Charter Communications is a Rip-Off!!...

Visalia, CA

#275 Sep 28, 2011
Heather wrote:
Each year Charter Communications raising its prices again, again and again.
Last year Charter raised its internet pipeline services from $39.00 to $54.00 a month and that is only internet services. They try to get people to get packages as the package minimal price is $98.00 a month not including taxes.
CEO Paul Allan is so wealthy; he bought himself a $150 million yacht besides the other ridiculous price tag toys he buys. It is a shame living in a town that the population of own house owners is 5% and the rest renters, companies like Charter Communications is ripping people off on these Internet Cable scams.
Shame on you Charter Communications from stealing from the poor.
I know where he keeps his yaught,want the address?
another charter employee

Kalamazoo, MI

#276 Oct 6, 2011
I to work my ass off as a tech to help people with their problems with anything they have issues with. On the flip side I go to homes all day when someone is complaining and they are around 400 dollars behind and going to be shut off in 2 days, but I'm suppose to fix your issue with the box that tiled once in three days. The service is not perfect and never will be get used to it NO TV SERVICE IS EVER GOING TO BE PERFECT. I just had a call today where this lady was yelling at me because her dvr guide information only when out a month, seriously? go outside and get your fat ass off the couch. If a charter tech from my area comes into your house the problem will get fixed. I spend hours rewiring peoples homes at no charge even just to make them happy. GO COMPLAIN ABOUT SOMETHING THAT ACTUALLY MATTERS, LIKE THE ECONOMY OR UNEMPLOYMENT BEING AT 20 PERCENT NATION WIDE. Your right most customers service centers don't care about your problems and never will they are third party contractors. You have your government to thank for that. Allowing companies to outsource everything because people are to fat and lazy and think that they should get paid 20 dollars an hour to answer a phone. I'm glad you people are dish customers, and when it rains I'll me watching tv without and problem.
another charter employee

Kalamazoo, MI

#277 Oct 6, 2011
Heather wrote:
Each year Charter Communications raising its prices again, again and again.
Last year Charter raised its internet pipeline services from $39.00 to $54.00 a month and that is only internet services. They try to get people to get packages as the package minimal price is $98.00 a month not including taxes.
CEO Paul Allan is so wealthy; he bought himself a $150 million yacht besides the other ridiculous price tag toys he buys. It is a shame living in a town that the population of own house owners is 5% and the rest renters, companies like Charter Communications is ripping people off on these Internet Cable scams.
Shame on you Charter Communications from stealing from the poor.

Westminster, CA

#278 Oct 7, 2011
So what's the best service for the Central Coast?

Redding, CA

#279 Oct 12, 2011
Yes Paul Allen is rippoff his customers still, I am paying $100.00 for crappy internet and no digital box for 72 channels.

Yet they are still hiring overseas employees in India and finding more reasons to not hire Americans when this is an American company.

Shack of Shame Charter Communications, a RIPOFF!

Long Beach, CA

#280 Oct 20, 2011
I saw an add for $59.97 for the bundle package, when I call and ask for the Promo Code G-1092.. They come back with a price of $135.00 to $99.00 in my area..This is a rip off to get you to call to make a sale. Don't fall for their sale ad, It,s all a Joke and the joke is on you.
Really guys

New York, NY

#281 Oct 28, 2011
I work for at&t, and I use Charter at home instead of my uverse with employee discount. Why do you ask because charter takes a chance on high risk credit people such as my self who have been through hard times but charter is still willing to put out a DVR and other expensive cable equiptment that would normally cost 500-600 to buy off the shelf. Yes boys and girls that set top scientific america box is really an uber expensive cisco relabeled router with a massive hardrive. People stop wasting your time complaining and do something about it, the poor guy from two rivers was trying to tell you how it is not damage control, when you understand how the provision process works in a telecom job and you want to effect a change you can make the right calls and rattle the right cages. Be an adult and listen to the old timers they have been through it and can shed light on what must be an obscur and frustrating situation.

Greenville, SC

#282 Nov 18, 2011
Someone said Charters not a monopoly . Huh?
of course it is , locally, here anyway...they all are tell me what cable company in your area you can replace them with ?

anyway, not going to get into a useless spat..

Charter, keeps raising rates ! the last time I called and and asked why , when we didn't get any new channels or even a box of cigars in the mail ..

They said (this is before the digital upgrade) "we are improving the service !"

And here we sit with the picture freezing, pixelating and just flat out losing the picture.. altogether - too often for comfort !

havn't called to complain because (as they hoped) I'm just tired of it and know they won't do anything anyway ! I hate the bastards !

Overland Park, KS

#283 Dec 30, 2011
Leasing the cable modem from charter is NOT the way to go! In STL, we are charged $7/month, and I discovered that I can buy the same modem I was leasing for $14 from Amazon!
Needless to say, I no longer lease the modem from Charter.
Whydontuundersta nd

Bellaire, OH

#284 Jan 11, 2012
Video on demand services through charter are free on the bill.... I've looked at my bills and I compared them to what is at charter we don't have charter services around where I live. I currently pay $175 for just tv services for one, 1! Tv I pay 35.00 for Internet that doesn't exactly make me feel like high speed. And my phone is 50 so kiddies lets add that together that is a TOTAL of $270.00 per month for services.... Through charter that is all three service for all the rooms in a common home. I'm pretty sure that would include a kitchen and a bathroom. People need to stop being so greedy and trerating reps like shit... Givin there are those special few that aren't exactly cut out to be customer service reps but charter is implementing a new system that will weed out those who aren't cut out for customer service. No company is perfect and in some areas a company will strive others not so much. We need to get back to being grateful people for what we do have. Money is money yes it helps your standard of living but you can't take it with you. Christian catholic or atheist what is anyone going to gain out of being bitter and greedy over luxuries in life. That's what they are luxuries we don't need cable and Internet to survive otherwise humanity would have died out like crank cars. We has people have taken to much for granit, especially living in the great nation of america which I'm beginning to believe is the nation of the greedy not the free. People get to high strung over small stuff take a look at your neighbor and what they re going though before getting pissed at someone on another side of the phone simply trying to help you. We don't wake up in the morning thinking who can we piss off or screw over. We don't want to get yelled at anymore than what you want to pay for services. Kindness and decency will go along way In these days that are very uncertain. We are trying can someone start the trend on the other side of the conversation.

Englewood, CO

#285 Jan 12, 2012
Actually, I'm pretty satisfied with Charter's services. I live in Oregon, maybe it's just different here. The hidden fees are a little frustrating, but nothing I can't deal with. It beats having no t.v. at all.

Glen Allen, VA

#286 Jan 29, 2012
share your wi fi with poeple you know.

Templeton, CA

#287 Feb 20, 2012
I signed up for the bundle at $99.00 per month and was charged an extra $126.00 per month for three months. When I notified Charter about the over charged amount they responded that their 3rd party verification process failed to go through when they attempted to call and that they now had right to charge a different rate. They would be happy to give me a new contract for the original amount, but would not refund what I was overcharged and would not credit the extra charges to my account. I was a customer for over 35 years. II have filled an informal complaint with the FCC and notified the city attorney of their dishonest practices. I wonder how many students this happens to and their unsuspecting parents just pay the bill without knowing.

Enka, NC

#288 Mar 1, 2012
I had to have Charter in Asheville NC. Installer showed up dirty and very late. A year later I moved, turned in my equipment and paid my bill in full. One month later I started getting rude calls from thugs at a collection agency. They said I owed $44. I asked them to please send me a bill. They did not. The calls continued. I fian;lly drove to a Charter office, asked what the bill was for, and believe it or not, they weren't able to tell me but insisted I owed the Money.
I paid, but please, if you can avoid this company, do so. Enter at your own risk!!!
MO Rockwall TX

Rockwall, TX

#290 May 1, 2012
first of all i have barely had them a month and am already dealing with how decietfull they are. I had been with time warner cable for over 7 years when i found out that the apartment complex told TMC that they only use Charter!!:C but later they tried to say the city makes them do it but then after that i found that to be untrue as well hmmmmm one big screw up there how strange. Anyway the thing that just blew my MIND was that when the cable technician came out well he hooked up the one outlet that was in the room and when i asked hin about the other two rooms he asked me if i had additional cable wire for him to use????? Im like WHAT...yeah if you want it in the other rooms you have to provide the extra cable and bury it but i will leave you a splitter to hook it up to here at your main tv. Ok i understand you cant set up other outlets and this is an apartment and they may not want them who knows i dont care...BUT I HAVE TO GO BUY THE ETRA CABLE TO RUN & BURY MYSELF???? He wouldnt even bury the one lil small cable he did provide for the one outlit that is provided. The reason he tells us is because the company was sued and they are no longer allowed to provide or lay done cable.... I GUARENTEE you if ppl were told up front that they have to buy their own cable they would be more likey to move on downt he list and keep calling around...and NO their deals over the phone never match the prices on the website.

Still Frustrated it is kind of a monopoly here but i PROMISE to help that please let some employee some on here and argue with me i used to work for the county honey i know how this system works and who to go to so be ready for some competitions ;X
Razor Online

Los Osos, CA

#291 May 25, 2012
I've written an article documenting Charter Communication, their bad business practices and customer service.
Pet Rock

Willmar, MN

#292 May 26, 2012
SANDIE wrote:
I can't agree more with how Charter has ripped people off! I had their internet service and experienced modem problems. Instead of allowing me to bring in the modem and get a new one, I had to wait a WEEK and have someone bring one out to me. Oh they did and it was a defective modem. I raised hell on the phone with them and they did send someone out to replace the broken one they brought to me. Then I decided to go with cable with them. They sent two reps to my house who drilled a hole in my slate siding after I told them NOT to! What a disaster. Needless to say, I would not recommend them to ANYOE
Yup. Same here. It's got me going bonkers! God forbid I get an Internet connection the 1st time signing on, let alone the next 5-11 times trying to get a connection. They've sent people out to "repair" the issue...(you know, the bracket of anywhere btw the hours of 8am - 2pm) They really know how to say it may be the rain or something like that. THEN they ask for your input in one of their surveys. HA HA HA HA They really DO suck! Still have this problem after 1 year. What am I waiting for to switch carriers? I dunno. I guess me thinking that it is only ME having probs getting an Internet connection. I need to do some scouting around.

Mount Pleasant, MI

#293 Jun 27, 2012
having problems connecting stable here too 'shrugs' sucks when kids get fussy about dora or whatever, but until something else has decent speed for a somewhat reasonable price around here, theres no choice. wouldn't consider 'em for tv though
Central Coaster

San Luis Obispo, CA

#294 Aug 4, 2012
The point of capitalism is to achieve market share by any means possible, including entering into no-compete agreements, so that your customers have no options when you raise prices. This is why Cox stays out of San Luis Obispo and Charter stays out of North San Diego County - for instance. Charter has an effective monopoly, with only moderate competition from ATT DSL. They can and will raise prices while not having to invest more into better services/products. It's called monopoly capitalism. The best way to offset the higher costs of monopoly capitalism is to invest your extra money in companies that have monopolies. That's what I do and it works perfectly. I don't complain about high internet/cable costs, I invest in companies like ATT . . . and I get some of my money back. People who don't or can't do this are suckers. Don't complain about monopolies, become one.

Los Angeles, CA

#295 Sep 17, 2012
Just got a quote for Business Internet of 79.99. Residential is 39.99. They want us to pay 40.00 more without offering more than what Residential customers receive...simply because we are a business. Oh wait! That comes with business support. So they want us to pay 40.00/mo for Business Support.

It's a good thing Charter has a contract with the Town that prevents other competing service from operating within it's limits.

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