Gaynor Minden Pointe Shoes

Nottingham, UK

#21 Sep 29, 2007
I know that your feet should be sore after pointe. Gm's are my third pair of pointe shoes. I studied a Pointe shoe anatomy before I went on pointe so as I would understand what I should be feel when on pointe. Gm's are often not recommened in britain because they don't let your feet do the work they need to in class. In some dance schools they are forbidden i'm lucky cause my dance teacher doesn't mind what we use so long as we feel happy up on pointe. I also do ballet 6 times a week and in each class we do 1/2 an hour on pointe or more.

United States

#22 Sep 29, 2007
I used GMs for 3 years, and they're my favorite shoe ever. I danced in other shoes for about 2 years before that, and when I switched, I fell in love with them. But this past summer the shank was twisting off my foot, so i had to get refitted for different shoes, and I now have blochs. They're nice shoes, a lot different, but not harder to work in.
People who use them should know that they are beginner or advanced shoes. thats it. They do work your foot, but not the same muscles as other pointe do. You need to develop those muscles and not let the shoe do the work for you. It is possible to work in a GM, but you have to know the muscles before you're able to actually work in a GM and not let the shoe work for u.

Quezon City, Philippines

#23 Oct 1, 2007
I love my GM Pointe shoes. Thought I can't dance pointe until I got these shoes. I can stand on one leg and my balance is very good. I am going to be 50 this november and my former ballet teacher told me I will not ever be able to dance with pointe shoes. I will prove her wrong. I am excited to dance in my next recital.

I got the wide extraflex and am very impressed. My feet does not hurt.

Dallas, TX

#24 Oct 13, 2007
I have taken dance most of my life and work at a dance shop where we sell GM. In my experience I can agree with most, that teachers are reluctant to put beginners in these shoes because they do not allow for one to develop the arch on ones own, but that is not all together true, these shoes come with an instruction book on how to alter the arch so that it dosen't bend so drastically. I think out of all the toe shoes I have ever worn and sold that this is the best on the market, although Bloch has come out with a Morph, that mimics the GM. I love GM because I do not have to wear a toe pad, they have the very best fit and are custom made to my specifics.

Jackson Heights, NY

#25 Dec 7, 2007
I have the extra flex shank in GM's too- quite comparable to Grishko's latest, 2007 proflex, an extra light shoe and shank to match, the Grishko's are more comfortable, less pressure on the big toe, etc. they are designed to pull you up and are flattering for low arches they also have a modernized shank-but my feet look better in GM's and my balance and line are better- but the acessory kit didn't work for me- I need A LOT of padding when I'm rehearsing for long periods of time with the GM's other wise they hurt like crazy!-you up
kirsten wrote:
i just bought a pair of Gayor Mindens after 3 years of pointe in Gamba's and Grishkos. Im not sure about the gm's yet but from what ive been told these are really good shoes for me because i have extremley flat feet so in a normal shoe like my grishko 2007's the shoe doesnt go with my foot when i pointe it, these make me look like i have an arch and thats a really great thing for me. FOr any of you who have gm's if you have any advise on how there supposed to feel please let me know because i have the extra flex shank and since you cant break them in idk if thier too stiff or too tight, theyre very different then all my previous shoes

Jackson Heights, NY

#26 Dec 7, 2007
I have the extra flex shank in GM's too- quite comparable to Grishko's latest, 2007 proflex, an extra light shoe and shank to match, the Grishko's are more comfortable, less pressure on the big toe, etc. they are designed to pull you up and are flattering for low arches they also have a modernized shank-but my feet look better in GM's and my balance and line are better- but the accessory kit didn't work for me- I need A LOT of padding when I'm rehearsing for long periods of time with the GM's, other wise they hurt like crazy!-

United States

#27 Feb 10, 2008
I think it's hilarious that people say GM's are "cheater" shoes because they are often more comfortable than others! If shoes were made of steel, your feet would have to be REALLY strong to work in them, wouldn't they? Bu that owuld be unnecessary. Because traditional shoes are made out of glue and paper, it takes a lot of work to hold yourself up. GM's require less strain in the foot because they are made with sensible materials--they do not do any "work" for you, they are simply more comfortable, which allows the dancer to really focus on technique instead of how to avoid pain. Pain is NOT a good thing for a dancer--if you have bruised toenails, blisters, or bunions, this is not going to help your dancing. It wil, in fact, just make it worse! I've never had a SINGLE problem in GM's--and my feet and ankles are strong enough for just about anything. If they are good enough for professional dancers--which none of the "experts" on this list are, I don't think--they're good enough for you, eh?

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#28 Feb 11, 2008
I after many years of wanting them, have finally gotten a pair of Gaynor Mindens.

I LOVE them. I have what my private teacher calls "Absolutely Gorgeous Arches" My shank is also actually quite supple.

Here are the facts about GMs. You dont have to beat the hell out of them just to get them to work, if you want a softer shank, then get it softer. If you need a harder shank for support, then get a hard or a hard medium.

Pointes are just like normal shoes when you think about it.... everyone has their preferences. Some like high stiletoe heels, some prefer kitten.

North Bay, Canada

#29 Feb 27, 2008
I have only had GMs for a couple weeks and have only done one class when i got them fitted there were the only ones they said fit me properly. i have herd so many good things and so many bad things and i am also wondering if anyone else gets extream pain from the little pads in the shoe or will that go away?
Same problem

Kaysville, UT

#30 Apr 21, 2008
Robyn wrote:
I have GM's and my feet are sore after i use them because my feet aren't getting to work properly. I've been on pointe for a year and a half and i have dance classes every day of the week my dance teachers neither agree nor disagree with them but i personally feel that they are no good at all because i can't work properly in them so i've had to resort back to my old pair till i can aford a new pair
can anyone recomend me another brand?
I have used Freed Studios 2 for years, one time when i was dancing three or four hours a day on pointe to avoid having to buy so many pairs of shoes( I go throught them fast) I used GM for two or three weeks. I had the same problem, sore feet, and my arch practically fell out of the shoe. I felt these shoes did nothing for me, besides lasting a long time. The shoes did all the work for me, and no matter how hard i tried to use my own arch the shoes wouldn't let me. After the performances, I went back to Freeds and I was suprised how weak my feet had gotten, my Freeds hurt worse then ever and I struggled to even pointe my foot properly. You probably have a strong arch like me. Don't use GM use a shoe that will challenge your foot and make it develope. Maybe start with the classic Freed.
Pas de Deux

Houston, TX

#31 Apr 21, 2008
I think GM's are okay. They're certainly pretty. However, while I don't think they're exactly cheating, I think that if you stop using them, you wouldn't have the right muscles and stuff.

Richmond, Canada

#32 May 3, 2008
i have had two pairs of gaynor mindens, the first pair was great, but the second pair since i didnt actually get fitted for any of my pairs was not great, if you are getting gaynors make sure you really get fitted and make sure they are right for your feet because if you dont then that is when gaynors become a bad shoes, currently now i just bought a pare of suffolks solo but im not sure if they are good or not, im just doing a bit of trial and error

Harlingen, TX

#33 May 12, 2008
I tried the GM because a lot of people in the studio were trying them, but I have very strong feet and unfortunately, the GM pre-arched shoes actually injured my feet. I pushed too hard on the metatarsel and now I have an injured foot :(... I wouldn't recommend them if you have really strong feet with high arches...

Valencia, CA

#34 May 16, 2008
My daughter has very strong feet with high arches. She danced on pointe for about 2 years before trying her Gaynors and she absolutely loves them. She now trains 6 days a week. She has no blisters or foot problems. She wears a very thin pad in them, too. I like them because I'm not replacing them nearly as much as the Russian Pointes or her six pairs of beginner's shoes, Prima Soft. I have never danced as much as my daughter and have never tried any pointe shoes myself, but isn't it obvious that all feet are different and some shoes will work for some people and not others? To call Gaynor Mindens "ugly" and "cheater shoes" and not good for feet is only displaying a closed-minded uneducated way of thinking. Some dancers need to be taught more than technique.

Shorewood, IL

#35 May 20, 2008
RMS wrote:
If your instructor is reluctant about letting you use GMs, why not rotate your shoes? If you have a more conventional pair for strengthening, and Gaynor Mindens for woring on your balance and getting you more comfortable on pointe, it shouldn't hinder you. Perhaps you could come to a compromise.
My feet and ankles are pretty strong, but even after all these years of work, my feet still do not show well in pointe shoes. GMs show my natural arch which is visible on flat.
very very well said. i think that is am amazing compermise. use them for your feet to be beautiful and others to strengthen. wonderfly put.
Elise Gillum

San Jose, CA

#36 Jun 1, 2008
I love gaynor mindens because they make my feet look really good! I do not recommend them for beginners though because you need to have relatively strong feet. But, having strong feet is required for any brand of pointe shoe. Also, the shank is not just plastic, it is an elastomeric eurothane and they don't die as fast. the box is made out of the same thing. But what I love most about these shoes is the sound! oh yeah, there isn't one. Grishkos feel so good but they are extremely loud especially when new

New Baltimore, MI

#37 Jun 14, 2008
I wear em, and i love em! My past 3 pairs have been gaynors (before them i had grishkos). They are perfect for my feet because the front of my foot is really wide (i wear the widest box width) and my heel is really narrow (i wear a sleek). They are actually one of the only types that fit my feet so great!

Not only do they fit great, but they look great. I have a rather low arch, that's not so strong, but they look amazing, even the first time i put them on since they're pre-broken in.

They may be expensive, but they last so long! I had my last pair for almost a year, and they still looked pretty nice- their color held up great! It was mostly the bottoms and tips that were pretty black...

Another plus is that since they're pre-broken in, you don't have to spend all that time breaking them in as you do with regular pointe shoes..

So all in all, i love them! But i definately wouldn't recomend them for beginers, because they need to learn to roll through demi pointe, and strengthen their feet. Other thatn that, they're great!

Derby, KS

#38 Jun 20, 2008
Thanks for your comments about the GM's. I have high arches and narrow/thin feet. What are good pointe shoes for high arches? Thanks.


#39 Jul 6, 2008
I dance on pointe every day, classes and rehearsals. I wear GM and Blochs european balance. GM are great for longevity, they take a lot to wear out. I also love the softness of the bloch on the tarkett, no noise. The Blochs shoe does look a little nicer on my foot, however, they will not last very long. I like the fact that in Blochs I can get a really high 3/4 pointe, which is not possible in the harder GMs. If your foot is strong, the feather weights are great, it is easy to work on demi and pointe in these. I have to say I think GMs are fantastic value and a great shoe for training correct alignment. They are also very reliable and you know they are not going to collapse mid performance. I wish they would make GMs with a higher padded heel (like the euro balance) to give the foot a nicer line. The only other thing about my GMs is that they stink. I think that is because they last so long. Everyone will find different shoes fit them better, however, no shoe does the work. I dance the same in blochs as I do GMs.

Utica, KY

#40 Jul 17, 2008
I have been on pointe for a long time, so I have developed great muscels and my arch is super high. So I love my Gaynor Mindens, I think that once you have enough muscel and high enough arch do go great on normal pointe shoes then you should buy Gaynor Mindens.

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