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Hunters are COWARDS

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#63 Sep 17, 2011

Two men were recently charged with crimes related to hunting on property where the activity was not permitted.

Alan Dale Leep, 60, of 92 Dodson Road, Mt. Jackson, and Randall M. Stottlemyer, 41, of 815 Burke Hill Road, Maurertown, were charged based on the Nov. 13 incident in the 500 block of Burke Road, said Maj. Scott Proctor, of the Shenandoah County Sheriff's Office. The property owner reported people trespassing and hunting in the area, and it's clearly marked "no trespassing," he said.

Stottlemyer had given permission to Leep and another person to hunt, Proctor said, even though he did not have that authority.

He was charged with instigating others to trespass.

Leep, who was arrested Nov. 18 and had his residence searched, faces a more serious charge.

In addition to trespassing, he was charged with possession of a firearm after being convicted of a felony.

Hunters are COWARDS

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#64 Sep 17, 2011


Monroe County's growing population keeps game wardens busy dealing with crimes on state game lands.

Pocono Mountain Regional Police are investigating the murder of hunter Lee Van Luvender, who was found shot to death in a parking area off Hypsie Gap Road in Tunkhannock Township last Tuesday. His body was found near state game lands.

The remote area draws both law-abiding hunters and unsavory characters judging from some of the offenses that game wardens routinely address.

As far as crime, Monroe County's game lands rank in the top five out of 13 covered by the Game Commission's Northeast Regional Office, said Tim Conway of the game commission.

"That's because we have a lot of people in Monroe County," Conway said.

The offenses range from summary violations of state wildlife codes, such as improper hunting practices, to more serious crimes involving drugs, alcohol and sexually deviant behavior.

The Northeast Regional Office patrols state game lands and bordering properties in Monroe and 12 other counties, with each county divided into districts, Conway said. Monroe has two districts, northern and southern. Each district, averaging about 400 square miles, has a wildlife conservation officer assigned to patrol it.

Officers work at least eight hours a day with offices based in their own homes, using state-supplied computers and phones. They patrol for any state wildlife code violations.

"We stop and talk to hunters and check licenses, among other things," Conway said.

Violations for which people can be cited and summoned to appear in court include:

A hunter with an invalid license, someone else's license or no license.
Loaded guns in vehicles.
Hunting within 150 yards of an occupied building (on a privately owned property bordering state game lands) without the owner's permission.
Dead deer with improper or no tags.
A hunter not wearing enough orange.
"Our primary job is checking for wildlife violations, but we have the same authority as police to arrest people we happen across who are committing felony crimes," Conway said. "We carry guns and handcuffs like police.


Hunters are COWARDS

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#65 Sep 17, 2011


ISLAND CITY, Ore.- State police charged a father and son with illegally killing elk in an area considered a once-in-a-lifetime hunting opportunity.

Richard "Ricky" Anderson, 24, and Richard A. Anerson, 46, both of Island City near La Grande face charges in both Union and Wallowa counties.

Both men were jailed in Union County pending appearances in court.

Richard "Ricky" Anderson, age 24

Wallowa County charges:

Exceeding the Bag Limit of Bull Elk
Unlawfully Taking Bull Elk
Union County charges:

Unlawful Possession of Wildlife Parts
Borrowing Another Person's Elk Tag
Richard A. Anderson, age 46

Wallowa County charges:

Aiding in a Violation of Wildlife Law
Union County charges:

Unlawful Possession of Wildlife Parts (Bull Elk killed in Arizona in 2008)
Loaning an Elk Tag
Oregon State Police Fish & Wildlife Division troopers made the arrests following an investigation into the unlawful taking of two bull elk in the Wenaha Wildlife Management Unit in northeast Oregon.

The Wenaha Unit is considered a premier controlled branch antler bull elk hunting unit for which only 20 tags are issued during archery season, police said.

This is a very difficult tag to obtain, and for most hunters it may be a once-in-a-lifetime hunting opportunity, police added.

The investigation began when La Grande-area OSP Senior Trooper Kris Davis developed information that three bull elk were unlawfully taken in the Wenaha Wildlife Management Unit during the 2008, 2009 and 2010 archery seasons.

The information alleged Ricky Anderson killed two branch antler bull elk using a general season archery tag which is not valid in the Wenaha Unit for branch antler bull elk.

He did possess a controlled hunt tag for the Wenaha Unit in 2010, but allegedly killed two branch antler bull elk.

With the assistance of the Union County District Attorney's Office, a search warrant was obtained by OSP to search a residence in Island City.

During execution of the search warrant, OSP troopers seized one large set of elk antlers and other evidentiary items.

After analyzing the evidence, a second search warrant was served at the same residence where troopers seized three additional sets of elk antlers.

Overall, four sets of elk antlers were seized during the investigation - one 6X6 set of antlers had an official "Pope and Young" score of 319 1/8 - and all of the antlers were trophy class.

One of the sets of elk antlers seized is believed to be from an unlawfully killed bull elk by Richard Anderson in 2008 in Arizona, police said. Wildlife unlawfully taken from another state is illegal to possess in Oregon. OSP is working with Arizona Game & Fish officers on this investigation.

Claude Balls

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#66 Sep 17, 2011
UAAF wrote:
<quoted text> Pedophile Fairy Craig - aka UAAF (from the UK)that's me, just keeps getting dumber lol. It sure is funny watching me make an ass of myself blowing all the neighborhood dogs:)
I'll bet you're a real charmer with Fido !
Hunters are COWARDS

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#67 Sep 17, 2011

ANCHORAGE - An Alaska big game guide and his son face federal charges alleging they planted poison in moose carcasses to kill wolves.

An 18-count indictment handed down Wednesday in Anchorage also alleges the pair illegally allowed a client to shoot a bear the same day it was spotted from the air and let him shoot more moose than the law allowed. Some charges also name an assistant guide and a client.

"These types of activities affect the guiding industry as a whole, as well as Alaska's wildlife resources," said Steve Skrocki, assistant U.S. attorney.

The indictment names guide Kurt Lepping, 46, of Wasilla; his son Kyle Lepping, 28, also of Wasilla; assistant guide Brad Saalsaa, 32, of Ketchikan; and William Spann, 39, of White Bluff, Tenn.

The Leppings and Saalsaa are charged with federal conspiracy violations and other wildlife crimes during hunting seasons between 1996 and 1999.

All four are charged with violating the federal Lacey Act, which prohibits selling or transporting wildlife - or attempting to do so - in interstate commerce in violation of state wildlife law.

Spann is charged along with Kurt Lepping with violating the federal Airborne Hunting Act by attempting to shoot a wolf from a plane during a hunting trip in 1996. According to the indictment, Spann was a client of Lepping, owner of Alaska Brown Bear Safaris and Trophy Outfitters.

The defendants could not be reached for comment Thursday.

Brent Cole, an attorney representing Spann, and Jim McComas, Kurt Lepping's attorney, said their clients plan to plead innocent.

"We will see whether the government can prove their case because from what I can see, they have a hard row to hoe," Cole said. "It's the only case in history where no wolf was ever seen or shot or anything else. No wolf was taken over interstate lines."

Kurt Lepping is named in 14 counts. Prosecutors also are seeking forfeiture of his Piper Supercub, which they say was used to aid in the airborne hunting offenses.

The Leppings are accused of putting the pesticide aldicarb in moose carcasses to kill wolves during 1998 and 1999 hunts near the Dulbi River northeast of Galena.

Father and son also are charged with conspiracy to violate federal law by allowing Minnesota hunter Steve Hanson to exceed the legal sport-hunting limit of moose in September 1997.

Hanson, who paid $12,000 for the guiding service, was unhappy with the antler size on a bull moose he killed, so the Leppings let him shoot a second moose, according to the indictment. Kyle Lepping and Hanson then disposed of the antlers from the first moose, the indictment states.

The following year, Hanson paid $8,000 for a grizzly bear hunt guided by Kurt Lepping and Saalsaa. According to the indictment, Lepping spotted a grizzly as he flew over the area in his Supercub, landed and directed Hanson in killing the bear, a violation of Alaska's same-day airborne prohibition.

Hanson and other hunters named in the indictment have reached settlements, federal prosecutor Skrocki said.
Hunters are COWARDS

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#68 Sep 17, 2011

MARION -- Five area men accused in more than 100 wildlife violations pleaded no contest Tuesday to their crimes and were sentenced in Marion Municipal Court.

All five appeared before Judge Teresa Ballinger for arraignment on numerous misdemeanor charges including poaching violations, fraudulent hunting licenses and tagging violations. Each pleaded no contest to their charges.

"A plea of no contest is not an admission of guilt, but it is an admission of the facts alleged in the ticket or the complaint," Ballinger told them.

In all, the defendants -- David Jones, Robert Freeman, Dustin Freeman, David McKinley and Joshua Stone -- will pay $11,000 in fines and nearly $7,000 in restitution to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources for the animals they illegally killed. While all five have had their hunting privileges suspended and were placed on community controlled sanctions, three of the men were sentenced to 60 days jail time.

Upon completion of their arraignments, Ballinger moved to the sentencing portion of the case. The judge requested and accepted sentencing recommendations from City Law Director Mark Russell, who worked in conjunction with Wildlife Officer Bill Runnels with the Division of Wildlife on the case.

"From what I've been told, that's a significant amount compared to other cases throughout the state," Russell said when asked later if the sentences imposed were appropriate for the crimes committed. For the 114 wildlife violations, the men faced a possible sentence of nearly 42 years in jail and $90,000 in fines.

He said it is important to note that none of the charges brought against the men were dropped and that he requested their sentences run consecutively.

"If they violate (probation) we've got an enormous amount of time we can impose," he said.

He considered losing hunting privileges a serious consequence.

"To hunters, that's an equal hit compared to jail time," he said.
LOCK THE SCUMBAGS UP AND THROW AWAY THE KEY--put them in a cage with a hungry grizzly and let's see who is on top of the food chain! HUNTERS ARE SCUMBAG CRIMINALS
Hunters are COWARDS

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#69 Sep 17, 2011

July 2011

Poachers killed almost 230 rhinoceroses in South Africa between January and October of last year. Over the past decade, they’ve killed countless tigers, too, for trading rings that deal in wildlife skins and body parts. Today, fewer than 3,500 of these big cats remain in the wild.

These are just two of many examples WCS conservationist Elizabeth Bennett highlights in a recent paper. In the journal Oryx, Bennett addresses how organized crime has become more sophisticated in smuggling wildlife and wildlife products and adept at eluding authorities.

“We are failing to conserve some of the world’s most beloved and charismatic species,” said Bennett.“We are rapidly losing big, spectacular animals to an entirely new type of trade driven by criminalized syndicates. It is deeply alarming, and the world is not yet taking it seriously. When these criminal networks wipe out wildlife, conservation loses, and local people lose the wildlife on which their livelihoods often depend.”

Previously secure wildlife populations are now under threat as poachers and smugglers step up their game. Some new tactics include using hidden compartments in shipping containers, rapidly changing trading routes, and switching to e-commerce, which makes their operating locations difficult to detect.

As advanced smuggling strategies hasten local extinctions of wildlife species, better law enforcement is needed immediately. Bennett suggests various strategies to counter organized wildlife crime activities. These include increasing numbers of highly trained and well-equipped enforcement staff at all points along the trade chain, using more sniffer dogs, conducting DNA tests to search for wildlife products, and employing smart-phone apps with species identification programs.

The bottom line, Bennett says, is that wildlife crime must be taken more seriously by law enforcement agencies. Along those lines, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime in Asia recently listed wildlife crime as one of their core focuses. The recent establishment of the International Consortium on Combating Wildlife Crime (comprised of CITES Secretariat, INTERPOL, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, the World Bank, and the World Customs Organization) also offers hope that enforcement will get the edge on smugglers worldwide.

“Unless we start taking wildlife crime seriously and allocating the commitment of resources appropriate to tackling sophisticated, well-funded, globally-linked criminal operations,” said Bennett,“populations of some of the most beloved but economically prized, charismatic species will continue to wink out across their range, and, appallingly, altogether.”



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#70 Sep 17, 2011
Hunters are COWARDS wrote:
<quoted text>LOL, and you think that posting the same thing AGAIN is going to multiply the ONE and ONLY case you could dig up frpm TEN YEARS AGO??LOL you are so effing stupid. I have provided almost FORTY posts worth of scumbag hunter CRIMES and all you can do is repeat ONE case!! Hilarious how effing stupid you are!!
You just keep re-posting the same thing, ugly, and I will continue to find COUNTLESS crimes committed by scumbags just like you!!
Hiss of death provided sources. That means he has to confirmed while you only have possibly fabricated. Ijs


Since: Oct 08

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#71 Sep 17, 2011
hiss of death wrote:
<quoted text>Yes, you lie. You said "not one murder" and that was proved to be a lie. Just one of the many lies you try to peddle here on Topix. I find it exhilarating to know that a complete douchebag, environmental anti-christ like YOU will go to your grave never realizing even a whiff of a hunting ban.
Don't forget the guy they killed with the helicopter in the UK. They say it was an "accident" but we know better.


Since: Oct 08

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#72 Sep 17, 2011
Here is the TRUTH about ARAs.

They are human hating TERRORISTS:

Terrorists, Too
Exposing animal-rights terrorism.

By Wesley J. Smith

hen many people think of "animal rights," they may picture trendy celebrities posing in nude photographs to combat the fur industry. Or perhaps, they will roll their eyes and smile when they hear that the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) reported the California Milk Advisory Board to the FCC for false advertising because its television ads claim "California cheese comes from happy cows."

But the animal-rights/liberation (ARL) movement isn't funny anymore. Unable to get most of society to agree that animals are the moral equals of people or that farming pigs is akin to holding human slaves, some ARL activists have crossed to the dark side — animal-rights terrorism. Indeed, violence, vandalism, and personal threats from groups such as the Animal Liberation Front (ALF), the Earth Liberation Front (ELF), and Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC) have ratcheted up so radically against medical researchers, ranchers, and others in recent years, that animal-rights terrorism is now being scrutinized by one of the most respected antiterrorist organizations in the world, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC).

Carlisle, UK

#73 Sep 17, 2011
Hunt scum have murdered hundreds of people (including children) and injured hundreds more. They are the real terrorists.


Since: Oct 08

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#74 Sep 17, 2011
Here is the TRUTH about ARAs.

They actually have a human hating TERRORIST "how to" web page:

A Definition of Terrorism
Terrorism is the systematic use by people of intimidation and violence, often against innocent people, to impel change in society. Through terrorism a small number of people can exert a disproportionate influence on society. Massive security forces are often ineffectual when combating a few dedicated terrorists who strike anywhere then vanish to fight another day.

Terrorist organisations are small, typically with around a dozen to a few hundred individuals, occasionally a few thousand. Violent animal rights extremists are often referred to as terrorists by some politicians and news media. Since the 1970's the number of violent animal rights extremists has been growing in Britain and their approach has spread abroad, especially to countries like Australia and the United States. However, despite the news reportage they stimulate, British violent animal rights extremists are thought to total only 300 to 400 people and draw on less active backing from 3,000 to 4,000 supporters.


Since: Oct 08

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#75 Sep 17, 2011
Here is the TRUTH about ARAs.

Read what the human hating TERRORISTS did to this family:

During the interview, Hall revealed the true extent of the toll exacted by his tormentors on his daughters.'It really is a nightmare. None of my daughters can live a normal life.'

His eldest, a doctor, was even forced to move city after being targeted. Hall said that she had a lovely flat in Bristol 'but they bashed it to pieces. She had to flee to another city. She won't even tell her old friends where she's gone.'

Until last week, Hall had remained defiant that the family business would not be closed by the violent protesters. Even last year's theft from a churchyard of the remains of 82-year-old Gladys Hammond, an in-law of the Halls, failed to break their resolve.

However, comments made by Hall to Dagens Nyheter indicate that the end of the family business was in sight.'But it annoys me. I don't like losing. I don't mind losing to a superior adversary, like in tennis or golf. But these people aren't better than me, it pisses me off - they just make me angry,' said the former dairy farmer who ran the business with brother Chris and father David.

Hall also admitted that he still found it hard to believe how much effort protesters expended targeting his farm.'It's not teenagers we're talking about. But they've made it their life purpose to sabotage my work. They work in small cells, sort of like the IRA. They don't involve others in their actions. So exactly who's doing exactly what, you'll hardly ever know.'

He added:'If they put as much energy into finding a decent job, they could go far. But now they're doing this full-time.'

The closure of Darley Oaks has prompted renewed concern among senior police officers that attempts to tackle Britain's animal rights extremism require increased resources. The Observer has learnt that during the next fortnight ministers will unveil a major funding package to improve police intelligence on the movement's small network of ringleaders. The multi-million-pound agreement will be used to coordinate a team of specially trained detectives dedicated to eradicating what officers describe as the 'single biggest threat to UK plc'.
Hunters are COWARDS

Norfolk, VA

#76 Sep 17, 2011
Bow_hunter86 wrote:
<quoted text>
Hiss of death provided sources. That means he has to confirmed while you only have possibly fabricated. Ijs
WRONG as$swipe, piss breath provided nothing but the same pile of shit he leaves everywhere. You stupid, stupid illiterate, IMPOTENT loser troll.
Hunters are COWARDS

Norfolk, VA

#77 Sep 17, 2011
BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...squat STILL hasn't proven SHIT. You are such a pathetic, IMPOTENT flailing/FAILING loser! Tune in, loser, I will be posting more of the ENDLESS list of CRIMES committed by scumbags just like YOU. lol, you stupid, stupid losers, I will make sure this thread is full of the despicable terrorist MURDERER scumbag crimes that COWARDLY hunters continue to commit. stay tuned....LOL!!! stupid, stupid impotent COWARDS.
Hunters are COWARDS

Norfolk, VA

#78 Sep 17, 2011

November 10, 2010

Three Minnesota residents and a Wisconsin man were were recently found guilty of several license and deer poaching violations while hunting in Eastern Montana. In addition, five Glendive-area residents were convicted of illegally transferring their hunting licenses.
Convicted in the cases were Randy Alberg of St. Paul, Minn.; Scott Nelson of Rush City, Minn.; Dale Malin of Hudson, Wis., and Mark Behrens of Park Rapids, Minn.
The Glendive residents convicted were Daniel G. Rice, Deborah Rice, Nichole Rice, George Rice and Daniel J. Rice. Daniel J. Rice was also convicted of illegally killing a whitetail buck and possession of an unlawfully killed whitetail buck.
Members of the Rice family were convicted of unlawful license transfer in 2008 and 2009. Collectively they paid $1,860 in fines.
Alberg was convicted of unlawfully killing four whitetail bucks over four years — 1998, 2005, 2006 and 2008 — and taking one whitetail doe without a license.
Illegal license transfers occurred in 2005, 2006, 2008 and 2009. Alberg was fined $5,915 and had his hunting privileges revoked for two years.
Nelson was convicted of unlawful possession of a deer and hunting without a Montana deer license in a 2009 hunt. He paid $1,570 and his hunting privileges were revoked for two years.
Malin was convicted of license transfer in 2008 and 2009 and hunting without a license in both years. He paid $2,540 and had his hunting privileges revoked for two years.
Behrens was convicted of unlawful license transfer in 2008 and 2009 along with hunting without a license both years. He paid $2,540 in fines and restitution.

Hunters are COWARDS

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#79 Sep 17, 2011

August 17, 2011

Ohio Wildlife Officer Charged with Lacey Act Crimes
WASHINGTON – A federal grand jury in Cincinnati, Ohio, returned a four-count indictment today, charging Allan Wright, 45, of Russellville, Ohio, with trafficking in and making false records for illegally harvested white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus) in violation of the Lacey Act. Wright is employed as a wildlife officer for the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Division of Wildlife.

Among other things, the Lacey Act makes it a crime for a person to knowingly transport or sell wildlife in interstate commerce when the wildlife was taken or possessed in violation of state law. The Lacey Act also makes it a crime for a person to knowingly make or submit a false record, account or label for wildlife which has been transported in interstate commerce.

The indictment charges that Wright knowingly sold and provided an Ohio resident hunting license to a South Carolina resident during the 2006 white-tailed deer season. According to the indictment, Wright falsely entered an Ohio address for the hunter in order to obtain a resident license. Ohio law makes it a crime to procure a hunting license by fraud, deceit, misrepresentation or any false statement. Ohio law also makes it a crime to hunt without a valid hunting license. The indictment charges that the hunter killed three white-tailed deer using the illegal license. Wright personally “checked in” the three deer, again providing the fraudulent Ohio address. The hunter then transported the deer back to South Carolina.

The indictment also alleges that Wright, using his authority as a wildlife officer, seized white-tailed deer antlers from a hunter who had killed a deer illegally during the 2009 white-tailed deer season. The indictment alleges that, rather than dispose of the antlers through court proceedings, Wright caused the antlers to be transported to another individual in Michigan. The indictment charges that Wright then filed an official state form which falsely reported that he had personally destroyed the antlers.

Two of the four counts charged in the indictment are felonies punishable by up to five years in prison and a $250,000 fine per count. The remaining two counts are misdemeanors punishable by up to one year in prison and a $100,000 fine per count.

An indictment is merely an accusation and a defendant is presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

The case is being investigated by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, Office of Law Enforcement. The case is being prosecuted by Trial Attorney James B. Nelson of the Department of Justice’s Environmental Crimes Section of the Environment and Natural Resources Division.

ALL hunters are scumbag LIARS and CRIMINALS!!!You scumbags will be OBSOLETE
Hunters are COWARDS

Norfolk, VA

#80 Sep 17, 2011
This stupid scumbag should NEVER be able to mutilate/murder another being for the rest of his worthless life:


SALISBURY, N.C.(The Blaze/AP)– A North Carolina man has been banned from hunting anywhere in the world for two years as part of an agreement with federal authorities on charges that he illegally killed wildlife in Kentucky.

The Salisbury Post reported Thursday that Rodney Poteat agreed to the deal in Kentucky last week. The Salisbury man declined comment.

Federal prosecutors said Poteat last November carried a 14-point white-tailed deer from Hart County, Ky., to his home without reporting the kill. He also pleaded guilty to transporting a dead bobcat without a non-resident hunting license.

He agreed to pay the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources $5,300 in restitution for fees he would have paid for hunting in the state between 2002 and 2011.

Hunters are COWARDS

Norfolk, VA

#81 Sep 17, 2011
Canned "hunting" for COWARDS:
(Worldwide, including the U.S. and U.K.)- trophy aerial hunting, canned animal "hunts" on game ranches, live captive turkey shoots, gamebird (pheasant and partridge) shoots (Cheney specials), live pigeon shoots, even captive lion hunts in South Africa. This shameful practice is killing for the sheer pleasure of it; these are cowardly slobs that are too lazy to actually hunt, they just want to shoot fish in a barrel. Even regular hunters despise them.
Who’s fighting it: HSUS, SHARK, Animal Aid, Big Cat Rescue, North Dakota Hunters for Fair Chase, Project Censored, Defenders Action Fund, , Animal Rights Africa, , .

Hunters say the thrill of hunting comes from the chase not from the kill. The booming canned hunt business tells a different story.
Every year in Britain, around 40 million pheasants and partridges are mass-produced like commercial poultry so that they can be shot down by wealthy 'guns'. This bloody and brutal end to their lives is the final insult. From birth, they are kept in cages,sheds and pens, in which disease and death are a daily feature.
Canned hunts are held at private trophy hunting facilities where shooters pay to kill exotic and native animals——even endangered species——trapped within fenced enclosures. Animals on canned hunts often come from private breeders, animal dealers, and even zoos and circuses. Frequently, the animals have been hand-raised and bottle-fed, so they have lost their fear of people.
Even in large enclosures on these so-called game farms, animals are lured with bait to a location where a shooter waits, thus removing any element of sportsmanship. The International Union for the Conservations of Nature and Natural Resources lists the scimitar-horned oryx as extinct in the wild; the addax, California bighorn sheep, European bison and pere david deer as critically endangered; the dama gazelle, nubian ibex, Arabian oryx and markhor as endangered; the blackbuck and bongo as near threatened; and the aoudad, eld's deer, barasingha, African lion, mouflon, yak and tahr as vulnerable, yet these animals are all shot regularly on canned hunting ranches.

As many as half a million so-called "hunters" pay hundreds and often thousands of dollars to some 4,000 canned hunt promoters in the U.S. alone, to be sure of a kill -- even if the chase is just a matter of finding the best hole in a cage to poke a weapon through. Shooting fish in a barrel may soon be not a metaphor but an option for those who can't afford to kill a captive African lion ($5,995, "with good mane," according to a recent price list).
In the canned hunt scenario, animals are fenced in or kept in cages until a "hunter" calls for the beast's release, at which time the "sport" commences. Often the released animal can only run in circles around an enclosed compound (some smaller than an acre), without an escape route. Some even make desperate runs for safety under parked cars, but to no avail. The animals, including some exotic species, are fired upon at nearly point blank range, ensuring the "sportsman" of a kill. After witnessing a hunt, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service special agent Bill Talkin said "None of the animals got more than 100 feet from the cage when they were shot."

Hunters are COWARDS

Norfolk, VA

#82 Sep 17, 2011

The typical canned hunter is an older, wealthy man who wants guaranteed success of bringing home a trophy to mount, without the added hassle of trekking into the woods. The ill-fated animals include endangered species such as African leopards, exotic cats, Bengal tigers, grizzly bears, etc. And while most canned hunt promoters know better than to openly advertise opportunities to shoot endangered species, most trophy hunters know how to wangle the deals they want -- shooting a couple of animals legally on initial visits while getting to know the staff, flashing money; dropping hints.
The most popular form of canned hunting in North America is captive bird-shooting. It is estimated that about 55 million tame birds are killed in canned hunts each year in the U.S.
President George Bush celebrated his election in 1988 with a bird-killing spree at the Lazy F Ranch near Beeville, Texas. When questioned about it, he protested "These aren't animals, these are wild quail." And this is the type of "hunt" Dick Cheney was participating in when he shot his friend in the face-- thus highlighting how utterly stupid this activity is.

And the worst: every year in Pennsylvania, cowardly "hunters" slaughter harmless pigeons and shoot turkeys bred in cages and chained to tires. What more needs to be said about these clowns?


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