I, first, saw the band on "Another Day, Another Time". I was totally captivated by their performance and gave a good effort into researching it further. I caught the show in Syracuse where others in attendance told me that they had the exact same impression as me after seeing this group on Colbert. I was in attendance with a person formally-trained in music and another individual, a Philipina transplant to the US, who has no experience with music but likes a good song. They had no idea what I was getting them into. Next to us was an individual from near-Manchester England visiting America. I explained to the English-man that all the great acts have played Syracuse for a particular reason; "Fan-support". He was totally impressed by what he was a party to on this evening. I
think Lake Street Dive learned that Syracuse is a must for a repeat performance and that the band is quite worthy of their support.
Great show, great performance. Great synergy between fans, new fans and band. An inspiring chord of constructive interplay rung with great intensity.
I live in the present. I almost vomit every time I see one of these local Mustang-Sally geezer- bands take me back to the sixties and seventies.
Lake Street Dive at the Wescott Theater was an inspiring, invigorating performance of modern remix.