Charges dropped against sheriff's nephew

Charges dropped against sheriff's nephew

There are 214 comments on the Eyewitness News 4 - New Mexico story from Jul 31, 2008, titled Charges dropped against sheriff's nephew. In it, Eyewitness News 4 - New Mexico reports that:

An Iraq War veteran who was disfigured for life is frustrated that the man charged with causing his injuries, the nephew of a small-town sheriff, has had the charge against him dismissed.

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A Citizen For Justice

Clovis, NM

#125 Aug 2, 2008
And the beat goes on!!!!!!!!!!The villan ,most recently was selected to attend the 208 Presidentail Academy for American History and Civics,suposedly on the recommendation of Superintendant Flores.....Come On People,,,,,,This has got to be a joke. If not, there is definitely something wrong with the system.....I smell a Grand Jury Investigation!!!The County Governmnet will be found out. Special Favors for a family of idiots. The following Positions filled by the following. All family members mind you. Levi Chavez, Office of Emergency Manager, Yolanda Chavez Office of Idiots Secretary, Michael Chavez, Office of Idiots (for lack of a better title) soon to be Project Manager, now being held by brother-in-law of Commissioner BOZO. Robert Chavez, Chief Idiot of Sheriffs Dept. Brother Chavez most recently indicted for embezzeling De Baca County Sheriffs Office. Son of Levi under suspicion of murdering his wife. Levi, Sr. not so honest in his present position. For starters, too many chavez's in one office. There are people in Santa Rosa with a brain that could fill these positions. Big County Administrator's son Martin, marreid to daughter of soon to be project manager Michael Chavez..And then Commissioner Chavez employs his daughter in law in Assessor's Office, and all Chavez......Is there something wrong with this whole pitcure? You know it is..GRAND JURY INVESTIGATION.........
In the Bleachers

Ribera, NM

#126 Aug 2, 2008
Mr Nathan Gold is a hero in more ways than one. He served in the Armed Forces, 2 tours in Iraq, and now he is in a battle with "the system." The system should be named appropriatley and recognized by all who are reading and posting here on this forum. The comments are needed. The people must understand that this is an accident that took place outside of a city limit. The response was not from uncertified city police, nor was the charges dismissed in a city court. The accident occured on state highway 91 and that is where Guadalupe County and NM State Police patrol. Guadalupe County may be see a turning point if Mr Gold stands and fights. People of this county should stand behind him no matter what it takes. You might not be friends with some of these people when its all over but who in there right mind needs that kind of friends. People of the county need to stop electing these people. You are all at fault now, so you all need to stand up behind Mr Gold. He will never get his leg back, but maybe he can get his hometown back. People - blame the right governmental establishment - Guadalupe County Sherriff's departement, the County Commissioners, the Magistrate Court. Jeremy - you should return and interview all of those people. Maybe everybody should know all of the story.
A Citizen For Justice

Clovis, NM

#127 Aug 2, 2008
In response to "FROM THE BLEACHERS"
True , it did not happen in the City, but one would think and like to believe that Mayor Campos, as the State Representative representing District 63 which includes Guadalupe County would step up to the Plate and suggest there be an investigation, but the truth of the matter is that, that government entity is also a den of inequity, and he, himself may not return to the Round House as Representative in November for mid-deeds.
santa rosan

Santa Rosa, NM

#129 Aug 2, 2008
i have lived in santa rosa for some time and seen alot of bull. i just hope this is not the end of the investigation on robert or marty. i know robert has had his own dwi while serving as sheriff and this is also not the first accident marty has been involved in last time the other person involved died.

Portland, TX

#130 Aug 2, 2008
Thank you for the story about Nathan Gold. It would be nice to see justice done for my nepthew. I hope the truth will come out of this. Thank you Mr. Jojola

Killeen, TX

#131 Aug 2, 2008
Hardcore hispanic's appear to run the whole county, please Mr. Gold get a lawyer, Mary Han or someone with a "golden set" that will destroy all those that caused you grief. If you set up an account to assist you with legal fees, please post the info as I and others would gladly help you put these losers on welfare.
Watch what you ask for

Santa Rosa, NM

#132 Aug 2, 2008
The good people of Guadalupe County voted for this guy not once but twice. It is the voters who are responsible for what this nice kid is having to go through. The Sheriff doesnt even go to work, there was also a big write up in the Optic this week stating he was caught in Las Vegas in his unit shopping at Wal-Mart and speeding. Oh, and did any of you know that two young men have died at the hands of Sheriff ChaveZ? That is right. Two self inflicted gunshot wounds caused two deaths and both with the Sheriffs own gun. Wow. What kind of people vote for a guy like this? Sorry Nathan. You are truly a hero. As for Madrid, did anyone mention that his dad Andy Madrid is the County Manager? Why is this cop allowed to do whatever he wants? Why doesnt he follow rules? What is really going on? Guadalupe County needs a new sheriff. A real one. Oh, and one that works okay. The gig is up Mr.Chavez. You have played all your cards.

Albuquerque, NM

#133 Aug 2, 2008
This chavez guy thinks he is still in the Wild West? Is he? Hopefully, a full blown investigation will tame him down a bit.
Mad as hell

Santa Rosa, NM

#135 Aug 2, 2008
Hey Sheriff, next time you are in Vegas in your unit can you pick me up a few groceries?
It is time to do the right thing people. Lets see what the county commissioners are made of. We hear there was a meeting about re-calling the Sheriff. What is the hold up? Get a petition going. People will line up to sign it. What comes around goes around Robert. Your number is up. Now that you get ousted you can go back to dating little girls (oh, that is scary) and grabbing *** at the bars. Oh, we heard you were up in Mora looking for officers to help you at the guadalupe county fair. You dont even have faith in your own department, how sad. Is it true you and the Mora Sheriff were seen in uniform on duty drinking a few cold beers over in Mora? Wow, where do you draw the line dude? You will stop at nothing. Just resign and do us all a favor. Before anyone else gets hurt or worse, dies. You are evil. Why does your wife stick around? Maybe she will hire you at subway. Sorry you had to suffer at the hands of this man Nathan. You are our hero.

Saint Louis, MO

#136 Aug 2, 2008
NM law man wrote:
<quoted text>
Finally, a cop speaks up. The county cannot keep a deputy sheriff employed over one year if he/she is not certified. An employee has one year to pass the academy...if not, adios ! A few members of the academy board (personal friends) will be asked to look into this a veteran myself, this makes me sick.
Have you heard of the scam where they hire the guy, then just before the year is up, they fulow/fire him for a week or two, then re-hire him. This way he NEVER attends an academy, but works in the position.
Nathan Gold Fan

Corona, NM

#137 Aug 2, 2008
Hi to my fellow Santa Rosa citizens. I just remembered the incident a couple of years ago, we had a parade for 3 Iraq soldiers, a homecoming parade, where we let the 3 guys stand on the city fire engine, to bring them into town and back home. Nathan Gold was one of those 3 soldiers.
So please, let's stand up and fight this, cause we are sending him away now, with one leg. Come on good people of Santa, let your voices echo over the plains.
Vet 1976 to 1980

Belen, NM

#138 Aug 2, 2008
Is it also true that the Guadalupe county Sheriff also let an NMDOT employee (the foreman)from Vaughn off on a for sure DWI. Did you also drive him home and have your unqualified deputy take his vehicle home for him. You should turn in your resignation and leave the state. Nathon Gold I thank you for serving this great country and protecting us.
Vet 1976 to 1980

Belen, NM

#139 Aug 2, 2008
Michael Romero is a bigger crook than Robert chavez
Blanch wrote:
First of all I would like to say Thank You Nathan Gold for serving our country and protecting us. For the Guadalupe County, And City Law Enforcement I know there is no protection in this town. Only for your family and your friends witch most of them are using drugs are selling. I feel sorry for the teenagers that have to live in this town. When I was growing up in Santa Rosa we had the best protection because of the late mayor Joe Truillo, Joe Eddie Martinez, Jude Gallegos, & Michael Romero (All Good Boys) Come on Santa Rosa Clean up this mess.
Vet 1976 to 1980

Belen, NM

#140 Aug 2, 2008
Blanch wrote:
First of all I would like to say Thank You Nathan Gold for serving our country and protecting us. For the Guadalupe County, And City Law Enforcement I know there is no protection in this town. Only for your family and your friends witch most of them are using drugs are selling. I feel sorry for the teenagers that have to live in this town. When I was growing up in Santa Rosa we had the best protection because of the late mayor Joe Truillo, Joe Eddie Martinez, Jude Gallegos, & Michael Romero (All Good Boys) Come on Santa Rosa Clean up this mess.
Say whatever you want about Mr. Martinez, Mr. Gallegos but Michael Romero (PLEASE!!!!!), he is the devil himself, wife beater, drunk driver pathetic human being all around
Army Vet for NATHAN GOLD

Las Vegas, NM

#141 Aug 3, 2008
MR. Gold I would just like to thank you for your service to this country. I would like to see this coward Teacher and this so called Sheriff step up to the plate and enlist in the NEW MEXICO NATIONAL GUARD and fight for our country. Lets sum this crap up that took place in SR. Mr. Gold survived two combat tours to protect our so called SHERIFF and SR SCHOOLS TEACHER. What were you doing when MR. Gold was in the combat zone? LET me guess SHERIFF drinking a BUD LIGHT at your house and you teacher coming from a softball game in which you had one to many to drink. I dont know how you SHERIFF and TEACHER can be able to show your face. If you said Teacher that your son was chocking in the back seat wouldnt it be safe to pull over to the right and assess the situation. But know you risked the life of your son and yourself as well as others that were enjoying the day. Sheriff and the TEACHER I would like to see if one of you are a man and step down from your position and let Mr. Gold do your Job. I feel that VETERANS from any branch of the MILITARY will always do a better job at whatever thay want to do. We know what the meaning of work is. Remember SHERIFF and TEACHER that the reason you are free is because of an ARMY Veteran that stepped up and wanted to do what is right for his country. What SR needs are good qualified cops. Oh shit all the good ones left and all SR has is the worthless one that dont do a damn thing except is drink. The teacher how are you going to face your students in class and instruct the lesson with all this on your mind. You should go back to college in Vegas and not HIGHLANDS I mean the LAUGHING COLLEGE.
To all the citizens of SR lets rally behind the VETERAN and oust these cowards that protect and instruct our kids.
Concerned Citizen

Munford, AL

#142 Aug 3, 2008
First off I would like salute you, Nathan for serving our country foreign and domestic and in arms way. For those of you that keep posting bad comments about Santa Rosa remember one thing this incident took place in the County not in the City. You know the City always gets bashed for being the only one on the plate because the Sheriff's Dept. is never around. I agree that the County voted for the Sheriff not once but twice and now it is time for his services to end. Everywhere you go within Santa Rosa all you hear is about the Sheriff. Well if this has been happening for so long why has it not come to light until now. Maybe with what is true, the Sheriff could have ousted a long time ago. The Sheriff has even tried to take minors into bars just because he is the Sheriff does not mean that he is exempt from the laws. Just recently the County has made a fire sub station and the Sheriff is on this department. The Sheriff responds to fire calls and neglects his Sheriff duties. Someone also posted about incident involving two young women, little over a year ago. The Santa Rosa Police Dept. and State Police responded to a call, acting in good faith, because there was no Sheriff Deputies around. This incident also happened on Highway 91. As a citizen of Guadalupe County we should be real concerned about Law Enforcement with in the county. Yes, I know there is State Police Officers in Guadalupe County but it is real bad when a State Police Officer is in need of assistance and the Sheriffs Dept. did not respond even when they were on duty, PATHETIC. A few weeks ago the Sheriff was working in Mora County, but will not even work in his own County. WhatÂ’s Next! Now is the time to has the Sheriff removed from his elected position and I will be the first to sign the petition. Nathan I hope justice is served in regards to this matter. You truly are an AMERICAN HERO.
Gone but never forgotten

Santa Rosa, NM

#143 Aug 3, 2008
Please bloggers be correct when you are spreading information. first off the city police did not investigate the twin lake murders. I personnally don't like cops, but lets be accurate. And as for that lousy sheriff wow! it blows me away that such negligence by an elected offical can go unheard and undone as for reprimand or re-call. I remember the sheriff in De Baca was re-called for less malfecience than this sheriff. Good luck to the citizens in this community and remember next election elect the right person for the job including your board, Administrators etc.

Las Vegas, NM

#144 Aug 3, 2008
From Gone but never forgotten. Youy need to be correct also. Here is a little LE 101 EDUCATION.

First off when a call for service comes into the dispatch Center especially the call that night you send whatever Police Officers that you have available. Police Officers have to respond to calls for service by NM law. No matter if they are City, County or State Officers. Certified police officer get certified through the NM law Enforcement Academy in Santa Fe NM. I believe that the bloggers are not bashing the CITY, it is the county seat. If Im not mistaken the City of Santa Rosa is in Guadalupe County. Besides in most cities the local Sheriff gives certified Officers from City Departments a County commission Card.

Gilroy, CA

#145 Aug 3, 2008
santa rosa new mexico is nothing but corruption and nepotism that does not serve the citizens of santa rosa,let alone a returning hero. how far can these politicans sink before everyone has had enough.
upset and concerned

Clovis, NM

#147 Aug 3, 2008
Ex Santa Rosan wrote:
I was born and raised in Santa Rosa and ashamed to call it home. Ever since the two girls Tenika Dodge and Yvonne Gallegos were killed in Santa Rosa I have been ashamed to tell people I was from there. When the kids tried to call 911 for help the line was busy. Of course the city covered it up and said that the 911 system could never ever be busy which was bull. Then funny things happened like the dispatcher mysteriously quit his job and the Cheif (at the time) also "quit". I feel bad for Gold as I knew him when we were kids. I have felt for some time that Santa Rosa needs to have 'Real' authorities come in and investigate. These cops and the governing system in Santa Rosa have been crooked for some time. It's seriously rediculous. I pray for Gold and his recovery and mental health in this sad time in his life. I would hope from all of these comments that someone would come to Santa Rosa and clean house.
I just want to ask you where you got your information from in regards to the tragedy of Tenika and Yvonne? Half of what you just said is very untrue. I know everything that happened in that situation. The dispatch center did everything they could to help those girls. Everyone is so quick to judge and blame the dispatcher, yet no one wants to get in there and do the job themselves. They all think that the dispatcher has to be perfect. Let me tell you that is impossible. They are only as good as the people that call in, the information they recieve, and the equipmnet they have. So have a little respect and close your mouth unless you know what you are saying or are willing to do the job yourself.

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