Tenor Bocelli says 'contaminated' by ...

Tenor Bocelli says 'contaminated' by temptation of money

There are 8106 comments on the Channels.netscape.com story from Mar 26, 2006, titled Tenor Bocelli says 'contaminated' by temptation of money. In it, Channels.netscape.com reports that:

Italian opera star Andrea Bocelli said he was "contaminated" by the temptation of money even if he already has too much.

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United States

#8128 Oct 2, 2012
Yes, I liked Andy, too. Remember watching his variety show back in the day--won't say how far back! ;)

How is everybody? Long time no visit here. Any fresh thoughts on Bocelli these days? I heard a clip online of him singing in London, I think. The voice sounded great. Glad to see he's still got the stuff!

Dudley, UK

#8129 Oct 2, 2012
I hope Andy's death does not spark a lot of imitations. Particularly not from Andrea.
There was one Andy and there is one Andrea.

The "heart seems to have gone out of Bocelli fans I believe. Shame because he has beeen in very good voice.

Exeter, UK

#8130 Oct 8, 2012
I saw him on the Classic Brit Awards singing Amazing Grace. He sounded in good form, and I think his now totally white locks give him an air of gravitas. He compares well with some of the men I know who were born the same year.

Aberdeen, UK

#8131 Oct 8, 2012
Thought he soinded good but hate those specs! I noticed that his eyes wwre open behind them ,though!
I always felt that it must be some sort of strain
to keep them closed all the time.

I wonder if LLoyd Webber will write a song for him as he hopes?

Mansfield, MA

#8132 Oct 9, 2012
How are things looking for Obama in Michigan?

Tipton, UK

#8133 Oct 17, 2012
Did anyone catch he itunes festival concert?
I was very impressed. The "old" Andrea back again!

Kalamazoo, MI

#8134 Oct 18, 2012
Hi Gert--Good to see you pop up! I remember we had a spirited discussion 4 years ago--both of us totally demoralized by Sarah Palin. I'm glad that episode has passed. I don't think very many people take her seriously any more although I was shocked that so many did back then, including John McCain. That showed a major lack of wisdom and judgement on his part I think.

I was very discouraged my Obama's first debate. I hope that didn't lose it for him. I thought the second one was much better and I hope enough people felt that way. Michigan is supposed to be fairly safe for Obama but there are still a lot of ads being run by both sides. I don't hear it listed with the "swing states" however so hopefully Obama will pull it out. I can't stand Romney, the snake oil salesman! It sounds like a lot hinges on Ohio.

How are things looking in Massachusetts? I'm also wondering about the Elizabeth Warren/Scott Brown race. What are your thoughts on that.

Kalamazoo, MI

#8135 Oct 18, 2012
Katy, what do you consider the "old" Andrea?

Aberdeen, UK

#8136 Oct 18, 2012
I meant the younger less jaded Andrea. The one who seemed to enjoy what he was doing.

On the other hand , he was far more relaxed and at ease wih he audience - laughing and joking and speakig more than he often does- the "old" Andrea didn't do that!

He and Carlo ,make a great eam .I hope he will be able o conduct the orchestra at more of Andrea's concerts - but I realise most will have heir own conductors.

Mansfield, MA

#8137 Oct 19, 2012
Hi Carry - and all! Massachusetts will go with Obama. Romny was our governor and we all hated him. We lost jobs during his four years and we went into debt. He was never here - ever. Now he is using his governorship as a springboard to the presidency - his agenda from the get-go.

I will be going with Warren, of course. Incidentally, her campaign headquarters is right across the hall from my office - though I have yet to lay eyes upon her. Nevertheless, it is the closest I have ever been to any political scene.

That first debate!!!! What the heck was wrong with Obama! I think he was just tired of dealing with that blowhard, he just could get it up. The second -much better and I just love Joe Biden.

I bet Romny has binders at the ready on Jews, Blacks, hispanics, the disabled. Only white men aren't in binders.

I keep thinking f the great Lincoln-Douglas debates.

Well, in a few days, it will all be history.

Kalamazoo, MI

#8138 Oct 23, 2012
I think Obama totally blew away Romney last night with his grasp of foreign affairs. I loved his comment about less horses and bayonets! Unfortunately the news media seems to think that fair and balanced means pointing out an equal number of positives and negatives of both candidates even though it's clear that Obama has a lot more positives. Apologies to our friends from other countries who probably don't give a hoot about our election! It will be over soon, thank God!

Gert, I have been thinking about you in regards to Lincoln, too. I picked up a copy of Newsweek with a cover of Lincoln and the blurb: "THE GREAT CAMPAIGNER - How Lincoln Traded Favors, Twisted Arms, and Bullied Friends to Win the Good Fight" by Sidney Blumenthal. I have not read the article yet but it sounds interesing. I have always thought of Lincoln as a statesman, not so much a politician.

Then there is a new movie about Lincoln by Steven Spielberg which sounds very interesting. He is purposely not releasing it before the election because he didn't want it to become politicized. But there have been ads on TV and I look forward to seeing it.

Got my fingers crossed for Obama and Warren!

Mansfield, MA

#8139 Oct 23, 2012
Hi Carry,
I have just a minute and plan to return later, but just a word about Lincoln.
He WAS a politician and that is not necessarily a dirty word when that very same person is a great statesman and a humanitarian. Case in point - when Lincoln got the first Republican nomination,( He was everyone's second choice - Free Soilers, Abolishionists, former Whigs, etc.) he kept his mouth shut, never went to the convention and rarely, allowed surrogates to speak for him. He retained a lot of mystery just to get elected. He needed all his subgroups and could not afford to upset anyone. I think he was smart and I, of course, see the wisdom of his actions. Our candidates today need their subgroups too - but their groups are women, Hispanics, illegal immigrants, Evangelicals, seniors, auto workers, etc. The devil is in the details and a lot of details are kept close to the vest. Romney is very good at this but he does not have a track record of caring for anyone except himself (I'm from Massachusetts!)- that's why I don't forgive him. I think Obama is a lot more intelligent and has a lot more integrity. As for the size of the military, he consults the experts - not making flashy statements about the more the better. The military establishment drains much from health, education and general welfare. Obama see this and Romney may but will not admit it because he is pandering to the notion that might makes right. Obama does not pander to broad, long-held notions. He sees the complexity of the modern world and tries to explain things. This works with smart people. We have to think, not be entertained and soothed by our leaders. Just my too cents!

Tipton, UK

#8140 Oct 23, 2012
No neeed to apologise Carry, yoou must know that the rest of the world HAVE to give a hoot bout your election as the result will affect us all .

Obviously , we do not look at it in the same way as you do but we are far from indifferent I assure you.

I have stayed up all night on several occasions
watching the results coming in.

Personally , I don't like these debates- I find them very predictable and in general but it is daunting to hink that for many they could be a deciding factor . So much hanging on how the candidates feel on the day or a slip of the tongue or perhaps some points it is impossible to debate fully for one reason or another.
It is very difficult to compare our political systems and very easy to draw false comparisons.
I have been following the political topics on this website for a while . Very interesting.

I always feel that Americans tend to be less cynical and jaded about politics than we Brits but I am not sure that is the case hesed daya .

Hampton, NH

#8141 Oct 31, 2012
Gert says, "Massachusetts hated Romneyh as Governor. Jobs were lost and the state sent into serious debt."
Isn't that a description of exactly what's happened to the country during the last four years under the current administration? The country nearly went bankfupt. The unemployent rate has already exceeded what we were told the President would neer let happen..........hmmmmmmmmmmm!

United States

#8142 Nov 1, 2012
No it isn't. Do yo do drugs or just not follow the news? The economy failed before Obama took office and he has been digging out ever since. The House has led by the Republicans have vetoed everything thing this man has tried to do.. and yet we are still succeeding. The next elections will prove interesting if the Democrats succeed in replacing the house Republicans and and Obama is re-elected. If not this country will fall as it has never before.It truly will be a 3rd world country in no time at all.

Mansfield, MA

#8143 Nov 1, 2012
Not at all, Ian! We are steadily digging out of a deep hole created by policies put in place by the Bush years. Lasting change takes time. Study Roosevelt. All the policies he put in place - regulation of banking, minimum wage, social security, etc - all ideas that have become bedrock to American society - all had bitter opposition from big business. People who vote for Romney are low-information voters who view government as business - and it is not a business.
Romney said FEMA had to go. Really? Tell that to Chris Christy now!

Indiscriminate privatization is the road to greed, inequality, the death of the middle class and revolution.

Romney "chose" not to run again in MA because he hadn't a prayer to be re-elected. He's a man with one vision - he wants to be president. He'll tell you what you want to here but in the end a vote for him is a vote against your own best interest - unless you independently wealthy.

P.S. I've run a service agency for 30 years. I'm small business and middle class - and Democrat!

I certainly hope New Hampshire will agree.

In studying Roosevelt - described by some as a traitor to his class (the wealthy)- it is inspirational how he highly regarded business and it was business that won the war by its massive productivity with government support. We cannot be an either or society - it is the recognition of mutual responsibilities and strengths tat is essential. Government must care for all.

Hampton, NH

#8144 Nov 2, 2012
Gert - I didn't respond immediately as I wished to take the time to give this careful consideration. I felt I'd been treated to steriotypical Demmocaric rejoindr by Ms. Elizabeth with the insulting innuendo as to whether I either took drugs or perhaps didn't listen to the news. My ruminating arrived at the folowing conclusions - first of all, evidently, Ms. Elizabeth hasn't paid a great deal of attention to the news of late because she seems to have missed a couple of key points. The first two years of Obama's term he had a Deocratic house and senate but did nothing with them except to push through an "indiscriminate privatization" policy called "Obamacare" which, when it comes to full fruition, will put the US in the throes of socialized medicne such as exists in Britain and Canda. A plan that's negative at best and poorly executed wherever it exists. Many people did not want Obamacare and still don't but that was uppermost in Mr. Obama's game plan - not the economy or "digging out" as you put it, from the perils of the Bush years. This during a two year period when he would have had the backing of his own pary to enact his issues. Then he lost that backing to the Republicans for the second two years of his term and since that time, we haven't succeeded, as Ms. Elizabeth contends - we've lost evn more ground.

I'm afraid I must also disagree as to the reason Romney didn't run for reeletion as Governor of Massachusetts. I'll conceed tht he might well have failed in a bid for reelecion but the reason he left Massachusetts was because he wished to head up the Olympics in Salt Lke City that year. A post that he truly botched in the worst way!

Gert, even if I were qualified to vote, which I am not, as I'm not a citizen of this country, I actually wouldn't vote for either candidate. I truly don't consider either candidate worthy of being elected to the highest office in the land, nor do I find their supporters to be completely cognizant of the issues involved in many tragic cases. Nor, sadly, qualified to vote reasonably or rationally with solid, good nformation and well grounded and clearly thought out reasons for their choices. Yellow dog Demorats and Red-eyed Republicans rule the day. Many trumpet their preferences at the top of their lungs in the fervent hope that the rank and file around them will have forgotten true history and can be swayed by predjudiced hyperbole. And in every election, both parties indulge themselves in this practice.

Mansfield, MA

#8145 Nov 2, 2012

I agree with a lot of what you say. I think by the time one is "electable", in some sense, you will have lost your soul to some unsavory elements of the party. Washington felt that a party system would destroy this country but I think it is unavoidable.

My problem with the health care bill that we now have is that it has not gone far enough. I don't know what country you come from but I feel we must and eventually will have a single payer, national option. I consider affordable health care - and affordable education - part of national defense. Debt has become the "new normal" for the younger generation getting through college. I, along with my husband, have run a counseling agency for over thirty years dealing daily with all insurances. We have come to a personal absolute truth that privatization of health care helps no one except the insurance company. I also do not know why I, as an employer, have to give you health care. Isn't it enough that I give you a job? The government should give you health care - or at least a public option. Where would we be without a public option in education? BU is $60,000 a year! Privatization certainly does benefit the middle class there.

I have enjoyed sharing my opinions with you. I like people who think and I tried to think - and read - myself. These times we live in a far from the worst of times and far greater scoundrels have held the presidency than these two.

Well, thank God the Olympics came up for Romney - it saved his face - because we can't stand him! Obama is intelligent, thoughtful and sincere. I'd take him any day.

Mansfield, MA

#8146 Nov 2, 2012
One more thing, Ian. I recently had a brother-in-law who died of a brain tumor.
They were caught in the "do-nut" hole and had to pay $13,000 for his chemo-drugs each month. To avoid this cost, my sister traveled to Canada and got the same drugs for $2,700. Something is really wrong with that picture. When your husband is dying, the last thing you need to do is hit the road to a foreign country to get your medicine.

Tipton, UK

#8147 Nov 2, 2012
I am very sorry about your brother in law Gert.
I know he had been ill for some time. I hiope he had a peaceful death and managed a reasonable quality of life.

I have always felt that the American Helthcare system flew in the face of the principles on which your country was founded.
On the other hand changing the system must be frightening for many. Not n easy task.

It is one of the most difficult things any government has to do - to find a fair healthcare sysem. It can never satisfy everyone and is constanly subject to change and revision .
Still , once the main principle has been established it is sure o become easier. Nothing is more difficult than the transition period.

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