Celebrities with Bad Plastic Surgery

Celebrities with Bad Plastic Surgery

There are 334 comments on the Blue Star Chronicles story from Apr 30, 2007, titled Celebrities with Bad Plastic Surgery. In it, Blue Star Chronicles reports that:

This falls under 'WHAT were they thinking!!' Remember ruggedly handsome Mickey Rourke? For some reason he didn't seem like the type to be so vain that he'd have himself mummified in unsuccessful attempts to ... via Blue Star Chronicles

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“Waiting for f'loons to wake up”

Since: Dec 06

Goofybaboon's Not Listening

#4 May 9, 2007
So was OJ.
Get a brain, f'loon.

Newark, NJ

#7 May 17, 2007
Nick Gracey wrote:
Michael Jackson has gone through his share of surgeries it is comon knowlege that he has. However that dose not make him a bad person. There is many problems today like the war on terorisom so stop doging michael jackson the king of pop and mind your own ***** buiseness! I'm sorry but Michael is a very great singer\ dancer better than that idiodic jusin temborlake. Justin Temborlake stole michael jacksons moves.
thanks you

Newark, NJ

#8 May 17, 2007
Nick Gracey wrote:
Michael jackson has had a troubled childhood, his father nick named him big nose. Give the man a break for heaven sakes. The man you call a monster is a musical phenominon to me. He inspires me to be as good of dancer\singer some day. How would you feel if you were called monster or freek think about that . Also one more thing michael jackson was found not guilty so shut up and get a life!
the truth

New Plymouth, New Zealand

#9 May 17, 2007
Why does Reality_Awaits always post on here, in a Michael Jackson forum yet all he does is hate??..Man you just cant get enough of talking about Michael can you?

Jersey City, NJ

#12 May 18, 2007
Nick Gracey wrote:
Ok look first of all I am a huge fan of the king of pop. Is it such a crime. Michael Jackson is not guilty. Also let me tell all the people that think mj is weird well that is your opinion. A lot of people hate mj. How ever I along with alot of other people love him. I'm not God I don't know foreshore if michael is guilty or not. But he is guilty until proven guilty and he was proven not guilty. To all the people that like the king of pop please post your comment and tell all the haters what you know about michael Jackson. To all the people reading this and thinking Iam some lonely old man ubsessed with Michael Jackson Well your wrong and iam only 14 and in the eithgrade. My Father died three months ago and mj's music is all that gets me through that. So please dont judge me. Love Nick Gracey of Glen Rose Ark.
may God bless you, i love michael too. and his music help me through my childhood too. i didn't have a nice one. what matter is now. and God is great!
Shawna B colorado

Scottsdale, AZ

#14 May 18, 2007
He is soooooooo nasty looking, everyone has some bad shi* in their childhood, that doesnt mean we all to look like halloween cuz of bad bad plastic surg. He went way too far. So stop maken' excuses for this sick, sick sick, she man.
Nick Gracey wrote:
Michael jackson has had a troubled childhood, his father nick named him big nose. Give the man a break for heaven sakes. The man you call a monster is a musical phenominon to me. He inspires me to be as good of dancer\singer some day. How would you feel if you were called monster or freek think about that . Also one more thing michael jackson was found not guilty so shut up and get a life!

Witham, UK

#58 May 26, 2007
cali wright wrote:
Kathy is a MADWOMAN!!!!!!!!!!
i second that.
Mr Giblets


#64 May 30, 2007
Nick Gracey wrote:
You need to shut your dam mouth Kathy. You aren't nothing but a snobby little Hoe! You wouldn't know good music if it came and hit you on your fat ugly face! Thriller MJ's album still after 26 years is the biggest selling album ever. EAT THAT! It sold 104million copies so far. Last night I wathched the world music awards and all the people their chanted Michael Michael Michael! Chris Brown sang Thriller. And Beounce said if it wearnt for Michael Jackson she wouln't be singing. Also a man presented him with the diamond award. Oh a man from guines world records.
Doesn't your school teach spelling? You are an illiterate little turd.

Surry Hills, Australia

#71 Jun 6, 2007
i am 14 years old too and i agree with everything u say so don't feel alone for loving micheal jackson


#72 Jun 8, 2007
Michael Jackson has good songs and is the king of pop but did get plastic surgery on his nose twice or three times but his face turned whiter because of a skin disease that makes the skin lighter. The disease is called vitiligo which damages the pigmentation of the skin and causes it to go lighter.


#73 Jun 9, 2007
MJ indulged in some seriously inapropriate behaviour with kids. Wake up and smell the coffee. so he wasn't convicted, that doesn't mean he didn't do it! He maintains his relationship with these children is innocent, so why was it proven in the court that he had shared porn with them? Come on...
Michael Brennan

Biggera Waters, Australia

#75 Jun 20, 2007
I am very sick of people talking about how much cosmetic surgery Michael Jackson has had, I really dont think he has had as much as everyone thinks he has , he looks very different now because he is white(caused by vitiligo not bleaching agents!) and also he is not a pedophile, If he was he would be in jail right now. hey kathy Mosesian what makes you so great? you sit on your laptop bagging out celebrities all day, get a life!

Windsor, Canada

#77 Jun 25, 2007
Kathy Mosesian wrote:
<quoted text>
Hi Michael, are you 12? MJ would love to meat you.
hahahah, kathy will fall for anything.


I told you they were personal items and gifts they were selling. Oh but wait, they're gonna be "kind" and return his sex toys and nude child paintings??? Use common sense next time kathy. You really need to learn how to sort through tabloid garbage before you embarrass how self further. Hey, maybe janet's doesn't want her child porn found too and that's why she's in there, HAHAHAHAHAHA

Quezon City, Philippines

#79 Jun 26, 2007
So Michael Jackson has had several operations. You have to understand where he's coming from. Maybe it doesn't entirely justify all the decisions he's made, but you can't put all the blame on him.
And the surgery he's undergone doesn't change the fact that he's one of most remarkable musicians, as well as dancers, of our time. It doesn't change the fact that he's inspired millions of people everywhere.
As to his being a pedophile, though I can't be 100% certain about the whole thing, he was proven innocent. And I, along with many other people who love him and his work, believe he is.
You haters should go get yourselves lives.
Jacksonaction_co m


#80 Jun 27, 2007
who do you even bather to discuss MJ's surgery, he has had TWO major surgery on his nose..and several for corrections..as anyone who does a nose job.

The other by his scalp.. is from the fire.. that one doesn't count.

His chin..doesn't count either.. but lets say 3..huge ones.

WHO CARES ANYWAY? Who n Hollywood (bissiniss) hasn't had surgery?

His bone structure is exactly the same as when he was 17 y old.. he is just much thinner and a more grown up face.. as any man gets with time.

Or do you stil look like 17 even though you are 49?

morons :)


#83 Jul 6, 2007

The Michael Jackson face thing really stumps me. I love michael jackson, but his face looks pretty out-there. Couple of things i think about are the fact he is the most famous artist musician and human in the entire world. Man. Thats a big one. The reason i love michael so much, is for all of his love, his love for the world, and his humanitarian work he has done in the past. If i try to see 'beyond the face', then i try to come up with answers as to why he did what he did. And there are a billion crackpot lunatic freak theories you can come up with. But the one that i find most logical is the fact he is an artist. Is his face art? Is he 'sculpting' his face as you would chisel away at stone? He changes his image. Almost every album he looks different. Somehow, i think its part of his grand master plan as the world's greatest artist to leave his mark. The worst thing is he doesn't comment on this, he doesn't get intelectual and say "this is my art". But would he be any more ridiculed if he did? For instance, there is an artist growing an ear on his arm, his name is Stelarc. Its kinda on the same trajectory. But i can't help thinking, if his face is a creative canvas for jackson, then what are the motives? I think he wants his face to look as insane as possible to make us all realize how absolutley pathetic it is that we all do wonder about it so much. And he never tells. He never ever tells. Its like his secret. The Mystery kills us. But if you look at all his film clips they are always about morphing. Even Moonwalker he morphs through the whole thing. I think his central theme as an artist is morphing. And probably thats where he is most mis-understood. He's an artist. The best and weirdest and maddest the world ever new.

Windsor, Canada

#85 Jul 9, 2007
Well, atleast kathy accepts he's the most famous person alive. lol. I wonder when the bitch will achknowledge michael didn't provide his own records to guiness, hahah, that's kathy best one yet. That and "If my children was raped by a stranger i wouldn't bother taking him/her to the doctor" HAHAHAHAHA MORON!!!!


#87 Jul 9, 2007
Do you think this is his intention? To freak the hell out of you? Apparently Jackson became obsessed with P.T. Barnum when he was quite young. Note that one of the characteristics of the classic 'freak' in Freak Shows is an androgynous appearance, or a body that has both female and male elements. I say he's an artist before he's a freak (it is simply that he is no longer taken seriously due to the fact he has been condemned).

Since: Jul 07

Blackpool, UK

#88 Jul 9, 2007
Kathy Mosesian wrote:
<quoted text>
to sum up: He's a freak.
feel the love kathy!, feel the love!

Since: Jul 07

Blackpool, UK

#89 Jul 9, 2007
Kathy Mosesian wrote:
<quoted text>
Oh boy, more "explanations" from a pedo enabler.
whats yours love??

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