Injured - how long will it take to heal?

Chatsworth, CA

#21 Aug 30, 2010
Wow this is a really stressful situation - a soft tissue tears - and scar tissue starts to form within 24 hrs. Ice and you can ice up to 15 minutes every hour - it will help. But I am not a physical therapist, and I recommend anyone sees one immediately, or a chiropractor.

I am kind of nutrition oriented - and my studies tell me that sugars, grains, and commercial red meats do not support healing (they promote inflammation) as well as grass fed beef/meats (more omega 3 oils) and olive/walnut/flaxseed/cold water fish oils do.

Arnica can over time, regenerate soft tissues to be more pliable than scar tissue.

Like I said I am not a doctor, so please ask your doc/chiro/PT about these comments.

Dancers don't ever give enough recovery time in training - so please dancers WARM UP! And eat well.(you ARE what you eat don't they say!).

I wish you all a good recovery.....regards.

Chatteris, UK

#22 Oct 18, 2010
a young dancer wrote:
at nationals the other week i did my right split and i heard something pop in my leg. i started feeling the pain from the inner lower part of my butt and the pain went all the way down to behind my knee. i wanna know what i did exactly to my leg and how long it will take to heal and if ill be able to kick as high and do my splits again without the pain this is going on my 2nd wk and ive been tryin to stretch it but it still hurts im going to be makin an appointment with my doctor cuz i have a show coming up in like a week and i need to be better by then..
...... Interested what your outcome was. I have done extactly the same. 18/10/20

Hamilton, Canada

#23 Jul 30, 2011
Yo that just happened to me like 2 hours ago. I went into over splits, and then something popped where my butt and leg connect!!!!! I waited this long to see if it was just like something that would pass but whenever I go into the splits it hurts. My mom was sitting like right next to me to and she heard it. Should I get it checked out or is it something that passes!?!?!?!
BTW I need it better soon I have tryouts for gymnastics

Lincoln, NE

#24 Aug 8, 2011
The same this happened to me this week! I was at dance practice and i can normally do my right split, but when i tried, this muscle in the back of my thigh hurt really bad and i can hardly go down into a flat split like i can. I just make sure to stretch it out as good as possible.

Plainview, NY

#25 Oct 4, 2011
I found this to be very helpful. It's a an article written for yoga instructors to help their students recover from hamstring tendon injuries:

United States

#26 Feb 16, 2012
Mee too all I did was strech for 3 months andit came back!!

Singapore, Singapore

#27 Feb 26, 2012
Me too. :( I did the splits without warming up and I really tried to go all the way down and I heard 3 cracks/pops while doing so. It's been 2 months now and whenever I try to do the splits/high kicks, there's pain in my lower butt. I'm so scared I won't be able to do splits properly ever again. :,(

South Brisbane, Australia

#28 Mar 18, 2012
Well i am only 12 and i do alot of basic gymnastics on my side lawn, And about two months ago i hurt just under my butt or at the very top at the back of my leg. I was showing some friends how i could do the splits and as i came up i felt a bit of pain but nothing to agonising. I have been stretching and gone down a little trying to do my split and it always hurts. I'm not exactly sure wether i should be stretching or resting it or what. It just wont go away!! What do you suggest i do?? i didnt really feel a pop or anything but it has been hurting when i do anything that involves spreading my legs in the split position (going up into a handstand or doing different styles of handstands.. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me!

Pell City, AL

#29 Mar 31, 2012
I am currently dealing with this same issue, and I know how painful it is. Not to mention how painful it is to your ego when you want to do the splits so badly, but your injury is holding you back. My teacher has related mine to a tendon pull. Her advice was to NOT force yourself to do something that hurts. She said that if you are feeling a burning pain in your leg when you force yourself into splits, you are only re-injuring it. Instead, warm-up very thoroughly, and then stretch only as far as you can go without pain, and hold it. She said patience is the key because this type of injury can take a year to heal sometimes.
Prayers and best wishes for a speedy recovery (for all of the injured dancers, myself included:)!

United States

#30 Apr 15, 2012
I pulled a muscle doing the splits while skating its been hurting for a week with my left leg in front witch is the leg is hurting in my upper thigh and my butt and I fell something pop what shall I do and how long will it be like this
i work out

Van Nuys, CA

#31 Apr 24, 2012
I am a consistant gym head and I was doing my regular stretch which is spreading ur legs open and reaching in forward as I was adjusting my legs I pulled them out further out and heard something crack under my left leg right under my butt its been a month and I can no longer stretch like I used too I can still run my miles do the stair master and everything but when I settle the pain kicks in. Has this happened to n e one??? Does n e one know if ithis can heal or what I should do to help it. I did sit out of the gym for a week and a half but the pain is still there help????:(

Browns Plains, Australia

#32 Apr 27, 2012
The same thing happened to me the other day... I was wondering if anyone here can do the splits again or do high kicks ?

Lithonia, GA

#33 May 4, 2012
I was showing off doing a split, and i wasnt warmed up and i felt and heard a pop in my butt, i got up i could hardly walk, i cant do the splits :( this is unfair
val dancer

Houston, TX

#34 Jun 26, 2012
i was stretching and when i went down to my right split.. i heard and felt something 'pop' in my inner right thigh, right between my butt and knee.. i just hurt it right now and i am in the verge of tears, not because of the pain( although it does hurt around a 5, 1-10) but because i am really scared that i will not be able to do the splits and dance anymore.. can someone please help me?? i am very worried... it hurts a little when i stand on it and my knee feels a sort of pressure kinda locked when i put pressure on it...

Minneapolis, MN

#35 Jul 5, 2012
Okay so the same exact thing happened to me about a week ago and I came on here to try to get some answers. I got my splits down for the first time and I did them a ton and strained my muscle. I have to dance in less than a month and I am worried. HELPPP!!!
Sherry Mie D

Brooklyn, NY

#36 Jul 6, 2012
It depends on the injury and what caused it but if your injury was caused by your profession then it would be a good idea to listen to your doctors advice and take a break for awhile from doing your job/passion to recover fully before going back to it.

West Jordan, UT

#37 Aug 23, 2012
I have the same injury,
I am a dancer also,
I think it was like 2 months ago i was playing a game with some friends it was called little sally walker.
it was my turn to go and i did not stretch.
i did them without thought of stretching,I did my right splits, i cant remember if i heard a pop sound.
but as i got up i could not walk, i started to limp.
The pain was the worst i have ever felt in my life, the pain was my right butt all the way down my back leg to the knee. i could not even sit down.
i went to the docter and had an X-ray but everything looked fine.
he said that it might be a couple stretched muscles or i have a partial ripped muscle.
he told me to rest it for awhile.
after a month i started stretching, and being a dancer i need to stretch everyday but i could not even stand in a stradle without falling or struggling. i could not go into my right, left or strattle, i still continue to stretch.
if anyone can give me help on how to help it heal quicker, i would really appreciate it.

Ramona, CA

#38 Sep 6, 2012
I did the same thing. I didn't stretch and I did the splits. I heard this pop in my leg, so I got up. It was SUPER painful and I'm still in the pain rite now. I have a performance in a 3 weeks or so and I need to be healed. I'm praying that it will get better.

Glen Ellyn, IL

#39 Sep 23, 2012
I wanted to get my splits really bad so I over stretched and I heard like three noises and now it hurts really bad I don't know what to do

Powder Springs, GA

#40 Oct 3, 2012
omg. i was at school stretching in split position. i went as low as i could and then i herd the pop. i did the full split but that was the worst butt pain ever. it has been only a couple of days but i think i am going to go to the doctor just in case. i hope it is good and not bad. 10* PAINFUL!!!!!

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