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The deepening of Negro fatigue Dec '17 Harrisson 2
Keeping the world Sick, Poor and at War US DEA Dec '17 Black Channel 3
Nfl ratings still in the toilet despite less pr... Dec '17 Reymundo Mejia Gu... 11
What would America be like with a majority blac... Dec '17 Ugly monkeys 10
News The Latest: Cory Booker campaigns for Democrat ... Dec '17 AlaPedo 4
Black men are desparate for fat WW. (Apr '10) Dec '17 Harrisson 20
White women so jealous of us asian women (Aug '16) Dec '17 White 45
No Russians here. Dec '17 WitoldPilecki 1
Why didn’t Al Franken resign effective immediat... Dec '17 Al Franken 3
Why do men take pictures of their penis ...but ... (Jul '08) Dec '17 tom 51
Here's a little 'Ttt' poetry for you morphed-apes Dec '17 Master Ttt 2
How Many "Christians" Voted For The Pro-Abortio... Dec '17 el rey de los cam... 7
Blacks lack the numbers to defeat white mem Dec '17 el rey de los cam... 19
Why don't blacks value education? (Dec '10) Dec '17 KIP 60
Is it true white men used to believe.... Dec '17 Fucisil 38
White men are gods Dec '17 Taylor Swift 1
do white women prefer black men? (Apr '16) Dec '17 Deanna 74
Is Trump Starting To Turn The Mutha Out? Dec '17 Harrisson 10
Lena Gomez Latina slut and fool Dec '17 Harrisson 2
Poll Are any other White men worried about Black men... (Nov '11) Dec '17 Harrisson 56
Who’s ready for the 5th Step? Dec '17 Mrs Hopeful 7
Donovan Mcnabb and Marshall Faulk sexual harras... Dec '17 White 1
Trumps MO-JO is not quite as potent anymore. Dec '17 Conrad 2
My black co-workers are soooooo lazy. (Sep '10) Dec '17 Tom uncle 133
Sandy Hook Hoax (Jan '13) Dec '17 Fucisil 5
IF The NFL Still Exists, Will You Watch The Sup... Dec '17 Fucisil 9
How to Avoid @n*l R@pe in Hollywood Dec '17 White 3
Not a Roy Moore fan, but he will win. Dec '17 Fucisil 2
What Are Some Of President Trump's Greatest Acc... Dec '17 Fucisil 2
Zulus vs Aztecs vs Vikings who would win? (Apr '17) Dec '17 Fucisil 21
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blacks are scum (Mar '12) Dec '17 Hope 25
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Spreading the Double D's - "Death and Debauchery". Dec '17 Yisraelite Suprem... 1
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Sex Scandals? Is There Something Being Orchestr... Dec '17 KIP 28
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I Love White Men Dec '17 Polaris 3
Khloe Kardashian: ‘I’ve Never Seen a White Penis’ Dec '17 Ugly monkeys 3
If Italians are non-white so are Jews Dec '17 UruEuWauWau 22
"Hands Up!" "Don't SHOOT!" Dec '17 Jake 31
I weighed 5.6 lbs at birth Dec '17 Dedicated 3
Liberals to cause Native American extinction. Dec '17 el rey de los cam... 3
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Racist Avatar Nosed Keaton Jones Dec '17 Social Justice Gu... 2
what is a yellowbone and a redbone? (Apr '08) Dec '17 Dedicated 40
Radical White racists are undermining the Repub... Dec '17 WitoldPilecki 22
I just snagged a white boy! He put a ring on it... (Feb '17) Dec '17 T-BOS 52
Whatever happened to Cigar face and Coretta Joe... Dec '17 White 30
My Pum Pum Dec '17 White 47
Trump is gonna get caught up in a sex scandal Dec '17 Reymundo Mejia Gu... 23
What would u do if u had a time machine? Dec '17 The Patriot 11
Some Vikings Were Indeed Black Dec '17 Thor 2
Behold the Coagula Dec '17 Movie Probs 1
3 black teens charged as adults in Mayfair beat... Dec '17 Fucisil 3
Is infowars racist they say believe in God but ... Dec '17 Fucisil 14
You can thank Obama: Slave auctions uncovered i... Dec '17 Juliette Dodd 27
White man molesting 50 kids Dec '17 Fucisil 22
Tired, yet? Dec '17 Fucisil 19
Pervert Al FrankenSTEIN Makes It Official Dec '17 Fucisil 20
Brainwashing kids to turn them GAY! Dec '17 Fucisil 15
James Blake Daughters Are Beautiful Dec '17 Fucisil 3
Jesus was white with blonde hair and blue eyes Dec '17 Fucisil 3
Taking the world's history BACK! Dec '17 Fucisil 7
What Two Demographics Are The Biggest Whiners I... Dec '17 Fucisil 15
Call For Deviant Trump To Resign Dec '17 castrate Roy Moore 1
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White Cemented Itself In Microwave Dec '17 bye-bye whites 1
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Man! Somebody FARTED! Dec '17 castrate Roy Moore 2
Socialism: It's whites' fault?... Dec '17 Yisraelite Suprem... 1
End-times: Christianity vs. Islam Dec '17 Yisraelite Suprem... 3
Senator & Pastor Child Molester Dec '17 Shinamoto 2
Why are there so many white women in porn? (Feb '08) Dec '17 Bryan betancourt 357
Are DL brothers giving BW HlV? Dec '17 Ugly monkeys 2
Darfur and Rwandan Genocide = black on black ge... Dec '17 Trollslayer 5
Blacks. Stop trying to steal people's history. Dec '17 THX Whip Cracker 11
The CW television network should.... Dec '17 LMR 1
Black bully gets KO'd by white girl (Oct '16) Dec '17 T-BOS 9
Not even a peep from the President Dec '17 Yisraelite Suprem... 24
Are Blacks less discriminate when it comes to w... Dec '17 Spinning 360 waves 5
The Seven Black Presidents Before Barack Obama (Aug '12) Dec '17 DENISE 99
the wheel never invented in Sub Saharan Africa (Jun '16) Dec '17 Black Power 227
News Were Black and LGBT Reporters Banned from the W... Dec '17 Hank 8
Zero Tolerance for White Influence (May '15) Dec '17 Buzz Gill 58
News 5 Reasons The American Dream Is Eluding Black P... (Apr '15) Dec '17 Buzz Gill 2,077
Can whites survive... whites? Dec '17 Dennis 2
BM Admits to Raping a 9 Month Old Baby (Feb '11) Dec '17 T-BOS 7
The love of money can cause you your life FACT Dec '17 Spinning 360 waves 5
Homosexuals and Christianity? Dec '17 Fucisil 7
Are White men Manly? (May '16) Dec '17 T-BOS 36
CNN mocked for doing segment on how much soda T... Dec '17 Ugly monkeys 1
why do black men hate white men so much (Oct '15) Dec '17 Ble 124

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