CCS Welcomes Japanese Shinto Art

CCS Welcomes Japanese Shinto Art

There are 10 comments on the The Daily Nexus story from Jan 29, 2014, titled CCS Welcomes Japanese Shinto Art. In it, The Daily Nexus reports that:

Internationally renowned photographer Masuura Yukihito introduced his work at the opening of the Shrine Photography Exhibit, a temporary installation located in the gallery of the College of Creative Studies that features photos of Japanese Shinto shrines.

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Osaka, Japan

#1 Jan 30, 2014
Shinto means God Road. The emperor and Sun God and Japanese are the children of the sun. We are group minded and proud to be the most divine race on the planet. We don't hesitate to play to death for the emperor.

On the other hand, Asians here in this forum are brainwashed by whites and just going to their own happiness. How selfish! Selfish white mentality and weak Asian physical and how can you take a position in the world? I can understand why China sucks in football LOL

Shinto makes a difference.

Since: Jan 14

Location hidden

#3 Jan 30, 2014
Ainu, just shut the f**k up, seriously. Every single thread's last post has your f**king name on it. STOP SPAMMING THE FORUMS. I repeat, you are SPAMMING the forums. Stop "ching chong changing" the forums for f**ks sakes. Do you have any idea why everyone keeps on leaving? It's because you're barking like an idiotic dog with your one sided, crazy ideologies!

No one gives a f**k about your f**king sun god who is NOT divine. Japanese people are NOT "god like" if that's what you were trying to say for the past week. The only "brainwashed " person I see is you, Ainu.

Everyone has their own goals and dreams. You don't have the right to shun them. Your views are selfish and you clearly want Japan to have a dictator like Kim Jon Un. If you want people to listen to you, then stop bashing other races as if they're cockroaches. Do you have ANY IDEA how much of an embarrassment you are to the Ainu People? Stop making your own race look bad.

Toyonaka, Japan

#4 Jan 31, 2014
You selfish traitor again.

If you are really proud to be "Japanese", go fight with filthy Asian provocatons here in this forum as the children of the sun.

Why don't you fight with them by the way??? Your enemy is NOT me. Your enemy IS Asians in this forum.

Yeah, I know. Canada you are living is full of Asian immigrants and you can't say anything from Japan side, right? What a traitor! Shame on you, bitch!
You will never answer my questions and just keep bullshits like snow-ball fight along with little chink trolls living in the 3rd world LOL

You don't know at all why Japan is the special. Why Japan didn't fall down to the western colony? Why Japan makes it to the 1st world? Why Japanese football can play in the world cup?

This is all because of a loyalty? to the emperor!

Selfish chinks can't play football as you see. Yeah, you can't take a position with selfish white mentality and weak Asian physical. Why don't you even notice such a thing???

Even poorest North Korea can beat China in football and why? Because they have a loyalty like us. You are too selfish to have sacrifice mind like us. How can you defend your goal with such selfish mind???

Everyone has their own goals and dreams??? Your goals and dreams should be for the emperor!!! No pain no gain. No loyalty no strong.

Japan will never fogive selfish traitors like you.

If you see why Japan makes it, you get shocked and you can't follow us. We are not selfish like you. We Japanese are living for the emperor.

Keep in mind, selfish traitor.

Since: Jan 14

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#5 Jan 31, 2014
If I'm a traitor in your eyes, then I guess every single Japanese immigrant is a traitor, eh? I guess even mangakas, seiyuus, musicians, artists, and anyone else that doesn't work for the government is a traitor, right? Because they all don't work for the Emperor and they don't work for the government. They don't even give a single f**k about being the children of some mythological god. The professions I mentioned contribute to their own happiness and other people's happiness (national wise or worldwide).

You say I'm having a snow ball fight with you, but I find it ironic how you talk about unrelated things, along with not answering half of my questions most of the time.

Yes, it's true there are many idiotic people on this forums, but there's no point arguing with them since they're a bunch of dicks. However, you're no better than them and you're one of the worst out of the bunch.

I've wasted enough time talking to you, perhaps this shall be my last post. I pity your parents for bringing you up the wrong way. I live in a world full of love and compassion (to a certain degree). Unlike you, I don't live in a world full of hatred and I try my best not to blame others for their wrong doings even though I'm not perfect either. Welp, see ya Ainu! Have fun wasting the rest of your life ranting on Topix! If you ever want to talk to me again, come by to /r/Japan on Reddit. ;)

Toyonaka, Japan

#6 Jan 31, 2014
Not all Japanese overseas are traitors. For example, Honda, Kagawa, etc a lot of Japanese football players are now playing in Europe, but they are not traitors and why? Because they come back home to play as Japanese nationals. Even if you work overseas and you pay tax or contribute for Japan, no one blames you.

So what about you? What do you contribute for Japan like them, huh? Just blame Japan? How are you proud to be Japanese? Don't make me laugh!

Japan is a land of the emperor. The emperor is Sun God. Japanese are the children of the sun. We are the most divine race on the planet. Japanese are all educated by the Koukoku Shikan (emperor-centered histrography) like this.

Thanks to the Koukoku Shikan, Japan makes it. Without a loyalty, Chinese have no sacrifice mind and their football always sucks LOL If Japanese are all educated in Canada like you, we fall down to their colony. Canada is a white country. No matter how you adjust with their mentality, Asian are Asian. You just suffer from identity crisis there LOL

Numerous number of heroes had sacrificed for the emperor at WW2. This responsibility is so huge and the emperor's word is always so deep. We must encourage their sollow and succeed to their brave will along with the emperor.

In judo, we are educated how important spirit is. We must vow to the photo of the emperor, Japanese flag and sing Kimigayo. Then, training starts. Nobody fights for themselves. Everybody fights for Japan and the emperor. This loyalty makes Japan strong.

If you can't follow us, don't be proud to be Japanese, selfish traitor! Just live for yourself in Canada and get discrminated "little yellow monkey" there LOL

You don't know anything about Japanese or samurai. Why can pure blooded Imperial Japan keep on for 2650 years??? Because the emperor is historically supported by samurai with a huge loyalty. How can you protect a nation with your selfish mind? Shame on you!

You are no longer Japanese. Don't support men, blame the emperor and how can you be Japanese??? You are just a selfish bitch! What do your parents educate you? Just being a selfish bitch? No loyalty, no fight, only living for yourself LOL

You must go back Japan and train spirits in Aburaburo LOL

Since: Jan 14

Location hidden

#7 Jan 31, 2014
My uncles and aunts pay for taxes in Japan and we pay our share when we're in Japan. Your point is?

I bring happiness to the small community I live in in Japan. A lot of people knows me since when I was little and people of all ages usually respect me.

Unrelated. Stop saying that unless you have scientific proof that the Emperor and the people of Japan are divine.

Koukoku Shikan, loyalty, and soccer has something to do with each other? What? Also, at least I was educated to love and forgive, not hate and turn into an extremist like you. Also, did you know Japanese are Asians too? And give me evidence I am suffering from identify crisis. You don't know me, so how would you know?

Yes, because Judo has something to do with this thread. You're trailing off.

This is 21 century Japan, not 19 century Japan. Japanese lifestyle has changed a lot over these past centuries. There are 3 types of people in Japan. The traditional kind, the extremist kind (like you), and the normal 21 century guy like me.

Cool story bro, too bad samurais and kamikazes no longer exist in Japan. It's also too bad Japan doesn't have a large enough army to protect itself from invaders, let alone Japan doesn't own WMDs.

So unless I start thinking like you, I'm no longer Japanese? What do you mean by "don't support men." Fix your English god dammit. The Emperor had his flaws like any other politician/government. Your point is? If I'm a selfish b!tch, then I guess the entire entertainment industry is selfish too. My parents educated me to be loving and caring. Your parents educated you to hate and never forgive. Your point is?

There, I played "catch" with you. Go figure.

Toyonaka, Japan

#8 Feb 1, 2014
You don't know at all how important spirits is. Samurai spirits for Japanese, German spirits for German, etc, spirits support you in hard time and protect a nation in the end.

You Asians living in USA, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand are mostly from the southern part of China. You have English names and can speak English, but you are not welcomed. These countries are a white country. No matter how you try to adjust with them, Asian are Asian. You are just midget, skinny and traitors without a national pride. You just get laughed and discriminated "little yellow monkey" there LOL

How can you take a position in the world with naive Canadian mentality and weak Asian physical? You can't fight with Asians from the Japan side and just blame your motherland along with Asian traitors LOL What a traitor LOL Shame on you!

In football, Japan dominates Asian football and why? Because we have a sacrifice mind like kamikaze. Chinese are selfish like you and have no sacrifice mind and how can you protect your goal with such selfish mind?

In baseball, Ichiro said, "Korean are dirty blooded and no match for divine Japanese." The WBC final was truly a battle for spirits, but he had pwned them overall.

In Japan, most Japanese consider we are "superior" because we didn't fall down to colony and Asians are "inferior" because they fell down to colony.

Kamikaze means God Wind and it was named after typhoon protecting Japan from Mongol Invasion. Japanese like to think we are the special from historical facts.

Personally, I don't like such talks, but I recognize spirits make us strong. The biggest difference Japanese and Asian are a loyalty to the emperor. A loyalty makes Japan strong.

You lose a loyalty to the emperor and I can understand why you can get along with Asians. You are no longer Japanese. You are just shameful selfish traitor without a loyalty to the emperor. Shame on you!

Japan is a land of the emperor. Japanese must have a loyalty to the emperor. If not, you are not Japanese and you must get punished. Proud to be Japanese and blame the emperor? What the hypocrite!

If Japanese sports make it in the world and you Asians admire us, you can NEVER follow us. You just get shocked to see our training for spirits and run away for sure. We are trained "sacrifice mind" like kamikaze and how can you selfish traitors follow us? You can't die for somebody because you are selfish. You just focus on your own happiness. You white selfish mind and weak Asian physical and how can you win in the world? You Asians don't even notice it.

You are no longer Japanese. You can't adjust with Canada and Japan too. You just suffer from identity crisis LOL

Toyonaka, Japan

#9 Feb 1, 2014
This forum is full of Chinese immigrants living in USA, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. They hate CCP, but their bullshits are always based on sinocentrism. They NEVER blame their motherland.

On the other hand, you "Japanese" traitors don't hesitate to blame your motherland. Why you can see such a difference between "Japanese" and Chinese overseas???

You "Japanese" traitors must live with Asians in the western countries because whites judge the people as race not nationality. You can't talk from the Japan side and you must hear Chinese bullshits, otherwise you must be isolated in Asian community, right?

Fight with Asians for the emperor! Be proud to be samurai who kicked out whites from Asian colonies!

You can't say from the Japan side and just hear Asian bullshits. I'm NOT such a coward. I know what happens in the western countries. I hate to behave like you, so I stay here in Japan.

If I live in the western countries, I must fight every day LOL

Since: Jan 14

Location hidden

#10 Feb 1, 2014
>In baseball, Ichiro said, "Korean are dirty blooded and no match for divine Japanese." The WBC final was truly a battle for spirits, but he had pwned them overall.

Wrong. He never said that. Correct translation was, "I want to win in a way that the opponent would think,'we cannot catch up with Japan for the coming 30 years'. We should not merely win the games."

Ainu, stop throwing snow balls at me and actually play "catch." I've answered the majority of what you said in post #8 and #9 a couple of times already on different threads. Stop being irrelevant.

Osaka, Japan

#11 Feb 2, 2014
Not wrong. I don't mean his "30 year" comment. You don't know Japanese and you don't know what he said in Japanese. Ichiro surely said so in Japanese after Korean put their national flag on the pitcher ground.

Dirty blood means Korean have no sportsmanship. Divine means Japanese will never lost to such an inferior race. And then, Ichiro had punished Korean in the final as he commented LOL

Thus, spirits support us in hard time and give a power to beat enemies.

You are looking at a mirror. Why you always fight with me and not fight with Asian trolls???

Chinese overseas don't blame their own country.
"Japanese" overseas blame your own country LOL

Why you so traitor??? To live in Asian community??? How pity! Your enemy is NOT me! Your enemy IS Asians! Snow-ball fight IS Asian trolls!!! Why don't you fight with them? Why you be quiet against Asians? What a coward!

Blame the emperor, blame "samurai" who fight for the emperor and you proud to be Japanese??? Don't make me laugh!

Chinese overseas are educated there, but still support CCP propaganda, and what about you??? Why don't you support what Japan says despite you are proud to be "Japanese", hypocrite???

You are NOT Japanese. You are just a selfish traitor. You don't know Japanese history. You don't know why Japan went to war. You are just brainwashed overseas how evil Japan is LOL

Shame on you, shameful half blooded traitor.

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