Blacks Will Lose Race War!

Saltville, VA

#86 Jul 3, 2013
what kind of race war exactly.. one Against just black people or one that Also includes people who like black people??

United States

#87 Jul 17, 2013
How 'bout we just take all the hoodlums and "Black Panther" wannabes and the KKK and Neo-Nazi redneck @$$f*cks in the entire world and lock 'em in a big (fortified) arena together with all the ammunition they'll need Then they can have their precious Race War in one nice, contained spot and wipe each other out while us ordinary black and white folks enjoy a better world afterwords.

United States

#88 Jul 28, 2013
1) u dont have to out breed the seals when u r a great white 2) u can't run a 1st world civilization with Africans & mestizos & believe me the elites that run the Anglo English speaking world know that - I already c paradigm shifts happening with more anti non white immigration memes starting to come out of Europe & North America. The Africans in America r on borrowed time because they have become an unmanageable problem - we have spent trillions on them but no amount of money will make them into replicate whites. They r nothing but a liability. If I were them I would get my black ass out of america& back to mother Africa. Same for the mestizos. Don't ever under estimate white technology r the Aryan's ability to wage ruthless all consuming warfare. If I was non white, especially African, I would b very afraid. U non whites may laugh at this but like I said- if I were ya I would get out of every white country r face the consequences.

United States

#89 Jul 28, 2013
The elites that run the western Anglo English speaking world know that u can't run a 1st world profitable civilization with non whites, especially Africans & mestizos, in country. New paradigms r happening & new memes r being put out on black on white every day violence by people like O' Reilly & others - something one didn't c r hear 3 years ago. Trillions of dollars of working class whites tax monies have been spent on Africans IN America with neg results because just as one can't square circles one can't make an African civilized & non violent - u can't make a black white. Now u have the mestizos also pouring n. if I were an African I'd b getting the hell out of every white country from Europe to the North American continent & head back to mother Africa before its too late. That goes for the mestizos & Muslims. U best also read history & c that although we whites were always the minority race n the world we conquered the world. And don't forget white technology, especially white weapon used technology & just how brutal & all consuming we aryans can b when we wage wars on our enemies;especially our racial enemies

Columbus, OH

#90 Jul 28, 2013
Please don't spoil the surprise for Blacks. Let them continue to think they have a chance.

Port Coquitlam, Canada

#91 Jul 31, 2013
you whites are going to die as it aint only going to be blacks which will massacre you. just a hint......

Tempe, AZ

#94 Jul 31, 2013
We blacks problably will lose a race war, but the wealthy whites and that control this country won't let it happen. Wealthy whites that have money invested in this country demand stability, they won't let powerless poor white trash and radical negroes start a race war and screw up their money. Only poor hopeless miserable losers on both sides want a race war. People that have assets have something to lose, you baby "Hitlers" and low budget "black panthers" don't.
squinteyesblackm essiahs

Howell, MI

#95 Aug 3, 2013
not to mention like..

other blacks don't like each other..

everyone likes me though cuz i'm sexy..
squinteyesblackm essiahs

Howell, MI

#96 Aug 3, 2013
everyone wants to have gay or straight sex with me..
squinteyesblackm essiahs

Howell, MI

#97 Aug 3, 2013
and ibe like no i'm not gay gtfo..
squinteyesblackm essiahs

Howell, MI

#98 Aug 3, 2013
it's never any straight white guys making fun of me it's Always some queer who only says n word after i said no to sex..
squinteyesblackm essiahs

Howell, MI

#99 Aug 3, 2013
good thing george washington wasn't gay slaveyr woulda never ended he woulda been like slavery is awesome i get to have gay sex with my black men..

Saltville, VA

#102 Aug 5, 2013
An obvious truth that we have already observed is that a specific percentage of various races is required to run decent Advancement..

Saltville, VA

#103 Aug 5, 2013
All nothing but white people would be screwed..

All nothing but black people would be screwed..

Nothing but Asians.. would be screwed..

Saltville, VA

#104 Aug 5, 2013
it would be the end for the black race inAmerica not Africa..

but why would black Americans want a race war anyway when half of them are not even pure black...

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Since: Oct 12

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#105 Aug 6, 2013
justreality wrote:
it would be the end for the black race inAmerica not Africa..
but why would black Americans want a race war anyway when half of them are not even pure black...
once you have black you can go back
the majority of afican amricans look black
black is black

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Since: Jul 13

New York City

#106 Aug 6, 2013
- You're not "black" if you're half black. You're a mulatto who decides whether he wants to continue his children towards the white or black race .

- Not a single black person in America is "Pure Black" If you are looking for pure blacks then go to Haiti, HAITI has been known to kill a lot of whites and even the mulattos back then, thats why you hardly see any whites or half blacks/white children .

- Only stupid people believe that just because you look black that they are automatically classified as a African when there skin was due to them being in the sun often. Like always, that's America for ya. Quick to judge and slow to listen to reason

Yorktown, VA

#107 Aug 15, 2013
Negro ignorance and stupidity never stop amusing me. White's own all the weapons manufacturing company's, they design and engineer all of the weapons, they own all of the ammunition company's, the fuel company's, the pharmaceutical and medical supply company's, the vehicle and aircraft company's, the food distribution company's the farms etc. etc. With what will you dumb, dumb Negroes fight us with? Here's how a race war will play out. We will surround your slums, cut off all power, water and supplies. You helpless Negroes will then riot and burn down your slums destroying whatever supplies you do have and then you'll turn on each other. You'll kill each other off and resort to cannibalism. When the smoke all clears it's off to Africa you go. That is the small percentage of you that survive.

Birmingham, UK

#108 Oct 27, 2013
and you think the white people in the military are going to help the apes against the white man...LOL..and if the jews join the apemen and wetbacks...we still out number you and out gun you..i have to agree that god is moving against the ape man.....look at africa..if god killing apemen and its spawn isn't enough of a sign that god hates're blind....bring it on...the sooner the better.....

Milton Keynes, UK

#110 Dec 2, 2013
TombStoned wrote:
<quoted text>
Reaping and Sowing are for the White Man alone? Are you reaping what you have sown individually Frank?
Tell me anywhere in Scripture it say's God Almighty will or does judge man according to race? Answer? Nowhere!
But it does say everywhere in Scripture that we will be judged individually, as in Hebrews 9:27 :
- "And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment:"
Also look at: 2 Samuel 22:27; Mat 7 : 2; Mark 4:24; James 2:13.
You are in some serious error my friend.
But as an individual if you are aware of an injustice or a wrong and did not try to correct or speak against it, instead you benefiting and gaining from it. you are also a sinner and you would pay for those benefits.

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