Starving Vegan Children
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#41 Jun 17, 2012
Squach wrote:
It's been a very long time since I had an infant in the house so I'm not up to date on the food products available but aren't there soy based formulas that are fortified with the necessary vitamins and minerals? Dietary supplements? If the child did not respond to those in a healthy manner, why would a vegan parent not feed their children something they did respond to in a healthy manner even if it meant some animal products? Shouldn't a vegan diet be an individual choice and wouldn't it be better to raise a healthy child capable of making that choice? You must admit that, whether the parents are vegan or omnivorous, all of the children in these articles have suffered because of choices made by the parents.
There are some kids who are lactose intolerant. One of mine was, discovered after weaning (kids were breastfed). It wasn't difficult, soy formula while weaning and then just vit supplements and watching diet -- she did have a few other food allergies (some gluten problems, fish allergies). Not easy, but it's not an unsolvable problem where a child needs to starve to death, either. Of course, this was 20 some years ago, and am not up to date either on what is on the market regarding infant formulas, but answer then was to find and use foods and supplements that were fortified or had natural amounts of calcium, Vit D, and a few other things for her that she could tolerate without reaction. Pediatricians are pretty helpful in that department, if you get the drift....(sometimes there are people out there who totally disregard medical advice....)

“Queen of my domain”

Since: May 10

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#42 Jun 17, 2012
hunters are COWARDS wrote:
<quoted text>BWAHAHAHAHA...the psycho STILL has no idea what she is talking about!! You are effing clueless, psycho and the more you throw Carl Sagan's name around the more you prove how effing stupid you are. You have NO IDEA what I know and who I have known. You copy and paste and throw names around and you STILL don't know a dam' thing. You know NOTHING about ANIMAL RIGHTS and you know NOTHING about being VEGAN yet you sling CARL SAGAN'S name around and try to tell ME that I don't know??? effing hilarious!!! You fool NO ONE but your uneducated, wretched OLD self, psycho. You obsess over things and people you know NOTHING about. You make an ass of yourself and you are humiliated every time you come here and yet you can't break away.
You need psychiatric help ASAP, psycho. No sane person would EVER act like you do. These are the ANIMAL RIGHTS forums and they are intended for people who have an interest in stopping animal CRUELTY and senseless DEATHS. Meanwhile, you and the other washed up past middle age no life losers infest these threads because your pointless 'lives' are EMPTY. You fret over people who thrive healthfully without eating animal corpses and it enrages you that people like me exist. You think about me and OBSESS day and night because you have nothing in your miserable life to focus on. You know it's true!!
Carry on and keep obsessing and I will keep tell you what I will keep telling your sorry flabby old ass:
Ok, then. Educate us on Sagan. Can you explain to us what the Baloney Detector Kit is all about and why he wrote that?
hunters are COWARDS

Virginia Beach, VA

#45 Jun 17, 2012
LOL---the freak post decorators are busy busy busy!!! Hilarious how you idiots waste so much time putting cute pictures on my posts!!!

Sydney, Australia

#46 Jun 17, 2012
hunters are COWARDS wrote:
<quoted text>The thing is that the moron who started this thread did so because he is an ignoramus who wants to try and claim that vegan diets are not good for children. The fact is, and what I was proving with all of the links I posted is that in every case it was parents who were NEGLECTFUL. Period. There are far more meat eating parents who deliberately harm their children but the headline never reads "Meat eating parents" starve their child, murder their child...etc. The media likes to get attention obviously, and saying VEGAN is a sure way to get it..
This is a bit off topic, but I think you would be interested: There was a story about a month ago where a Pit Bull saved a woman from being hit by a train. However the headline read: "DOG Saves Owner from Oncoming Train" Note that it didn't say Pit Bull. Imagine if that dog bit someone, it would undoubtedly say "Pit Bull attacks". The media likes to toy with words and sensationalize things of course. btw, here's the link to that:
Back on topic--again, it wasn't that the parents were vegan or meat eaters, in ALL cases they were neglectful, ignorant, or cruel. The fact that there are so many people trolling the Animal Rights forums when they clearly know little to nothing about it or about veganism is absurd.
Hope you had a nice Father's Day.
Ahoy idiot.
I am not merely saying that "vegan diets are not good for children".
I am saying that vegan diets are not good for anybody.
That's why there are so many sick and dead vegans out there.
Feeding a baby a sickening vegan diet is criminal.
The baby needs MILK.
As the baby grows it will need MEAT.
So kindly take your swag of vegan bullshit and shove it where the sun don't shine, you stupid fanatic.

Galloway, OH

#47 Jun 18, 2012
hunters are COWARDS wrote:
<quoted text>Hey psycho, I am not wasting my time explaining sh#t to you. YOU and the several other mentally disturbed trolls have ZERO interest in ANIMAL RIGHTS and VEGANISM. None of you witless, trifling trolls have any knowledge whatsoever in either of these topics.
It's hilarious that you keep throwing Carl Sagan's name around and refer to his Baloney Detector kit when YOU have NEVER contributed a single relevant or remotely intelligent thought to ANY of these discussions. This thread was started by another idiot like YOU who has no clue what veganism is. You witless past middle age socially inept losers waste away every minute of your pointless, miserable 'lives' obsessing and having hissy fits over ANIMAL RIGHTS and outspoken VEGANS. You are a mentally disturbed freak who is obsessed with ME. 99% of your asinine posts are either to or about ME. Get lost, psycho, I will NEVER converse seriously with a wretched, despicable POS like you. Also, you clearly know NOTHING about Sagan or his baloney detection kit because IF you did you would realize what and ass you are making of yourself. You have done nothing here BUT ad hominem attacks, You seek me out every chance you get and all you do is spout of trash and insults. Get the hell off of the ANIMAL RIGHTS forums you despicable old hag. You have NOTHING to contribute but your ignorance, intolerance and hatred of all things you do not comprehend. Quit wasting space here and quit obsessing over me. These are the ANIMAL RIGHTS forums and you know NOTHING about it. Get lost, you wretched troll.
Gonna beg, bitch and moan some more? Gonna yap about a man you know NOTHING about?? Of course you are because you are mentally disturbed and you wallow in a cesspool of your own misery.
Can't provide a simple answer, can you? Avoid it to show us your bitchy little anger against the world.

Grow up. Sagan wrote the Baloney Detector Kit in order to explain, in easy terms, how to test arguments and detect false of fraudulent arguments. You're an effing narcissistic freak. You think the more you swear, the nastier you become, the more likely you're going to prove yourself. One thing is true about you, honey may draw flies but shit draws even more. And you shit like no tomorrow. Take it elsewhere--you're definitely a miserable little freak.

Galloway, OH

#49 Jun 18, 2012
hunters are COWARDS wrote:
<quoted text>Can't stop obsessing can you?? You also can't comprehend the meaning of : I will NEVER converse seriously with a wretched, despicable hag like you. YOU are the narcissist, psycho and I have already told you that SEVERAL times. You know NOTHING about me and I know PLENTY about you. Why?? Because you are a narcissist who loves talking about herself. Not only are you a witless old BORE, but you know NOTHING about Animal Rights or about being VEGAN yet you obsess day and night and you bitch and rant about things and people you clearly know NOTHING about. Get lost, psycho and quit begging me for the attention you will never get.
Ready for the words you long for??
Gonna beg some more?? Of course you are because you are a mentally disturbed freak who can't comprehend that I will NEVER converse seriously with you. Have fun ranting, bitching and begging, it;s obviously the most exciting part of your empty 'life'.
What's that you say again? I'm not here 24X7 like you are.

PS: there's little to know about animal rights or veganism. Most of it is rather unscientific!

Nighty night freak. Go for it, have the last word.
Zombie Corpse Rental

San Jose, CA

#51 Jun 21, 2012
Christmas Hunter wrote:
<quoted text>Where does it say they were meat eaters?
It's all true in HAC's twisted imagination. Often when reflecting on her childhood as a truck stop prostitute she'll fly into these types of odd anti-hamburger fantasies.

Nothing a double cheeseburger and lard-cooked fries wouldn't solve.

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