. I feel I need to speak out to the residents for the sake of the community, for I do believe that everybody has the right to know the following:
First, I wish to sincerely apologize to everybody for the emotional shock and trauma this tragic death has forced upon everybody here. In my opinion, nobody should be exposed first hand to such nonsensical actions. Scars of this event may last a while, and for that I am truly sorry.

Next, I wish to explain about Garrett. Garrett was a loving, caring, big-hearted person who suffered demons from his childhood that would interfere with his life from time to time. While he had these under control much of his adult life, they were still present. About 5 years ago he started experiencing severe lower back pain that only worsened as time went on. Three years ago, he had corrective back surgery which did not help. For the past 3 years he was simply managed by his physicians with multiple medications and high dose narcotics. While he was functional and tried to get out and be social, over the past 2 years this became more and more difficult, to where walking 10 feet would cause his legs to weaken and buckle. This prompted a second back surgery in December 2011 which found the problem and after the surgery the pain was gone.

He felt he was given a second chance and successfully weaned off of all of his medications and started to get back into life, for he was hopeless and just existing prior to the surgery. Then, unfortunately, a second medical problem showed up with his gut – and after 6 weeks of intensive diagnostics and therapies, the physicians were at a loss. Garrett lost 20 pounds, became malnourished, and started to eventually lose some of his cognitive abilities from time to time. One of the concerns was cancer and based upon what he has just gone through with his back, he could not handle a second long term illness psychologically, emotionally, and physically. He was an RN and worked in the field of cancer, so understood some of the implications involved in this new process. He was convinced that he was going to die a slow death and apparently made it clear that he did not wish to endure this, and due to the tainted cognitive awareness that this illness brought upon him, he made a decision that ended his life.

The above information does not make his decision a right one in any way, nor is this explanation a plea to ask for understanding regarding his behavior. I will truly miss him, for he has been an integral part of my life for the past 11 years. I thank everybody again for their great concern and know now, more than ever, that I chose the right place to live. I know that during times like these, people may be concerned about reaching out – but I do welcome this and would love to use this as an opportunity to get to know the 1010 community a little better. A community facebook page has been set up for Garrett, called “Friends of Garrett Barnes” and is designed to be a memorial for friends and family to post pictures, thoughts, expressions, etc.

Husham “Hoosh” Mishu, MD
Abbys Dads 1010 Midtown

Atlanta, GA

#149 Mar 12, 2012
Our neighbor and friend will be terribly missed. Many of us only knew him from our pool and chance rides on the elevator together, some even more closely. Regardless of the degree, his kindness was always there, which can never be overshadowed. My heart is warmed by the outpouring of support for not only for Garrett and his partner, but others affected. I talked with his partner today and, with his permission, will be putting together a way for the 1010 residents and those in the 12th & Midtown development to make a donation to the American Humane Society in his honor either by single donations through the web or by collection and lump sum donation. I will post again when more details are finalized and plan to seek approval to have instructions at the concierge desks at all the buildings in our development. I see that others have posted the same, but wanted to let others know that the 12th & Midtown community will be participating. Thank you to Garrett's family for helping us to know him even more through your posts. It was truly our honor to have been his neighbor!
Saddened in 1075

United States

#150 Mar 12, 2012
Friend, Jonathan, and Abbys Dads, thanks for the latest information. For some reason, I am not able to find the facebook page. However, I am in the 12th & Midtown complex, so will participate that way once it is set up.
Abbys Dads 1010 Midtown

Atlanta, GA

#151 Mar 12, 2012
We have a community meeting tonight on a different topic where the Senior Property Manager will be present. I plan on asking her about this so I should be able to post tonight or tomorrow. Thanks for being part of our community and your pledge of support!

United States

#152 Mar 12, 2012
Saddened in 1075 wrote:
Friend, Jonathan, and Abbys Dads, thanks for the latest information. For some reason, I am not able to find the facebook page. However, I am in the 12th & Midtown complex, so will participate that way once it is set up.
I am not able to access the Facebook page either, but welcome the chance to donate in Garrett's memory. Especially since I can see Garrett's home from my office, and will never forget what has happened.
Hurst Wheeler

Atlanta, GA

#153 Mar 12, 2012
I remember him from Galano Club, nice guy
1065 Resident

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#154 Mar 12, 2012
Please forgive me for asking this (I mean no disrespect). I want to partake in the ribbons on our balconies to show support for Garret's family, friends and life partner. I was just wondering if by tying ribbons to our balconies is kind of morbid? Again, no disrespect meant. Because of how he died, I just wanted to make sure this was ok with everyone.

I did not know Garret; I hope to show respect to his loved ones.

I will check here often to read the decisions and what color for the ribbons. I hope someone will post that information here for the benefit of those of us who do not live at 1010/1080.

By the way, I am not able to find Garret's community facebook page.


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Marietta, GA

#155 Mar 12, 2012
Does anyone know what the diagnosis of his back was and what type of surgery he had? I suffer from chronic back pain too, but have delayed surgery.

I really feel for this guy and his friends/family. My thoughts go out to you.

San Francisco, CA

#156 Mar 12, 2012
My condolences to the family and his lover. I was just leaving work and making a left on to 11th Street when I saw the body being covered up with the yellow tarp. i was on the phone with my sister at the time and said to her."I am not sure but I think someone jumped" not even know why there was a body laying on the ground. just knowing where the body was laying and being a condo right there that is what I guessed. i looked all over the news that night and couldnt find anything.
My heart was broken and I am sorry he was in so much pain that he ended his life so tragically. I lost a best friend to suicide and I still miss him til this very day. Please create a accessible face book page for him. I would like to know how to contribute to whatever cause he would have liked.
Midtown resident _ Repost

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#157 Mar 12, 2012
Man Leaps to Death in Midtown
By Hunt Archbold
According to the Atlanta Police Department, a man jumped to his death from a 35th floor balcony of 1010 Midtown around 6 p.m. on Friday.
The Midtown high-rise condo building is located at 1080 Peachtree Street.
According to the APD, Zone 5 units were dispatched on a suicide call at approximately 6:21 p.m., and when officers arrived, they found the deceased victim lying on the sidewalk.
Police indicated that no foul play was observed. A portion of Peachtree St. from 11th to 12th street was blocked off while officials investigated and cleaned up.
By mid-Saturday morning, a Topix forum discussion had almost 35 comments concerning the situation, as numerous people reported seeing the body on the sidewalk.
Some commented that people were observed taking cell phone pictures of the body.
Several individuals, including one claiming to be related to the victim, remarked that the man was a 1010 Midtown resident and had been dealing with serious health issues of late.
The victim's name was not released.
Reposter has heard a first name of victim but has not been able to confirm it.
WIll post if/when it is confirmed.

Atlanta, GA

#158 Mar 12, 2012
Toby Taint wrote:
is this the guy from the Rooms??
Yes he was.

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