Most beautiful women of the zodiac

Most beautiful women of the zodiac

Created by Venus on May 28, 2010

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Black Magi

Huntsville, AL

#135 Jul 9, 2013
The moon just entered Leo(my moon sign)this morning.

Leo women shine like the sun

Megan Good

Malaysia Pargo(from basketball wives)

Skylar Diggins

Tia Samone

Black Magi

Huntsville, AL

#136 Jul 9, 2013
Cancers opposite sign capricorn are beautifull too with their distinct bone features and slow ageing thanks to saturn.


Traci Bingham


R.I.P AAliyah
Black Magi

Huntsville, AL

#137 Jul 9, 2013
Traci Bingham


Jordan sparks @@._V1._SY314_CR11,0,214,314_. jpg

Donna summers

How fitting the first black '1st lady" Would be a capricorn(government/authority )

Michelle Obama
Black Magi

Huntsville, AL

#139 Jul 9, 2013
Aquarius make you want to do the unthinkable like Alisha Keys

Keri Washington
Black Saturn

United States

#140 Jul 9, 2013
Both my childs mother and mother are both capricorns. Beautiful.
Black Magi

Huntsville, AL

#141 Jul 9, 2013
My father was a 1st decan aries.The decan governed by mars.1st decan(ten day period) aries nose is usually long and slender, curving smoothly into arched eyebrows which, more often than not, will be heavy. The overall effect is similar to the glyph of Aries being stamped onto the face of such an individual.My venu sis in arues.I naturally vibe well with aries women.They arent intimidated my aggressive/bold approach.

Nicole Lions
chaka khan
Diana Ross

Candace parker is 3 rd decan(last 10 day week) aries which is governed by sagitarius and they tend to be tallest of all the aries
Black Magi

Huntsville, AL

#142 Jul 9, 2013
the first two links where stephanie Mills
Black Magi

Huntsville, AL

#143 Jul 9, 2013
1st decan aries are the most violent self destructive of the 3 aries decans.The drug dealers where afraid to sit on my pops car


Black Magi

Huntsville, AL

#144 Jul 10, 2013
Black Magi

Huntsville, AL

#145 Jul 10, 2013
Black Magi

Huntsville, AL

#146 Jul 10, 2013
Different signs have distinct physical traits.Most trained astrologers can spot people by their features.Scorpios are known for their sharp features,those penetrating eyes that seem like theyre looking through you,concave/upturned nose,aquiline or what some astrologers refer to "Eagle nose"(some call it a roman nose),and that "mars jawline".

Lisa Bonet

Thandie Newton
Gabrielle Union

Nia long

Bria Miles
Black Magi

Huntsville, AL

#148 Jul 10, 2013
Aries is the pioneer.The first house/spring.Natural leaders and sometimes lone wolfs.There opposite sign libra often needs relationships.Aries dont.My father used to always say "theres no such thing as friends".
They love competition and sports.Even at his age my pops will still challenges me to slap boxing or a game of one on one on the court.Youthful spirit.

Nicole Lyons

Danica Patrick(3-25)

Troy Polamalu though small in size shows the fearless Aries wreckless abandon he plays with

All 3 above are first decan Aries.
Black Magi

Huntsville, AL

#149 Jul 10, 2013
Jennifer Lacey,another hot headed sexy aries

classic "Ram" features
Black Magi

Huntsville, AL

#150 Jul 10, 2013
Sagitarius often are tall,athletic,with high foreheads(of coarse other decans vary).Dwight Howard(NBA)sometimes doesnt look human on the court.Jupiter somtimes produces giants.Shaquille Oneal(pisces is also ruled by jupiter)

K.D Auburt

Tyra banks

Keri Hilson

Opposite sign Gemini also produce tall,often with small frame,with bird like features(geminis are usually the fastest moving,talking people you know)
basetball player Kayala Snowden(gemini)
Black Magi

Huntsville, AL

#151 Jul 10, 2013
Capricorn facial features are similar to Cancer faces. Capricorns have distinct chins that angle sharply downwards from their also distinct lower jaw bones.
Danielle Caruthers
Angela Winbush

Capricorns also have very noticeable cheek bones that jut out nearly as distinctly as their chins.
Donna Summers had 3 planets in capricorn(sun,moon,mercury) so you can see her strong capricorn features
Cancers have distinct chins and cheek bones as well, but rather than having a long downward angle from their jaw bones to their chins, they have more squished faces, in other words, Capricorn faces are typically longer than Cancer faces.
Black Magi

Huntsville, AL

#152 Jul 11, 2013
Erica Mena(scorpio)
scorpio nose

opposite sign Taurus have sex appeal like scorpios
Eka Samone

&li st=PL4AC392C0A346AE76

North York, Canada

#153 Jul 16, 2013
Ginz wrote:
No, Taurus women are too stubborn<quoted text>
Being stubborn doesn't define beauty, Taurus & Libra's (mostly Taurus) are known to be the most beautiful because their Taurus is ruled by Venus and Venus is ruled by Aphrodite, the Goddess of love, sexuality & BEAUTY. Taurus's mostly are the most beautiful in all the zodiac. But there can be prettier women or men from other signs but I'm just saying TAURUS is known to be most beautiful & Libra


#155 Jul 23, 2013
Women libra the nicest women attractive natural hot

United States

#156 Jul 28, 2013
Sagittariouswomen. are the sexiest of all zodiac signs duuuuuh. what dony u undastand about of cool beauty its not dat hard to read its not like a foriegn language

Delhi, India

#157 Jul 28, 2013
gemini women have very mischievous smile, cancerians have pretty face, scorpions are sexy and pisceans have innocent personality with beautiful eyes..yeah even leos have charismatic personality..

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