About the nude ballet posts

Cherry Hill, NJ

#41 Dec 14, 2008
new models are usually interested in trying it nude and some love posing...others are ok but do not know any dance poses and can be relatively boring to draw. As a artist model you have to be truely interested and bring something to the table... sitting there like a lump is not a good model.

[email protected] formerly atomicnike

Santa Cruz, CA

#42 Dec 19, 2008
some but not as artistic as it should be

Cherry Hill, NJ

#43 Dec 26, 2008
True..not all..it takes daring, study, practice, and creativity to truely be a good model..someone who can be magic.


#44 Jan 10, 2009
why would you want to do nude ballet? what exactly is the point of it? i don't think there is anything that wrong with it but why? Why cant people just perform semi-nude? Ive always wondered though, what do people in the audience and in the classes think when guys get erections? Do they laugh?

Santa Cruz, CA

#45 Jan 15, 2009
I would like to see a nude performance simply to see the movement of the ballerini and ballerinas
Mark KTP

Bronx, NY

#46 Jan 22, 2009
is this topic a joke, or, are they serious ?
I realize, some ballet outfits are skimpy. but, do they ever really perform nude ? I'm sure, they might in Europe, or Las Vegas.....but, do they ever perform in front of normal audiences? Families?

Lake Forest, CA

#47 Apr 2, 2009
I wonder if you guys heard of a performance called "The Modesty Of Icebergs" by Daniel Levielle. Its a contemporary dance that is performed completely nude. It played in Canada and some places in the USA like NY to mostly good reviews.
The piece had I think 4 men and 1 woman, and they were in the nude the whole time. It was at times in your face nudity or even nakedness. I think the Levielle wanted to challenge viewers to confront the nakedness that was presented, like placing the nude dancers a foot away from the audience, and having them somersault in such a way that their anuses were staring at the audience. It wasn't your typical dance presentation.
Jamie Wright

Union City, CA

#48 Apr 12, 2009
Mark KTP wrote:
is this topic a joke, or, are they serious ?
I realize, some ballet outfits are skimpy. but, do they ever really perform nude ? I'm sure, they might in Europe, or Las Vegas.....but, do they ever perform in front of normal audiences? Families?
This is not a joke. Nudity is fairly common in contemporary ballet works and companies. Sometimes traditional stories will have a nude scene, where appropriate. For example, Mark Foehringer Project from San Francisco did a version of Sleeping Beauty with a funeral scene in which Beauty's body is nude and being ceremonially washed.
But in Red State America, where people are a little more prudish, of course, this would be an issue.

Union City, CA

#49 Jul 15, 2009
Ballet Teacher - USA wrote:
Guys, you got it all wrong. There are no nude ballets. You are referring to "avant garde" dance movement. Please abstain from blending the art of BALLET with the contemporary choreography involving nudity. There is nothing wrong with it but one should refrain from calling it ballet.
I think it all depends on what you consider to be ballet. Limiting ballet to the strictly classical is a small world outlook. Contemporary ballet, as danced by LINES Ballet in San Francisco, Complexions in New York, Bangarra Dance Theater in Austrailia, Nederlans Dans Theater, or Ballet Prejlocaj from Franes are all ballet in my eyes. Some of these companies incorporate nudity.

Union City, CA

#50 Jul 15, 2009
Xonix wrote:
Nude ballet is a pure porn action. People watch it only for masturbation. It is not an art. If you believe porn is an art then nude ballet is an art.
Then I believe nude ballet is an art.

Cherry Hill, NJ

#51 Aug 26, 2009
I have danced with a small group of girls for 4 yrs now. I am 31...all the girls are younger. One is 19, 23, 28, 22. We dance nude. We consider it a form of ballet, modern avante guarde dance. It is definitally not classical ballet.

I started our group and we have all become good friends and coordinate our dance moves with grace, speed, positioning and sexuality. Everyone was interviewed 1st so as to know what to expect. Well we r a happy small but advanced company.

My girls are all so young, love being nude all the time at our rehearsal hall, and the dance steps and choreography is arrainged but all our imput.

All of us enjoy being nude with each other and dancing or trying out new arraingements. I am usually danceing with all 4 girls depending on the final version. And yes I am erect much of the time...we touch, my chest up against their breasts, my penis hitting one or the other in front there or behind as well as any other place you can imagine as we are up down on level ground, jumping and holding on to one another.

We feel the nudity is what makes our small group so interesting and exciting to choreograph. Touching anywhere and pranks are fine and add to the creative process. You'd be surprised if I pulled on a girls nipple and the reactions in eyes lighting up and bodies getting into amazing poses. We have fun at some point during the day with sex or some amount of erotic sex mimicing Indian sculptures, yoga and penetration...I have carried a girl on me with me in her and another upside down on my back moving her arms and hands al over us from under.

We dont dance this erotic for the public but we do dance nude and it can suggest definite erotozim and stimulatine amoung us with our small and intimate audiences. Much of this is done by candel light.

Cherry Hill, NJ

#52 Sep 12, 2009
NUDE BALLET: There is a post...look up nude ballet in Japan. Actual photos of the dance plus a clasical nude music group of females conducted in the nude and played while all the girls are nude. The audience is mixed gender and seem to be very accepting of the "undress code." One other under naked performances is an ancient Japanese primitive drum core of naked oiled down well built femals on stage doing a almost pagan drum performance with Oriental style purcussions. The drum performance is sound included and vigorous. The females also have an audience. They are really amazing. The leader is terrific with her huge hanging oriental symbol like drum.
In Philadelphia I went to a dance performance in a small art gallery that had very beautuful nude photos on the wall for sale..mostly females some males. Later at a certain hr. the was a dance group led by a young strong builtnaked man and 4 naked females. They did 5 beautiful short dance numbers he coreographed. We, the audience were right on top of them the gallery was so small. The dances were tastfully done but the beauty of the human form was outstanding. Lighting was simple bur effective.
I think MORE nude productions should be done by groups for those interested. For me it is a study of human form only moving. I teach nude figure drawing and pose privately when I am asked and not busy with other work. Big difference but the concept is the same. Drawing is still. Dancing is whatching the human form in the nude and unashamed and very very beautiful if done well.
More nude art dances please.

Linthicum Heights, MD

#53 Sep 12, 2009
No...it's not a joke. Nude ballets have their place and are very real and beautiful. Nude ballet is very much enjoyed by an open-minded audience as well as the dancers themselves. None of my dancemates ever turned down an opportunity to perform in the buff. I found it to be a compliment to both my masculinity and a credit to my excellent physique. I was never ashamed to show off what I had worked so hard to perfect. And yes, an erection was never something I had complete control over. Partnering was also an open-book as well when both dancers are nude. So, in short, don't knock it until you've tried it!


#54 Dec 28, 2009
Do not be mistaken: the japanese stuff you are referring to ("Zenra drumming, zenra ballet...") is pure comercial, adult stuff.
This is not art, but samples of erotic DVDs (sometimes pornographic; at then end, nude ballet dancers make love) made for adult market.

However, for sure, there are a few real artistic nude performances, in Japan as well as in many countries in the world.
Butoh dance, for instance, does often involve partial nudity at least.

Palm Desert, CA

#55 Jan 8, 2010
anna lou wrote:
what is an erection?
Thats hilarious, totally true, why can't they just wear something over it?

Palm Desert, CA

#56 Jan 8, 2010
hottie wrote:
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depends on the gender boy to girl, got it, boy to boy, sick

Centreville, VA

#57 Jan 10, 2010
George Balanchine, ballet-master and co-founder of the New York City Ballet and considered as possibly the greatest choreographer of his time, was asked why he did not choreograph a nude ballet. His answer was simple: "Because there are parts of the male and female anatomies that do not stop when the music stops."

Since: Nov 10

Greenock, UK

#59 Nov 29, 2010
Part 1

Greetings from the United Kingdom
Wondered if you might be interested in a discussion I have started on British Naturism about nude ballet. Unfortunately the forum is only open to BN Members but I have copied this message to Leroy by email.

"My ballet The Garden of Earthly Delights was to be performed in the nude (like the Bosh painting) but at the last minute the dancers decided to ware a body stocking and the male dancers some support. I would still like to see it with the original concept. It would not be possible to do this in the USA because of the socially sick views of the human body!...and, of course, out dated laws. There is little understanding of what is art in the USA.
You can view the ballet (the Xalapa, Veracruz performances) on YouTube. If there is a company out there that would like to do this ballet in the nude (as it should be done), please contact me via my email. I can be found on the Internet or via my publisher (RBC Music). The score for this ballet is for symphonic band (winds and percussion - no strings). [email protected] "
Direct links on YouTube are:-
&fe ature=related
Found the message on this Ballet Forum
http://www.topix.com/forum/arts/ballet/TL9GNC... where I was trying to find non-pornographic links to naked ballet.
There is some interesting discussion there including a contribution from a British Naturist

Since: Nov 10

Greenock, UK

#61 Nov 29, 2010
Part 3

Loved Leroy's "Garden of Earthly Delights". Maybe an alliance of UK Naturists and ballet companies or fans could bring Leroy's dream to fruition [/i] "
I have posted a copy of this message to Leroy as he will not see it or be able to communicate with us unless he becomes a member of BN - so I have sent him information on joining
Edit:- original link changed to try and avoid "adult" adverts!!
In doing further link repairs found the version of "Garden of Earthly Delights" by Martha Clarke
&fe ature=related
Now getting confused between composers, choreographers, and ballet companies. Think we saw this performed by Ballet Rambert but no links so far!! The body stockings in this performance sometimes left little to the imagination!

Massapequa Park, NY

#62 Apr 16, 2011
Natasha wrote:
I belong to a group that does allour ballet performances in the nude. We have male performers in our group who are very professional, and give outstanding performances.
I notice how people seem to speak about the erection these men have. I notice them all time, and yes, feel them on my body during performance and practice, but it is normal male function, just as us women become off and on arouse performing nude. Only women doesn't show like men.
I never give it a lot of thought, just notice it, and thought I would mention it here for any interested.
Where do the nude ballet perform?

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