Too old for ballet?

Billingham, UK

#22 Jan 13, 2007 15, nearly 16, and I would love to start ballet dancing. But I would prefer to start in an adults beginner i too young to be in the adults beginner class? And am I too old to become very good at ballet? I have done other dancing previously..and i do dancing at the moment as an after school class...and in P.E (sport), i have danced on and off at different places for a while, but would really love to get stick to somewhere..but I always feel embarressed or daft when starting, because others girls my age or younger are way ahead of me..which seems to put me off..and advice on any of this please? thnx =]

Billingham, UK

#23 Jan 13, 2007
Oh and i have also done gymnastics since i was young, but quit last year..i was never really good...but i got passed basics i guess...does this help any way in the strength part of dancing? thnx =]

Verdun, Australia

#24 Jan 13, 2007
I think that you should definately go for it. If you can find an adults beginner class then you should definately ask the teacher of the school if it would be acceptable for you to be in it. The teacher may let you, or she may think you would benefit from being around people your own age. Some schools even do a teenager begginer class which would be great too.

I don't think you are too old to become very good at ballet. I'm not sure how far you want to go in ballet though. I'm not sure about becoming proffesional for you, however, because you would have to start as a proffesional fairly late... But just wanting to become a very good dancer for enjoyment, i don't think it is out of reach at all. You need to be patient when starting ballet, as turnout, grace and especially remembering what you have learnt doesnt come easy.

Your experiences in dancing might be useful as in you may know how to move to music, you may have good posture, and you may know some technical ballet terms, but ballet is hard to learn and will take time.

As for gymnastics, this could help a little bit, as in you may have flexibility necessary for ballet. One ballet school I know even teaches older boy students gymnasium training. Girls arn't taught this though.

I also think that you need to find a suitable school which you can stick to.

Billingham, UK

#25 Jan 14, 2007
thnx for that =] i wos talking to my friend who is my age, who has done ballet for years I think, and shes on pointe now. She said that at the place she goes to, there are people older that me that are beginners, so that helps too =] I guess I just got to decide wat I want most, and sort out my priorities, as I also do Ice skating, drama and singing, and dance afta school lol :P thanks =] Have you ever seen the film:'A time for dancing'? If you have, would you able to tell me what type of dancing they do in the film please? thanks =]

Brisbane, Australia

#26 Jan 14, 2007
Perhaps you could join your friends ballet school. This would be good, as you would know someone there. You probably wouldn't be in her class at the start, but it would be easy to get the phone number off of the her for the school.

Abd no, i haven't seen that movie sorry.

Milton Keynes, UK

#27 Jan 16, 2007
I have danced since i was 3 stopped for three years and started again a year ago I have lost alot of flexabilty,Will i get it back? to be fair i haven't been streching every day only at class. Also I want to go to a dance school to get some qualifications is this possible seen as im 22 now?

Adelaide, Australia

#28 Jan 16, 2007
I don't quite understand your dancing experiences. You danced when you were three, stopped for three years, and started again (when you were 6?) and then you started agin a year ago.

I don't know if you will get your flexablility back but anythings possible. With stretching every day or so, you will become much more flexible. You should also seek advice from your teacher, she may also have good stretches.

I don't know what kind of qualifications you would like. Dance teacher qualifications probably wouldnt be out of reach. I don't know what age they stop taking people from at proffesional dance schools. Again seek advice from your dance teacher.

Milton Keynes, UK

#29 Jan 17, 2007
Sorry i danced through from the age of 3 - 17 just at local dance schools I started again when i was 21. I really surprised how much flexability i have lost in that time!!

Ramsgate, UK

#30 Jan 17, 2007
im 14 and i have been doing tap and jazz dancing for about 3 or 4 years. i really really want to to ballet but i asked my mum about a year ago and she said im not the right shape. i really want to do it but im embarassed to ask agaib. help!!!! what shall i do??
Lea Carola

Sant'elpidio A Mare, Italy

#31 Jan 17, 2007
Hey Guys! I think that u have ti try thought if u are 50! dont have any regrets in your life! u like ballet! so dance! TRY IT! its better if u start ballet at 11. even qhen u are 15 its too late!! but, anyway, just TRY! who knows? maybe u'll bea great coreographer like or father Maple, or u'll open a ballet school! WHO KNOWS WHAT COULD HAPPEN? DO WHAT U DO JUST KEEP ON LAUGHING!!(see avril lavigne's song:D)ok? I think like that! then U have to make your choise!!!
If u have a good school in your town... GO FOR IT! think about me: i had to leave ballet because in my town there aren't ANY good school and i dont have the courage to go living away from my family and my friends, because i think: and if i wont become an etoile?? i would loose all my childhood... So i left it, but i miss dancing... i ry a lot of times.. but its life! maybe there will be something best in the future! maybe i'm not destinated to do that...i dont know! but i just think u have to try, but certainly i think u wont be a good dancer in a year! the body needs many many many years and a ballerina's career ends suddenly, u know... but this doesnt mean u dont have to follow your dreams! BYE!!

Hull, UK

#32 Jan 17, 2007
I am 30 and have just started ballet :)

Norwood, Australia

#33 Jan 19, 2007
Yes so you have only been off of ballet for 4 years?! Well you would remember alot from it, especually french terminology! I think that you probably will get a bit of flexibility back- anythings possible with lots of stretching!


#34 Jan 19, 2007
Lea Carola, I love your enthusiasm!!!! xD

I started when I was 5, and have been doing ballet ever since, which marks this year as my 7th year of ballet.:) I'm hoping I can go into a show and all, but even if I had started at 10 or 11, it wouldn't really matter. ;)

Ballet isn't about the age - it's about the dance, the art - how you can express yourself in ballet. If you're 50 and shine on stage, you're a prima.

So, don't care about the age, girls - just care about the dance. ;)

Malvern, UK

#35 Jan 20, 2007
nope i have never done ballet before. i started tap and jazz when i was 10 and now I am 14 and still do both of them. I really want to start ballet. I am quite flexible - can do the splits. But i am not what you'd call thin, most ballet dancers are. About a year ago i asked my mum if i could start ballet with my friend, but she said i wasn't the right shape, as in I'm too fat. I don't want to ask again - i want someone to ask me!! I reeeally want to do ballet. HELP!! xx


#36 Jan 20, 2007
You don't have to be ultra-skinny to be ballerina. Too many people have this idea. >.< Ask your mum again and tell her what I said. She's a real bully if she says no.:P

Since: Jan 07

Council Bluffs, IA

#37 Jan 20, 2007
Hi Maple. Just to give you a boost...
I was chatting on this site called itzamatch and this girl starts up a conversation about how we both love ballet. To make a story short, turns out she was diagnosed with lupus and has serious scoliosis (sp?). She took up ballet classes at the age of 24 just to improve her condition. 6 years later, she is now at her best, she is performing at a local theater in the Philippines and feeling good as ever. A stranger i met online has become an example that anything is possible if you put your mind to it!

Mission, Canada

#38 Jan 21, 2007
Maple wrote:
Hi, I am 22 years old and have always wanted to take ballet classes. My father was a choreographer but because of certain factors, I never recieved lessons. There is a studio in town that offers lessons but I feel I may be too old to start beginner ballet. I cannot for the life of me do a split and I know this is a key for many ballet moves. Can you even learn to do a split if you're my age? My dream is to go on pointe. Even if I'm never in a performance, I'd like to at least end up on pointe after enough training. Any suggestions, advice, tips? Thanks :)
Hey, I have been dancing ballet since i was 3 years old. I'm 14 now and would like to become porfessional. There are beginner classes for adults.
Just look ip up on the internet =P

Marlborough, MA

#39 Jan 27, 2007
hi i am 16...i have no dancing experience at all..and i really can't dance...i wanna learn ballet i too old to start learning?

Camp Hill, Australia

#40 Jan 27, 2007
Nope I think you should definately start learning ballet. If you are worried about not being graceful etc. that is what is taught in ballet class, and does not necessarily come naturally to people.

I can understand why so many people would want to learn ballet. To know that you are learning to move just like famous ballerinas is a great thing.

Do not be worried about age. As you can see, many people are deciding whether or not to start, becuase they feel they are too old. Just go for it. You may find some helpful tips at this site:

You may also want to start in a beginner class. Adult or teeneger beginner classes are not unheard of.

Basingstoke, UK

#41 Jan 30, 2007
thanks guys. i will tell you if i start xx

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