Stereotypes About People W/ Dreadlocks

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#42 Oct 2, 2008
personally, i think almost all of you are too opionated. Dreadlocks have been around before the dawn of time. cavemen wore them, indians wore them, asian emporers wore them, acient egyptians, even John the Baptist. Why's this? because there was no such thing as shampoos or brushes back then. that's the neglect method. it'll happen to anyone who doesn't brush their hair, white or black or even asian. dreadlocks are not just for rastas or sudhas. that's ridiculous. yes, many people wear them for religious beliefs, but many people have them for a lifetime commitment. they're not just a fashion statement, because they take too damn long to take care of and to make, unlike dyes and cuts that can be changed in a week or so. i have dreadlocks as a white hairstylist. i get compliments all the time on my dreads that they look nice and neat because they are maintained and washed daily, and they always smell nice. i got them when i had my son Aiden because i have always loved the hairstyle and even the stereotypical lifestyle that comes with them, and they are a simple hairstyle that i didn't have to change everyday, just wash and rub them. just because someone has dreadlocks doesn't mean they are a hippie if they're not black. blacks are not the ones who started them, blacks are mainly the ones who just maintained them and continuously had the hairstyle throughout the ages because their hair locks up the easiest. i find people with neat, clean dreadlocks beautiful, no matter what their skin tone. one of the most beautiful women i have seen with dreadlocks was a women from the united kingdom who was a white/japanese mix. there's no such thing as a hairstyle just for blacks or just for whites, everyone at one point in time has had the same hairstyle, and it looks good on the people who keep themselves well-groomed and happy.

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#43 Oct 2, 2008
Why brothas with dreadlocks always date whitegirls in LA?

Unterschleißheim, Germany

#44 Nov 4, 2008
we dont talk now about dreadlock history.yes is true.indians,egyptens,rastas wear dreadlocks for a long time true also that rastas make dreadlocks in atention off whole world.this was in 70,s and 80,s,when bob marley the most famoust regaee singer which was a rasta,make the rasta face celebrity.everybody knows that.white or black or asian or dont matter what are free to wear a hair style in those days.i have dreadlocks two,i am white,and i wash my hair once in a week.thay are dirty just iff you dont care about your hair and yourselve.and about that white people loock terible whit dreadlocks is not true.y saw some and thay loock really good.the only thing is that they have a lot off work whit,because dreadlocks in fine hair are not that simple like to the black people hair grows natural.

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#45 Nov 12, 2008
baad indyan wrote:
Locks are supposed to be dirty, it is the symbolism of giving up everything material and being in search of the spiritual truth. Sadhus (ascetics) have massive respect through the length and breadth of the subcontinent. Many, even today, are respected cult leaders. They live in their jungle hermitages in the foothills of the Himalayas, many are even completely naked in the bitter cold. The Sadhus live off the alms of the people, and the people are expected to even go hungry but feed the Sadhu. In fact I even read that among some Tantric sadhus, young women immediately perform fellatio for sexual boons in their future married life.
In fact, Lord Shiva, one of the principal Gods of the trinity of Hinduism is also known as Jatadhar (Wears a Crown of Locks) and also gave mankind the ganja
When I see Rastas, I feel closer to home. They also meditate, smoke ganja to "see better" (lol), many are even vegetarian. I remember a lot of their ideas were influenced by sadhus who roamed Jamaica during colonial times.
I don't like people who do it for style...people are free to do what they want, I just don't like it, I feel its disrespectful
Dreadlocks are not supposed to be dirty! The act of washing your locks is meant to be an act of purifying not just your hair but purging your entire existance (physical and ethereal/esoteric) of all negative aspects.The Ganges river (in it's purest state) is said to flow from the locks of Lord Shiva. The Nile river which is associated with the Kemetic God Oser/Osirus is also associated with His locks. Renunciates and Priests all over the world have been wearing the crown of naturality (dreadlocks) since the beginning of time. Dreadlocks are ment to symbolize the covenant between God and Man/Woman and God-given natural beauty. Many people are unaware of this and wear dreads commercially or fashionably which I as a devout Rastaman find vain and unsincere. Dreadlocks are supposed to be naturally matted together, not twisted/stylized by a beautician in a salon. The constant twisting of the hair causes it to become thinner at the root eventually resulting in breakage. I've seen this happen many times. If your locks are dirty, then how can your thoughts/intentions be pure?

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#46 Nov 12, 2008
Why does the ad for "Afro Romance" depict a Black Woman with a whiteman on top? Seems like they are subliminally suggesting that the whiteman is superior to the Black Woman. That's some old Willie Lynch plantation B/S in my opinion! I'm not anti-inter-racial but We Black people seriously need to unify in Love right about now and stop giving in to the urge to divide ourselves. The love between us can be so beautiful,powerful, and beneficial to the whole of Creation.
Does it matter

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#47 Dec 9, 2008
jayrag wrote:
Carribeans and Black Americans have tarnished the image of the dreds.
It used to be done only by Rastas for religious reasons. Then Carribeans who weren't religious started doing it to show pride in their heritage. Then black Americans started doing it for fashion.
Dreds don't mean anything anymore. They are for fashion so let the white guys wear them.
Many whites and blacks have become bias against people with dreds. I know in Florida many drug dealers wear dreds.(both American and Carribeans) So, dreds have a bad image in many places.
First of all, I'm going to need to you learn to spell CARIBBEAN correctly if you're going to start talking ignorance about a group of people. Secondly, you're incorrect in saying that Caribbean people started wearing dreadlocks without regard to religion. Wearing deadlocks began in the Caribbean in Jamaica as a religion following the practices of Haile Selassie of Ethiopia who was basically worshiped in Jamaica. It was only decades after this that dreadlocks became more mainstream as a natural hair style in the Caribbean, and even today there are island where it's frowned upon because of the religion.
Get your facts straight.


#48 Dec 14, 2008
Mike wrote:
I wouldn't call it a major trend either, but when I do see it on non-blacks its like a mockery. Here in Long Beach and in L.A lots whites rock dreds, and a large majority of black women wear weaves I hate both of equal, but I'm just stating my opinion on dreds, when there is a thread on weaves, you might catch me on that saying the same thing
your a racist douche, saying that white people can do something, and black people cant, or visa versa, thats the reason blacks and whites sometimes feel they shouldnt be one.
f'uck racism.

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#49 Dec 14, 2008
The number one complaint I have heard as it relates to locs is that they aren't clean - that people don't wash them.

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#50 Jan 11, 2009
Wow, some of the comments I've heard here blow my mind with the sheer level of ignorance, and the acceptance of the same. I understand that in this present day and age, dreads are seen as a symbol of black culture and heritage. BUT dreadlocks have been worn since pre-historic times by many races including Indians, Japanese, Egyptians, Norsemen, and name a few. I am white and I have very nice dreads that get washed a few times a week. Not only am I NOT dirty, but I choose to wear dreads as a sign of my commitment to myself and my own well-being, and to honor my Norse and Celtic heritage. I follow the pre-Christian religions of my ancestors, and dreads are an extension of that. So, I am not trying to appropriate another culture for fashion's sake, or to symbolize that I am a frequent drug user. Dreads are started differently on different textures of hair, but after that initial phase, the care and maintenance of them are essentially the same. And, with any other hairstyle, it's all in how you take care of it. You can wash them daily, or you can go months without. It's a matter of personal preference and motivation.

A lot of white people do wear weaves, as well, not just celebrities, although the best looking-ones are done professionally and cost. All in all, it's just hair, and people should not care what others do, as long as their heads are clean and well-maintained. People will do what they think looks good, regardless of whether or not it is considered appropriate or traditional for their ethnicity. Cultural appropriation is a fact, anyway, in the United States, in every area from food, to music. You don't hear Italians bitching about other races eating the food, do you? And is it wrong for rappers to sample rock/heavy metal music in their So, who cares.

What the hell does not washing your hair have to do with lice, can still get them if you wash daily. Get your facts straight.

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#51 Jan 11, 2009
Cristal wrote:
Wow, some of the comments I've heard here mahr-rahr-rrahr-rrrahrrr...
What do you do... like... save these posts on a word-pad on your computer and repost them when you can't be original?

You really DO suck.

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#52 Feb 8, 2009
Mike wrote:
I hate black people with dreds who date white women, dredlocks show a love for black culture and all I'm seeing is commercial locks, but not rasta's. And I hate it when white people or other races immitate the hair that grows on our head natural, we've been doin this shit since the begining of time and now some copy cat motha F-uckas wanna do this shit for style bothblack and white people.
I think the is utterly out of order people should date who every they want no matter on how they look!!! and by the way it's not all of a black thing to have dread there are whites, my friend is chinese she had dreads, and even some indian holy people have dreads!!

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#53 Feb 8, 2009
There are stereotypes about every living thing. Ignorance cause stereotypes. And the term is locs.
Ras Jutte X

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#54 Mar 10, 2009
Why's this fussing and fighting the rasta message is of love not hate. InI do not judge those who wear locks for one reason or another. its their hair do with it what you will for what reason you will. true judgement comes from Jah.

Long Beach, CA

#55 Mar 22, 2009
Hi all, I am doing some anthropological research on the rastafarian culture. It is a film that may go to the film festival. I would like some non biased help to get this film done before may 18th. could anyone out there tell me how does it feel to wear dreadlocks and what it does for the culture we live in?
Long Beach

Long Beach, CA

#56 Mar 24, 2009
There are a lot of racist people in this post... i'm a white guy and i am growing out my hair for dreads.. i don't see a reason why it would be offensive to anyone.. in fact every person that has dreads that i've talked to about them has said that i should definately do it.. and for all the racist rastas / other people here: was it not Halie Salassie that said " until the philosophy which holds one race superior and another inferior is finally and permanently discredited and abandoned; that until there are no longer first class and second class citizens of any nation; that until the color of a man's skin is of no more significance than the color of his eyes; that until the basic human rights are equally guaranteed to all without regard to race; that until that day, the dream of lasting peace and world citizenship and the rule of international morality will remain but a fleeting illusion, to be pursued but never attained. And... until bigotry and prejudice and malicious and inhuman self-interest have been replaced by understanding and tolerance and good-will; until all Africans stand and speak as free beings, equal in the eyes of all men, as they are in the eyes of Heaven; until that day, the African continent will not know peace." so you all need to come to the realization that race doesn't change the fact that we're all human... dreads are a kind of hairstyle that should be shared by the entirety of the human race if they want to have them

Macon, GA

#57 Mar 24, 2009
16_yr_old_black_chick wrote:
You mean LOCKS-not dread locks (which is derrogatory)
I wear it as a fashion statement, but I started my dreads more for myself just because I was sick of wearing fake hair. Most people assume that I either smoke weed (which is partly true), that I'm a hippie (which is entirely true), or that the 'unclean' one but I do shampoo my hair every week and it smells great. I don't think Rastafarians are the only ones that can wear
locks (although I think on White people they look terrible. I'm not being racist. It's sort of like black kids with emo haircuts-doesn't quite work) I wear mine as a way to be proud of who I am-and secure in culture.
good for you. i am black and i have locks in my hair and i wash it daily and they are very pretty. if you want to wear locks then wear them.mine are shoulder length and not dirty looking. i am very light complexioned and my hair is jet black. dirty hair would surely look bad on me. i hate dirty hair.

San José, Costa Rica

#58 Jun 4, 2009
Well I wear dreadlocks and honestly I think you're all wrong, wearing dreadlocks is a black thing yes but to say that they suppose to be dirty or stink is plain stupid and ignorant I am a Rastaman and I never heard about locks having to smell. Now regarding the weave thing i do agree on the fact that it's bullshit just like whites wearing lice and not washing that shit, but I don't judge their beliefs as I don't want them to judge mine, and last but not least whites with dreads you should see how much of them there is in my country damn it's like a epidemic... but the fact is that I've met white rastas who thought me shit about Rastafari, so I guess in my opinion it's the reasons what matters and the conviction to do things. There's nothing about Rasta livity which ismeant for stylin....

Jephtah a black man from
Costa Rica, Central America

Maspeth, NY

#59 Oct 24, 2009
Mike wrote:
I hate black people with dreds who date white women, dredlocks show a love for black culture and all I'm seeing is commercial locks, but not rasta's. And I hate it when white people or other races immitate the hair that grows on our head natural, we've been doin this shit since the begining of time and now some copy cat motha F-uckas wanna do this shit for style bothblack and white people.
it is said in the bible that man should wear locks and not cut the corners of their beard or make any cuttings in their flesh. it has nothing to do with being black.

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#60 Dec 28, 2009
Long Beach wrote:
There are a lot of racist people in this post... i'm a white guy and i am growing out my hair for dreads.. i don't see a reason why it would be offensive to anyone.. in fact every person that has dreads that i've talked to about them has said that i should definately do it.. and for all the racist rastas / other people here: was it not Halie Salassie that said...
Listen, whitey... could you not come in here trying to quote Haile I Sellasie I...?
Wasn't it your people who denied him the help they had promised at the League of Nations? Have you actually ever read the full address or did you copy that from a Bob Marley song?(do ya' know any reggae artists besides Bob Marley? Have ya' ever heard of Berhane Selassie?)

And as far as the dred thing is concerned... just stop it.
White "rastas" and Black-Man Rastas have very different goals... the latter want cultural freedom and an end to racist doctrine while the former want weed and a lovey-dovey feeling.
The two are not mutually compatible.

Fairfield, CT

#61 Feb 10, 2010
I am a black man with locks. I am very proud of my locks I wear them with pride. I am tired of my own black people who shun what the lord has made. I wash and oil them every two weeks and I think sistas with locks are sexy as life it self.but locks are hair and are as individual as the wearer, some are thin some are thick, some are clean some are not clean just like strait hair, the problem that people have,black and white is that we are a world that has accepted the concept that white is right and for some it is. but black is beautiful and locks are just a natural extension of that beauty.

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