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#81 Dec 19, 2011
hey if you let your shoes dry out after class they will last longer. This helps dry the glue. good luck :)

Fishkill, NY

#82 Dec 20, 2011
maddie wrote:
<quoted text>
ummm why are you so angry!?!? i have gaynor mindens and they are very comfortable. unless a shoe has a machine that makes you be a better dancer they are not cheater shoes. gaynor mindens are also for people with high arches like me. they help me not knuckle over my shoe.
Yeah, really. Besides, look at Gillian Murphy-she wears Gaynor Minden and look where she is. Gaynor Mindens are great- in fact all point shoes are great it just depends on your foot so dont be a hater!

Melbourne, Australia

#83 Jan 11, 2012
My teacher said I wasn't allowed to get GMs.
I made it perfectly clear that she had a right to decide if I was ready for pointe and I would accept her expert opinion for my own safety. But, my feet were mine, and that during my fitting I would decide what was best for myself.

My fitter said; that any shoe with a hard shank in any brand, had the potential to over support a foot's arch, GMs included. However, a conscious effort, by the dancer, to always pull up through the shoe was essential, irrespective of brand.

I ended up getting a pair of GMs Luxe with a supple shank and a high heel (copped a bit of glaring from my teacher. lol. But we get along very well and she didn't argue my decision.) There is some resistance when I demi pointe but I'm assured my feet will strengthen because of this along with various other exercises I will perform to improve my feet.

Plus, they don't dance for you. Even an ammeter swimmer in a specialised jumpsuit couldn't beat an olympian. Same as a beginner ballerina in GMs couldn't compare to a prima.

FYI: Anna Pavlova used to apply a strip of wood to the base of her shoe for support.

St. John's, Canada

#84 Jan 26, 2012
Beth wrote:
whats so special about GM then? how are they so able to do all the work for you? ive been doing point for about 2 years now and i love it =] ive tried bloch (that really didnt suit my feet) and grishko (which are amasing) i really would like to try some other makes but am confused about GM's.. someone explain? x
GM's only do the work for you if the shank is too hard which can "pop" you up onto pointe without having to use your muscles to lift yourself
Ballet Love Life

West Palm Beach, FL

#85 Jan 29, 2012
My Gm's are arriving in a week. i haven't asked my teacher if they where OK yet but i have very high and flexible feet. But my feet and ankles are very strong. i tried a pair on at my local dance store but it was a model so i couldn't keep it but i loved it. what should i do please help ! should i still get them ? and also do they need toe pads or any padding thanks again !


#86 Mar 14, 2012
vem da je bil ta pogovor pred nekaj leti...samo nevem kje nak jupim GM špice...slišala sem da so v mariboru a na internetu jih mi prosim pomagale?


#87 Mar 14, 2012
ž mi lahko pomagale?...iš&#269;em Gaynor špice pa nenajdem trgovine...baje se dobijo v to res?..prosim &#269;im prej odpišite..hvala...

Pretoria, South Africa

#88 Apr 18, 2012
I started adult ballet classes again, 20 years after my last. Both m daughters also dance and so we have been through most of the brands available : Block, Grishko, Capezio. When us "ladies" started pointe work, I did not hesitate to buy the GM because I had seen how much they improved my daugthers' pointe work : the line of the foot, stability, flexibility (there are different backs available, some softer than others). The GM's are fantastic!

Olive Branch, MS

#89 Apr 30, 2012
Ok, so my first pointe class is this Friday. I was thinking of the new Gaynor Minden pointe shoes and wanted to know if those were a good pointe show to start off for a beginner?

Hudson, NY

#90 Jun 24, 2012
marzellow wrote:
listen up... my mom is a prima ballerina and she decided to ty them out when they were first made. after two performances, her big toe was full of puss. when she went to the doctor, they popped the puss bubble... there was so much pressure that the puss shot up to the sealing!!!! unless you are flat footed, do noootttt buy them. pluss who wants to pay 100-120$ for a piece of flabby plastic anyway?
. You obviously have no clue what our talking about. GMs are great and your probobly about 8 seeing as how you don't know how to spell ceiling.

Jupiter, FL

#91 Jan 30, 2013
For all those who are freaking out about gaynors being for people with bad arches, they were designed to do the opposite actually it was created for serious dances who want a stronger shoe while still getting some support for their arch, if they have a high arch and a completely flat shank, until those shoes are almost dead, they will have little support, and normal shoes will make your normally great feet look like crap, I have bloch and get no support i am going to try gaynors because everyone who tries them really likes them! just because the shoe doesn't work for you doesn't mean it won't for someone else!


#92 Apr 8, 2013
I've just received my first pair of Gaynors - I hesitated for quite a while because of the price, but as I'm going through £40 shoes in about three months (we only do 30 mins of pointe per week, so I get about 6 hours' wear!), and I've been told that GMs last 3-5 times as long as normal shoes, I'm hoping that they'll justify their £80 price tag! Very encouraged by the comments on here though, I'm looking forward to my next pointe lesson in about 10 days now to try them out. I've tried Freed, Bloch and Grishko up to now - can't get a proper fit on Grishko, hate Freed with a passion, and love my Bloch Aspirations but kill them too quickly!

Honolulu, HI

#93 May 9, 2013
if you love ballet you know the dedication it takes to commit to it. You also know that ballet is very demanding on the natural human body. Your feet are vital to doing something so beautiful as ballet. However, anyone knows that an injury can happen at any point in time no matter how well you are trained or how long you have trained. So why not take the best care of your feet as you can? Gaynor Minden point shoes are the only doctor recommended point shoe currently available. Say they are cheater shoes, and every dancer has their opinion, but know that gaynor minden was created for several reasons by a professional dancer and one of those being to prevent "fatal" injurys to ballerina's feet. Don't call dancers who decide to heighten there chance of not receiving an injury a cheater when all they are doing is taking care of their bodies the way they see fit so that they can have a career in what they love. Those that choose not to wear gaynors, congrats, you stay traditional, you endure the pain, spend a god aweful amount of money on replacing shoes, increase your possibility of injury but do it because the pain reminds you that ballet is pain and beauty and the point shoe is the ultimate symbol of that. However, if the pain of traditional pointe shoes drives you continue to wear them knowing you have a better option that not only decreases your pain and chances of injury, allowing you to focus on training better and allowing your body to work properly, then you better stop to think for just a second if ballet is something you should really be doing. Keep your head straight and dont let something like a pointe shoe ruin your career, and know that plastic or paste, if you can dance en pointe and have the privilege and ability to, then you have accomplished more then most people will ever in their life and that most only dream about.

Thessaloníki, Greece

#94 May 20, 2013
I think that GM are best for performances because they are so comfortable unlike all the other pointe shoes! But it would be better to work with regular pointe shoes when in class. Unfortunately I have really high arches and GM are the only option for me cause all the other shoes just break within a week and of course I can't buy new ones every week! Hope that this helped!

Chur, Switzerland

#95 Jun 7, 2013
Hadley wrote:
ANY One who wears gaynor mindens are cheaters!!!!!!!!! They don't look good and if you buy them your not a good ballerina !!!! People who have low arches buy them becuz the have shitty feet. If you don't have the qualities that fit ballet don't try to make yourself feel better by wearing shoes that are lying to you! Dance is about truth! So dance with your heart not with some ugly shoes !!! Companies will hire people who pocess high arches not people who lie!
Yeah that's why the whole dutch state ballet wears gaynors ^^

Ballwin, MO

#96 Jun 23, 2013
Rosalie T wrote:
OMG I LOVE THEM! okay so they dont die,(unless u do like a million pirouettes, then they die about 3 or 4 months.) They are sooo quiet, they dont hurt at all. and I can do sooo much more in them! They are very good for weak flat feet. but I have weak very high arched feet and they work great as well!:)
They are cheater shoes. They have a pre arch so you don't actually have to point your feet and an extra long box full of fluff so it doesn't hurt. Do yourself a favor, buy real pointe shoes and challenge yourself so something beyond a cheater shoe.

Geronimo, OK

#97 Sep 4, 2013
Hadley wrote:
ANY One who wears gaynor mindens are cheaters!!!!!!!!! They don't look good and if you buy them your not a good ballerina !!!! People who have low arches buy them becuz the have shitty feet. If you don't have the qualities that fit ballet don't try to make yourself feel better by wearing shoes that are lying to you! Dance is about truth! So dance with your heart not with some ugly shoes !!! Companies will hire people who pocess high arches not people who lie!
Learn English prior to making attacks. Also, back up your statements with research, examples, and logic.


#98 Nov 21, 2013
It all depends on the match between feet, shoes, technique and role. Pain can and should be avoided, also in traditional shoes. Yes, GMs come with padding glued in, in other branches, dancers add the padding themselves. In both cases, they get quite comfortable shoes.

Yes, Gaynor Mindens last longer than traditional shoes, but a pair also costs three times the prize. If they last three times as long, it's still even, financially.

But there is a mayor drawback: GMs all have low crowns, while other branches offer three choices of the crown - therefore, GMs are not suited for all the dancers who need medium or high crowns. For those dancers, it will not be healthy or comfortable, sometimes not even possible to dance in Gaynor Mindens.

Columbus, GA

#99 Dec 17, 2013
Rebecca wrote:
I love my GMs but I have a problem with my toe nails bruising. Does anyone no a trick to stop this from happening?
I know that gaynors usually have to be fit a bit more loosely than normal pointe shoes or you may get bruised toe nails. Maybe try a half size bigger shoe?

Colorado Springs, CO

#100 Feb 8, 2014
I have been using a pair of Gaynor Mindens, and personally, they just aren't a good match for my feet. I want shoes that will mold to my feet and break in. I don't think that they are bad shoes and no one should wear them, though. We have so much amazing technology these days for other things, why not advance pointe shoes? They don't work well for my feet, but I think it's great that pointe shoes are modernizing.:)

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