Black on black crime what is the solu...

Black on black crime what is the solution

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London, UK

#1 Jul 24, 2011
All those screaming black unity and part of the ''black community'' should have allot to say.


#2 Jul 26, 2011
Birth control.


Portsmouth, UK

#3 Jun 4, 2012
BM wrote:
Birth control.
If only your mother did so....

Marlborough, UK

#4 Jun 4, 2012
This is a big problem nobody should pretend it isn't this is a problem which i feel that can't just be solved by the "Black community on its own but if you pretend its just the men causing problems then you are just playing the blame game ( Don't get me wrong the man is to blame for most of it but not all .

First i am going to have a stab ( pardon the pun ) at what the black Community can do to reduce the problem then i am going to try and state the wider community can do .


These are is one of the hardest areas to tackle due to the fact that there isn't as much black employers within the UK. Therefore the wider community needs to change there are plenty of black people especially black man that are out of work that have experience skill and the education which would result in a 35k+ job if they were white now i am not saying that you don't have white people that suffer but not to the same extent. This comes down to plain and simple racism. There will be a few people that will muck up or do something silly but would you generalise everybody for one's mistake.

This is something what needs change from black community and the institute of itself. There needs to be a positive spin from within the Community regarding having a degree or getting to at least A level grade there same way some people are boastful that they have gone to prison. people or kids that have done well in school or/and the wider community where they live should be supported and helped to achieve more too much is been spent on lose causes and not enough on the bright sparks.

Had a lot more to add but computer crashed

* supporting black business
* taking on the media's protray of black people
* When we are setting up business been professional
* support childern at ever level of education
* stop selling guns to each other
* pressure the schools to help our kids
* teach them at home after school don't expect the teachers to go the extra mile for your kids

Brooklyn, NY

#5 Aug 15, 2012
Wyltf you talkin black on black crime. Would it be better if it was black on white crime. Fix yourself up. Look for the solution to all crime

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#6 Feb 14, 2013
Okay, but when yet another White male snatchs a lil child and frigs them to death, no one is jumping and shouting, "what can we do to combat high rate of White male perversions".

Yes, there are issues for SOME Black people, I do not like the term *Black community*, the majority always coin such a phrase to describe a minority social group, I do not know this so called community that has all this crime, guns, poverty, etc.

I live in a nice clean, leafy location, along side Blacks and Whites, do not know personally of gun crime, and do not associate with those into such things.

There is no community, humans at the end of it all are simply on their own trying to live life the best way they know how.
As a teen you may be part of a group, you may be part of church community, but an entire social group part of a comminuty, utter lies and designed to paint all with same negative brush.

In regards to the issues that are taking place, more older Black MEN need to STEP UP and become become mentors for organisatons/charaties working with young Black youth, Black WOMEN need to stop focussing on getting their nails done at the salon and what rave they are going to and read that book with their child befre sleep, all the things my mother done.
Sure, not easy, life wiill throw up challenges, but, sometimes,*we* always come with the excuses, every day on the way back from work I see Black(West Indian) males hanging around outside the betting shop, sitting idle, further up, I will see an African street cleaner, my point being, within the Black race, different ethnicities handle life differently.

Some perfer to *chill*, some prefer to take any job to put food on the table.
While a father in home helps, you can raise a boy child decently without one, as long as there are positive Black male role models, hence mentoring.

After the riots had a few words with a man old enough to be my dad in a supermarket, loud and in my face as he said *hi* and I chose not to reply as prefer not to be accosted by strangers, a girl who knows her worth does not entertain every man who randomly bothers her, anyhoo, he began going off on one, blood clart this and that, I smiled and simply replied, "instead of bothering me, why not get out there and try and help the young Black boys coming up, riots have just finished, they need your input as older Black man, do something of use", every single person fell silent, I walked out with my shopping.

It is easy to say, all starts from the mother, some truth in this, but, no other race of female is expected to be all and everything to a family, Black women too need love, support, help, etc, from their to conclude, in order for certain issues to be tackled, BM of West Indian orign(from observation, do not mean all) need to step up.
And yes, from WI, go back, from Africa, I mean in the here and now, the man from backayard dipping his dragon stout, he needs to put that down and help.

I do not accept work place discrimination, wanting nice things, makes one turn to crime of any sort, it is all about your morals, we are conditioned by society/media, however, if the positive foot work starts in the family home..then..the stuggle will not be so hard.

Apologies for my long reply and digressions at points.

This term, black on black crime is set to place negative spotlight on we,how many White males arm themselves up like rambo and go on shooting sprees, here and U.S.?
Many, yet, there is no special task force wishing to understand and investigate possible origins for such issues.

White males suddenly going berserk and shooting dead their family, known as family anhilators, were are the *white on white* task forces for these crimes?

I will say, Black people, and I speak as a young Black lady, are sometimes our own worst enemy.

If you want to make something of your life, you CAN!

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