Why are Nigerians Hated

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#601 Mar 17, 2010
I was laughing the other day seeing the members of STORMFRONT crying and venting at being scammed by some nigerian 419s.If they are so racially superior and intelligent how come they are getting scammed?
Stupid rednecks..lol

Swansea, UK

#602 Mar 17, 2010
othello_81 wrote:
I was laughing the other day seeing the members of STORMFRONT crying and venting at being scammed by some nigerian 419s.If they are so racially superior and intelligent how come they are getting scammed?
Stupid rednecks..lol
R.O.F.L.M.A.O!!!! Abi o..Those idiots don mara finish.

How can People who claim they are honest try to claim Lottery Money they never played for nor ever travelled to the foreign country to play? Haba dis people just dey tire me with their stupidity

Swansea, UK

#603 Mar 17, 2010
TPMP wrote:
<quoted text> You sound like a smooth talker. You must be a NIGERIAN THIEF!........

Union City, NJ

#604 Mar 17, 2010
TalesByMoonLight wrote:
<quoted text>
LOL! That's why the visas to and from your country are being limited. You people didn't know when to stop. Now you closed the door for generations of nigerians to migrate. The reputation of your "hellhole" of a country is tarnished for a good long while!......GREED will always get you in the end!....LOL, LOL....

Swansea, UK

#607 Mar 18, 2010

Union City, NJ

#608 Mar 18, 2010
TalesByMoonLight wrote:
Good. I'm glad you agree, being you have nothing substantial to say.......TPMP.
Prince Charming

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#609 Aug 11, 2010
Nigerians = trash

June Bug1

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#611 Aug 16, 2010
because theyre worthless

Edison, NJ

#612 Aug 16, 2010
June Bug1 wrote:
because theyre worthless
they hated beacuse they are successfl. most of them in ivy college ..........also jew hated beacuse they are rich


#613 Aug 19, 2010
Weak minded People hate what they admire most but know they can never be.

Hate on people hate on.
pradeep patel

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#614 Sep 25, 2011
I find Nigerians to be rude, abrupt, and aggressive.

“Education is a key to success.”

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#615 Sep 25, 2011
...because they are 419...
lol jk..but only a little

Woodstock, IL

#616 Jan 25, 2013
Nigerians are hated because they don't deserve to live. I hate every Nigerian I've ever meet.
Nigerian disappointment


#617 Feb 25, 2013
I have to say I am not surprised at all. I dealt with Nigerians for 10 years until last month I had enough and changed my job. A lot of it has to do with education and despite Nigerians saying they value education not much of it seems to ram home with them. Their mentality is still based upon culture from 200 years ago. Women generally are not supposed to succeed and the men think they should be treated like a chief (whenever they can get away with it!). Homosexuals should be killed in a Nigerians mind and they are filled with the vices of tribalism, corruption and a "me first mentality". They still think in the backward way of "if you don’t have 5 children in your family there is something wrong with you". Oddly all Nigerians believe all of this but become extremely offended when anyone points out these very clear and yet surmountable problems. All of this adds up to a country with huge potential that hasn’t really gone anywhere compared with its supposed poorer neighbours. Once the oil revenue goes Nigeria will be back in the stone age with the handful of fat cats living in Kensington in London or Miami in the states. Sadly millions more die of starvation as they have got rid of most of their farms as they “think they are rich because of the oil”.
KIP wrote:
My sister's desire to marry a "real" black man got her a union with a Nigerian student while they were in college. From a cultural perspective she would have been better off marrying someone white from the U.S. The Nigerian man turned out to be very controling where she was involved. He'd forbid her to visit our mother or leave the house without his consent. It was up to him to tell her what to wear and when. He also resented my sister or anyone questioning his personal business away from home that involved other women. This was his birthright in his view. He was always nice and cordial with me and the other men, but the women definately had to take a few steps back.
He had a brother who was also a student. He had two wives: one American and one Nigerian. I remember his Nigerian wife always serving us treats (at her husband's command). He used to get away with slapping her too. My mother wasn't terribly accepting of either of these men (especially her son-in law). One day the older brother slapped his Nigerian wife one too many times and my mother saw it and demanded that he "not lay another hand on that woman". I don't think the Nigerian wife spoke English, but she always smiled at us.
One day his Nigerian wife died in a house fire. Later, for some reason the police wanted to ask my sister's brother-inlaw about details of the house fire. That's when we discovered he'd already left the country to head back to Nigeria. We never saw him again after that.
After 7 months my sister's marriage to the Nigerian had ended.

Pasadena, CA

#619 Jun 1, 2013
Luvin Me wrote:
I find some nigerian men are just as nice as any other man on this earth. And like other men, some nigerians can be arrogant, happy, confident, kind, loving, intelligent, empathetic, caring, respectable, etc.
I find them different from AA men, because they are free and were never enslaved and forced to come to America. They comes and go on their own freewill. They know their roots and where home is.
listen my dear, any one can come and go as we please these days, I Am an aa and I was never a slave, and if slaves were from africa, and they were, then nigerians were enslaved, because nigerian was one the countries that slaves came from, and cant deny your own people.

Pasadena, CA

#620 Jun 1, 2013
I remember this nigerian guy was at my job, and he was trying to gain the attention of this AA girl on the register, and she did even want to look at his ugly ass, muchless acknowledge him. They talk alot of crap about aa people, but the men are always trying to get at AA women.
Proudly African

South Africa

#621 Aug 29, 2013
Nigerians are hated because they are rude,ignorant,and treat women from other countries like shit!! In SA they only marry women to get a citizenship and then go back to Nigeria to take families and bring them to SA.Nigerian guy married and friend and abused her,insluted her,and when she filed for divorce,she was threatened,and he required R500,000 so that he could disappear.Damn that armpit skinker!! They also think think they are better than any other black people in the world,loud as hell!!...They hate us more than we hate them,and think we envy their dusty Lagos...MXM!! Ghanains are polite and they are God fearing people! Viva Ghana! As for your neighbours,stop wrecking our country like you did to yours,try to speak clear,cause all I hear is adu,adu,adu,adu sies!
Darby OGill

United States

#622 Sep 13, 2013
I work wif one of dem Nigerian men. He's a hoot! I call him the alpha male. He's the youngest in our dept, but he's decided the thermostat will be set at maximum, don't turn his janky music down even if he's not around, he's had a harder life than Mother Theresa (and he'll tell you because you couldn't have tales of woe bc ur American), he heard me on phone filing a police report once and this was over the top ridiculous to him bc only white people call the police and he expressed sympathies for the non-white guy who wanted to beat the snot out of me bc I was going to ruin his life simply bc he was having a bad day and lost his temper. I have bad days too- but I don't terrorize people. He will stick his thumb in your eye repeatedly, and if you say one cross word to him- he's wounded and says with drama, "Now I know how you feel about me!" I think my young nigerian friend grew up in a pushy, grab and growl society, he's selfish, self centered, rude, and narcissistic. He's also college educated, but college today only challenges your beliefs and biases if you're a white male who believes in silly non-progressive ideas. It's so politically incorrect that I find myself interrogated and explaining myself to a man-child who actually knows I'm wrong and is simply trying to help me see the light. I may have my head up my butt- but at least I know where my head is!

Kamloops, Canada

#623 Sep 19, 2013
I am having a bit of an issue that I would love some insight on. Recently I have had nothing but bad experiences with Nigerian men. I don't understand why they seem to come across as rude. I know that cultural differences play a role with everyone in the whole world. I try to understand everyone and their experiences and past, but it seems that Nigerian men are the hardest people to please. My coworker is from Nigeria, my friend's husband is also from Nigeria, and my old manager was also from there. All three people have been so hard to work with. All I would like to know is why? If I can understand why then I can try to make the working relationships better with them. If anyone has any insight please fill me in.

South Africa

#624 Oct 2, 2013
Hi Meghara

I'm not Nigerian,and thanks heavens for that,but I am African.Pride is hammered into Nigerians while they are as young as 2 years old.They are brought up to be rude and don't ever see other people as humans.They are carrying this notion that they are the GIANTS of AFRICA,the Hell they are! They are violent,vulgar and rude! They were able to kick out Britain,and screwed British women,now they are feeling like Igwe's of the world.The women are no difference,they are also the same as men,selfish,stingy and good backstabbers! I hope 1 Nigerian posts the clear answer on this thread,without boasting about what they have and how much they are educated...we all know they are number 1 scammers!

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