Beware of Oakley USA products, bad wa...

Beware of Oakley USA products, bad warranty issue

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United States

#1 Feb 8, 2007
I am informing everyone about a problem I have encountered with . In October 1997, I bought an Oakley backpack from a Oakley retailer, paying full price. Color black.
Back in April 2000, I had contacted Oakley that my backpack stitching was coming undone and color was fading away. Oakley customer services, said send us the backpack and we will fix it. They said the product was guaranteed for a lifetime. They fixed the pack and I was left feeling happy again after they fix it for me.
Now in November of 2006, I had a different issue with Oakley. This time when I called Oakley I said my backpack zippers were broken as they needed to be repaired,. Yet Oakley customer service said, we donít offer repair on our products, in fact they send they repair nothing. They only said we offer a 90 day warranty from the date of purchase, thatís all. Well I said to their customer service that they repaired the same backpack before 6 years ago and it was fixed, how can that be(?). As they had the information on their computer from April 2000, they fixed the bag but were denying it. I said I donít understand, I bought this backpack with a lifetime warranty and they said, noop, no warranty, we never had a warranty.
Well as expensive as Oakley is, how can they not offer a warranty on expensive luggage? This is considered camping outdoor equipment and they competitor who make the same products are guaranteed for life.

Littleton, CO

#3 Jul 1, 2007
i had the same thing exactly happen to me on a pair of lifetime sunglasses , oakley now sucks in my book , they wanted me to pay 70 dollars for a pair of razor frames ( frames only ) that were supposed to have a lifetime warr . i,m contacting the BBB and ftc . i guess its a lifetime warr or until oakely decides they dont want to repair them .

United States

#4 Jul 30, 2007
lol Oakley Rocks. I have never had to use a warranty, why? because i care about my stuff, 60% of everything i wear is Oakley and 95% of my shoes are, my bagpacks are oakley and they are perfect, my wallet, bought 4 years ago, it's still in an unbelievable shape.
If u dont like the warranty service, take care of ur stuff!!!
Concerned Citizen

Porterville, CA

#5 Jul 31, 2007
aNdReSk......Sounds like you have lol because you have lots of money and soooo many expensive things that they just do not get as much wear and tear.
Kevin Jackman Concord NH

Concord, NH

#6 Sep 11, 2007
Oakley sucks I had a brand new pair of square sunglasses with the orange and silver very nice till about a year and both the screws that hold onto the spring parts broke the springs are still inside the arms they did not break . It was the tiny screws inside the arm was over tightened inside that caused the screw to snap off and fail. They wanted 85 dollars to fix them and sent the back busted to me and refused to fix them so much for customer service they SUCK a big one. I will never buy a product for the rest of my life I would rather die !!!!!!!!!!
BROWNS 7th rnd pick

Santa Monica, CA

#7 Sep 22, 2007
I would venture to guess that the zipper in question is not gaurenteed for the life time of pack.
Certain parts are stipulated as such in fine print and perhaps it [the zipper] is of the 90 daY [IF YOU WILL] section of pack anatomy.
Fine print sucks but it is not a reason to dis. one of the last QUALITY AMERICAN made products around today .
Infact OAKLEY follows to the letter of the law all contractuall obligations stated with all products.You may need to break out magnified monocle to read it but it is indeed written as such.
I have owned 11 pairs of oakley sunglasses[IMO all other OAK products are cheesy]Ive qualified for many of replacement offers only to ignore said offers as my breaking of eye wear is always a great excuse to buy a current model.
ive had that attitude when poor and rich and inbetween.
That consumer attitude adds to my not using a warranty as a selling/buying factor of products i potentially may purchase.Rebates are bullshit as well.
In the end i take responsibility for [w/ in reasonable circumstances] product issues as such.
NOTHING LASTS FOREVER. now shut your trap and go buy some''korean made nike junk bag'' that wont last 6 mos let alone 6 years.

Porterville, CA

#8 Sep 28, 2007
Oakley bags are either 30 or 90 day's warranty. They have basically no warranty at all. It is like you buy something and have no chance to use it, even if the product is defective. Why buy the product than.

I am happier to buy from products like North Face, Jansport and other competitor brands. I think Oakley is not cheap at all but not to guarantee their stuff is not worth the price.

If I buy something that is made for the outdoors, I know that the other brands are going to guarantee their products for life. That I can count on and I will continue to buy from those brands. Forgot about Oakley, it is not worth it, especially when the bags have defective materials on them and they wonít take care of it for you. That is pathetic and just bad business as far as I am concerned.

Lebanon, NH

#9 Oct 3, 2007
I purchased an Oakley D1 watch in April. Now it's not keeping time, so I tried to get some tech support today.

They suggested that because I purchased the watch via Amazon, it might not originate from an authorized Oakley dealer. So, they'd fix the [expensive, still in warranty, not performing its most basic function] watch, but I'd still have to pony up another $35 plus shipping.

Hard to believe Oakley won't stand behind its high-end products when they break after less than five months. If you're considering an Oakley watch, be aware of their quality control and warranty issues.

Lebanon, NH

#10 Oct 4, 2007
Update -

Credit where credit is due: Got some follow-up help from Oakley. My problem yesterday was partly lack of knowledge at the tech support desk. The trouble with the watch was easily corrected; it was not broken as tech support diagnosed.

I give Oakley credit for responding quickly after I escalated my complaint. They solved the problem and explained why non-authorized, grey-market vendors caused them all sorts of warranty headaches. I'll amend my earlier caution: If you're considering an Oakley watch, be sure to buy from an authorized vendor if you want to have the full warranty coverage.
Oakley products

Porterville, CA

#11 Oct 16, 2007
I didn't have the customer service or any warranty
effort from Oakley. I bought a backpack too, the zippers were bad, they lining was coming undone and it was not unholding well under sunny weather.

I called Oakley and they said 30 days after purchase, no warranty. They don't care if it is a defect or something on their end, they will not cover anything and too, they refuse to look at it.

I have to say folks, this is a bad company. I wish I never bought this backpack. I asked to speak to their manager and they would not allow me to speak to him nor did he reutrned my phone call.

I mean really folks, don't buy these Oakley products, they don't last and I felt I paid way too much for the product. Screw the vendors, Oakely should be responsible for their products like other companies do, Jansport, North Face and the list goes on, all lifetime warranties no questions asked.

Don't buy Oakely products.
WontBuyOakelyAga in

Tacoma, WA

#12 Feb 1, 2008
Oakley charges a premium for their glasses and won't stand behind them when their cheap crap breaks. I sent a pair of glasses to them. It took them a month to call me back to tell me that they could offer me a $30 credit towards a new pair of glasses when I spent over $140 on the first pair. There was not a single scratch on the lenses. The stem on one side broke when I put them in the soft case inside a pocket which should not have caused them to break. If Oakley had the part, this would have cost them less than a dollar to fix. They conveniently, "no longer have parts for these glasses" so the their solution is to hit you up for another hundred. Even Jared the Supervisor towed the company line. Stick with a brand that is going to stand behind their products.

Santa Barbara, CA

#13 Feb 26, 2008
Oakley is the best company out there I have over 30 pair of glasses and 20 pair of shoes 4 backpacks 2 duffels and a carry on suitcase. Never had problem one with any thing except a few pair glasses. They always replace or fix for free never any question maybe all of you should stop buying you stuff on eBay and buy direct from Oakley. Also just about everything from Oakley comes with a registration form try filling it out. Now that said Oakley has been sold and who knows what will happen now. By the way a 9 year old backpack give me a break Iíll bet you donít even have a car that is 9 years old.

Las Vegas, NV

#14 Feb 26, 2008
Oakley is the best company out there I have over 30 pair of glasses and 20 pair of shoes 4 backpacks 2 duffels and a carry on suitcase. Never had problem one with any thing except a few pair glasses. They always replace or fix for free never any question maybe all of you should stop buying you stuff on eBay and buy direct from Oakley. Also just about everything from Oakley comes with a registration form try filling it out. Now that said Oakley has been sold and who knows what will happen now. By the way a 9 year old backpack give me a break Iíll bet you donít even have a car that is 9 years old.
FYI, Oakley has been sold as of 12/2007.

Las Vegas, NV

#15 Feb 26, 2008
I would not count on them holding to any previous customer service or warranty policies now that the company has been sold.

Santa Barbara, CA

#16 Feb 28, 2008
Cathie wrote:
<quoted text>
FYI, Oakley has been sold as of 12/2007.
FYI back at you I knew they were sold and i mention that.

"Oakley has been sold and who knows what will happen now."

But in all fairness we need to wait and see don't we.
never again

Calgary, Canada

#17 Apr 2, 2008
When I bought my Juliet sunglasses they told my to register them on their site , wich I did , now they are loose in the middle (worn out) , there are no adjustments that can be made , of course they don't want to fix them .(when I bought them they were in a lifetimewarranty), I will never buy from them again,
Oakley sucks

Grovetown, GA

#18 May 20, 2008
Oakley sucks, plain and simple. The company had its heyday about 10 years ago, but its over now. They may be proudly "made in USA," but they're VERY cheaply made and are no longer fashionable anyway. If you want good glasses, get Ray-Bans. Wayfarers and Aviators are classic and the brand is MUCH more respected and preferred over Oakley.
Thnx for the info

San Antonio, TX

#19 Sep 12, 2008
Well I have owned a few things here and there from Oakley through out the years and its worked out great for me. Of course I havent needed any assistance untill now. And like the rest of this forum I too am having any and all complications. Two words F**k them.Never again will I even so much as look at another of their products. If you want to throw you money away just flush it down the toilet and get it over with.
new castle


#20 Sep 13, 2008
What a waste of money, overpriced junk!

San Pedro, CA

#21 Oct 26, 2008
wow.... all of you need to read the warranty information when you get your sh**... life time guarantee that sounds like something the retailer would tell you to close a sale!!

this goes for any manufacture, always read the fine lines. question: do you read the terms when your signing a legal document, i sure in hell do. you could be signing your life away haha!


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