Slo County, Ca: Medical Marijuana Dis...

Slo County, Ca: Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Approved for Slo...

There are 25 comments on the DaBronx News story from Feb 6, 2007, titled Slo County, Ca: Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Approved for Slo.... In it, DaBronx News reports that:

Currently, the only medical marijuana dispensary in San Luis Obispo County is in the City of Morro Bay.

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Gilroy, CA

#1 Mar 15, 2007
Please allow a Medical dispensary in the North County. Driving to Morro Bay is a long distance for people in pain.
Thank you,

Schaumburg, IL

#2 Apr 4, 2007
The Morro Bay dispensary is gone now. My neighbors immediatly drove down to Buellton; I guess there is one there. It seems all the 'kids' here knew there was illegal dealing at Morro going on but then one will have a card & 6 are smoking in the circle anyway. & I assume the Feds were in the bust for more then just illegalalities but the 'smokers' I have attempted discussion with are generally to self concerned with their high to understand the larger picture of law & jobs. People with real need will Never get served without much more admittance of the intricacies of society. Once All the White Collar workers that smoke decide to come out of the closet & demand to legally pay for their recreation, then the Feds might be able to change the stance

Turlock, CA

#3 Apr 5, 2007 can count on all those white collar people coming out of the closet, yep. as i read recently...there are real laws and symbolic laws...the reason this one is so hard to change is that it is a symbolic law, for a number of reasons. people get the warm fuzzies thinking that the government is "protecting" us from the drug crazies and from our own "destructive" desires...and law enforcement employees get to feel good about themselves and superior to the "lowlife scum" that are part of the drug environment...god forbid they should actually do something useful and meaningful. look at the amount of time and money the feds spent on this "tempest in a teapot" in morro bay.

United States

#4 Apr 11, 2007
I do think it is much more, billions more, then a tempest in a tea pot. The worldwide industry makes fools of a lot of people. And a lot of people are willing to be fools for the industry; on both sides. On all posting dialogues this issue seems to get an amazing percentage of comments; unfortunately most are rhetorical spoon fed politics. I do know that law enforcement deals mainly with low life scum & that attitude flows over irritatingly when they are actually dealing with an intelligent courteous kind person - I hate tht. & I know that the low life scum of whatever level have the attitude that they are right. period. They mainly know to manipulate, play the games they don't know they are playing, not think for themselves. Yes, yes there are plenty of interesting creative thoughtful respectful doing good people that like to get high but it still falls down that a majority of people get manipulated by one side or the other. The MM scamsters are just as fast on the job as the federales are & this game superscedes any good for the population intention of many. Maybe instead of using the good for the sick angle to play onn human emotions for legality people try a more honest busine$$ approach; get the moderates to right understand Who! is getting the $$s in the Marijuana game. Is it the local schools that need classroom teachers, the food hungry poor their church doles out to, or is it pork pie guards & the svelte chi chi lawyers vationing with the rambos. Maybe if the newcons understand that it is easier for some to exist on junk food if they are high, & easier to buy smoke if you aren't spending it on nutrition or healthcare.......
Compassionate soul

Cambria, CA

#5 Jul 28, 2007
I was curious about your post on where the money is going. Well I knew, like any business, the owner gets the profit. Which is a good thing. The taxes from the business go to pay for police , fire, schools, assistance programs etc..
Now the profit last year was $38 billion here in the USA. Marijuana was the largest cash crop we produced in the USA last year, by double I hate to say. And, the federal government did not forget the medical marijuana store. While they dont think it should be legal for the store to be open, the IRS did create a new category in the federal tax system, for medical marijuana clubs. They will be taxed as regular businesses, which is much higher than pharmacy. State taxes also, because under california state law, the stores are open and running legally. Again, they are being charged the higher business tax.
With a marijuana club, you can grow as much marijuana as you have members of your club. If you have 10 members you can grow this much, if you have 100 members you can grow this much etc... This is because the law states that the stores must run as Co-Ops, not as general distributers of wholesale purchased merchandise. This generally means the taxes, banking, expenditures etc.. are local. Thats not that important, but I like the fact that its not going to the larger medical companies that bank mostly outside of the USA. Gotta show a little Red White and Blue every once in awhile heheh.

Thanks for your time. and have a great day.
SLO Resident

Santa Maria, CA

#6 Aug 4, 2007
As long as the operation is being run the way that the laws demand that they be run then what is the problem? It's a business. Period.

San Luis Obispo, CA

#7 Aug 15, 2007
A dispensary I used to go to just got shut down awhile back. They say that the place profited over 9 million in less than a year. Where does that go?? That's way more than anyone needs to live the rest of their life. I thought the compassionate use act of 1996 was supposed to be just that-COMPASSIONATE. If you are profiting so much-lower your prices. Give to organizations-medical research-orphanages-firemans fund-maybe even the war on REAL drugs aka heroin-crystal meth. Maybe if greed weren't such an issue with just about EVERY human being, The laws set in place may work for everyone. Would be great if someone with some real love in their heart came forward and remembered a thing or two about compassion.

San Luis Obispo, CA

#8 Aug 21, 2007
yes if there is new tax laws then the Fed is possibly preparing to take over & include Marijuana as a crop. But of course who gets to control it & who gets the $$$s is what it comes down to. So will growers that risk big $$ no taxes unless caught be willing to go legal & fill out all the paperwork?
Will either side want homegrown? Home sales? We can grow tomatoes for lunch but we have to pay to sell them at market.......
joe shmoe

Coarsegold, CA

#9 Aug 25, 2007
Does anyone know if Timothy Whitelaw was involved in this "business"?

Nipomo, CA

#10 Mar 14, 2008
Im a medical marijuana patient living in Morro Bay,right now the closest co-op is in Goleta,thats over two hours each way,they have good medicine but its quite pricey.Of course I can get it here and quite alot cheaper,but I have made the four hour drive many times to go pay extra,because I want to follow the law.Does anybody know if that club has opened in Templeton.Im a parapalegic who drives but I cant afford to go that far all the time.

Santa Barbara, CA

#11 May 19, 2008
Buellton dispensary is long-gone now too. The few (3?)in Goleta is the closest in SB county now.
Randall Johnson

Turlock, CA

#12 May 22, 2008
Spend more time chasing tweakers out and busting meth labs /dealers and closing city sponsored drink fests (paso robles) and worry less about people smoking


#13 Jun 18, 2008
Sounds like you've got quite the dumb cluck sheriff in Pat Hedges ....
Can't have people relieved of pain now can we?
Otis Coyle

Davenport, IA

#14 Jun 27, 2008
The feds need to get a real life or real job. Medical Marijuana hurts nobody. Not that your safety is anywhere on thre agenda.

Atascadero, CA

#15 Aug 3, 2008
I would like some Help!!!
I am 100% disabled with arthritis though out my entired body. thanks to Desert Storm and many Army years.

I am home now! California

I need some advice on the whole process.

thanks for the Help.

Secaucus, NJ

#16 Aug 25, 2008
can't you grow your own with having the medical marijuana card?

and who the heck is Timothy Whitelaw?
Bud San Luis Obispo


#17 Sep 1, 2008
This is a classic case of our beloved Bush administration circumventing the will of We the People who hve passed the law legalizing medical marijuana. Therefore, we should be able to obtain MJ for legit medical use since it is now supposedly legal.
However, the right-wing knucle-dragging feds, INVITED by our dear Sherriff Hedges, want to make an example of Charles Lynch who was trying to obey the law arnd run a much needed service. Now, thanks to these uniformed storm troopers, people will be in pain and suffering without legal MJ, forcing them t go underground. Thus, the feds have actually created more so-called "crime", so they can come down on all us MJ smokers, who are mostly non-republicans and a threat to the Bush-Chaney criminal gang currently destroying our once- free country.

There is more than MJ involved here. Our rights are being violated and huge amounts of our tax dollars spent on this modern witch-hunt. In order to keep the brainwashed majority focused on us MJ smokers as the bad guys while they could be out getting rid of meth and other hard drugs. But since MJ also facilitates the ability to think for oneself and see thru all this gov't propaganda, it must be stamped out.....
The Republican Party used to stand for the primacy of states' rights and limiting the powere of the feds into our private we have the Bushies who want to make the government all that more powerful.......for what? So that we will be safe from all of those evil cancer patients in their wheelchairs? The absurdity goes on and on..
The only way to fight this idiocy is to vote and keep smoking...This is not a government that looks out for me, so I feel under now compunction to obey the federal laws which were originally jammed into law by Harry anslinger, Wm Randolph Hearst, and the liiquor, pharmaceutical, and lumber industries and their minions in the press.

I've smoked pot since I was 18, and it hasn't hurt me a bit. I think this would be a better country if more people did--we'd have less domestic violence, happier citizens, and our law enforcement could go after the truly evil meth and hard drugs and the criminals that sell them and poison our country. We are truly barking up the wrong tree, but the sick are easy targets for Hedges and his goon squad.
max jordan

United States

#18 Sep 9, 2008
in need of license for medical marijuana need it now!

Redding, CA

#19 Nov 8, 2008
i am disabled, a father with 2 kids i have alot of pain im on oxycontin and the pot helps more but cant afored it does anyone no who mite have cheap smoke or needs help trimming watering ect let me no.

Avila Beach, CA

#20 Mar 17, 2009
pat hedges is just like bush he lets them do it then he goes in a causes hell punk voteing time is real soon buddy

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