So I am a novelist and I am doing some research. I would really like a male perspective on dancing the role of Seigfried. What are the technical demands? I know for odette the role is heavy on the arabesque. What are the challenges of Seigfried? Pitfalls? What are the best bits? What type of dancer does the role suit? What does it feel like to dance? What makes it unique? Basically anything would be helpful. I welcome input from female dancers too of course. Specifically I looking for info on dancing the pas de deux. What does Seigfried have to do? What are the bad/good things that Odette/Odile could do to make his job easier/harder during the pas de deux (I have in mind that my Odette is mad at my Seigfried and wants to punish him. What could she do to make it hard for him. To make him really work?)

Thanks everyone