Pointe shoes hurting
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Helsinki, Finland

#1 Jun 20, 2007
Hey. I just bought my first pair of pointe shoes. They brang is Grishko. How long are they going to hurt my toes? I can't do like anything with then 'cause my toes are killing me..
a dancer


#2 Jun 21, 2007
unfortunately, pointe shoe hunting is a trial and error adventure. For me, i tried about three different brands of shoes before i found one that didnt hurt at all. You could consider trying a different brand. If your toes hurt in all the ones you try, i guess you could either get toe padding (if your school allows it). There are also lots of different kinds of paddings you could try. Hope this advice helps

Adelaide, Australia

#3 Jun 22, 2007
it is also a case of your toes getting tougher. as you have been on pointe for longer, it will probably hurt less and less. padding is also a very good idea- if your school allows it.

Adelaide, Australia

#4 Jul 6, 2007
Yours toes arent probably going to stop hurting :/
You'll just have to push through the pain, and you will probably get more used to the pain

Adelaide, Australia

#5 Jul 8, 2007
yes you do get used to the pain, but i think some classes will be more painful than others (ie longer classes, colder days, new moves you have learnt.)

Ryde, Australia

#6 Jul 8, 2007
ouch pouches and other padding can really help beginners-or even more experienced pointe dancers. especially bloch and 'dancer's boutique' ouchpouches/toepouches are gud. methylated spirits also helps to toughen your toes, so apply some everyday with a cotton pad or tissues. but make sure you dont rub the metho voer broken skin (blisters/cuts) cause i've done that- and it REALLY hurts!!


#7 Jul 9, 2007
there are also Ouch Pouches by Bunheads.
mark loui abril


#8 Jul 9, 2007
well my suggestion is that when it was ur first time it really hurts a lot but try not to think of the pain so at the end of the day you'll just see your self enjoying and having fun of doing such ballet combination concentration is the main key for that

Wellington, New Zealand

#9 Jul 9, 2007
lexington wrote:
Hey. I just bought my first pair of pointe shoes. They brang is Grishko. How long are they going to hurt my toes? I can't do like anything with then 'cause my toes are killing me..
I have grishkos and find them quite easy to use now. I'm on my 3rd pair and find if you use meths on your feet before and after wearing them .Also breaking the instep of the shoe and ripping the sole out helps alot. The pain doesn't stop completely but feels much better. Hope this helps

Adelaide, Australia

#10 Jul 10, 2007
toe pads are avery good idea if your school permits them. pointe will not stop hurting entirely. human kind was not made to stand of their toes. it is going to hurt a bit, but with toe pads, and maybe putting methylated spirits on your toes, it won't hurt so bad! at least we have pointe shoes with special hard soles and hard toes- the dancers in the old days (when pointe first started) used to darn the pointes of their soft shoes and stand on their toes. they couldnt do muchw hen the got there becuase it hurt too much! we are lucky!
dancer for life

Norcross, GA

#11 Jul 13, 2007
I just got my first pair of pointe shoes and I am so excited. I have been dancing for eleven years and I feel behinde because most people start pointe when there are 10 and I am 16 now and about to be in the 11th grade. I only have two years to train on my pointe shoes. before jumping into a company do you think I should go to school with a good dance program and strenghthen and get a better feel with pointe shoes or start setting up auditions in the fall of my seinor year?
ballerina girl

Brisbane, Australia

#12 Aug 24, 2007
im 13 and ive been doing ballet 4 1 yr and im in grade 3
how long will it takeme to get to en pointe and wat grade do i have to be in

Adelaide, Australia

#13 Aug 24, 2007
Ok, first of all it depends on your age. Just becuase you have been taking 2 years of ballet does not mean you are ready for pointe, becuase if you started when you were 7, and you are now 9, that is not old enough to start pointe. If you are about 12 or older (depending on the school you go to) you would be old enough for pointe. This still doesnt mean the person can go on pointe if they havent done ballet before.

Second is your ability and training. You should have at LEAST 2 years (approximately) of traing before doing pointe (and that is only if you are the right age.) You also have to have good turnout and technique, and strong muscles. Without these, even if you have been training for 2 years and you are the right age, you will not be ready for pointe.

Also, some schools consider the grade that you are in. Some schools start students on pointe in grade 4 or 5, but this is only to get them used to pointe, so that in the higher levels when pointe is required in exams, they have strength and knowledge. However, schools only do this if the students fit the criteria of age, training and ability. For example, if a 13 year old who has been training for 3 years is in grade 5 ballet, and they have good technique and strength, the teacher may ask them to start pointe. But, if a girl who is 9 years old who has been training for 6 years is in grade 5 ballet, the teacher probably won't put them on pointe. Lots and lots more other things that i havent written here are assesed before pointe is begun.

Never go onto pointe without permission from your teacher. it is dangerous to try and learn pointe by yourself. also, never try and stand on your toes without pointe shoes on. you can really hurt yourself.

Brisbane, Australia

#14 Aug 25, 2007
how many grades of ballet are there
ballerina girl

Brisbane, Australia

#15 Aug 25, 2007
thanx 4 the comment

wats the best way to improve my turnout and technique and have strong muscles even though i started late im trying hard to catch up

my ballet teacher says i have the best turnout in the class but i still cant do 5th position fully


#16 Aug 26, 2007
it depends what syllabus you do.

one syllabus i know has these grades:
beginers, pre primary, primary, grade 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 (optional if pointe can not be done), Pre Elementary, Elementary, Intermediate, Advanced and Solo Diploma. The Elementary Teaching Diploma exam may be taken after passing Elementary.

this is for ballet in that syllabus.

turnout just takes time. 5th position is very hard to achieve. it is great that your teacher sees that you have good turnout, so obviously she can see potential. ask your teacher for turnout excerises. genrally what you do in class works on your turnout (plies, rombe di jambes etc)
ballerina girl

Hawthorn, Australia

#17 Aug 27, 2007

Hawthorn, Australia

#18 Aug 27, 2007
who r u
r u really a dancer
and how long have u been dancing for


#19 Aug 27, 2007
I dont think there is point shoe who dosent hurt
in the beginning.
But I know do when you find the right shoe your
feet will get used to them.
I also knwow dancing on stage one forgets about
the pain. Later in the sudio one forgets it
again. So just keep going. With Love

“I Love ballet”

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#20 Aug 27, 2007
who are you talking to

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