ASTEROID strikes on EARTh coverd up b...
Capricorns Sun

United States

#21 May 14, 2012
-– Norwegian politician speaks about surviving global catastrophe in the government bunkers in Norway.: "Planet X is coming, and Norway has begun with storage of food and seeds in the Svalbard area and in the arctic north with the help of the US and EU and all around in Norway. They will only save those that are in the elite of power and those that can build up again: doctors, scientists, and so on.If this object goes by, there will be a lot of problems on the surface of the Earth. That is all I know. This is why they go underground."

William Coooper worked on many gov black ops before he was murfered. He claimed there were military bases on mars(code named "Eve)and the moon(code named Adam)according to him...

Alternative 3:

To build a "transfer station" on the backside of the Moon, build an underground base on Mars and remove a certain limited "Noah's Ark" cross section of Earth's population, artists, scientists, engineers, writers, etc., to Mars as a survival colony in the event of "catastrophy" on Earth.

William Cooper continues with his report by stating:

"...A symposium was held in 1957 which was attended by president Eisenhower discussing this.

Alternative 3 is about: Survival and migration of certain percentage of humans like cream of the crop or corruption or may be both to MARS before the Pole Shift and the future Cataclysm in the Earth!
That Dragon

United States

#22 May 14, 2012
They were showing you in the movie "Deep Impact".
That Dragon

United States

#23 May 14, 2012
Nibiru was characterized as a "dragon or sky serpent" and a "bringer of death".The missing zodiac sign ophiuchus the serpent bearer holds the key. Ophiuchus' hand that holds the serpen's head is called the "hand of death". Ophiuchus himself is sometimes referred to as "The Man of Death".

Ancient skywatchers are said to have looked for Nibiru's grand arrival in the Constellation of Ophiuchus(Sagittarius A). When it periodically returns to this part of the solar system, it apparently sort of appears out of nowhere. Suddenly it's up there, like a golden miniature sun with a long and fearsome cometary tail trailing along behind it and its host of satellites, hovering, dangling like a jewel over the earths North Pole for a "millennium of the gods."

In the ancient vedic system,the constellation Ophiuchus(Moola),located at the tail of the scorpion into ophiuchus at the galactic center,it's ruling deity is "Nirriti".

Nirriti means "calamity", and is the goddess of destruction who lives in the kingdom of the dead(galactic center). Nirriti has the power to ruin, destroy and break things apart.
That Dragon

United States

#24 May 14, 2012
That Dragon | Apr 5, 2012 As the Sun passes through spiral arms of the galaxy, and through giant molecular clouds, the comets are perturbed, and some are caused to head into the inner solar system, where the Earth and its neighbors reside. Over time, the comets break down into meteors, possibly asteroids and other fragments, which can then rain down on unwitting Earthlings.

Ancient Egypt preserved complex beliefs concerning the cyclic creation and destruction of worlds. The little-known Edfu Building Texts speak of a remote golden age, many thousands of years earlier, when the gods themselves lived on an island - the “Homeland of the Primeval Ones.”

The texts tell us this island was utterly destroyed in a terrible storm and flood caused by “a great serpent.”(asteroid)The majority of the “divine inhabitants” were drowned, but the survivors of the cataclysm settled in Egypt, where they became known as the “Builder Gods,” who fashioned in the primeval time, the “Lords of Light.”
That Dragon

United States

#25 May 14, 2012
The Golden Age begins while the Earth is in Aquarius, and, as the Earth moves through the zodiacal belt, the ages also progress: from the Golden, to the Silver, to the Copper, and finally to the Iron Age.

A very important cosmic event takes place each time the Earth enters the zodiacal constellation of Aquarius. This event causes great natural disasters to occur, and has been responsible for the end of every race that existed upon the Earth in past ages. At the end of every sidereal year, after moving from Pisces to Aquarius, the orbit of the Earth approaches the orbit of a planet. according to Gnosic cosmology this planet is known as "Hercolubus". In the Bible this planet is referred to as "Wormwood", while modern astronomers have named it "Barnard I". As the orbits of the two planets get closer their gravitational and magnetic fields exert forces on one another.

The Masonic Architechs of the Georgia Guidestones(Rosicrucians) left behind a message for the next surviving crop of humanity.

The subtext of the of the Guidestones' message is that the catastrophe of an undefined "cliimactic event" that will cause massive depopulation from billions of deaths; Its carved in stone: could it be any plainer? A slot is cut in the middle of the Gnomen stone to form a window which aligns with the positions of the rising sun at the Summer and Winter Solstices and at the Equinox, so that the noon sun shines to indicate noon on a curved line.
That Dragon

United States

#26 May 14, 2012
sweetgirl101 wrote:
You are not lying about this. About 3 1/2 weeks ago, an asteroid landed near my home, and I saw it. There was no report on it on the news the next day.
Interesting.Some beleieve the earthquake that was felt in Georgia and Alabama was also due to an asteroid.
Capricorns Sun

United States

#27 May 14, 2012
The sun just entered Taurus/Het Heru the Bull.The Pleiadess(and Orion/Asaur) is associated with cataclysm,more specifically the last meteor shower that purified the earth.
The Bull brings with it a fiery destruction of the wicked,many believe will commence under Taurus.
The Bull with his head lowered and his horns pointed forward,charging forth, head down, and bringing destruction to all who are in his way.

book of enoch--"here I saw seven stars(pleiades) of the heavens bound together in it, like great mountains and burning with fire. Then I said:For what sin are they bound, and on what account have they been cast in here?... " 1 "... I saw in a vision how the heaven collapsed and was borne off and (meteors)felll to the earth. And when it fell to the earth I saw how the earth was swallowed up in a great abyss(tidal wave), and mountains were suspended on mountains, and hills sank down on hills, and high trees were rent from their stems, and hurled and sunk in the abyss ..."

The Pleiades appear in ancient Jewish lore. In stories from the Talmud , the destruction of mankind in the Great Flood and the rebirth through Noah occurred when God pulled two stars out of the Pleiades, releasing a deluge upon the Earth.

The Chilam Balam of Chumayel,“spoke of an almighty cataclysm during which the ‘Great Serpent’(asteroid) was ‘ravished from the heavens together with the rattles of its tail’ so that its ‘skin and pieces’ of its bones ‘fell here upon the Earth’”. The Calina Carib tribe in Surinam, South America, still have myths of a fiery serpent that came from the Pleiades(during the age of Leo) and ‘brought the world to an end with a great fire and deluge.
Capricorns Sun

Marion, IA

#28 May 15, 2012
To the top...
Capricorns Sun

Marion, IA

#29 May 15, 2012
ons of people globally reporting airbursts, ground shaking.

SINKHOLES everywhere.

1987 EDITION - New Science and Invention Encyclopedia SEPTEMBER 10th, 1984 - US News World Report - Planet X - Is it really out there? DECEMBER 30th, 1983 - Washington Post - Heavenly body discovered possibly as large as Jupiter JANUARY30th,1983- New York Times- There is something out there JANUARY25th,1983- US Government launches IRAS, The Infrared Astronomical Satellite OCTOBER 1982 - Astronomy Magazine - Searching for a tenth planet JUNE 28th, 1982 - Newsweek - Does the Sun have a dark companion? JUNE 19th, 1982 - New York Times - Some kind of mystery object is really there DECEMBER 1981 - Astronomy Magazine - Search for the tenth planet
Capricorns Sun

Orlando, FL

#31 May 15, 2012
It begins with meteors failing like raindrops, a few here and there. Perhaps a few hit the sun, provoking large solar flares. The solar flares provoke colourful auroras even in the daytime sky. Then the day of the comets arrive. From horizon to horizon, growing larger every second, they streaked into the atmosphere, lighting up brighter than the sun.

Heated to immense temperatures by its passage through the atmosphere, the lethal swarm exploded into thousands of mountain-sized chunks and clouds of streaming icy dust. The smaller pieces blew up high in the atmosphere, creating multiple detonations that turned the sky orange and red.

Then the largest comet smashed through the sheet of ice covering part of the northern hemisphere in what is now Hudson Bay. Other comets struck in Lake Michigan, Canada, Siberia and Europe. Then the ground shock waves hit, shaking the earth violently for ten minutes in great rolling waves and shudders. Fissures opened, trees shook and fell, and rivers and streams disappeared into the cracked earth.
Capricorns Sun

Orlando, FL

#32 May 16, 2012
Comets always travel on oxygen lines,and those cymatic lines in our galaxy and our universe grid have of coarse the "oval" trajectories and so comet showers always revisit with mathematical perfection.
Capricorns Sun

Orlando, FL

#33 May 16, 2012
All the ancient myths about dragons tails and dragons fighting in the sky is reffering to the comets/meteors thtat have struck earh.

Reports of meteors being seen from New jersey to Ohio:

Friday, February 16, the SOTT page brought us this story: Strange noise might have been meteor

By JIM SABIN City Editor

NEWARK -- Something happened at around 9 p.m. Wednesday that a lot of people heard, or even felt.

What it was, though, might forever remain a mystery.

"It" was a loud bang, something loud enough to be heard across southern and central Ohio, and loud enough to make small objects move in houses. Reports have rolled into The Advocate from Hanover to Heath, from Buckeye Lake to Granville, and NBC4 heard reports from Muskingum, Fairfield and Pickaway counties.

Rumors range from an earthquake to a meteor strike, a sonic boom to something ice-related.[...]

Jeff Gill, of Granville, said he saw a meteor with a relatively long trail, with red, green and gold coloration. It was headed east to west and lasted about three seconds; after it faded, the sonic boom washed over him, he said.

"I saw it first. It was the most eerie, cool, scary, wonderful thing. You just see this dragon tail going across the sky," said Gill, who also writes a religion column for The Advocate. "All of a sudden, everything goes boom." [...]
Capricorns Sun

Orlando, FL

#34 May 16, 2012
We about to get it good.Enjoy fighting over the petty sh1t. Nature is about to give us a cold splash of water of reality.You're gonna learn to love each other one way or another.
dont worry be happy

Tampa, FL

#35 May 16, 2012
Lumps of junk hit Earth regularly, it is no major concern, they kill less people a year than negroes kill in their own neighborhoods everyday.

As for cover-ups BULLSHIT!!!

Most of these things are so small that no one knows that they have even hit, I have seen one hit the ground in the distance and probably I am the only one who ever knew. If you do actually find one though it is worth passing on the strike to a University or something as they do like to study any rock that hits the Earth. Sometimes its bits of satellite or booster though, and they still belong to the land of origin (technically).

That's the fact of the matter, most are too small to be seen before hitting. You probably got more chance of being hit by a piece of ice from an overflying airplane than any meteorite/asteroid.

A lot of this nonsense comes about from ill-educated folk reading conspiracy theories about the end of the world and the government cover-ups but the truth is they couldn't really cover it up.

There are a few million amateur astronomers throughout the world, they have discovered most of the asteroids and comets in recent years. Each one of them could see any object that could threaten the Earth up to a year before it hit Earth. These people are worldwide and effectively give 24 hour coverage of the sky. An object capable of threatening human life on Earth could be seen without a telescope by anyone on the planet from six months to three months before it hit, you would notice something different in the sky that got larger as the weeks went by but anyone looking could notice it.

The Hollywood image of some guy finding an object and no one else seeing it until it nearly hits is bullshit.

Worldwide space agencies know that we are getting closer and closer to a big hit, historically we are overdue one, but also world governments know that there is NOTHING we can do about it!!! We can't deflect it, blow it up or put all the Earth's people underground. No doubt there are contingencies that allow a core of people to survive the original impact but to what end? The world as we know would be at an end, it is possible that anyone underground may have to stay there for a decade or more, a huge logistic problem, even with a small group.

I could go on but there is enough rational information out there already.

It is as simple as this, an asteroid capable of destroying human life on Earth could be seen by ANYONE on the planet 3 to 6 months before it hit. NO government can cover that up!!!!

Most of us alive at the time would perish, immediately (if you were lucky) or painfully over the coming days and maybe months and there is NOTHING you, me or anyone else can do about it. So don't worry!!!
Capricorns Sun

Orlando, FL

#36 May 16, 2012
You're a fool to believe governments can't cover up comming space rocks.You have little understanding how the solar system works.
The ancients didn't leave it to "amatuer astronomers" to chart the skies.

Some believe this passing of the "DRAGONS TAIL" will be the 6th and final whereas the hopi believe we will enter a 5th earth.
Different ancient culture's speak of the dragon because of the way it looks in the sky with its satellites trailing behind it and the fact that it sends meteors to earth in a rain of fire . What if its eliptical orbit is roughly 3,600 years?
3,600 years is a long time for any surviving mankind to recover and forget that its orbit periodically passes into our solar system. But it doesn't just pass once.. about a year later it passes again as it exits our solar system never to be seen for another 3600 or so years when its orbit brings it back.The second pass is when our poles would shift because this planet would cross directly between us and the sun.Our poles would align to this planet because even though its not as powerful as the sun.. it's a lot closer and magnetically our poles would be forced to align with it.

" A fiery dragon will cross the sky Six times before this earth shall die Mankind will tremble and frightened be for the sixth heralds in this prophecy. For seven days and seven nights Man will watch this awesome sight. The tides will rise beyond their ken To bite away the shores and then The mountains will begin to roar And earthquakes split the plain to shore. And flooding waters, rushing in Will flood the lands with such a din That mankind cowers in muddy fen.

For storms will rage and oceans roar
When Gabriel stands on sea and shore
And as he blows his wondrous horn
Old worlds die and new be born.

Man flees in terror from the floods And kills, and rapes and lies in blood And spilling blood by mankinds hands Will stain and bitter many lands And when the dragon's tail is gone, Man forgets, and smiles, and carries on To apply himself -too late, too late For mankind has earned deserved fate. His masked smile -his false grandeur, Will serve the Gods their anger stir. And they will send the Dragon back To light the sky -his tail will crack (meteors)Upon the earth and rend the earth And man shall flee, King, Lord, and serf.

.. But Not every soul on Earth will die As the Dragons tail goes sweeping by(with a hail of meteors). Not every land on earth will sink But these will wallow in stench and stink Of rotting bodies of beast and man Of vegetation crisped on land. But the land that rises from the sea Will be dry and clean and soft and free Of mankinds dirt and therefore be The source of man's new dynasty. And those that live will ever fear The dragons tail for many year But time erases memory You think it strange. But it will be. And before the race is built anew A silver serpent comes to view And spew out men of like unknown To mingle with the earth now grown Cold from its heat and these men can Enlighten the minds of future man. To intermingle and show them how To live and love."--prophecy from a women burned at the stake in the 1400's
Capricorns Sun

Orlando, FL

#37 May 16, 2012
The last great period of destruction occurred 13000 years ago, when the Earth was rattled by Earthquakes,volcanic eruptions, and terrible they blamed on a cosmic calamity, and which they, and other ancient peoples, associated with the Great Serpent(asteroid).We are at that same cross road. The Return of the Great Serpent. Every spiral galaxy is a "great serpent" and this serpent eats its own tail. And every galaxy is a keeper of time, a great cosmic clock... and precise predictions can be made... clocks within clocks, circles within circles... and coiling round the great Milkyway galaxy, snakes the serpent ophiuchus, 180 degrees opposite of Orion(Osiris).

"But beware and rejoice not because the rod of his that smote thee is broken: for out of the serpent’s root and of his fruit shall be a fiery flying serpent...-Isaiah, 14

Century 1, Number 69.

"A mile-wide mountain (asteroid) strikes earth after there is peace, war, famine, and floods, the asteroid strike causes widespread flooding of nations, some of which are ancient."-Knights of Templars

“New year New you”

Level 5

Since: Jan 12

alright alright.....

#38 May 16, 2012
Wow this is really creepy and i actually believe it......
Capricorns Sun

Orlando, FL

#39 May 16, 2012
'My father(who knew a lot about astronomy) used to always say "son if you have enough money,you too can buy your place in heaven",of coarse he was being sarcastic as he never believed in santa clause either.

One company building these underground survival bunkers for the rich elite is the American Reassurance Communities (ARC), and who describe their efforts as follows:

“Each ARC Bunker Complex consists of a 300,000 sq ft subterranean self-contained community survival shelter complex designed to accommodate 2500 people for up to 60 months in military grade bunkers complete with schools, medical/dental, greenhouses, theater, recreation, everything needed for a large group of people to live in a safe, comfortable environment and survive almost any disaster.

ARC Bunkers are manufactured to withstand a direct nuclear hit, EMP (electro-magnetic pulse) attacks, biological attacks, hurricanes, tornados, volcanos, earthquakes, floods, solar flares, meteorites, and ground assaults.”
Capricorns Sun

Orlando, FL

#40 May 16, 2012
Mr "don't worry be happy",answer me how the white house knew about comet "elenin" before the "amataur astronomer" discovered it?

John Holdren, director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, or OSTP, outlines plans for “(A) protecting the United States from a near-Earth object that is expected to collide with Earth.

Interestingly, Comet C/2010 X1 (Elenin) was only “discovered” by civilian Leonid Elenin(who never existed) on December 10, 2010, in the official White House letter below, written back in late October 2010, the White House addressed the possibility of an Comet/Asteroid striking the Earth.

..and why was obama hiding under the Denver airport in a supoosed "test drill" around that time?
Capricorns Sun

Lakeland, FL

#42 May 18, 2012
Meteors will always track to the grounds as they engage the cymatic(sound wave)grid pattern/order and examples are the Carolinas are some of your evidence you can watch them always track on the same lines in an area and "go to ground" extremely predictably. Also commetary showers are "super nova" remnants which is the crystalline amonia core material that draws energy to it just as our planets core "pulls" energy to it creating gravity. Comets always travel on oxygen lines,and those cymatic lines in our galaxy and our universe grid have of coarse the "oval" trajectories and so comet showers always revisit and strike earth with mathematical perfection.

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