Lassie Come Home is a perfect boy-and-his-dog adventure story. Published around 1940 and set in a Yorkshire mining town, this timeless story revolves around the relationship between a dog and her boy. The story of Lassie's journey home is a classic adventure story. Lassie is a collie, remarkable not only for her beauty, carriage, and intelligence, but also for her unfailing routine: She always meets the boy, Joe, at the school gates when school gets out at four o'clock. " 'You can set your clock by her,' " say the village women. In this poor mining town where owning the finest collie around is a source of pride for the whole town, Lassie's family is set upon by hard times, and they're faced with the painful decision to sell Lassie so that both dog and family can be fed. Lassie is taken four hundred miles away to the highlands of Scotland, where she escapes from her new home and sets off toward Joe and home. Lassie Come Home tells the story of Lassie's many adventures as she travels, her struggles for survival, and the people she meets, both good and bad.