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cracka handling machine

Cerritos, CA

#33 Jul 28, 2014
slope slica wrote:
lol.. you really are retarded or a liar. I initially challenged that curry muncher to skype. He backed down and then you took my idea, asked me to skype, and then you backed down. Hey you know, speaking of the 4th of July, do you even celebrate that? I mean you weren't part of the war for independence. You're family wasn't here for 50 to 300 years later. do you celebrate a holiday that you don't belong with? Lol yeah I went on the computer for a few minutes on the 4th of July while I was at home with my wife and you were getting rejected by white women at bars until you went home..all alone. lol hey.I still can't find anyone who had surgery to make their eyes more asian. have you? I found a lot of asians who made their eyes more white with surgery? Do you think that maybe asian eyes suck? lol I mean you like them? because no one else seems to like them. Not even asians
So your excuse for not showing me your fulgy cracka triple chain is "I'm copying" you? how's that make sense? after that PM lying none sense, look like our beer belly cracky baboon is out of tricks. lol!!

it's like when a doctor suspect his patient AIDS positive and he simply asks the patient come to hospital for a blood test, then his patient replies "me aint got no AIDS because yOUr copying me!!" ??? what? lol! it's not like I'm going anywhere, let me know when gathered enough courage to show me your red sweaty cracky face.
cracka handling machine

Cerritos, CA

#35 Jul 29, 2014
ROFL! son, you just got busted for lying about "we PMed each other" even though we both are unregistered members, remember? learn how to use topix first before make another retarded claim.

and you history lied about you showed your sweaty monkey face on skype

Iol! I've waiting on your chickened Aryan monkey and your skype ID sincere forever, and I have other method to exchange in private if you dare
winnie wu

Harbin, China

#38 Jul 30, 2014
jesus wrote:
You also never came up with any inventors. You just use blanket statements with no sources or credibility; just crap that comes straight out of your mouth. It's okay to admit that asians never invented crap. Just like it's okay to be honest about the last rh blood site which says that 40 to 45% of whites carry rh negative blood and 99 percent of chinks are rhesus monkeys. Really. It's okay to admit that you're own people are the ones on those newscasts which you claim are "scripted" even though there is no reason to say that and not even a little proof to back it up. Just like it's okay to admit that asians are too ugly to make it on tv. You never named any asian anythings. You just repeat your stupid excuses about how asians are sabotaging themselves on "scripted" international news channels. LOL WHY CHINK? WHY WOULD THOSE CHINKS DO THAT TO THEMSELVES? WHY CAN'T YOU COME UP WITH ANY CHINK INVENTORS? LOL. WHY CAN'T YOU COME UP WITH ANY REAL DATA FOR ANY OF THE CRAP YOU SAY LOL
Chinese invent gun powder,paper,etc

we has our own history and culture,also chinese invent the USB key etc in modern time

i respect black and white,but sinice your people are so racist and rude how you deserve our people's respect?

Check out chinese modern ivent on google,you will be shock.

China GDP is 10 trillion,usa is 16.8 trillion

how about your africa?if i said because your africans are so shit hole,poor and don't have any nuke can i abuse you as you are useless race?you are born to be slave and bully by asians and whites?are you happy!

Check out the news,blacks kill chinses in USA for robbery,is really not good.

all i heard from here is your blacks are result our east asians.

you don't belong here back to your own place,

here are for people who are Sino-chinese and other east asians and we are so proud of what our country done!

China GDP will reach 13 trillon on 2015,we are make it!!! to surpass usa,we are working on that!

you should be back to your africa to build your counry,don't come here to FK with us,if you hate us,then try to war with us otherwise just shut UP1

once again,i respect blacks but sinice all i see the comments here,i changed my mind.your people are really deserve to slaved by whites and arabs!

“Sombrero Galaxy”

Since: Jan 10

I'm An Illegal Alien

#39 Jul 30, 2014
Nevertheless, the majority businesses are still owned by the white man.
cracka handling machine

Cerritos, CA

#40 Jul 30, 2014
slope eye slica wrote:
Lol..avoiding everything like a slimy little chink. Don't even message me back unless your going to do it on here and put your skype id on here so everyone can see; unlike last time when you begged me to stop making fun of you through a no-reply email.
I came up with the idea about skype and I'm still waiting for you to put your id up. lol rhesus monkey copying everything do.rhesus monkey see rhesus monkey do. I don't understand..since your so confident why not put your skype up? I mean we are in the chink topix forum. lol..this should be like your home court. man up.
lol!! Son, all you moronic lies got busted and displayed in the public and I doubt you ever have the courage to change skype with me to show your 10feet basement and your cracka hippo face. I'm still waiting.

So Rhesus cracky monkey? I kind like your new nicky name. hehehehe~
cracka handling machine

Cerritos, CA

#42 Jul 31, 2014
ma little cracky chump, your skype ID or stop wasting my time, we can exchange it on alternative form if you really have the intention.

Those attempt of pretending someone and lied about "PM on topix" proved what a cowardly cracka you are

oh I didn't know you are so into homo and even bother to google them, maybe fail to get a gf in life made you turned? but sorry, we aren't so interested in smelly/sweaty cracka women let alone men.
cracka handling machine

Cerritos, CA

#44 Aug 1, 2014
ROFL!! for sho~~~~ This is how a family man spent his entire July 4th weekend.

and your weekend life LOL!!

oh~ I think you meant you married to that 2D flat paint on your wall? alright son, keep imaging

these links also shows your lies and your failed attempt pretending to be a brave cracka who dare to show his triple chin to me on skype lol!! once again fail
cracka handling machine

Cerritos, CA

#46 Aug 4, 2014
I know i know,"bu bu but, I'm a scared subhuman cracka monkey too scared to show my meaty cracka triple chin, so I keep saying he's copying me as my back down excuse even though I have no idea what a none sense idiot I made myself look like"

Lol! still lying about PM on topix as unregistered member??? looks like you still haven't noticed that your digital ignorance and stupidity betrayed you long ago, you are a public clown son.

oh~your married life on Aug weekend and july 4th ROFL!!

MUHAHAHAH! I'm sure your imagingry wife is really happy with her "virgin husband" since she will stay 2D stationary forever ROFL!!
sad thing is, as stats have proven, even your parents wish you ugly freaks were east asian and even your own women hate your fugly monkey gene with AIDS.
cracka handling machine

Cerritos, CA

#48 Aug 5, 2014
slant eye surgeon wrote:
lol.. most people are married slope. Me and EVERYONE ELSE..
Said what?? LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!! this funny looking triple chin cracka weirdo still drilling over his imaginary 2D wife MUHAHAHHAHAAH!!! yeah and BOOM! you wake up in a wet bath.

In America, out of every 10 men, only 3 are married, whom are mostly east asian. I mean look at your sweaty retarded cracky face, that pink cheek, that popping eye socket, that man tites, and that belly hanging out of your shirt.... RFOL!!!, you made the earth uglier and smelly, worthless cracka swines. and you still questioning why your own parents hate you?

Yeah tell yourself that, cracka clowns can get a GF and get married, the concept itself is hilarious.lolz!

oh~ and guess what do we east asian think about cracka sluts?.... lol no just kidding, we don't think about those fugly cattle that look like men, we just occasionally see them riding negros dink and spreading your AIDS together.

Have you look into the mirror yet son??

your life on July 4th holiday and last weekend, lol crackas can find a GF and get married,, the concept itself is pretty funny. "bu bu but we got james bond" lol

and your married life on July 4th holiday and weekend.
cracka handling machine

Cerritos, CA

#51 Aug 7, 2014
ROFL!!! Sure there's a great article to be had lol!!. another irrelevant random post doesn't answer to any questions. Another great demonstration of this inbreed cracka monkey's intelligence.

But let's take that write up for real for a sec since it doesn't sound as retarded as your own writing.

LOL!! actually I have to thank you for proving my point and backfired your own idiocy once again. East Asian men are least likely to marry cracka or none east asian because we want nothing to do with your savage inferior monkey gene and AIDS, it never changed since 4000 years ago when we dominated the planet and took cracka as slaves. even 99.99% of your cracka country men would call you a retard for promoting interrical marriage.

more interracial marriage form men = more self hating, simple as that, look at black and hispanic men's interrcial marriage percentage loL!!

This article concludes all

"Asian Americans are the highest-income, best-educated and fastest-growing racial group in the United States. They are more satisfied than the general public with their lives, finances and the direction of the country, and they place more value than other Americans do on marriage, parenthood, hard work and career success, according to a comprehensive new nationwide survey by the Pew Research Center."

"They also stand out for their strong emphasis on family. More than half (54%) say that having a successful marriage is one of the most important things in life; just 34% of all American adults agree. Two-thirds of Asian-American adults (67%) say that being a good parent is one of the most important things in life; just 50% of all adults agree."

This is my favorite article lol!!

"The Caucasian male, by the way, digs all the ladies except -- you guessed it -- the white girl!

The moral of this story is that we hate ourselves. Like we said, welcome to our world, America."

Truth is East asian men = always on top of the food chain, crakca apes = self hating fugly monkeys confirmed ROFL!!
cracka handling machine

Cerritos, CA

#53 Aug 8, 2014
slope eye surgeon wrote:
LOL! Your still stuck on your "pew" research paper from weeks ago!
LOL... by the says asian men need to make an extra 250,000 a year to date ANY woman a white man dates - even your own CHINK GIRLS LOL.
Your own women would rather date a white man instead of a chink unless a chink earns an extra quarter of a million dollars EACH YEAR LOL! Your own women reject you unless you're rich!
and chinks are the "most" successful? do we need revisit the most successful people in the country
LOL..I guess we do here, again, is the article "only white ceo's make the big bucks" and only 1.6% of ceo's are asian; exact same percentage as blacks!
LOL! have fun with that "neotinzed" baby brain and baby skull that you were so proud of in the other thread. will be with you for your whole quoted that yourself LOL!
You are so stupid. You little yellow rhesus monkey. I am so happy that you bragged about having a "neotenized" baby head. That's exactly what I have been saying. Chink men are not men; they are little boys. Thank you for pointing that article out for me.
ROFL!! so you showed me a link only proven only successful cracka have a chance with a 4/10 east asian left over? and east asian have no interest in cracka cattle? I forgot to thank you. lol!

oh~ please revisit the most successful people in the country as many times as you wish, the result won't change, they are always east asian, the masters taking dumps on cracka chumps everyday, and out of 2.0% east asian, 1.6% of them make a living by enslave millions of useless blue collar crackas is something we should feel bad about?? lol! another flawless stomp

Let me fill some jucie into your empty meaty cracka skull, anti aging quality is a superior and progressive human feature only existed in more evaluated/superior gene group, meaning not crackas, it's a scientific conclusion. that's why you sweaty red face fugly freaks all look like you are 62 when you are 25 :)

any more questions?
cracka handling machine

Cerritos, CA

#56 Aug 11, 2014
ROFL!! here we go again, the same cracka airhead failed to compherend race, putting the entire indian, southeast asian and pacific islander onto east asian race and then claiming Osama Bin Laden is white ROFL!!!

Son, again, east asian populaton is 2.2% in the U.S second, learn some basic math, current cracka population is 77% by 2012, you swine never went below 70% at any given point. let me know when you ready to pull your pastrami head out of 2007, even by 2012 east asian had at least 4.5% CEOs in fortune 500 cracka owned companies -->

that's sad and hilarious at the same time for the cracka race . CEO are much like politician, a much biased and harder position for none Moriarty group. and America CEO is all about Golf anyway. still east asian crap you out any day of the week.

Japan for example, 0.6% cracka population and 0.00% cracka CEOs lol!. yet most of these ASIAN CEO in fortunate 500s are foreign born with broken English and never golf, yet they still stay top spot in Cracka owned companies and order crackas slaves moving their biceps for living.

In case we aren't CEOs who order million cracka meat heads carry cargo boxes from point A to Point B, then majority of us are engineers and scientists or most sucessful business people, always stay on top of the food chain laughing at your lowly born cracka monkeys.

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