is 14 too late to start ballet and go...

Brisbane, Australia

#21 Jul 11, 2012
Hi my name is Jennifer and l love Ballet Because it's fun and make me happy and l can make more new friends and lm 9 years old .

Sebring, OH

#23 Oct 28, 2012
hi i am 13 years old and i want to start ballet and become a pro when i grew up is it possite to start ballet at 13?
pointeinjanuary2 013

Gainesville, VA

#24 Nov 6, 2012
Dance is my life. I started ballet about 3 months ago. And in January I will be going on pointe :) yeah wish me luck.

Stillwater, MN

#25 Nov 15, 2012
It is never to late to start something. I just started competitive dance last year and have always wanted to be on pointe. last year was the year I finally started and now with hardwork I am the best in my class. Just the other day I did 37 Fuates(if thats how you spell it) on pointe and my teacher was amazed. Just know that your feet will turn ugly I do 7 hours of Pointe a week but I have 4 solos on pointe and my feet look not so good. There are a lot of convention to do and this year I am one of there star dancers. Its really easy but it hurts at least for me because i do 7 hours 6 days a week so thats 42 hours of pointe a week but you get used to it good luck :)

Stillwater, MN

#26 Nov 15, 2012
and im 7 now just so you know

Beijing, China

#27 Nov 21, 2012
Good question.. I started ballet at age 4. And I took exams and stuff up to Grade 7. Grade 8 being the last grade, but I foolishly quit after my grade 7 exam.(Got a distinction, but yeah stupid to quit right?) & I did pointe work also. When I quit, I was 14. and now I'm 20 its been 6 years! & All the sudden I want to go back to dance ballet again. But I haven't done any ballet for the past 6 years. Think I've become "stiff" already and not sure if I'm too old now to go back.

Fargo, ND

#28 Nov 21, 2012
Leyloh wrote:
Well im 14 n i wuld really luv 2 dance balle bt im nt dat fit most ppl thnk balle z 4 skinny ppl so am i too l8 2 start again coz at da age of 6 i found it lame HELP!! Am i too l8 or wat?
Hey! I'm think about starting ballet too and I'm 14! You don't have to be skinny, just dedicated. I'm also in gymnastics (I did it when I was younger but had to quit) and its never to late to start anything ever. Just set your heart on it! Also find a few friends to take the class with you! It will be more fun and you can improve together!

Portland, OR

#29 Dec 8, 2012
Im 13, and think about ballet ALL the time. I used to do It like alot of little girls, but like one of the comments up their, I quit, I cant remember why. But all around the house Its twirl that, jump that. I was in figure skating for a year 1/2. So maybe I got something from that. I beleive I have muscular legs and strong feet. I acctually even ''made'' point shoes and legitimatly went on pointe, its fun, i still do it xD I know its dangerous tho. but im seriously thinking about going to take some classes. Alot of my friends do. I weigh i believe 130, which brings me down alot, but i have however lost 10 pounds in a short period of time, hoping i keep that up. Dont judge on that please, and i am pretty muscular in my perspective. So do you all think I could try out? I know my mother will say im too old.

Albany, NY

#30 Dec 9, 2012
Im 14, and i've always wanted to do ballet. I'm worried that I'm way to fat, But I just love it and I'm just worried that some girls will make fun of me...Can someone please give me advice!!!
kamlove dance

Sacramento, CA

#31 Dec 20, 2012
Hey I'm fifteen going on 16 and I just need some advice. Last year I started ballet.but when I joined colorguard I had to stop....I might go back into ballet I love dance LOVE IT.....everytime I think about it I get sad because I'm not at the level I want to be should I pursue it?
me tring to get in ballet

United States

#32 Dec 26, 2012
well im latin trying a art that im really intrested... but .. i think the positions hurt your feet..
me tring to get in ballet

United States

#33 Dec 26, 2012
by the way im 12


#34 Jan 1, 2013
I am 13 and I would love to start ballet I wen for one lesson when I was about 5 but didn't like it. In year 7 I went to Jazz classes at school and I am quite a good dancer and learn quickley. I am not in the best shape though I'm about 5ft 3in and nearly 9 stone I'm abit bubbley and scared ill be chubbyer than the other people in the classes if I go. My mum did ballet and tap when she was little and enjoyed it but she said it take time and patience wich I think I can handle and I also like to start tap and go to Jazz again but she keeps telling me I'm too old. Any advice? I don't really think we can afford it either - help please x


#35 Feb 6, 2013
i really want to start ballet and im 14 i was wondering if is still to late? becuase i really like to start, but people say you have start youn and that's is that true ? but, is it still late?

Centereach, NY

#36 Feb 11, 2013
I'm 13 and I want to start ballet, however I want to have a professional carrer. I know it's too late to start but what do you suggest I do that would help me pursue my dream?

Stoke-on-trent, UK

#37 Mar 17, 2013
pointeshoes wrote:
I am 13 and I really want to start ballet too. Is this too old to go pro? I really want to start and train super hard so that I can catch up.
But...(yes here comes the big but!) I haven't even convinced my parents to let me start they think its weird that I want to start and say "you're too old! people start ballet at 3 not 13!"
How can I convince them!?
And any tips on getting really flexible quickly ie. splits asap
and what kind of stretches can i do at home to prepare myself for ballet. I want to be really good if I start. What kind of excersises can I do at home I mean, and they have to be simple ones, like my parents aren't gonna buy me a barre or those elastic things so what are some I can do that are really helpful but don't require equipment.
Thanks so much! Hopefully I can start ballet!
I'm 11 and I've only just started ballet again after quitting when I was 6 or something and it took me a couple of weeks to onvince my mam but I just kept taking about how much I loved to dance everyday and she eventually let me.

Portland, OR

#38 Mar 17, 2013
DaniTheL wrote:
Absolutely not! I started when I was 16 and went onto pointe when I was 17. It definitely takes a lot of determination and patience. I went to an arts high school as a theatre major and took classes with the dance majors as electives. So I was basically taking classes with seasoned dancers who had to audition to get into the school. Starting out at the bottom is definitely hard because of your age group. Most of the people in your class will be stronger dancers, but don't let it discourage you. If it is something you have a strong drive to do you should go for it. There are a few success stories of girls starting out late in the game and making it professionally, but those are once in a lifetime events. Its never to late to start a hobby, though.
did you go to acma? Cause that's where I go and I'm a freshman and I'm in begining dance there. Though I'm the only freshman in my class and everyone else is in middle school. I love it

Tangerang, Indonesia

#39 Mar 24, 2013
me too, i'd love to learn ballet again. i learned ballet when i was 9 and quit when i was 12 because my teacher closed the course, this year i'll be 15. at first i kinda lost my hope, but when i'm reading all of the comments i feel like i'm not alone in this situation and build up my courage
so i'll try to convincing my parents again..:)


#40 Mar 29, 2013
I.m 14 and really want to start doing ballet again and my parents said I could start in the next month!! I did ballet from 2 till 9 and had to stop cause we moved.:( But how long would it take for me to get en pointe once I start, or is it too late?

Caernarfon, UK

#41 Mar 31, 2013
I turned 14 about a month ago. I've never done dance before, but I've always wanted to do contemporary dance. I wondered whether I needed to start ballet first (so I can learn all the basic steps, to help with contemporary dance) or not. Also, I didn't know whether it was too late to start now and hope to be a professional in the future. Would I be able to achieve that dream or not now?

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