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#1 Apr 13, 2009
During the period world war ll battle was raging on across the entire world Adolf Hitler made a number of love camps across Europe alongside the concentration camps.This was his quest to produce perfect white babies who were very pale and with blond hair.Blond european women were targeted by the nazis and forced to have sex with blond german soldiers with the hope of producing blond babies.When sweden and holland and a number of scandanavian countries fell under the nazi sway the scandanavian region became a hotbed for horny blond german soldiers who were willing to have sex with scandanavian women.It should be noted that most scandanavian women are very blond and quite pale and hence when sweden,holland and a host of other scandanavian countries fell under nazi occupation,a large number of scandanavian women were kidnapped by the nazis and locked up in love camps.
A number of german soldiers returning from war and hoping to see their loved ones where encouraged by the nazi authorities to move into these love camps and have sex with the blond female inmates.There was a high demand for blond german soldiers and during the middle part of the war a high number of blond european women and especially the scandanavian women were raped by german soldiers.Hitler hoped tht the german reich would last for a thousand yrs and made preparations hoping tht such children produced by the copulation b/w a blond german soldier and a blond female prison inmate would take over the helm of affairs after he had died(that is hitler).Such blond children came to be nicknamed as Hitler"s perfect children and such children according to hitler"s words were the true aryans or god-like beings.
But alas! just barely b4 six yrs was over the nazi regime crumbled under the feet of her enemies and hitler had no option than to blow his brains off.Taking one"s life is a well known nazi ritual and its not viewed as a cowardly act because according to the nazis when they the aryans die,they are taken up into a hollow cylinder to join up with their ancestors who are the space aliens and they live with them ever happily after.Hitler"s propaganda minister called Gobbels also took his life together with his wife and their kids with their dog and with their believe they went up to join the space aliens and there was also a notable number of high ranking german officers who also took their own lives.
Today the neo nazis still believe tht hilter is living with the space aliens and he"s watching over his choosen children(i.e the neo nazis) and there"s this popular believe by the neo nazis tht hitler would come back with power and pomp and take over the world once again.
DAMMM!! white ppl can really be crazy and this is clear evidence of it!

Stroud, UK

#4 Apr 2, 2013
Hard to tell how much of this is true, since there's so much crap in there.

Two points for starters: Holland is not in Scandanavia, and Sweden was never occupied by Mazi Germany, nor was it a German ally - Sweden remained neutral.

As for that aliens shit ...

Slagelse, Denmark

#5 Apr 2, 2013
12.000 children were stolen to live with German Nazis the programe was called Lebensborn . Blond, blueeyed children. There were some breeding going on in Norway and perhaps also Denmark, to make the "perfect"human. I haven't heard about rapes or a least not systematic rapes done by the Nazis in Scandinavia. The soldriers were not acting bad towards the women in Scandinavia .

United States

#6 Apr 2, 2013
Hitler died recently here in a u.s military hospital. The NAZI pulled off the greatest plan and changed their name to CIA and became the us gov under "operation paperclip".

The typed notes on the photo above read as follows:

“Unidentified white female between the age 8 and 10 years old. Subject underwent 6 months of treatment using heavy doses of LSD, electroshock and sensory deprivation. Experiments under codename: MKULTRA about early 60s. Subject’s memory was erased and her brain is that of a newborn baby.

Today, children found and designated “Valuable to the State” are tested, evaluated then kidnapped. They go through an advanced process of Eindeutschung (trauma based mind control-multiple personality programming) developed and perfected primarily by Hauptsfuhrer (Captain) SS Josef Mengele.

Often ignored or least understood, Dr. Mengele had been one of Lebensborn’s most important and secretive technicians. At Auschwitz with a population that may have been up to 4 million people,[5] Dr. Mengele used his human guinea pig victims which numbered into the hundreds of thousands to primarily provide scientific improvement to pre-existing methods of Illuminati trauma based mind control programming of children. Dr. Mengele’s advanced mind control and reprogramming programs, methodologies and techniques were secretly instituted in Lebensborn facilities.[6]

"Their Manchurian candidate is someone who had been inflicted with NDT (Near Death Torture) at some point in their lives. The brain then blocks out the horrible torture experiences of the Manchurian victim and creates amnesia walls. The programmers then can lay down deadly programs in these amnesia walls of the Manchurian candidate such as assassination alters, prostitution alters and drug running alters. The list goes on and on what they can “program” the victim to do. The victim is activated by “triggers” which is usually a phrase or word. In this case it was most likely a trigger from the Batman movie previews that activated Holmes weeks in advance."

Houston, TX

#7 Apr 2, 2013
Dumb post, Sweden was never occupied by Germany. Denmark and Norway are Scandinavian along with Sweden and that's its. No more Scandinavian countries exist.
As for Hitler, the Hitler skull in Moscow is that of a woman. More than one person has given testimony that Hitler escaped on the rat line and lived out his days in Argentina with Eva Braun.
Learn some history and geography before posting about history and geography.

Slagelse, Denmark

#9 Apr 2, 2013
There were black Wehrmacht soldiers in Hitlers Africa Corps. Black and Arabic Nazis.
Heinrich Himmlers granddaughter Katrin Himmler is married to an Israeli.
Scandinavians had ppl from the restistance in thier families, as well as Nazis.
Please read some history, and learn how to read a map ok.
I have NEVER heard of lovecamps and Scandinavian women were forced into camps like that. Nor has anyone else I know. Germans were sometimes looking for Scandinavian women that's true. Whatever the Germans did of crimes. Raping Scandinavian women was not one of them.

Stockholm, Sweden

#10 Apr 2, 2013
OP is probably confusing "liebe" (love) and "lebe" (live) as in "Lebensborn e.V.", an SS born association with the intention of raising the birth rate of Aryan children from extramarital relations. Rapes or force was never a part of the programme.

Anni-frid Lyngstad from the pop group ABBA is a "tyskunge", a child from a Norwegian mother and German father. Another known 10,000-12,000 was born in Norway 1940-1945. The real number is unknown.

Hoppas du haft en Glædelig Påske Loulou!

Slagelse, Denmark

#11 Apr 2, 2013
Tack så mycket du också!
I aswered in Swedish, not sure if you are Swedish, Danish or Norwegian. Lol

Stockholm, Sweden

#15 Apr 3, 2013
sand_-cracker wrote:
<quoted text>No, the Lebensborn program didn't include rape, indeed. Raping blue-eyed, blonde, racially pure "Aryan" women would be unacceptable as obviously incompatible with the Nazi doctrine of the Master race. However, it did include children kidnapping, which is abuse of force, at least according to my book.
Agreed, I should have been more precise. Force in OP:s context was not part of the program.
othello_81 wrote:
Blond european women were targeted by the nazis and forced to have sex with blond german soldiers

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